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How to unlock the Darkness Returns achievement

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    ********** Here there be Spoilers! **********

    Darkness Returns is the last quest in the main Theives Guild questline.

    - A Chance Arrangement
    - Taking Care of Business
    - Loud and Clear
    - Dampened Spirits
    - Scoundrel's Folly
    - Speaking with Silence
    - Hard Answers
    - The Pursuit
    - Trinity Restored
    - Blindsighted
    - Darkness Returns

    You must journey to the Twilight Sepulcher and return the Skeleton Key to Nocturnal.

    The Twilight Sepulcher is in the southwest corner of the map. I took a carriage ride to Falkreath and ran west past Cracked Tusk Keep to get there. Once inside you'll meet a Nightengale Sentinel who you should speak with. He mentions looking for Nystrom's Journal which you can find on a corpse just to the west of the Sentinel. It explains the Pilgrim's Path in a way (the quotes below are from the journal).

    "Shadows of their former selves, sentinels of the dark. They wander ever more and deal swift death to defilers."
    As you move through the area you'll find other Nightengale Sentinels that will be aggressive towards you, kill them and make your way to the next area.

    "Above all they stand, vigilance everlasting. Beholden to the murk yet contentious of the glow."
    You will enter an area that is very dark, and very bright. Stick to the darkness, as the light will hurt you. There are a bunch of wire traps throughout the darkness that result in arrows being shot at you. Be wary and take it slow.

    "Offer what She desires most, but reject the material. For her greatest want is that which cannot be seen, felt or carried."
    You will arrive at a statue of a woman with two birds (Nocturnal) and the corpse of a bandit in front of it. Behind her is a door that is activated by pulling the chains on the far side of the dragon heads flanking her left and right side. Pull both chains and the door will open and you can proceed.

    "Direct and yet indirect. The path to salvation a route of cunning with fortune betraying the foolish."
    The next section has swinging axes, I waited and used my Whirlwind Sprint shout to jump through. When you go to open the door a battering ram will try to strike you so open it and move back. Make your way through to the doors of the Twilight Sepulcher Inner Sanctum

    "The journey is complete, the Empress's embrace awaits the fallen. Hesitate not if you wish to gift her your eternal devotion."
    Follow the path all the way until you find a long drop into a well. Jump down and while you're waiting check out Anders corpse and grab the treasure and note. A few moments later you will automatically hold up the Skeleton Key and the floor will change beneath you. Replace the Skeleton Key in the Ebonmere Lock, and listen to what Nocturnal has to say. Talk with Karliah and learn about the Agents of Nocturnal (Strife, Subterfuge, Stealth) and the quest will be complete.
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    Im LoganXPMy Scoundrel's Folly quest is glitched, the guy im supposed to be shadowing dissapeared. I used a guide that allowed me to get farther in the quest, but theres a point where hes supposed to talk to me and hes nowhere to be found. Do you have any advice?
    Posted by Im LoganXP on 25 Nov 11 at 23:31
    ZulghinlourGulum-Ei ends stops at the very end of the East Empire Company Warehouse. You may see if he showed up there to speak to.
    Posted by Zulghinlour on 26 Nov 11 at 00:55
    Im LoganXPIve went through the warehouse and the secret entrance in the warehouse, no gulum-ei. My quest marker keeps pointing me at the entrance (not the main entrance, the one near the warehouse), I go through it and the marker is still in the same spot. I assume that the game is glitched and gulum-ei has been deleted from my game
    Posted by Im LoganXP on 26 Nov 11 at 23:41
    ADaughen@Roxas583 - You should be able to complete the quest by getting to the location where he is supposed to have his meeting. I followed him through the East Empire Warehouse and lost him, there is a ramp out of the water to a location behind the shelves of goods.

    That leads you to a tunnel. My Gulum-Ei glitched in this tunnel. I continued on and was able to get the note from the chest. Take that back to the Guild and complete the quest.
    Posted by ADaughen on 01 Dec 11 at 15:36
    D4rthD4nteI had the same thing happen, but I back tracked up the pier and he reappeared. Maybe that wiil work for you as well.
    Posted by D4rthD4nte on 27 Dec 11 at 03:44
    Mynx SethBefore the direct and in-direct bit with the swinging swords there is a door directly to the left of the blades it has a master lock but if you get through it you miss the blades and the battering ram out completely. Just thought i'd mention it it may help others.
    Posted by Mynx Seth on 02 Jan 12 at 15:55
    LadyKillerinaGood guide.
    Posted by LadyKillerina on 01 Sep 13 at 00:32
    DigitALxBulletsI have a problem with Trinity Restored mission? After equiping the Nightingale armor Karliah say's "once I've opened the gate, go stand on the vacant floor glyph" Then she walks away without opening the gate and leaves The Twilight Sepulcher? I don't know where she go's, but I can't complete this mission without her. Anyone know what to do?
    Posted by DigitALxBullets on 04 Nov 13 at 12:32
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