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How to unlock the Hail Sithis! achievement

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    ********** Here there be Spoilers! **********

    Hail Sithis Quest

    The Night Mother will speak with you about keeping the Dark Brotherhood alive and finishing the contract with Amaund. Then you must talk to Nazir about your plans.

    Travel to Whiterun to speak with Amaund Mautierrie who will inform you the real Emperor is on a ship, the Katariah, in the Solitude Inlets. If you ask him about Commander Maro, he will become an optional target for this quest.

    To deal with Commander Maro, travel to the East Empire Company Warehouse, which puts you on the same dock with him. If you walk up to Commander Maro he will recognize you and then attack. This will allow you to kill him without earning a bounty in Solitude.

    Now travel Northeast to the Emperor's ship. Swim around to the northeast part of the hull and you will find an anchor you can use to enter the ship. Make your way through the ship killing the sailors and Penitus Oculatus Agents. On the second level of the ship you'll find a ladder that leads to the deck of the ship, near that is a door to Captain Avidius quarters. Kill Captain Avidius and take the Katariah Master Key. Head to the north end of the second level of the ship to find the stairs up to the third level where the Emperor is quartered.

    Move towards the Emperor and listen to him. He accepts his fate and asks of you a favor. He asks you to kill the person who ordered his own assassination. As your conversation finishes he turns his back to you and stares out the window. Kill the Emperor and go through the door next to his corpse and jump off the ship into the water.

    Travel to Whiterun to meet up with Amuand and tell him Emperor Titus Mede II lies dead. He informs you that your payment lies in Volunruud inside an urn. Travel to Volunruud and return to the room you first met Amaund in, open the urn and get your 20,000 gold coins.

    Now travel to the Dawnstar Sanctuary and talk to Nazir. Let him know the Emperor is dead, and how much money you earned. He recommends you talk to Delvin from the Thieves Guild in Riften to purchase upgrades for the new Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, and ends the quest.

    Dark Brotherhood Questline
    - Innocence Lost
    - (10G) With Friends Like These
    - Sanctuary
    - Contract: Kill Narfi
    - Contract: Kill Ennodius Papius
    - Contract: Kill Beitild
    - Mourning Never Comes
    - Whispers in the Dark
    - Contract: Kill Lurbuk
    - Contract: Kill Hern
    - The Silence Has Been Broken
    - (10G) Bound Until Death
    - Breaching Security
    - The Cure for Madness
    - Recipe for Disaster
    - To Kill an Emperor
    - Death Incarnate
    - (30G) Hail Sithis!
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    RellikGod*Spoiler alert* i have run into a glitch at the end of "To Kill An Emperor" where you hide in the night mother's coffin to be saved from the explosion. instead of going to the loading screen it locks up my xbox and i can't go any farther. i have the most recent update and i can't play without it. any sugestions?
    Posted by RellikGod on 17 Jun 12 at 00:07
    Subliminal CutsSam happened to me with the coffin locking up, I've had a look around with no luck, I'm just going to have to start again and fly through those mission on easy
    Posted by Subliminal Cuts on 18 Jun 12 at 01:16
    DEVIANTX407Sometimes, after entering the Night Mother's coffin, you will see a black screen and the game will appear to freeze. It may take several minutes to go away. It is recommended that you save the game right before you enter, as you can just reload the save if you encounter a problem. Also if you click the back button while there is a black screen and wait for an hour or two the quest might continue.

    Solution: A way to get through the bug is to press the "Xbox" button to open up the Xbox Guide a few times as soon as you enter the casket. Open and close it until you hear some movement and talking and then hearing that means it worked. If this doesn't work, disconnect the controller power supply and then reconnect it. Then press the "Xbox" button. (Works in most cases.)
    Posted by DEVIANTX407 on 18 Jun 12 at 14:00
    Subliminal CutsThanks for the feedback, I fortunately created new saves frequently and loaded one of the older ones up, as you said the game appears to freeze and on a later attempt I just left it for an extended period 4-5 minutes and heard the next dialogue, although hitting the xbox button seemed to have made it freeze in other attempts
    Posted by Subliminal Cuts on 21 Jun 12 at 13:20
    xDartz xNVxIt froze for me the first time, so I reloaded my last autosave and the same thing happened the second time, but I left it on for a couple minutes after it froze and all sound and music cut out and eventually the guide menu opened and the quest continued for me.
    Posted by xDartz xNVx on 28 Jun 12 at 13:29
    DEVIANTX407agreed it does take 3-5 minutes for the next part of the mission to begin, just let it sit and it will eventually come back.
    Posted by DEVIANTX407 on 02 Jul 12 at 12:45
    KingMerlsdam i thought it was just me.............. oh i hear it now :)
    Posted by KingMerls on 30 Jul 12 at 15:04
    Mike LangloisHow exactly is this missable? According to TA it is?
    Posted by Mike Langlois on 11 Sep 12 at 18:52
    Quoting Frankie Godskin on his guide to the achievement With Friends Like These... : 'If you attack and kill Astrid, the entire questline will close to you and you will not be able to get this achievement, "Bound Until Death" or "Hail Sithis" on this playthrough.
    Posted on 31 May 13 at 23:56
    Clown Syndr0meIt is missable as you can be banished from the brotherhood.
    Posted by Clown Syndr0me on 23 Aug 13 at 10:45
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