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Oblivion Walker

Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts

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How to unlock the Oblivion Walker achievement

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    There are only fifteen shrines, which means that you can't miss any, unless you employ a tactic listed under "The Ring of Hirscine." This is the only missable achievement in the game but it's also one of the most fun. You'll get a lot of awesome gear (specifically the Ebony Mail), have a few good laughs, and also get extremely frustrated (if you don't follow this guide wink).

    The list is in alphabetical order by the name of the artifact. Mission names are provided, level Requirement, whether they're missable or not, and glitches.

    If there are some glitches you came across and I do not have them listed, please post them in the comments and I'll add them in.

    The amount of information provided on how to do the missions will vary from mission to mission, depending on if I find it necessary or not. Things that have minimal descriptions are either easy or are too simple and not worth describing, i.e. Dawnbreaker has you retrieve a beacon, return it, then go through a dungeon. Simple.

    Note #1: Skeleton Key does NOT count for this achievement. If you obtain the Skeleton Key before any other artifact, you do not unlock
    The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimDaedric InfluenceThe Daedric Influence achievement in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim worth 12 pointsAcquire a Daedric Artifact

    Note #2: You do not need to have every artifact in your inventory at the same time to unlock them.

    Note #3: I apologize that the picture quality isn't perfect but it's also better than nothing. Also, there is a way to get this achievement by doing only fourteen of the fifteen quests. Go to "The Ring of Hirscine" to see how.

    Tip: Save often. Even if I haven’t listed any glitches, the game itself can be awfully glitchy. You never know when you could accidentally die or glitch after having gone through an excessive amount of work. Again, SAVE OFTEN!

    The Black Star or Azura's Star
    Mission Name: The Black Star
    Missable: No
    Level Requirement: None
    Glitches: None

    To start this quest, head over to Azura's Shrine, which is directly south of Winterhold on top of a mountain. Click here for a picture of the location. You can, by the end of the quest, get one of two possible items (Black Star or Azura’s Star), either of which is fine for the achievement.

    Mission Name: The Break of Dawn
    Missable: No
    Level Requirement: Level 12 or higher
    Glitches: None

    To start this quest, head over to the Statute of Merida, which is west of Solitude. Click here for a picture of the location.

    Ebony Blade
    Mission Name: The Whispering Door
    Missable: No
    Level Requirement: Level 20 or higher
    Glitches: None

    Once you hit level 20, head over to the Bannered Mare (the Inn) in Whiterun and talk to the Innkeeper about rumours until the Innkeeper mentions the Jarl’s trouble with his son, Nelkir. Eventually, you’ll need to obtain a key, which you can pickpocket from the Jarl or Forengar (mage).

    A side note: Choosing the Stormcloaks in the civil war quest line does not effect this quest.

    Ebony Mail
    Mission Name: Boethiah’s Calling
    Missable: No
    Level Requirement: Level 30 or higher
    Glitches: Yes

    Once you hit level 30, you can seek out the Boethiah cult. You can find this quest by randomly finding a book called Boethiah’s Proving or finding it on the body of a Boethiah cultist and reading it. There’s also the option of finding the shrine (Sacellum of Boethiah), which can be found in this picture by clicking here.

    In this quest, you’re required to sacrifice someone. The easiest way, I found, is to hire a companion (The Bee and Barb in Riften, for example) and take them to the shrine.

    There is a very immense glitch with this mission that has been brought to my attention. If you sacrifice your person, the reincarnation of the Boethiah may not take place, making it impossible to finish the quest. Make sure you save before beginning this! Currently, there is no solution or fix for this glitch.

    Mace of Molag Bal
    Mission Name: House of Horrors
    Missable: No
    Level Requirement: None
    Glitches: Yes

    You need to have left Markarth and return for a second time to activate this quest. When you return the second time and pass the Abandoned House in Markarth, a gentleman named Vigilant Tyranus will be talking with a Nord named Yngvar. When Tyranus is done, he will ask you some questions and eventually you’ll help him through the house. Make sure you save before entering the house as many people have got stuck in the house and not able to leave.

    There is also another possible glitch where Vigilant does not show up in front of the house. If you have this problem then go out the main door of Markarth and Vigilant should be on the stairs or at the bottom of them. If he isn’t there then check around the stables.

    Masque of Clavicus Vile
    Mission Name: A Daedra’s Best Friend
    Missable: Yes
    Level Requirement: Level 10 or higher
    Glitches: None

    Once you reach level 10, head over to Falkreath and the Imperial Soldier at the entrance will ask you about a dog. Once you’re done speaking with him, he’ll send you over to Lod, the Blacksmith. You’ll eventually find a dog named Barbas and you’ll have to follow him around.

    Eventually, once you’ve done the entire quest, you’ll come to a decision: kill Barbas and keep the axe or return the axe and receive the Masque of Clavicus Vile. Take the latter option or you will not get the masque and, by extension, miss the Oblivion Walker achievement. So make sure you do not kill Barbas.

    As a side note, you have to follow Barbas to find the daedric shrine. Barbas has awful path finding, so you can just meet him at Haemer’s Shrine, which is south of High Hrothgar’s mountain.

    Mehrunes’ Razor
    Mission Name: Pieces of the Past
    Missable: Yes
    Level Requirement: Level 20 or higher
    Glitches: None

    When you hit level 20, visit a city and a courier will approach you with a message telling you of a new museum opening in Dawnstar. Follow the quest marker and you’ll eventually come to Silus Vesuius’ house, you will see him arguing with a woman. Once that’s finished, go talk to Silus and go see his museum. Eventually, Silus will offer you the quest for the dagger.

    Please note that this artifact is MISSABLE. By doing this incorrectly, you will miss the Oblivion Walker achievement. When you get to the end of the quest, you will have the option of killing Silus. Make sure that you kill him or you will not be able to create Mehrunes’ Dagger, which in turn prevents you from earning the Oblivion Walker achievement.

    Oghma Infinium
    Mission Name: Discerning the Transmundane
    Missable: No
    Level Requirement: Level 15 or higher
    Glitches: None

    Try and start this quest early so that you do not have to go out of your way to find the blood of specific races.

    While doing the main storyline in Skyrim, you will eventually meet a mage named Septimus Signus, who is located at "Septimus Signus's Outpost." Alternatively, you can find this Outpost without doing the main story. The Outpost is located directly north from the College of Winterhold.

    who will give you a quest called “Discerning the Transmundane” that has a “Blood Harvest” requirement. You must harvest the blood of a High Elf, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Falmer, and Orc. You harvest blood by interacting with the body. When doing so, it will give you the option of harvesting blood from the body.

    If you play through the game normally and try to get the rest of Skyrim’s achievements then you will, without a doubt, come across all of these.

    As a side note, this is probably the best daedric artifact. Upon reading the book, you have the option of increasing all skills by five levels. What these skills are depends on the path you chose, which are might (one hand, two hand, heavy armour, smithing, and blocking), shadows (alchemy, lock picking, pickpocketing, sneaking and speech), and magic (alteration, conjuration, destruction, enchanting, illusion, and restoration). My personal advice is to wait to use this on skills that are all very high.

    Sanguine’s Rose
    Mission Name: Night to Remember
    Missable: No
    Level Requirement: Level 14 or higher
    Glitches: Yes

    The location of this quest is random. Some other people put specific locations (i.e. Whiterun) but this does not always hold true. Who you’re looking for is a man named Sam Guevenne, who will challenge you to a drinking contest. When you find him and he challenges you, simply participate and the mission goes from there.

    As a note, Whiterun is the most common location he is found at. He can be, and has been, found at other Inn locations throughout the other eight major Holds. So if you don’t find Sam at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun then check other inns. Remember, you have to be level 14.

    Make sure you save before drinking with Sam, as it is possible that you won't get transported to the temple. Also, do not return to Misty Grove after leaving. Doing so may cause you to be stuck there forever.

    Skull of Corruption
    Mission Name: Waking Nightmare
    Missable: Yes
    Level Requirement: None
    Glitches: Yes, very glitchy

    To begin this quest, go to Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar. Once there, speak with Erandur.

    This quest can prevent you from earning the Oblivion Walker achievement. At the end of the quest, you have the option of killing Erandur or not. Kill Erandur or he destroys the Skull of Corruption.

    This quest is also very glitchy! Save often. The most common glitch is the disappearance of Erandur when entering the Nightcaller Temple. From my experience, this happens when you skip through his speech to quickly. Let him finish everything he has to say before entering the temple. There are a variety of other errors, so I recommend that you save often throughout the quest just incase.

    Mission Name: The Only Cure
    Missable: No
    Level Requirement: Level 10 or higher
    Glitches: None

    To start this quest, head to the Shrine to Peryite, which is located above Karthwastern in the mountains. Click here for a picture of the location. Once arriving there, you’ll see a Khajit named Kesh. Once you’ve talked to him, he’ll ask you to collect the following: Vampire Dust, Deathbell Flower, Silver Ingot, and Flawless Ruby.

    These ingredients, minus flawless ruby, are extremely easy to find. Just head over to your resident alchemy store and they’ll sell the Deathbell Flower and Vampire Dust. For the Vampire Dust, you can also get it by upgrading your alchemy lab for your house.

