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How to unlock the Standing Stones achievement

  • Fatal RusHFatal RusH709,389
    10 Nov 2011 10 Nov 2011 31 Jul 2012
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    Edit: added a working link.

    You will encounter your first three standing stones shortly after escaping Helgen.
    These stones offer a blessing, of which you can only have one at any given time.

    This may be a bug, but you are not required to find 13 unique standing stones. Simply revisiting the ones you've already found will add to the counter towards unlocking this achievement, this may or may not be limited to only 1 re-visit per stone, or it doesn't work at all for others.

    Below is a list with all stones, and the general direction you need to head to find them. I could go into detail about the location, but it's alot easier to head into the direction described and keep an eye on your compass for the following icon at the top of your screen. The icon you're looking for is a pillar of some sort... a standing stone. :-p

    - Thief Stone
    - Mage Stone
    - Warrior Stone

    These 3 are found after escaping helgen, hard to miss.

    - Lord Stone
    To the southwest of Dawnstar.

    - Ritual Stone
    To the east of Whiterun.

    - Atronach Stone
    Between Riften and Windhelm, in the marshlands. Might be tricky to find through pointers, use the method described above if you can't find it.

    - Shadow Stone
    To the south of Riften.

    -Lover Stone
    To the east of Markarth.

    - Apprentice Stone
    To the south of Solitude.

    - Steed Stone
    To the northwest of Solitude... will require some climbing.

    - Lady Stone
    To the west of Riverwood.

    -Tower Stone
    Walk a straight line from Winterhold to Dawnstar, it's just about in the middle.

    -Serpent Stone
    To the east of Winterhold.

    Credit to Roosterteeth for video below.

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    lowrida1987I found 19 standing stones. but it popped at 13.
    Posted by lowrida1987 on 01 Jul 12 at 18:39
    LadyKillerinaAwesome, this guide is great!
    Posted by LadyKillerina on 01 Sep 13 at 00:11
    The Nerds Club@lowrida1987 You didn't Find 19 Standing Stones you just went to same ones 7 times I've Searched Google very well & there's only 13.
    Posted by The Nerds Club on 01 Dec 20 at 18:02
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  • Scott is KingScott is King172,971
    22 Nov 2011 23 Nov 2011 03 Nov 2012
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    You can get the achievement by traveling back and forth between just a few of the standing stones.

    I have only found 6 different ones but I've been to them each multiple times so my stats show I have more than 13 found so I got the achievement!!
    Traveling to the Guardian Stones counts as 3 stones discovered each time so I recommend going back and forth between them and another one you've found.

    Some people have had problems with using the same exact stone over and over and it seems you have to wait some time before going back to that stone. Remember, I had 6 different stones and I'm not sure how ofter or in between I went to them, I just go the achievement on accident and realized this is how. By now I've been to them all countless times each and my stats say I've discovered over 100 stones.

    I Can confirm as of October 31, 2012 that this still works.
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    SpoolinChaos7-26-2012, still works, however not with all the stones, I had 10 and traveled to another and it still showed 10, I then traveled to the Guardian Stones and it popped and shows I have found 13. Amazing find. This save a lot of time.
    Posted by SpoolinChaos on 27 Jul 12 at 02:28
    Dang3R GamingDont think this works anymore tried a couple days after release of Hearthfire and it doesnt count them.... looks like i gotta go find a few more then
    Posted by Dang3R Gaming on 23 Sep 12 at 08:05
    GroustaStill works on 31-10-2012. Seems to work with multiple stones, but not the same stone a couple of times in a row. I traveled back and forth to the guardian stones, but it only added the 3 stones once more. Maybe this is related to the 32 in-game days, before locations are being reset? It could be that after 32 in-game days it works again.
    Posted by Grousta on 31 Oct 12 at 12:26
  • PixelJanoszPixelJanosz169,564
    24 Nov 2011 23 Nov 2011 24 Nov 2011
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    In order to turn spazerMANIAc56's solution into something useful, I scanned the map:
    External image

    The red circles are to ease the search for the small red crosses. If I missed any, please let me know and I'll add them.

    Edit: After going for the achievement myself now (yes, I know), it appears as though not every cross points to a stone. Either that, or I am too stupid to find them (which is a very real possibility). That the in game map is 3D doesn't really help pinpoint the location, but overall the map proved useful.
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    Pitchblackk92I found this to be a good reference map, no the locations are not on the dot I did have to search a little but otherwise I found this very useful. +1
    Posted by Pitchblackk92 on 23 Nov 12 at 00:21
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