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Escape from jail

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How to unlock the Wanted achievement

  • VahliyaVahliya566,486
    13 Nov 2011 13 Nov 2011 16 Jan 2016
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    This is the easiest way possible to get the achievement. There is no way you can fail using this method.

    - Simply go to Solitude and commit a crime, quickest way is to pickpocket someone and get caught then ask to go to jail.
    At the back of your jail cell there is some loose rubble that can be activated, doing so will create a passage that’ll allow you to escape and gain your achievement.

    * I have added a video guide for this method, credit goes to FatalxBloodlust , I will add my own video as soon as possible.

    - There is also a second method, some credit goes to Dingo Salad for the following method.

    The Tower Stone can be found in the centre of Winterhold, centre of Dawnstar and on a mountain, directly west of the college of Winterhold.
    By activating this stone you will gain the ability to automatically open expert or lower level locks thus allowing you to walk straight out of a prison.

    If you leave a negative please leave a comment or PM me on how I can improve this guide. Seeing as this method does work, and causes no problem, I would love to hear why you would vote negative for this solution.

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    Melancholy Jay"This video does not exist"
    About that...
    Posted by Melancholy Jay on 15 Jan 16 at 20:27
    Vahliya@o DEEVIUS o and JaysBetterThanU, sorted.
    Posted by Vahliya on 16 Jan 16 at 18:25
    Yes, it's working now smile Still think using the Whiterun method is much better though.
    Posted on 17 Jan 16 at 02:49
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  • ShaunR1107ShaunR110764,753
    26 Nov 2011 26 Nov 2011
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    All I did which was extremely easy for me was save game. Then commit crime and get thrown in jail. Then once your in jail cast any harmful spell at a guard outside the bars and he opens the door, Presto! run through and achievement pops then just reload your game save and its as if it never happen but you got the achievement.

    Don't have to worry about getting any of your stolen stuff back or having a bounty.
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    Dragon NexusAnything that gets the guards' attention will work. I tried to pick the lock in the Whiterun jail, broke a pick and they came running. I imagine if you manage to pick the lock you can get out of the door and pop the achievement just as easilly.
    Posted by Dragon Nexus on 16 Jul 12 at 02:24
    SnezdoggI was just arrested in Raven Rock (Dragonborn DLC), i broke my lockpick so i decided to pummel the guard and he didnt even react. I lit the poor bloke on fire and he barely turns his head. Glitched in Raven Rock maybe??
    Posted by Snezdogg on 31 May 14 at 13:28
  • bclarebclare100,160
    13 Nov 2011 11 Nov 2011 13 Nov 2011
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    To get arrested, just pick up anything that doesn't belong to you, get 1 or 2 gp bounty (a notification pops up) and then turn yourself in to the guard and tell them you'll serve time.

    Jail locks are Adept level, which means they're somewhat tough. Standard procedure is that you get one lockpick, if it breaks then you have to wait out your (short) jail sentence, and more importantly you miss your chance at this achievement until you get arrested again.

    If you're already a decently high level by the time you do this, it may be pretty easy. The "Adept Locks" perk requires 50 ranks in Lockpicking, and makes these level locks easier. The "Locksmith" and "Unbreakable" perks require 80 and 100 ranks respectively, and if you've got all those then you really won't have much trouble with the lock-picking part of this.

    Not every jail is the same:

    - Riften's jail cell has a lockpick sitting on the table, so you'll get two to work with
    - Dawnstar's jail cell has a Lockpicking skill book in the corner. Not a huge help, but it's also probably the smallest jail building so the getaway is easier.

    Don't forget to grab your gear at the chest on the way out.

    Addendum: Oddly enough, I got this achievement from somewhat of a glitch. I was imprisoned in Solitude, and before I could even try to pick the lock a guard materialized in my cell and walked out. Of course he had to open the door to walk out, so I followed him. Since I didn't pick the lock, no guards were hostile and I just walked right out of prison for 10G. No idea how reproducible that method would be though.
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    bclareIf you save your game as soon as you appear in jail, then you can just reload it if your lockpick breaks, yes
    Posted by bclare on 13 Nov 11 at 19:55
    ELpanda felizThanks bclare for the answer.
    Posted by ELpanda feliz on 14 Nov 11 at 15:47
    Sgt Vimes DLTHI got jailed at DragonReach Dugeon - the door is a hard lockpick, but there was a dead bandit on the floor next to a grate, the grate was only a novice level lockpick ( you only get one so I agree with the comment make a save before trying) - you need to go through a few tunnels and that comes out eventually into a guard house - grab your gear and run!
    Posted by Sgt Vimes DLTH on 18 Nov 11 at 10:21
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