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How to unlock the Sideways achievement

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    According to the official guide there are 23 side quests. Which I will name and give the prerequisites for here. However there are others not in the guide that people have found, you can find these at the bottom of the list or in the comments.

    However the symbol that looks like a simple "knife" shape (the symbols to the left and right of the quest name) could also mark the sidequests. Click the link below to check the symbol.
    *Thanks to AdequateMan for this, and Tarzakul for conferming it*

    Blood on the Ice - Enter and exit Windhelm a total of four times.

    Forbidden Legend - You will probably just stumble across this quests in your adventure. There is either a note on boss in the college quest under saarthal, Or you could read a copy of the book "Lost Legends".

    The Forsworn Conspiracy - On your first visit to Markarth you should witness a murder

    No one escapes Cidhna Mine - Complete The Forsworn Conspiracy

    The Golden Claw - Should pick this up in the bleakfalls barrow.

    In My Time of Need - Complete main quest Dragon rising

    Kynes Sacred Trials - Find Froki in his Shack, just below the snow line high in the Jerali Mountains.The shack overlooks the Southwestern rim of the rift.

    Laid to Rest - There are two villagers arguing with the city steward as you arive in Morthal, converse with these townsfolk or speak to Jonna the barkeep in Moorside Inn.

    Lights Out - When your in Solitude be on the lookout for a shady Argonian character, He sometimes beckons you over, speak to him and see what he wants.

    The Man who Cried Wolf - While in Solitude, visit the Blue Palace and speak to the Jarl and Falk Firebeard.

    The Wolf Queen Awakened - Complete side quest The Man who Cried Wolf and be level 10 or higher.

    Missing In Action - Enter and exit the Whiterun buildings around the market. You should notice the old woman Fralia Gray-Mane shouting at two of the Battle-Born family members.

    Promises to Keep - Talk to Louis Letrush in the Bee and Barb, Riften.

    A Return to Your Roots - Begin Daedric Quest Discerning the Transmundane or main quest Elder Knowledge. Should occur when you enter Blackreach

    Rise in the East - Meet Orthus Endario. He is in the docks outside Windhelm in the company office.

    Rising at Dawn - Contract Vampirism

    UnFathomable Depths - Must be level 14 or higher. Find the Argonian From-Deepest-Fathoms, she will be on the Riften Docks.

    The White Phial - In Windhelm visit the msrket stalls in the southwest cirner of the city. Enter the White Phial shop and start a conversation with Nurelion.

    Repairing the Phial - Complete main quest Throat of the World and Side quest the White Phial. Wait 72 hours and be in a city a courier should find you. (apparently this one doesnt count though)

    Captured Critters* - Find one of the Five insect species that inhabbit skyrim. One of them is inside the Frostflow Lighthouse in Winterhold hold.

    The Forgemasters Finger - Must be a non-Orc character and talk to the chief in any of the following Orc Strongholds;
    Mar Khazgur in The Reach
    Dushnikh Yal in The Reach
    Narzulbur in eastmarch
    Largasbur in The Rift

    The Great skyrim Treasure Hunt*. - Find one of the 11 treasure maps.

    Masks of the Dragon Priests* - Find one of the Dragon Priest masks. The first one i found was the wooden mask in the center of the Labyrinthian.

    Note: Quest names marked with this symbol * do not appear in your quest menu list, although objectives may.

    Also, to add a couple that are not in the guide, submitted by you guys;

    'Tending the Flames' - Complete the Bards Collage Initiation.
    'Silenced Tongues' - Which you get after entering Volunruud.
    'The Book of Love' - Help out the Temple of Mara (Riftwood)
    'Siege on the Dragon Cult' - Started by talking to Captain Valmir outside Forelhost (Its the peak of the small mountain directly south east of Riften)
    'Repentance' - started by talking to Illia in Darklight Tower which is southwest from Riften.
    Infiltration - Talk to Stalleo outside Treva's Watch
    Alteration Ritual Spell - Talk to Tolfdir, I believe you have to join College of Winterhold first.(Seems weird, think it should be a mage symbol)
    Lights Out! - Given by Jaree-Ra in Solitude (near the trading company and the docked ship) is a fairly easy quest.
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    CaltropBlood on the Ice - This one did not count for me as a side quest. I was at 9 side quests finished according to my stats and then I completed that quest. I am still at 9.
    Posted by Caltrop on 14 Jul 12 at 05:47
    IVIr IVIeNsABlood on the Ice did not count for me either, I even reloaded a previous save and retried it and it still didnt count as a completed side quest. Great guide though so thankyou
    Posted by IVIr IVIeNsA on 15 Jul 12 at 18:36
    DauntingAbyssWanted to help out by adding that I found the book that leads to Forbidden Legend in Dragonsreach, I believe in the Jarl's "office" room in his quarters. Not sure if its random that the book was there, but it seems to be the earliest place you can find it.
    Posted by DauntingAbyss on 26 Jul 12 at 18:37
    Wanderer128If the Alteration Ritual Spell counts, then I would assume all the Ritual Spells count as well. There is one for Conjuration and Alteration for sure, and I would guess there are ones for Restoration, Destruction, and Illusion.

