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How to unlock the The Eye of Magnus achievement

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    This is the last(8th) quest for the College of Winterhold.

    This quest is actually quite short and easy. Its just one "boss" fight and shouldn't take you anymore than 5 mins. To be honest i didn't even kill him the magical anomalies did. Its that easy!
    All you have to do is use the Staff of Magnus on the Eye of Magnus. This will make it 'break up' and Arcano will become vulnerable. This is your chance to do some damage to him, or leave him to the anomalies and Tolfdir. Once the Eye has reformed, Ancano will go back and start doing his thing again. Just Rinse and Repeat till hes dead.

    *Posible Spoilers*
    The prerequisite quest for this is the staff of magnus. Where you have to travel through the Labyrinthian. Here you will encounter Trolls, Wisps, Skeletons and Wizards.

    There are 2 "Boss" fights in this level. The first being a Skeleton Dragon surrounded by about 8 Skeleton warriors, mages and archers. Save before using the lever to open a gate (which drops again after about 5 seconds)
    If you have trouble with this boss (he had me for his dinner), reload your save from before you entered through the gate. Equip your unrelenting force shout and shout through the gate. This should bring the skeletons towards you. They can't attack you through the gate and you cant attack them with normal spells and weapons. You can however keep using your unrelenting force shout on them. This may take 5 mins to wipe them out because of the cooldown time. The skeleton mages didn't seem to be affected by this for me. So what i did for them was open the gate walk up to it and cast spells at them. As long as you dont enter the room the dragon skeleton will not rise. This allows you to focus on the dragon skeleton, making this fight alot easier. The dragon uses Ice attacks so counter him with fire(if your using magic). Try and keep away from his front because he can pick you up in his mouth and insta' kill you.

    The Second boss fight is at the end of the dungeon. Morokei is, i beleive, a dragon priest and so he is fairly strong. Use your bow to take out the Wizard Thralls first. Then I recomend using ranged weapons or spells to take Morokei on. Run up the stairs where the Wizard Thrall was and he shouldn't follow you, or attack you. From here use your bow to take him out. When hes dead search his body for the Staff of Magnus and a awesome mask.

    Enjoy the quest and i hope i helped :D

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    Dr SandypantsIt's worth noting that if you have a bounty and resist arrest, Tolfdir and co will attack with no ability to yield.
    Posted by Dr Sandypants on 02 Nov 12 at 20:14
    Posted by LadyKillerina on 01 Sep 13 at 00:25
    AwakeDeadeyeIf you run out of juice for the staff, kill the anomalies for soul gems to recharge. I didn't have to but I noticed they always drop them and pretty much put two and two together.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 17 Jan 14 at 16:58
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    This is the final quest in the College of Winterhold storyline.

    After you have retrieved the Staff of Magnus from Labyrinthian, you will not be able to fast travel back to the College directly as Ancano's shield is much larger than before. Instead, fast travel to the town of Winterhold. You are directed to speak to Tolfdir when you arrive, but doing so is not necessary to continue.

    Use the Staff of Magnus on the shield surrounding the college and proceed to the courtyard. From there, go straight and enter The Hall of the Elements.

    Run up to Ancano to initiate dialogue and he will make the Eye of Magnus' overlapping pieces start expanding and separating. It will also emanate a bright light.

    You do not need to attack Ancano at all during this "battle". Instead, point the staff at the center of the glowing, separated Eye of Magnus. Slowly, as you hit it, the Eye will reform. Once it has reformed, Ancano will trudge back and separate the eye once more. You'll need to do this just a few times before Ancano is finally out of health.

    Each time Ancano separates the orb a new Magical Anomaly will spawn. You'll need to kill these as well before the members of the Psijic Order show up to say goodbye.

    And yes, you get to keep the staff. You are also awarded the title of Arch-Mage, Arch-Mage Robes and the Key to the Arch-Mage Quarters. Quite a nice collection of alchemy ingredients in there, with an alchemy set and an enchanting table to boot.
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    TheEnigmaShewonly useful solution in the bunch
    Posted by TheEnigmaShew on 23 Nov 11 at 05:12
    SuperRedLFCsmile Thank you.
    Posted by SuperRedLFC on 05 Oct 13 at 15:18
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