    For the Silver Ingot, head over to a blacksmith, who will sell it. If he/she only has silver ore then buy that and take it to a smelter and smelt it into a silver ingot. The hard one to find is the flawless ruby, which can give some people a headache. Here are some options. Please note there are some spoilers and I will label it as so:
    (1) (SPOILER) Hail Sithis! – The last mission of the Dark Brotherhood has you assassinating the Emperor. After you assassinate him, head into his bedroom and check at the foot of the bed. There is a flawless ruby there.
    (2) Mining – This is completely random but if you head over to an orc camp called Narzulbur, you’ll find a mine that has a ton of ebony ore. You should invest time to mine all the ebony ore here as you can have over ten Ebony ingots. From mining the Ebony, you will (hopefully) mine a flawless ruby. Mining is the least reliable option.
    (3) Delvin Mallroy’s Fishing Job – If you go to the Ragged Flagon, the door over from the Thieves’ Guild, there’s a Breton named Delvin Mallroy, who gives you jobs to bring the Thieves’ Guild back to its former glory. One of the side quests is called a “Fishing Job.” This particular job has you snagging a particular item from a person’s pocket. You’ll eventually come upon a job where you have to steal a flawless ruby. Once you steal this, you can turn in the Daedra quest then complete the Fishing Job afterward.
    (4) Treasure Chests – Another random one, similar to mining. If you regularly play the game, you will easily find flawless rubies. I found six by regularly checking treasure chests.
    (5) Harrald's Quest - "If you go to the Mistveil Keep in Riften and find a guy named Harrald and do his quest (which takes about 30 seconds) he gives you different gems and they change every time, so make a save before you hand the quest into him and then keep re-loading the save until he gives you a flawless ruby." (credit Bashford)

    Also, this artifact is a shield. You may not get a notification that you have received this artifact, so check your inventory once you have completed the quest.

    The Ring of Hirscine or Savior’s Hide
    Mission Name: Ill Met by Moonlight
    Missable: No
    Level Requirement: None
    Glitches: Yes

    To begin this quest, head to Falkreath and talk to Sinding, a man who is jailed up in the Falkreath Jail, which is located downstairs in the Falkreath Barracks. If you have a hard time finding this then there is a way to have a quest marker on the location.

    Upon arriving into Falkreath, there will be a funeral. Go ahead and speak to Indara or Mathies. If the funeral is not happening when you enter Falkreath, you can look for them and they will tell you the location of Sinding.
    You will come to a point where you either have to kill Sinding or kill the hunters. Either choice will still net you a daedric artifact as killing the hunters will give you Hircine’s blessing and makes the ring uncursed. If you kill Sinding then you get the Hide.

    There is a glitch in this quest. You will come to a point where you have to hunt a Great White Stag. If you don’t kill it and let it run away, then it’s entirely possible that the Stag will glitch on top of an unreachable mountaintop. Make sure you kill the Stag the first time you see it!

    There is a way to get both artifacts, which will allow you to avoid doing one of the thirteen available daedric artifacts:
    "It is entirely possible to obtain both the Ring of Hircine as well as the Savior's Hide. In order to do so, first you must help Sinding eliminate the remaining hunters. After doing so, speak with Sinding to complete his quest objective, then kill him. When you remove his skin, immediately avoid contact with the spirit of the white stag and exit the cave, leading you to Hircine's spectral avatar, which will then reward you with the uncursed Ring of Hircine. Now re-enter the cave and speak with the other spectral stag to receive the Savior's Hide." (uesp.net)

    Elestian notes the following: "I, however, failed to avoid the spirit immediately after killing Sinding and instead simply backed out of the dialogue menu and walked away."

    Ring of Namira
    Mission Name: The Taste of Death
    Missable: Yes
    Level Requirement: None
    Glitches: None

    Enter Markarth and go to the Understone Keep. Once there, you can speak to a man named Verulus, which will start you on a miscellaneous quest that has you investigating the Hall. When you’re investigating, a woman named Eola will talk to you. If you do not help Eola then you will miss the Oblivion Walker achievement. DO NOT refuse help to Eola.

    Mission Name: The Mind of Madness
    Missable: No
    Level Requirement: None
    Glitches: None

    To start this quest, head over to Solitude and look for a man named Dervenin, who should be near the graveyard. You’ll know who Dervenin is as he has no eyes. From there, just follow the instructions and do the quest.

    When you go inside Pelagius’ mind, you have to use the Wabbajack to help make Pelagius sane again. This is how you solve the puzzle:
    (1) Dream phase: You’ll know you’re in the dream portion of Pelagius when you see him laying on a wooden bed with a green blanket. Once you’ve found this, it’s time to begin. You will want to shoot everything in this exact order: Pelagius – Wolf – Pelagius – Bandit – Pelagius – Hagraven – Pelagius – Flame Atronach – Pelagius – Dragon Priest. You’re done. Time to move on to the next phase.
    (2) Confidence Phase: You’ll come upon Pelagius (named Confidence), who is extremely small and being beat up by a bandit named Anger. Using your Wabbajack, hit Confidence twice and Anger once. This should solve this portion of the puzzle, which leaves you with one more.
    (3) Arena Phase: In this part, you will see two Storm Atronachs fighting in an arena. Above the arena is three chairs, one big one in the middle (the throne) that is empty and two other chairs on either side with identical guards in it. Behind or beside the middle throne (this changes) is another person, which is the king. You will want to shoot either guard. It seems that it does not make a difference if you shoot the guard on the right or on the left. In the end, wolves will appear and begin attacking the king then everything disappears, signaling that you have solved it.

    Mission Name: The Cursed Tribe
    Missable: Yes
    Level Requirement: None
    Glitches: Yes

    This quest will be initiated when you locate Largashbur, an orc encampment located far, far west of Riften and slightly south. Click here for a picture of its location. When you find Largashbur, you will see a giant attacking the orcs. Go ahead and kill the giant and the quest takes off from there. This is another fetching quest, so you’ll need to gather a daedra heart (Shrine of Mehrune from Mehrunes’ Razor quest or near Jorrvaskr in Companion’s Hall in Whiterun) and troll fat (shelf near alchemy set in Hall of Countenance in College of Winterhold). After collecting this stuff, you’ll need to retrieve a giant’s club, so you’ll be fighting a lot of giants. Make sure that you can defeat them or this quest will be a headache.

    There is a glitch for this mission. Make sure that you don't allow the giant to kill everyone or else you won't be able to activate the quest. If this does happen, either load up a save before it or follow this solution: "Walk right along the fence till you get to where the rock and the fence meet and jump over the fence there and go talk to the Orc next to the gate" (credit Dustifus).

    This quest is also missable if you decide to kill the entire orc encampment. Do not kill everyone or else you cannot get the quest. Also, do not hit an orc with your weapon as this will cause hostility. I am unsure of how to get rid of this hostility. If you know, please post it in the comments.

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    branstoneboy6 1/2 years later I finally get this. Thank you.

    Encountered a weird anti-glitch though. I used the trick to obtain Hercines Ring and the Saviours Hide then 13 other Daedric artifacts but I still didn't get the achievement. In the end I needed 16 artifacts in total.
    Posted by branstoneboy on 02 Jul 18 at 20:14
    The RamblerThis is quite normal if you read comments, I too needed 16
    Posted by The Rambler on 03 Jul 18 at 10:10
    TryDodgingThisThought I would mention there is a glitch with Eola. If you hit her once during the Taste of death, whilst in the dungeon, she won't register it until you defeat the Draugr. Then she will turn and attack you. Make sure to save just before entering the dungeon in case this happens. This happened to me unfortunately.
    Posted by TryDodgingThis on 13 Jul 20 at 14:58
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    You need to collect 15 Daedric Artifacts for this, you do not need to possess them all at once so you can sell or store them away as you get them. There are 16 Daedric Gods and each one has a quest attached. There are a possible 19 different Artifacts, but only 17 are obtainable in one playthrough and the achievement does not carry over through multiple playthroughs. The Skeleton Key obtained from Nocturnal is during a Thieves Guild quest and does not count as an Artifact. Also the Rueful Axe from the Clavicus Vile quest does not count either and so they will not count towards this achievement. And although you can only obtain one of the two Artifacts from Azura, you can gain two Artifacts from Hircine. Therefore there are a possible 16 that count of the 15 required Artifacts to unlock this.

    Many quests are glitchy and some are missable, I’ve written this guide addressing every known bug prior to and resulting from all patches, so depending on what patch you currently have some of the bugs will be fixed, but to ensure total success heed all warnings for all bugs. It is advisable, and in some cases not possible, to begin certain quests until you reach a certain character level. I would recommend starting a new career for this achievement or at least be below level 9, although it can still be obtained above this level if you have not activated any Daedric quests or already completed some in the order and manner included in this guide. To show you what I mean; if you have finished or progressed too far in the ‘A Night To Remember’ quest for Sanguine before completing the ‘House of Horrors’ quest for Molag Bal, you may have triggered an un-fixable bug that will prevent you from ever being able to activate it, and possibly forcing you to start a new career.

    If you follow this guide in the order shown you will not only get the achievement and the most advanced version of each Artifact, you will also completely avoid or remedy any bugs that can possibly be encountered. Be sure to take this guide ‘word for word’ as any improvisations may cause bugs. Also its much better to disable Auto-saves in settings and save manually as Auto-saves could leave you trapped in inescapable areas. Save whenever I’ve stated ‘Save’ using at least three different slots to fall back on.