    Going through the list of mine with that particular symbol, I have:
    The Golden Claw, Unfathomable Depths, A Return to Your Roots, The Forsworn Conspiracy, No One Escapes Cidhna Mine, The White Phial, The Book of Love, Forbidden Legend, Repairing the Phial, The Blessings of Nature, and Silenced Tongues.

    Of those, it doesn't look like you have The Blessings of Nature listed (unless I looked past it 3 times looking through your list...). It is a Quest for the sanctuary(or church or whatever) in Whiterun and you have to repair the tree. I may have been told about it from the local pub in town from the bartender.
    Posted by Wanderer128 on 09 Aug 12 at 23:57
    Tom0x56The Quest "Evil In Waiting" counts as a side quest.
    Posted by Tom0x56 on 07 Oct 12 at 06:55
    RubberDuckMaf1aAchievement popped after completing the following quests:

    The Golden Claw
    Ancestral Worship
    Promises to Keep
    Siege on The Dragoncult
    Laid To Rest
    Repairing The Phial
    Forsworn Conspiracy
    Heart of Dibella
    In My Time of Need
    Tending The Flames

    All have knife symbol, quest "The White Phial" did not count as that would have been ten already before completing "Tending The Flames".
    Posted by RubberDuckMaf1a on 05 Feb 13 at 21:59
    zico291Malarchanist list is a easy list of quests.
    Posted by zico291 on 19 Mar 13 at 21:12
    dainja raasJust in case anyone is having trouble with Blood On The Ice(like me),when you get to the stage of investigating the crime scene,talk to the guard and he should tell you about a trail of blood,simply follow the trail and it should lead to a house previously not highlighted on your local map,you can then return to the steward Jorlief and he will tell you to get the house key off a woman who was hanging around the market place.The rest of the quest is pretty much straightforward from here on in.
    Posted by dainja raas on 17 May 13 at 06:40
    Posted by LadyKillerina on 01 Sep 13 at 00:09
    You have a lot of mistakes here mate. Firstly you have listed the 'Lights Out' quest twice.

    The official guide is riddled with mistakes, I wouldn't take any of it too seriously. Also the following 'quests' will definitely NOT count towards this achievement: Captured Critters, the Forgemaster's Finger, The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt, or finding any Dragon Priest mask, these are all mistakes, in fact some of these aren't quests of any kind at all.

    Also, if you don't have any patches then the 'Alteration Ritual Spell' does not count as a side quest. It is mistakenly displayed in your quest log using the side quest knotwork instead of the correct College of Winterhold knotwork. Without the patch it does NOT count for this achievement.

    There are two special quests that count for this achievement, but you have not listed here, namely 'The Heart of Dibella' and 'A Scroll For Anska'. However you must complete them in a particular way for it to count towards this achievement. You must rescue Fjotra in The Heart of Dibella and Anska must survive in A Scroll For Anska, if you successfully do this they will count towards this achievement.

    W1LLYMAN is also correct, the quest 'The Lost Expedition' does count for this achievement.

    And AdequateMan and Wanderer128 are also correct, the quest 'Blessings of Nature' counts towards this achievement.

    Also Atari Addict and RubberduckMaf1a are correct, the quest 'Ancestral Worship' counts towards this achievement.

    MchsTom is also correct, the quest 'Evil in Waiting' most certainly counts towards the Sideways achievement.

    There are also two more quests that count for the achievement, and no one has mentioned. The quest entitled 'The Pale Lady' started by visiting Frostmere Crypt, counts as a side quest and for this achievement. And secondly the quest 'Delayed Burial', which seems like it should be a Dark Brotherhood quest, is in fact an optional quest, and it counts as a Side quest and towards this achievement.

    If you do not make the necessary corrections by the time I publish the Skyrim Walkthrough (in about 3-4 weeks) I will write a full and complete solution for this myself, cheers.
    Posted on 11 Mar 15 at 23:36
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