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How to unlock the Dragonslayer achievement

  • TheRealCassellTheRealCassell104,498
    17 Nov 2011 19 Nov 2011
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    This is the last quest in the main questline. It is very easy if you just pay attention to keeping Dragonrend up at all times and KEEP moving.

    You will have the heroes joining you for the battle so try to stay close to them so Alduin doesn't single you out. Just keep moving and try to stay on his side so you don't eat his nasty breath.

    REMEMBER: Alduin cannot be damaged unless he is affected by Dragonrend. Keep Dragonrend on him and keep him on the ground and it will be a cakewalk. Try to stand in his face and just wildly attack and you will end up dead like the heroes helping you.

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    TheRealCassellAbsolutely, I finished the main quest line very early and then ran around completing random side quests for a very long time.
    Posted by TheRealCassell on 30 Dec 11 at 23:14
    COMMANDO XTCNice solution, short, put in a nutshell and very helpfull!
    Posted by COMMANDO XTC on 27 Jan 12 at 19:15
    Railer wKaYeah it was a push-over for a final boss that's for sure. Surprising that only 42% of us have beaten Skyrim - then again it seems that the Main Questline is supplemented by so so many other quests it seems not even significant to complete the game.
    Posted by Railer wKa on 27 Feb 12 at 17:29
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  • osubluejacketosubluejacket249,127
    10 Dec 2011 10 Dec 2011
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    This is the final quest in the main quest line. Before you head off with Odahviing, be sure you stock up on potions (especially Fire Defense, Health Restoration, and any potions that buff your primary attack method)

    FULL DISCLOSURE: In my playthrough, I had my character maxed out at 100 for Archery, Smithing, and Heavy Armor. I had her equipped with a full set of Dragon Bone armor and a Daedric Bow.

    After arriving in Sovngarde, you'll need to make your way through the mists to the Hall of Valor. Once you arrive at the bridge leading to the hall, you will have to fight a guardsman named Tsun to prove that you are worthy to enter. During this fight, you'll only need to take him down to around 3/4ths life before he concedes and allows you to enter.

    Inside, you'll need to speak to the three Nord heroes, Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, Hakon One-Eye, and Felldir the Old, who you saw fighting Alduin after opening the Elder Scroll. Upon speaking with them, they will lead you outside and back across the bridge where you will need to do the Clear Skies shout three times before the real battle begins.

    As Alduin comes closer be SURE to equip the Dragonrend shout, as it's the ONLY way you can harm him. When Alduin goes into "hover mode", hit him with the shout to bring him to the ground.

    With my character being an archer, I downed my best "archery buffing" and fire defense potions, and made sure to have health potions at the ready. I also equipped the Daedric Arrows which I had been hording for the big battle (and held Ebony ones at the ready).

    Once Alduin lands, try to move yourself out of his line of fire and attack away, strafing around him. If you DO get caught in his fire breath, keep an incredibly close eye on your health meter, as it will drain faster than you imagine.

    Continue plugging away while he's on the ground. Once he lifts off again, heal up, bide your time, and wait for him to enter "hover mode" again before hitting him with Dragonrend and continuing your attack.

    When I entered the battle, my character was at Level 50, and I didn't have too much of a problem.

    Good Luck!
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    Is there somewhere to buy decent health potions , i usually found them in caves etc but have used them all and can only find crappy low strength ones in shops
    Posted on 26 Sep 12 at 23:30
    osubluejacketYeesh... I remember having that same problem. I don't think there were many places to buy high-end health potions. By the end of the game, I remember having copious amounts of health potions socked away in storage and ended up taking a fair number of them.
    Posted by osubluejacket on 27 Sep 12 at 12:45
    Thats pretty poor of them not to have at least one shop to sell these
    Posted on 27 Sep 12 at 12:54
    23 Sep 2012 13 Sep 2012 24 Sep 2012
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    I was able to defeat Alduin (for the first fight) at level 42 without much of a problem. It took a few tries but this is what I did.

    As soon I could, I hit him with Dragonrend to get him down to the ground. Right before he landed I used the Sanguine Rose staff to summon a Daedra.

    I then ran behind a rock to Alduin's right so I had a clear view of his back while he was fighting with the Daedra. I hit him with whatever I wanted and he pretty much left me alone. The Daedra did some damage, so that coupled with whatever I could do helped take him down quickly.

    However, the key (as stated by DJAshen) is to keep him on the ground. If you're looking at your shout meter you can tell when you can use it again. Make that your first priority. Keeping him on the ground will make the fight a lot shorter. Damage is almost secondary.

    When my Daedra expired, Alduin quickly started to turn at me and attack. I tried my best to hide behind the rock and summon another Daedra as soon as possible, all the while keeping an eye on that shout meter. Shout first, everything else second.

    I used magic attacks on Alduin so I could keep my distance but I think, as long as he's busy with your Daedra, you can get behind him and hit him any way you like.

    Really try your best not to let him take off. I think that, plus having the Daedra distraction, really made this simple, after a few initial tries to figure out the best places to stand and whatever else you need for strategy.

    For the second fight, it was even easier since I knew what to do. After you "clear the skies" and Alduin returns, it's just Dragonrend again. He'll be busy with whatever helpers you have, plus I summoned the Sanguine Rose's Daedra again just for an extra distraction (and extra damage). I was able to keep him on the ground right from the first time he landed, staying behind him a bit and hitting him with magic attacks from a short distance.

    I found the second fight to be much easier and much quicker.

    So it's shout, distract, damage and just keep shouting.
    Hope this helps...
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