    To prevent activating unfixable bugs avoid the following places altogether unless you are prompted to go there specifically for the Daedric quest:

    *Alftand, south-west of Winterhold
    *Azura’s Shrine, south of Winterhold, don’t talk to Aranea
    *Bloated Mans Grotto, north of Falkreath, north shore of Lake Ilinalta
    *Bthardamz, north of Markarth
    *Cracked Tusk Keep, west of Falkreath
    *Dawnstar, Windpeak Inn, don’t talk to Erandur
    *Dead Crone Rock, south-west of Markarth
    *Falkreath, Barracks
    *Fallowstone Cave, north-east of Riften
    *Haemar’s Cavern, east of Helgen
    *Ilinalta’s Deep, north of Falkreath, north shore of Lake Ilinalta
    *Jorgen’s house in Morthal
    *Knifepoint Ridge, north-west of Falkreath
    *Largashbur, far west of Riften, avoid this area altogether
    *Markarth, Abandoned House
    *Markarth, Understone Keep
    *Meridia’s Shrine, west of Solitude, do not approach it
    *Nightcaller Temple, near Dawnstar
    *Peryite’s Shrine, north of Markarth, don’t talk to Kesh
    *Reachcliff Cave, south-east of Markarth
    *Sacellum of Boethiah, east of Windhelm
    *Septimus Signus’ Outpost
    *Solitude, Graveyard, don’t talk to Dervenin
    *Thieves Guild, do not complete the quest ‘Trinity Restored’
    *After reaching level 10: Falkreath altogether
    *After reaching level 14: Sam Guevenne, in a random inn, avoid talking to him altogether
    *After reaching level 20: Whiterun’s Bannered Mare, Hulda
    *After reaching level 20: Whiterun, Dragonsreach, don’t ask Jarl Balgruuf about his children
    *After reaching level 20: Dawnstar, Silus Versuius house


    These people are essential to Daedric quests and can die, DO NOT KILL THEM OR ALLOW THEM TO DIE.

    *Chief Yamarz, west-south-west of Riften, Largashbur, Longhouse
    *Dervenin, Graveyard or Temple of The Divines, Solitude
    *Ennis, Rorikstead, Farm (Immortal after Patch 1.5)
    *Eola, Markarth, Understone Keep, The Hall of The Dead
    *Hulda, the Bannered Mare, Whiterun (Immortal after Patch 1.5)
    *Jarl Balgruuf The Greater, Dragonsreach, Whiterun or the Blue Palace, Solitude
    *Lod, Falkreath, Blacksmiths
    *Nelacar, Frozen Hearth Inn, Winterhold
    *Priestess of Boethiah, east of Windhelm, Sacellum of Boethiah
    *Sam Guevenne, found in any random city Inn after reaching level 14
    *Septimus Signus, north of Winterhold, Septimus Signus’ Outpost
    *Sinding, Falkreath, Barracks, In a cell (Immortal after patch 1.9).
    *Urag Gro-Shub, College of Winterhold, Arcaneum
    *Ysolda, Whiterun streets or the Bannered Mare (Immortal after Patch 1.5)


    After installing the Dawnguard DLC, you will be subject to random and very dangerous vampire attacks that often occur in towns and cities. These are not particularly dangerous to you, but they can easily cause the deaths of quest and achievement related characters. There is also an unconfirmed rumour that having the Dawnguard DLC installed while completing the 'A Daedra's Best Friend' quest may exclude the Masque of Clavicus Vile from the Daedric Artifact checklist and it won't register (thanks to https://www.trueachievements.com/DustierHorizon3.htm for this info). I therefore highly recommend you conclude all business involving any and all other quests and achievements from the base game, the Hearthfire, and the Dragonborn DLCs, before installing this DLC.


    *If you find a flawless ruby anywhere DO NOT SELL IT, store it in a safe container (like in your house) or at least keep it on your person.
    *Also store the following items for later, but do not keep them in your inventory: one Deathbell, one silver ingot, one Vampire Dust, one Daedra heart, and one Troll Fat.

    Guides are in the recommended order and arranged thus:

    Artifact = Short description of the artifact/s attained.
    Daedric Lord = The prince or princess associated with the artifact/s.
    Requirements = Minimum character level you need and should be at.
    Mission name = Name of the mission as it appears in the journal.
    *Notes = Additional information relevant to the mission.
    CAPITAL = Words warning of bugs and glitches to avoid.


    External image

    Saviour’s Hide – Magic and poison resistant Light Armour

    External image

    Ring of Hircine – Additional Werewolf transformations ring
    Hircine - The Huntsman and Father of Manbeasts
    Level 1+

    Ill Met By Moonlight
    *You’ll encounter levelled Bandit Hunters.
    *You will gain two Artifacts.
    *Don't transform into a werewolf yourself at any point during this quest. *Fixed in update 1.9 (8/4/2013).

    1 = Go to Falkreath. Save.
    2 = Go into the ‘Falkreath Barracks’ and then down into the jail.
    3 = The only prisoner, ‘Sinding’, will approach the bars, (if he doesn’t, leave, then re-enter). Talk to Sinding and take the ring, WAIT FOR HIM TO TRANSFORM AND ESCAPE OR HE MAY BECOME STUCK THERE. (Note that the ring he gives you will not count as an Artifact until you complete his objective). Save.
    4 = If you encountered a Dragon at Falkreath make sure the blacksmith ‘Lod’ is not dead before continuing (essential for Clavicus Vile quest).
    6 = Talk to the White Stag’s spirit and offer to kill Sinding.
    7 = Head north to ‘Bloated Man’s Grotto’ its on the north-west shore of ‘Lake Ilinalta’, save.
    8 = Once inside save, don’t attack the werewolf Sinding, a little way inside you’ll talk to him on a rock above you, offer to help him.
    10 = Talk with Sinding, tell him that the Hunters are dead, exit the cave and the Aspect of Hircine (the White Stag) will appear again, granting you the Ring of Hircine.
    11 = Go back into the cave, kill Sinding, take his hide and receive the Savior's Hide from Hircine. Save.

    *As a bug you may later encounter Sinding walking the roads, alive, or dead in Werewolf form back in his cell.


    External image

    The Skull of Corruption – A health damage Staff
    Vaermina - The Weaver of the Panoply
    Level 1+

    Waking Nightmare
    *This quest is very glitchy so save strictly.
    *Get rid of any follower before starting this quest.
    *You’ll encounter levelled Mage’s and Orc hunters.

    1 = Go to Dawnstar, save, enter the ‘Windpeak Inn’ and find ‘Erandur’, speak to him and offer to help him end the nightmares of Dawnstar.
    2 = There are many glitches involving Erandur, he can be very slow and annoying but be patient and walk beside him up to the top of the nearby cliff-top and don’t interrupt him. You’ll encounter a few higher levelled wild animals near the top, these could be very dangerous so be careful.
    3 = After killing the creatures at the entrance of ‘Nightcaller Temple’ BUT BEFORE TALKING TO ERANDUR SAVE, then proceed inside.
    4 = Erandur may disappear, the only solution is to reload previous save. Erandur will open a magic doorway, proceed through with him and up to the balcony. He will explain that the Artifact the ‘Staff of Corruption’, located below, needs to be destroyed, you’ll go downstairs and encounter two hostile Orcs, defeat them and Erandur will say that the magic barrier you encounter needs to be disabled, to do this he needs a book from the library.
    5 = Head back upstairs with Erandur, (if he gets stuck on the stairs either push him up with Unrelenting Force or reload previous save). He’ll unlock the door, save before proceeding inside.
    6 = In the library you’ll encounter multiple hostile Mages and Orcs, defeat them all then Erandur will ask you to find a book called the ‘Dreamstride’, its above you in the south-east corner on a pedestal, save.
    7 = Take the book back to Erandur who’ll then say he needs ‘Vaermina’s Torpor’ which is located in the adjacent laboratory.
    8 = The laboratory contains some more Mage’s and Orcs in close quarters, Erandur will help you to defeat them, once their all dead talk to Erandur again then find the Torpor, a red bottle located on the lower level on a bookcase just below Erandur, save.
    9 = Take it to Erandur who’ll tell you to drink it, MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT OVER-ENCUMBERED before consuming the Torpor, you’ll be transported back in time and into the body of ‘Brother Casimir’.
    10 = You’ll find yourself in a dreamy version of the Temple at the time when the Orcs attacked, you are told to activate the Miasma release chain. You can’t attack anyone and noone will attack you, so just run through till you reach the upper level and pull the chain on the wall.
    11 = You’ll be transported back to the present and into your own body albeit on the other side of the magic barrier. When your quest updates to ‘Disable the barrier’, pick up the soul gem located to the left of the chain, save, then go and talk to Erandur.
    12 = Now follow Erandur down to the Staff, you’ll be attacked a few times more, then Erandur’s old-friends will spawn then attack, defeat them then save before talking to Erandur. (If you cannot activate Erandur you can either reload previous save or exit the Temple and re-enter).
    13 = Talk to him and he’ll then proceed to disable the barrier surrounding the Skull of Corruption, wait until he disables it, Vaermina will command you to kill him, YOU MUST KILL ERANDUR NOW!
    14 = Activate the altar to receive the Skull of Corruption, save.


