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Golden Touch

Have 100,000 gold

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How to unlock the Golden Touch achievement

  • SoundgoodizerSoundgoodizer289,198
    10 Dec 2011 08 Dec 2011
    85 6 28
    Here is a video by Achievement Hunter, this isn't a guide for the achievement but it DOES show how to basically get infinite money and supplies.

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    SteampunkZomb1eThis also duplicates items. I was getting the Khajit trader to buy my Grand Soul gem off me (worth 500 Gold) and went back to the chest and there it was plus one more. I now have 13 grand soul gems. Only works if you use the trader in the video. To confirm, this method still works as of today (23/04/2014)
    Posted by SteampunkZomb1e on 23 Apr 14 at 08:33
    Lil KarlakBaffled, the Khajiit are there, but no tent and Zaynabi won't talk to me to purchase/sell just says some generic line and that's it. Oh well.
    Posted by Lil Karlak on 20 Dec 14 at 20:43
    muDsluG i1Thanks for the info. I didn't use this exploit, i did it legit by just playing through as a thieving bastid, but just wanted to inform you all that with all the 'Waiting' necessary in this exploit, it'll be of use to know that if you press the Xbox Dashboard button after selecting to 'Wait' and just let the menu stay up, you'll hear the hours ticking by about 3-4 times faster than usual - Which means far less wait time. Cheers, muD.
    Posted by muDsluG i1 on 03 Feb 15 at 22:54
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  • Chubby HoundChubby Hound203,168
    19 Nov 2011 17 Nov 2011 20 Nov 2011
    54 9 25
    Once the Dark Brotherhood questline has been completed, you may do an infinate amount of quests for the Night Mother. Each quest takes 5 mins maximum, and will net you 800 gold every turn. My math isn't great but it should take around 125 turns if starting from zero gold.

    I have since found a way that is MUCH more effective but may take time to get the nessesery items to do so, so just a pre-warning. Enchanting Iron Daggers with Banish makes them worth around 1.7k each with 100 speech (can use speech exploit in Riften) and since blacksmiths always have Iron Ingots and Leather Strips, you can craft as much as you like!
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    F4RM3R T0MI agree with most of the comments the angry mob has been putting up about AnnieGoesRawr, but I gotta agree with the "spoiler" comment. First sentence tells you that you'll be receiving quests from the Night Mother after having completed the Dark Brotherhood questline. Even so it doesn't explain how you get to that point, it is still a spoiler. It would be like saying, "You need to use the (item) that you get from completing the (questline) missions." You may not have spoiled the story itself, but now the reader knows that they will be receiving (item) after finishing those quests. Same thing here. The solution here eliminates the gamer's imagination as to what's going to happen once they finish the DB questline. The answer is just handed to you... Since DB isn't the only one with recurring quests, it could have been written, "A number of questlines will continue to give you quests even after you complete the questline, so an infinite amount of money can be made there." Not being a hater, just pointing out the obvious that has somehow been overlooked by the masses.
    Posted by F4RM3R T0M on 05 Jul 12 at 20:42
    Platypus OwlIf you don't want spoilers for the game, don't search for how to obtain achievements on this website. There are so many achievements that require certain parts of the story to unravel, if anyone honestly thinks that they can search on this achievement or any other achievement without the possibility of getting a spoiler is incredibly mistaken.

    Its just like if you don't want to see spoilers for a movie, don't go looking at the Wikipedia Page.
    Posted by Platypus Owl on 14 May 13 at 15:02
    The gold is actually leveled to your character. So from levels 1-9 = 400 gold, 10-19 = 600 gold, 20-29 = 800 gold, 30-39 = 1000 gold, and characters at level 40+ will receive 1200 gold.
    Posted on 10 Mar 15 at 21:26
  • Sailor NovisSailor Novis121,220
    07 Dec 2011 08 Dec 2011 22 Oct 2013
    45 5 5
    the trading method:
    No exlpoids used, no glitches, just fair trading, but massive.

    1) invest 500g (perk tree) in the Riverwood Trader, he will have some 12.000g ready every 48h! (that cures your selling problem)
    2) clear the smithing perk tree, skill 100 by smithing iron daggers

    now the real money making begins:

    3) aktivate the horse stone for 100 extra carry weight, and get rid of all your items, to have full storage space (aprrox 400)
    4) Go to the blacksmith in Whiterun an buy all expensive ingots from Adrienne and her husband inside
    5) repeat step 4) every 48 hours until your pocket is filled with the ingots
    6) fast travel to Riverwood and go to the blacksmith, buy his ingots too
    7) now smith items like: dwarf bow, orc armor, glass weapons, ebony bows, etc.
    8) enhance every item, make shure to keep enough ingots for that in step 7)
    9) now your pocket is overfilled and you can only slow-travel. No Problem, because your Riverwood trader is right next to the blacksmith
    10) now sell your items, you will have to wait 48h to get the next 12k gold 2-3 times, just to sell the items!
    11) continue with step 4)-10) until you can swim in money. I make 50.000g/hour with that method. no exploid used.

    Tell me in XBL if this works for you....cheers! :)
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    Wanderer128If you use up all of their money, you don't have to wait 48 hours. Just Save, Kill them, then Load up the Save you just made and their inventory and gold should be restored.
    Posted by Wanderer128 on 10 Aug 12 at 01:02
    Wanderer128Also, by means of the Fortify Restoration potion loophole/exploit/glitch, you could carry a lot more if you made some uber enchantment potions and enchanted Fortify Carrying Capacity on some items, my gauntlets give me +176 weight.
    Posted by Wanderer128 on 10 Aug 12 at 01:16
    AKA Ram KadyrovThe 12k gold was a glitch that has since been patched, the riverwood trader will now have only 1250 after you invest like all the other merchants.
    Posted by AKA Ram Kadyrov on 09 May 20 at 04:28
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