    External image

    Ring of Namira – Cannibalistic stamina and health improving ring
    Namira - The Spirit Daedra and the Great Darkness.
    Level 1+

    The Taste of Death
    *Get rid of any followers prior to starting this quest.
    *You’ll encounter levelled Draugr and a boss Draugr.

    1 = Go to Markarth, save, from the main entrance go straight up following the little waterway, cross it using the second large stone bridge on the left, up the stairs on your right and into the double-doors marked ‘Understone Keep’.
    2 = Talk to ‘Brother Verulus’ upon entering, ask ‘Why not?’ then offer to help him, DO NOT INTIMIDATE HIM.
    3 = Follow the marker round the corner and into ‘The Hall of The Dead’, save.
    4 = You’ll hear a voice, continue through the hall until you meet ‘Eola’, answer ‘Guilt, what are you talking about?’ then ‘Where is this place?’, and offer to help her.
    5 = Leave the hall and tell Verulus its safe.
    6 = Go to ‘Reachcliff Cave’ to the south-east of Markarth, save, accept Eola as a follow and help her clear out the Draugr, BE CAREFUL NOT TO KILL EOLA OR ALLOW HER TO DIE.
    7 = After killing the boss Draugr talk to Eola, she wants you to bring Verulus to her, save.
    8 = Use the newly opened tunnel on the left to make a quick exit and fast travel directly back to Markarth’s Understone Keep.
    9 = The marker may not be on the Keep’s entrance but you will nevertheless find Brother Verulus in the keep, he’s sometimes further in, inside the Hall of The Dead.
    10 = Tell him you have need of a priest, then convince him to follow you.
    11 = Leave the keep and fast travel back to ‘Reachcliff Secret Entrance’.
    12 = Go inside and lead Verulus to Eola, save.
    13 = Once he’s lying down, SAVE! AS HE MAY SINK THROUGH THE ALTAR, then kill him anyway you like, but avoid damage to Eola or anyone else, activate his body and eat his flesh, you’ll receive the Artifact the ‘Ring of Namira’, save.


    External image

    Mace Of Molag Bal - Stamina damage and soul trap mace
    Molag Bal - The King of Rape, the Harvester of Souls and the Lord of Brutality
    Level 1+

    The House of Horrors
    *If you are experiencing the ‘Crafting/object interaction bug’, where you are unable to interact with any crafting objects, avoid this quest, until it is fixed.
    *You’ll encounter a lot of levelled Forsworn and a Forsworn boss.

    1 = Go to Markarth, save.
    2 = Walk up to the Abandoned House a little way into the city.
    3 = You should see the ‘Vigilant Tyranus’ outside the entrance, offer to help him (you may need to leave Markarth and then return for him to spawn), save before entering the house and keep this save at least until you have left.
    4 = Follow Tyranus, DO NOT INTERRUPT HIM, go through the house until you reach a locked door, a voice will soon ask you to kill Tyranus, do it by any means.
    5 = Go down into the basement and through the tunnel behind the shelves.
    6 = Activate the rusty mace, say ‘It’s an altar’, ask to revenge ‘Boethiah’.
    7 = Follow your marker to one of the six random Forsworn redoubts to free ‘Logrolf’. Save once your there.
    9 = Fast travel back to Markarth, SAVE BEFORE ENTERING THE ABANDONED HOUSE, enter the Abandoned house.
    10 = Follow Logrolf downstairs and wait for him to be captured, at this point you should activate a dialogue between Molag Bal and Logrolf, if it doesn't happen you will have to reload the previous save and try again. If it does happen wait for the dialogue to end then beat Logrolf into submission with the mace, but don't kill him.
    11 = Another dialogue should trigger, wait for it to end then beat Logrolf to death and you’ll receive the Artifact the ‘Mace of Molag Bal’, save.

    External image

    Wabbajack – Staff that changes beings into erm . . other things
    Sheogorath - The Daedric Prince of Madness and Lord of the Never-There
    Level 1+

    The Mind of Madness

    1 = Go to Solitude, save, go straight ahead and to your right through the large arch, find the graveyard just to the right and behind the ‘Hall of The Dead’, find ‘Dervenin’ nearby, he circles the graveyard by day wearing brown and talking out loud to himself.
    2 = Ask him ‘What do you need?’ then offer to help him, (if this dialogue option doesn't appear you may need to ask around Solitude for rumours concerning Dervenin).
    3 = Head to the ‘Blue Palace’, ask ‘Erdi’ or one of the other marked servants to let you into the Pelagius wing, or pick one of their pockets for the key, and go in. MAKE SURE TO SAVE IMMEDIATELY AFTER ENTERING THE PELAGIUS WING, you are suddenly transported without any activation. You’ll find yourself in what is classed as an outdoor area where a Dragon may attack (*Fixed in patch 1.9 (8/4/2013)) and as you’ll have no weapons or abilities you will have to reload your save.
    4 = Head upstairs and along the corridor where you will be suddenly transported into ‘The Mind of A Madman’ and lose all your items and abilities (temporarily).
    5 = You’ll find Sheogorath and Pelagius III sitting at a table (reminiscent of the mad hatter scene from Alice In Wonderland), talk to Sheogorath and follow the dialogue until he gives you the ‘Wabbajack’, (press ‘X’ or ‘RT’ to equip it) you can’t leave with the artifact just yet though.
    6 = You’ll have to use this mysterious staff in three trials to escape, walk through any one of the arches (it doesn’t matter which order you do them in);
    6a = Confidence: You’ll find the personification of Pelagius’ Anger as a normal sized man fighting a tiny man named Confidence; you must restore the balance between them. Use Wabbajack to shrink Anger and enlarge Confidence, avoid the two spectres of Self-doubt while doing so. When they’re restored Sheogorath will say well done and Self-doubt will kill Anger. Save and move on to the next trial.
    6b = Paranoia: You’ll find a stone fort, proceed up the steps to the arena where the two Atronachs are fighting. One of these is yours and the other belongs to the guy standing opposite you, you have to defeat your opponent. Don’t bother with the Atronachs, use Wabbajack on one of the guys sitting next to your opponent. Save and move to the next trial.
    6c = Night Terrors: You’ll find Pelagius in a bed, use Wabbajack on him to start the night terrors. A series of increasingly difficult enemies will spawn one by one, use Wabbajack on them once they appear, you will turn them into non-hostiles, do not attack them further just use the staff on Pelagius to spawn the next one each time till there are no more, save.
    7 = Go back and talk to Sheogorath, He’ll give you the Artifact ‘Wabbajack’ and you can keep the fine clothes, you’ll be transported back to the Blue Palace, save.


    External image

    Azura’s Star – Reusable soul gem that traps any soul except NPC’s

    External image

    The Black Star – Reusable soul gem that despite it’s description can trap any soul
    Azura - The Queen of Dawn and Dusk, the Mother of the Rose, and the Queen of the Night Sky
    Level 1+

    The Black Star
    *You can only attain one of the above Artifacts, choosing the Black Star is wiser if you use soul gems, choosing Azura’s Star will gain the option to recruit a good follower.
    *You’ll encounter levelled Necromancers, Dremora and two Mage bosses.

    1 = Most inn keepers will place the shrine’s location on your map.
    External image

    The easiest way to reach it is by starting at Winterhold, follow the road south until you see a pass on your right, follow this under the stone arch. Keep close to the rocks on your left and proceed down, turn left when the rocks end and follow the faded snowy path winding up the mountain, you’ll soon see the very large stone shrine on your left.
    2 = Climb the stairs and save before talking to ‘Aranea Lenith’ and offer to help her.
    3 = Fast travel back to Winterhold, go into the ‘Frozen Hearth Inn’ and talk to ‘Nelacar’, he may be in a side room, bribe or intimidate him (persuasion may be bugged and will never work), save.
    4 = Travel to ‘Ilinalta’s Deep’ to the north of Falkreath. (A boulder meant to prevent access to the second zone prior to this quest may still be present, the only known fix is to exit and re-enter the ruin).
    5 = Once inside, save, clear out the Necromancers and undead, you’ll encounter a high level Mage boss, take care of him and proceed upstairs to the room with the dead skeleton of ‘Malyn Varen’, take the ‘Broken Azura’s Star’ from his lap (or on the floor) and exit via the ladders, save.
    6 = Now you can either fast travel back to the Shrine and talk to Aranea to receive ‘Azura’s Star’, or to Nelacar in Winterhold to receive ‘The Black Star’. Both count for the Achievement and whichever you choose you will have to enter the Star itself and destroy Malyn’s soul. MAKE TWO SEPARATE SAVES BEFORE YOU SPEAK WITH EITHER ARANEA OR NELACAR.
    7 = Enter the star, destroy Malyn’s Dremora minions first (harvest and retain a Daedra heart for later (if you're really having trouble with the Dremora you can lower the setting to Novice) then kill Malyn, (If you’re killed by a Dremora in the Star after killing Malyn, you may spawn at your last save with both the repaired Star and the broken Star in your inventory, if this happens do not continue as if you are done, fall back on your older save and do it again). Once Malyn is dead you’ll be transported back to Skyrim with the complete Star that you chose, save.

    *Whichever Star you chose a group of Necromancers will later track you down to kill you in revenge.


    External image

    The Masque of Clavicus Vile – Bartering heavy armour helmet
    Level 10+
    Clavicus Vile - Granter of power and wishes through ritual invocations and pacts.

    A Daedra’s Best Friend
    *The Rueful Axe does NOT count as an Artifact.
    *Complete any active quests for the Companions before starting this.
    *You’ll encounter difficult levelled Vampires and a boss Mage.

    1 = Go to Falkreath, save, talk to the town blacksmith ‘Lod’ and offer to help find his dog.
    2 = Set out after Lod’s dog ‘Barbas’, once you find him he will engage you in conversation, offer to help him, DO NOT TALK TO BARBAS AT ANY POINT AFTER THIS. Make sure the ‘A Daedra’s Best Friend’ quest is active in your journal.
    3 = You can then either follow him to ‘Haemars Cavern’, (which can be very glitchy, and irritating, as he wonders off all over the place and attacks everything), or you can just meet him there. It’s located at the dead end of a mountain pass east of Helgen, south-west of Ivarstead.
    4 = To get there without following Barbas, fast travel to Helgen, follow the road east, you’ll soon see the cave on your compass, the road will take you there.
    5 = Once inside, save, then battle through levelled Vampires and their thralls, enter ‘Haemar’s Shame’, save again, then continue on to the ‘Shrine of Clavicus Vile’, you’ll meet Barbas fighting a few levelled Vamps and a boss Vampire, help him kill them, then activate the shrine, DO NOT TALK TO BARBAS.
    6 = Clavicus will ask you to retrieve the ‘Rueful Axe’ from ‘Rimerock Burrow’ located far to the north-west along the high west road from Solitude, exit via the passage behind the shrine (pull the chain on the right) and make your way to there.
    7 = Once inside, save, then kill the powerful mage ‘Sebastian Lort’ and his Atronach, retrieve the axe and return to the shrine, save.
    8 = Upon returning to the shrine activate it, Lord Vile will give you a choice; choose ‘No deal, take back . . etc. Hang around for Him to talk a bit and you’ll receive the Artifact the ‘Masque of Clavicus Vile’, equip it at least once, save.


    External image

    Spellbreaker – Heavy shield with excellent magic resistance
    Level 12+
    Peryite - The Taskmaster

    The Only Cure
    *If you have a Vampire Dust, Silver Ingot, Deathbell or Flawless Ruby, store them away in a safe place before beginning this quest.
    *It’s ok and advisable to have a follower with you on this quest, ideally not a mage. Lydia, Cosnach, Ahtar, Argis The Bulwark, Kharjo or any Companion would be ideal. You will have to clear a very large ruin and battle a difficult magic resistant Spellsword boss.

    1 = After reaching level 12 if you’ve not met an ‘Afflicted Refugee’ on the roads, then just head to the ‘Shrine of Peryite’, located north of Markarth and just north-west of Karthwastern.
    External image

    2 = Upon reaching the shrine, save, if you have any of the items listed above drop them in a safe place nearby before talking to ‘Kesh The Clean’. Talk to him and ask to commune with ‘Peryite’. Kesh will tell you that you need the four ingredients to summon Daedric Lord and he’ll activate the quest properly for you.
    3 = To find the ingredients: Fast travel or walk back to Karthwastern, some silver ingots are scattered around near the smelter. Fast travel to Solitude, go into ‘Angelines Aromatics’ and buy a Deathbell and a Vampire Dust, if she has no Deathbells steal one from her shop. If you already have a flawless ruby and Angeline has no Vampire dust either try ‘Arcadia’s Cauldron’ in Whiterun or the ‘Mortar and Pestle’ in Dawnstar. Alternatively if you really can’t find any dust and you need a ruby, you can find both in ‘Shriekwind Bastion’. It’s located just north-east of Falkreath.
    External image

    Upon entering save, (you have a 3% chance of finding ‘Meridia’s Beacon’ inside Shriekwind Bastion, if you do, it’s OK to take it now). Shriekwind is inhabited by Vampires so you can obtain a dust from any one of them. Halfway through you’ll find a small throneroom with blood all over the floor, a flawless ruby is always here; at the foot of the unlit fire pit to the right of the throne.
    For whatever reason you can't even find one there try:
    Approximately 430 feet north-northwest of Reachwater Rock, a small cave southeast of Markarth and south of Sky Haven Temple there is an abandoned rowing boat with a Flawless Ruby in it. This map will show you where: http://srmap.uesp.net/?locx=-145834&locy=4272
    Drop down into the river and you should spot it near the rocks.
    Armaund Motierre carries one in his pocket. He can be found during the 'Silence has been broken' quest in the Dark Brotherhood questline in the tomb of Volunruud, north-northwest of Whiterun. After completion of the quest, he moves to the Bannered Mare inn in Whiterun. Simply pickpocket him.
    Korvanjund, Korvanjund Crypt - Northeast of Whiterun: The crypt is the centermost area of the temple. This is where you will find the word wall for a word of the Slow Time shout. Following the path further will lead to a shortcut to the beginning of the Korvanjund Temple area. On the east side of the room, you may spot a couple of bowls placed higher than you can normally reach. They are both on stone shelves: one above a bookshelf, the other close to the stairs. They hold valuable loot and one will contain a Flawless Ruby. Although they may be difficult to reach by jumping, they can be toppled through ranged attacks. Use the Unrelenting Force shout to shake each bowl. Just remember to look around the entire room, for the gems fly out very far in different directions.
    The Katariah - This ship is encountered during the 'Hail Sithis' quest in the Dark Brotherhood questline. The Flawless Ruby will be found in the
    4 = Once you have all your ingredients fast travel back to the shrine, save, hand the ingredients to Kesh and allow him to knock up the mixture, DO NOT INTERRUPT HIM, (if you mistakenly glitch the quest by interrupting Kesh and for some reason forgot to save before, you can still continue; kill Kesh and loot the ingredients back, activate the cauldron and mix them up yourself). Activate the cauldron.
    5 = Peryite will appear as some ghostly Skeevers and after some dialogue will point you to a very large nearby Dwemer ruin called ‘Bthardamz’ to kill ‘Orchendor’, save. It’s not far so just walk towards the marker.
    6 = You’ll encounter hostiles surrounding the entrance called ‘Afflicted’, kill them off and enter the ruin, save, battle or sneak through the Afflicted and occasional Dwemer machine until you reach the ‘Workshop’.
    7 = Once inside save, continue through and into the ‘Upper District’, once inside, save, (your compass indicator may be incorrect at this point but) just continue up to the ‘Lower District’, go through and into the ‘Study’, save and proceed through the study and back into the ‘Lower District (upper level)’ continue through again until you reach the last area the ‘Arcanex’.
    8 = Once inside save, battle through the machines including a Centurion until you reach a gassy room with pipes, save before facing the powerful Spellsword ‘Orchendor’, (he is highly resistant to magic), once he’s dead collect the key and head up to the elevator and back outside, save.
    9 = Fast travel back to the shrine, talk to Kesh first and ask to inhale the fumes (or if he’s dead just inhale them anyway), do so and Peryite will appear again and reward you with the Artifact ‘Spellbreaker’, save.


    External image

    Dawnbreaker – One-Handed fire damage sword, most useful against undead
    Level 12+
    Meridia - The Glister Witch and Lady of Infinite Energies

    The Break of Dawn
    *You may have come across ‘Meridia’s Beacon’ accidently by now, if you have, skip to point 4 below.

    1 = Find Meridia’s Shrine, it’s located on ‘Mount Kilkreath’;
    External image

    Follow the road west from Solitude and watch for a side road to the north. Follow that road, after a while, there will be a small side road on your right, follow it to the shrine, save.
    2 = Meridia will request you retrieve her beacon, it can be located at any one of 32 random dungeons. Your quest marker will show you which one. (If there is no quest marker for the beacon it is either in the ‘Dawnstar Sanctuary’, near Dawnstar, or aboard the ship ‘The Katariah’, both of these require the completion of the Dark Brotherhood quest ‘Hail Sithis!’), either pick it up during this quest or go to the marked dungeon.
    External image

    3 = Once inside save, proceed through and retrieve the beacon, save.
    4 = KILL ANY DRAGONS BEFORE returning the beacon to the pedestal at Meridia’s Shrine (west of Solitude), She’ll talk to you in the form of a sphere of light, and ask you to clear out the ruins below Her shrine and kill the Necromancer ‘Malkoran’. (If a Dragon appears when you are above Skyrim, Meridia and the dragon will fight, and you will be stuck in the sky indefinitely. You can use sneak to hide and wait 24 hours, the dragon should go away and Meridia will continue talking).
    5 = Drop down and enter the ruins, save, proceed through and activate the light pedestal’s to re-direct the beam through the rooms, you’ll go back outside to the balcony, and then into the ‘Kilkreath Catacombs’, THE NEXT BIT IS VERY BUGGY SO READ ALL OF POINT 6 BEFORE CONTINUING INTO THE CATACOMBS:
    6 = Once inside save, proceed through, ‘DO NOT SAVE AGAIN IN THE CATACOMBS UNTIL EVERYTHING IS DEAD, DO NOT USE PARALYSIS ON MALKORAN, DO NOT USE BEAST FORM TO KILL MALKORAN, AND DO NOT FEED ON MALKORAN’S CORPSE’. When he’s dead his shade will appear, kill it anyway you like, MAKE SURE YOU COLLECT ALL THE LOOT AND EVERYTHING IS DEAD BEFORE SAVING AND BEFORE YOU ACTIVATE THE FINAL PEDESTAL TO RETRIEVE THE SWORD ARTIFACT ‘DAWNBREAKER’ as Meridia will transport you back to the shrine. She’ll ask you to keep the sword and wield it in Her name, save.


    External image

    Sanguine’s Rose – Staff that summons a Dremora for 60 seconds
    Level 14+
    Sanguine - The Daedric Prince of hedonistic revelry, debauchery, and passionate indulgences of darker natures.

    A Night To Remember
    *You’ll encounter a difficult Giant, a Hagraven, and multiple higher levelled Mage’s

    1 = Once you reach level 14 you will soon encounter ‘Sam Guevenne’, He’ll be standing at the bar in any one of the main city inns. Save before you talk to Him, He’ll challenge you to a drinking competition to win a staff, keep drinking until you win and you’ll blackout. Here is a checklist of the main 15 inns that Sam can appear in: Eastmarch: Kynesgrove's Braidwood Inn, Windhelm's Candlehearth Hall or New Gnisis Club, Falkreath's Dead Man's Drink, Haafingar Hold: Dragon Bridge's Four Shields Tavern, Solitude's Winking Skeever, Hjaalmarch: Morthal's Moorside Inn, Dawnstar's Windpeak Inn, The Reach: Markarth's Silver-Blood Inn, The Rift: Riften's The Bee And Barb, Ivarstead's Vilemyr Inn, Whiterun Hold: Rorikstead's Frostfruit Inn, Riverwood's Sleeping Giant Inn, Whiterun's Bannered Mare, and Winterhold's Frozen Hearth.
    External image

    2 = You’ll awake inside the ‘Temple of Dibella’ in Markarth and talk to the priestess ‘Senna’, she’ll be very annoyed with you claiming that you messed up the temple. You can either clean the mess up (picking up two bottles of wine, a giant’s toe, a Hagraven feather, and a note from Sam claiming that you need these items to get the staff), or you can bribe Senna DO NOT USE PERSUADE. Bribing her is advisable as you do not need any of these items and some can fail to spawn or be unobtainable.
    3 = Talk to Senna again and she’ll point you to ‘Ennis’ in Rorikstead. Now you have a choice to bypass a lot of this quest, skip to point 7 if you're not bothered, it doesn’t bug if you decide to skip.
    4 = Go to Rorikstead, save, talk to Ennis, he wants you to retrieve his goat ‘Gleda’, you can pay 1000 Gold for the goat or try to intimidate him DO NOT USE PERSUADE, but its easy to retrieve his goat from the nearby hillside. Gleda is being guarded by ‘Grok The Giant’, you can talk to the goat to make it follow you back to Ennis, which will set Grok onto you, or you could sneak up to Gleda, talk, then run back to Ennis, or you could use a calm spell on Grok, once you have Gleda return to Ennis.
    5 = Ennis will direct you to ‘Ysolda’ in Whiterun, (If you’ve married Ysolda she’ll be in the home you told her to stay in).
    6 = Fast travel to the city she’s in, save, find Ysolda, she claims you bought a Wedding ring from her on credit and she wants the 2000 Gold for it, or the ring back. You can pay, intimidate or go find the ring, DO NOT USE PERSUADE.
    7 = Retrieve the Wedding ring, from ‘Witchmist Grove’, located south of Windhelm, just past Kynesgrove, where you’ll find ‘Moira’ your fiancee. Kill her and get the ring from her beautiful body, save. (If for some reason you cannot find the ring go back to Ysolda and bribe her).
    8 = Convincing or returning the ring to Ysolda will direct you to ‘Morvunskar’ a fort located on the mountain south-west of Windhelm, go there.
    9 = Once inside save, you’ll be facing a lot of high levelled Mage’s, battle through them until you reach the portal to ‘Misty Grove’, SAVE BEFORE entering by walking into it, not by activating it.
    10 = Walk through to find Sam and some guests sitting around a table, He’ll reveal Himself to be none other than the Daedric Lord ‘Sanguine’, any of the items you may have picked up in the temple lose their quest value and you are rewarded with the Artifact ‘Sanguine’s Rose’ and returned to the inn where it all began, save.

    *Never return to Misty Grove, you may become trapped indefinitely.
    *Later you will encounter an Argonian named ‘Deep-In-His-Cups’ who’ll claim that you owe him 10,000 Gold, you can persuade it down to 750 or kill him, anything you do will yield no after effects of any kind.


    External image

    Oghma Infinium – Skill boosting book
    Level 1+ to activate, Level 15+ to complete
    Hermaeus Mora - The Daedric Prince of Fate

    Discerning The Transmundane
    *This will be activated during Main Quest ‘Elder Knowledge’.
    *You will encounter a lot of levelled Falmer, Dwemer Machines including a Centurion, levelled Chaurus, and you may encounter a Giant.

    1 = You can wait for the prompt to go to ‘Septimus Signus’ Outpost’ to find the ‘Elder Scroll’ during the main quest, or activate it earlier by just going there directly, walk north from Winterhold.
    External image

    2 = Go inside and talk to Septimus. (This may seem obvious but DO NOT kill Septimus at any point, he is mortal and you’ll fail the quest). Offer to help him and he will give you the ‘Attunement Sphere’, a blank Lexicon, and point you towards a very extensive Dwemer ruin called ‘Alftand’. (If you’re level 30 or above this is a good opportunity to activate the Daedric quest ‘Boethiah’s proving’, by reading the book on the shelf).
    3 = Make sure you’re well prepared Alftand is quite large. Travel there, it’s south-west of Winterhold, you can reach the entrance to the ‘Glacial Ruins’ by ascending the mountain and using the makeshift wooden walkway clinging to the cliff side.
    4 = Once inside save, battle through the Falmer and machines in the ruins, then through the ‘Animonculory’, then the ‘Cathedral’ encountering a Centurion, until you get to ‘Blackreach’.
    External image

    5 = Save and continue through Blackreach (encountering Chaurus and a possible Giant), until you reach a lift in the far south-west leading to the ‘Tower of Mzark’, save and continue through, go up the spiral ramp to find the Dwemer puzzle, save.
    6 = Place the blank Lexicon in the slot on the pedestal. To decipher the code, press the fourth button from left to right repeatedly until the centre panel lights up. Then press the second button until you see the overhead lenses directing light onto the sphere, and the first button lights up. Press the first button to complete the puzzle and pick the Lexicon back up before you retrieve the Elder Scroll, use the lift underneath you to return to the surface. DO NOT READ THE SCROLL AT ANY POINT AND DO NOT RETURN THE SCROLL FOR THE MAIN QUEST UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THIS QUEST.
    7 = Return the runed Lexicon back to Septimus Signus at his outpost.
    8 = Talk to Septimus, he needs the blood of a Dwemer, unfortunately no known Dwemer still lives, so you have to harvest the blood of every other type of Elf to make a simulated facsimile. Leave the Outpost, at the exit you will be stopped by ‘The Wretched Abyss’ (Hermaeus Mora), selecting any options are fine.
    9 = Now you’ll need the blood of a Bosmer (Wood Elf), Altmer (High Elf), Orsimer (Orc), Dunmer (Dark Elf), and Falmer (Ancient Snow Elf). Return to Alftand Glacial Ruins, save, you can harvest Bosmer blood from the corpse of ‘Endrast’, his body is hidden behind a gate and some steam pipes in the lower half of the first room in the Animonculory, save.
    10 = Proceed into the large open vertical room full of spiral ramps and jump down to the corpse of ‘Yag Gra-Gortwog’ for the Orsimer blood, save. Continue downwards to the room just before the elevator, to find the corpses of ‘Valie’ (for Altmer blood) lying on a torture table, and get the Falmer blood from a permanent corpse around the corner, save, you can then use the lift for a quicker exit back outside.
    11 = For Dunmer blood there is a Dark Elf Conjurer that’s been killed by trolls in the west-most room of ‘Bleakcoast Cave’ located east-south-east of Winterhold. Also a permanent corpse of a Dunmer can be found in the water at ‘Evergreen Grove’ located north-east of Falkreath. Also there is normally a Dunmer Necromancer/Conjurer who can be killed and harvested camped at the ‘Ritual Stone’ located east of Whiterun across the White River or the Shadow Stone located just south of Riften. And if you still can’t find a Dunmer or require other Elf blood try looking in outdoor camps, forts, shipwrecks etc, there are varied Elves around these places and killing them does not conflict with other quests or raise bounties. Once you harvest your last blood sample save and return to Septimus’ Outpost.
    12 = Once inside SAVE before giving Septimus the samples, he’ll open the cube, the Daedric Artifact is the book entitled ‘Oghma Infinium’. (If you wish to glitch the book for infinite points see the link below, *This is not possible as of patch 1.9 (8/4/2013)). Reading it normally once will grant you 5 points to: Choosing ‘THE PATH OF MIGHT’: Archery, Block, Heavy Armor, One-handed, Smithing, and Two-handed. Choosing ‘THE PATH OF MAGIC’ will boost Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Illusion and Restoration. And choosing ‘THE PATH OF SHADOW’ will boost Alchemy, Light Armor, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Sneak and Speech.
    13 = The quest is now complete, the Book will count towards the achievement once its in your inventory, so you don't necessarily have to read it yet for it to unlock, save.

    *Do not sell the Elder Scroll you’ll need it for the Main quest, you can sell it after completing the main quest to Urag Gro-Shub at the Arcaneum in the College of Winterhold.
    *It’s possible to use the Oghma Infinium more than once to raise your skills. Depending on what patch you have (not possible after patch 1.9) this will be different check out: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Oghma_Infinium_(item) to find out how.


    External image

    Mehrunes Razor – A dagger with 1% chance to kill anything in one hit
    Level 20+
    Mehrunes Dagon - The Daedric Prince of Destruction, Change, Revolution, Energy, and Ambition.

    Pieces of The Past
    *This quest is the best one to avoid if you already have the two artifacts from Hircine.
    *You will encounter a lot of levelled Forsworn, Mages, Orc bandits and chiefs, and two higher levelled Dremora.

    1 = Upon reaching level 20 a courier will find you in any major city, inviting you to visit a museum in Dawnstar. Go to Dawnstar and enter ‘Silus Vesuius’' house, speak to him and offer to help retrieve the three fragments of ‘Mehrunes Razor’, save.
    2 = The ‘Pommel Stone’ is in ‘Dead Crone Rock’, a dungeon swarming with a lot of Forsworn and Mages located south-west of Markarth, the journey there can be troublesome but can be completed with good navigation (you could go south-west from ‘Dushnikh Yal’ and through ‘Hag Rock Redoubt’ or manoeuvre your way through the hills heading south-west).
    3 = Once inside save, ascend a series of tiers, battling Forsworn and Mages, at the top of the second flight of stairs a metal gate must be unlocked by a lever in another room. Continue back outside and upwards to the pinnacle of the ruin, where ‘Drascua’ the Hagraven leader possesses the pommel, MAKE SURE YOU KILL DRASCUA AND LOOT THE POMMEL BEFORE ACTIVATING THE WORD WALL, and then save.
    4 = The ‘Blade Shards’ are located in the Orc fort ‘Cracked Tusk Keep’, its found west of Falkreath. There are three entrances into the keep. The best entrance is a locked door to the right of the main entrance.
    5 = Once inside save and proceed down some steps. This opens directly into an unguarded room where you’ll find a sliding panel on the wall to the right of the cage barring access to the ‘Cracked Tusk Vaults’. If you can pick the expert lock it can allow you to access the vaults and the quest item without encountering any enemies in the interior. Otherwise you’ll have to get the key from the Orc Chief in the other room. Once inside save, activate the levers to the left and right of the final barrier to open the way, watch out for the multiple floor traps and find the blade shards on the pedestal. Once you’ve retrieved the shards save.
    6 = The ‘Hilt’ is in ‘Jorgen’s’ house in Morthal, travel there, save, either pick the locks on his house or persuade Jorgen to give you the key, (Jorgen may have died but its still possible to) find the Hilt in the chest, save.
    7 = Return to the museum in Dawnstar, save, give Silus all the fragments and he’ll ask you to meet him at the ‘Shrine To Mehrunes Dagon’, go there and save.
    8 = Upon arriving Silus will tell you he’s unable to re-forge the blade and ask you to do it, activate the altar (Talk Mehrunes Dagon), and Lord Dagon will command you to kill Silus, YOU MUST KILL SILUS and as quickly as possible to recieve the Artifact. Kill him in any way you like and then activate the altar again. Dagon will give you the Artifact and summon two Dremora to test you, kill them as well and loot the interior of the shrine for some major treasure, save.


    External image

    Ebony Blade – One-handed sword charged by attacking followers
    Level 20+
    Mephala - The Webspinner, the Teacher of the Secret Arts, and the Queen of the Eight Shadows of Murder.

    The Whispering Door
    *Must have completed Main Quest: ‘Dragon Rising’ to initiate.

    1 = Go to the ‘Bannered Mare’ in Whiterun, save and then ask the barkeep ‘Hulda’ about gossip and/or rumours (if she won’t start the quest go to point 4 below (but it’s better to start it from here)), she’ll point you to ‘Jarl Balgruuf The Greater’.
    2 = If he’s still in Whiterun after the siege go find him in Dragonsreach, if not he’ll be in the ‘Blue Palace’ in Solitude, save and then talk to him about his children.
    3 = Speaking to Balgruuf will point you to his cheeky son ‘Nelkir’.
    4 = Nelkir is a Nord child usually found in the main hall of Dragonsreach or wandering the streets of Whiterun (activate Whispering Door quest to help find him), talk to him.
    5 = Nelkir will reveal the existence of a secret door in the basement of Dragonsreach. Go find this door, go through the kitchen on the west side of Dragonsreach hall and proceed down the stairs, open the closet door (with hay at the foot). At the back of this small room is a locked door covered in blood. Activate the door and a voice will reveal itself to be the Daedric Lord ‘Mephala’. She’ll tell you that some of Her power is locked behind the door and She needs you to release it, pointing you back Nelkir.
    6 = Save and then go speak to Nelkir.
    7 = Pickpocket the ‘Whispering Door’ key from either ‘Farengar Secret-Fire’ or Balgruuf then head back down to the basement and open the door, you will find the journal ‘Admonition Against Ebony’ warning you against taking the sword laying next to it, ignore the warning and pick up the Artifact the ‘Ebony Blade’, quest complete, save.

    *Farengar will later send a group of heavily armed thugs to track down and kill you for your thievery.

    14. EBONY MAIL

    External image

    Ebony Mail – Heavy armour that does poison damage in close proximity
    Level 30+
    Boethiah - The Prince of Plots, the Deceiver of Nations, the Queen of Shadows, and the Goddess of Destruction.

    Boethiah’s Calling
    *If you have remapped your controller buttons, reset them to default.
    *Get rid of any followers prior to starting this quest (see point 4 below).
    *You’ll encounter levelled bandits and a boss bandit.

    1 = If you didn’t activate this quest during ‘Discerning The Transmundane’ by reading the book ‘Boethiah’s Proving’ and you havn’t yet been attacked by a ‘Boethiah Cultist’ after you reached level 30 and read the book on his corpse, you’ll have to go directly to the ‘Sacellum of Boethiah’.
    2 = Go to the Sacellum of Boethiah, it’s located east of Windhelm;
    External image

    Follow the east road to ‘Traitor's Post’, a side road nearby turns up the mountain and leads you up to the Sacellum.
    3 = When you arrive save, you’ll hear the game’s danger music and see two cultists fighting but no one will attack you. Speak to the priestess, DO NOT KILL OR ALLOW THE PRIESTESS TO DIE. She will tell you that you need to prove that "Your tongue can wield a lie". Basically this entails leading a follower to Boethiah’s altar to be sacrificed. (If you refuse the quest or for some reason have killed all the cultists re-load previous save).
    4 = You will lose your follower forever, and this will not work if your follower is ‘Essential’ meaning they are vital to a specific quest and are therefore immortal, (like Delphine). Also DO NOT USE A COMPANION, (even if you have completed the Companion quest line). It will work with these potential followers without completing a prior quest: ‘Belrand’ located in the Winking Skeever in Solitude, ‘Jenassa’ located in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun, ‘Marcurio’ found in the Bee And Barb in Riften, ‘Stenvar’ found in the Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm, and ‘Vorstag’ found in the Silver-blood Inn in Markarth, also your housecarl offered as a follower after helping the Jarls of Skyrim, such as Lydia, Argis, Calda or Iona will work, choose and recruit your preferred follower.
    5 = Bring your follower back to the Sacellum, save, use the command ‘I need you to do something’ and select the ‘Use The Pillar of Sacrifice’. The follower will become stuck to the altar, kill them by any means you wish (you don’t have to use the ‘Blade of Sacrifice’).
    External image

    6 = Boethiah will use your follower’s corpse as a conduit to talk, DO NOT USE YOUR JOURNAL OR MENU DURING THE BLURRED VISUALS AT THIS POINT. She’ll state that the last person standing will be given a task, resulting in everyone fighting each other (including you) to the death, kill everyone.
    7 = Once they’re all dead Boethiah will posses another corpse, (If the corpse Boethiah possesses enters combat mode for any reason or refuses to continue dialogue re-load previous save), She’ll tell you to kill Her old champion to become Her new champion, pointing you to ‘Knifepoint Ridge’ located far north-west of Falkreath and west-south-west of ‘Bannermist Tower’ take the small north-west path from here, save when you arrive.
    8a = Continue through the bandit’s camp and enter ‘Knifepoint Mine’, (when you enter (possibly due to having been there before you began the quest) you may find a wall of Iron Ore blocking your path, making the quest unable to be completed. A known workaround is to look at the bottom left corner of the wall of Iron Ore and mine the Corundurum Vein. This will pull you through the wall allowing you to continue with the quest. However this will only work once, so make sure you have completed everything before heading back up this path, as soon as you have walked through the location of the wall it will reappear, making the rest of the mine unreachable).
    8b = Despite Boethiah's order to kill the bandits stealthily, being detected does not result in any penalty. However most of them inside the mine are busy with their backs to you and can be assassinated. Once you defeat Boethiah's Champion, you must equip the ‘Ebony Mail’. Boethiah will then speak to you one last time telling you that you are Her new champion and give you the Ebony Mail Artifact as your reward, save.

    *If you got the two Artifacts from Hircine and did the ‘Mehrunes Dagon’ quest you should unlock the achievement now, otherwise complete one more.


    External image

    Volendrung – Stamina absorbing hammer
    Level 9+ Required, Level 32+ Recommended
    Malacath - The keeper of the Sworn Oath, and the Bloody Curse

    The Cursed Tribe
    *If you have a Daedra Heart or any Troll Fat store them away prior to starting this quest.
    *Get rid of any followers prior to starting this quest.
    *You’ll encounter Giants, Bears, and Trolls in close quarters

    1 = You may overhear rumours in Riften about trouble at an Orc stronghold named ‘Largashbur’, this will place it on your map, its located to the south-west of Riften.
    External image

    2 = Go to Largashbur but be careful- as you approach you’ll trigger a giant to attack the Orc’s at the gate, distract and quickly kill the giant avoiding any damage to the Orc’s, DO NOT LOOT THE ORC CORPSES NEITHER, once the Giant is dead, save, DROP DAEDRA HEARTS OR TROLL FATS NEARBY, and talk to ‘Atub’ or ‘Ugor’. (If you’ve already discovered Largashbur and Ugor is dead, try reloading to see if he is alive. If that doesn’t work for you and you are unable to enter the stronghold, climb up the inclined wooden beam on the west side to get in and talk to Atub).
    3 = The Orc’s will explain that they are cursed and require a ‘Troll Fat’ and a ‘Daedra Heart’. If you hav’nt dropped them nearby and didn’t store them away you can visit an alchemical store. If they have none you can pick up two hearts back at Mehrunes Dagon’s shrine, alternatively permanent Daedra Hearts can be found: one on a plate outside Kodlak’s room in the Jorrvaskr Living Quarters in Whiterun, two are sold by Enthir at the College of Winterhold, two in the west side of the first room of ‘Nightcaller Temple’ just east of Dawnstar, one on a table in the ‘Hall of The Vigilant’ located south of Dawnstar past ‘Red Road Pass’. Permanent Troll Fats can be found: seventeen can be found inside the ‘East Empire Trading Company Warehouse’ near Solitude, two in Sadri’s Used Wares in Windhelm, and two can be found in the ‘Hall of Countenance’ in the ‘College of Winterhold’.
    4 = Give the ingredients to Atub, follow her, and allow her to summon the Daedric Lord ‘Malacath’ for guidance, He will command that the ‘Giant leader’ be killed and his club retrieved. The Orc Chief ‘Lamarz’ asks for your help, agree to help him, save.
    5 = The Giant Leader is in ‘Fallowstone Cave’ located north-east of Riften, you can follow Yamarz as he haphazardly makes his way there (again like Barbas he’s slow and wanders off) its better to fast travel to ‘Riften Stables’ and walk there. You’ll meet Yamarz at the entrance, KEEP A SAVE OUTSIDE OF THE CAVE also DO NOT USE BEAST FORM AT ANY POINT WHILST IN THE CAVE.
    6 = Follow or lead Yamarz through the cave encountering Giants, Cave Bears, and Trolls, DO NOT HARM YAMARZ. You’ll go down several ledges following a stream to a pool on the lowest level. Continue to follow the stream deeper into the cave. A dark path on the right leads up to an area filled with bones and the exit to the ‘Giant’s Grove’.
    7 = Once inside save, Yamarz will offer to pay you more gold if you kill the Giant yourself and let him take credit. If you agree, he will betray you afterwards, persuade him to perform his duty and he’ll charge the Giant Leader and be quickly killed. After the Giant and Yamarz are dead Malacath will praise you and ask you to take ‘Shagrol's Hammer’ from the Giant’s corpse. He wants you to bring it back to Largashbur and whip the Orcs back into shape. (If you are unable to activate the Giant’s corpse re-load the save outside the cave entrance). Exit the grove and turn left, go through the pass and follow the ledge all the way back to the entrance. Return to Largashbur.
    8 = Once there SAVE before speaking to Atub, Malacath will ask that you place the hammer on the shrine, save again before placing it, the hammer transforms into the Daedric Artifact ‘Volendrung’. MAKE SURE YOU PICK IT UP FROM THE SHRINE NOW, it will be floating above the skull between the antlers, failing to pick it up now may cause it to disappear forever, save.

    *If you skipped ‘Mehrunes Dagon’s quest you should now have 15 Daedric Artifacts and the achievement unlocked, congrats!

    Credit to www.uesp.net/skyrim for some technical information.
    Special thanks to: Uber Epic Elite, THE IRISHMAN 35, https://www.trueachievements.com/BIGFATCODY420.htm, ScottyDaHotty2, Praggers, and Mickey Kin

    Please PM me with any significant improvements or to point out any mistakes, or new bugs.

    And don’t forget to leave positive feedback if you used this guide successfully. Thank you
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    FantasticMelonI've finally got round to doing the Whispering Door quest, and the achievement popped for me when Mephala finished speaking and the quest flagged up as complete :)
    I had the thought that maybe it didn't pop for me before because the game knew I'd only done 14/15 quests? So maybe the quest counter has something to do with it. Obviously this is just a theory, but I'd say if anyone else has a similar problem and hasn't done all the quests, finish them all before giving up and starting a new game :)
    Posted by FantasticMelon on 01 Feb 16 at 13:13
    The quest counter is unrelated to the achievement, acquiring an Artifact is what the game registers, that's how the Hircine trick works, but sometimes other Artifacts may not register for any number of reasons.

    Personally I popped the achievement 5 times on different accounts, 4 times using the Hircine trick and it worked every time, one time Azura's Star didn't count and another time the Oghma Infinium had to be re-acquired for it to work.

    But yes, if you have any remaining Daedric Artifacts unacquired, there is no point in restarting a new game until you've at least tried them all, even Mehrune's Razor. And sometimes even just going back and reloading an old save before you got your last 2 or 3 Artifacts and getting them again may unlock the achievement.
    Posted on 01 Feb 16 at 13:22
    Mobius EvalonI thought I'd add a bit from my experience.

    I got both of Hircine's artifacts but skipped Boethiah instead of Mehrunes Dagon. I wasn't willing to sacrifice a follower. I also discovered that you receive credit for/the achievement the moment Volendrung appears, so you don't even need to pick it up.

    Also, for the Ring of Namira, I commanded Eola to wait outside. Since she's not essential, I didn't feel like attempting to be a human shield as an entirely sneak+dagger/bow character. She simply appears in the final room of Reachcliff Cave once you do what you need to, but you have to exit and re-enter to make her spawn there.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 18 Dec 16 at 17:01
  • McCuziesMcCuzies441,299
    23 Nov 2011 16 Nov 2011 28 Nov 2011
    81 19 33
    Let me start by saying how much of a pain this achievement is. For those of you who may not know, the skeleton key DOES NOT count towards this achievement, so you will have to do all other 15 quests. I can confirm that it does not count because i had done every quest except waking nightmare and also had the skeleton key and the achievement did not pop for me. That being said, i will post a list of all the quest and how to start them and what bugs there are so you don't have to end up playing all the the quests again like me. Quests with a * are either bugged or there is a way to not obtain the artifact if you choose a certain decision.

    1. Waking nightmare*
    Location: Downstar Inn, look for a guy named Erandur.(Major city)
    What you get: Skull of corruption
    -Must be level 14 to start this quest
    -Make sure to kill the mage because if you don't you will not get the artifact.

    BUG WARNING- There have been multiple people saying that once you enter Nightcaller temple that Erandur will not be there making the quest glitched. SAVE your game then try these methods:

    1. Once you talk to Erandur outside of the temple, talk to him again. Then, once you've talked to him wait until he enters the temple then count to 5 before entering it yourself.

    2. After talking to Erandur enter the temple BEFORE he does. then go back outside let him enter then go back in. This method worked for me but sadly it is glitched on my other saved file hence why i have to do all of the quests again.

    2. The Black Star
    Location: Shrine of Azura (Southeast of Winterhold, picture looks like a shrine)
    What you get: Azura's star

    -Go to winterhold and ask the townsfolk about a guy named Nelacar. After that its pretty self explanatory, just follow your quest marker and you should be just fine.

    3. Discerning the Transmundane
    Location: Septimus Signus' Outpost (very north of winterhold, location picture looks like a cave)
    What you get: Oghma Infinium
    -Must be a level 15 to start second half of quest

    The only annoying part about this quest is finding the certain types of people to harvest blood from. But here's where you can find each race:

    High elf: I went to Solitude and went to a place called Radiant Raiment, two high elves run the store. There is also a high elf in the blue palace wearing all black robes.

    Wood elf: There is a guy in Whiterun named Anoriath who can be found at the Drunken Huntsman. Wait til night time when he's asleep and then kill him.

    Dark elf: There is also a dark elf in the Drunken Huntsman who is a mercenary. Hire her, then take her outside of the city and kill her.

    Falmer: These can be found at Stillborn cave, which is located southeast of Winterhold.

    Orc: You can find them at Cracked Tusk Keep which you can find west of Falkreath (The location picture looks like a tower)

    4. Pieces of the past*
    Location: Downstar Museum (Major city)
    What you get: Mehrunes Razor
    -you must be a level 20 to start this quest

    Just find all the pieces of the blade the go to the Shrine. At the end of this quest MAKE SURE to kill Silus, otherwise you wont get the artifact.

    5. Boethiah's calling
    Location: Sacellum of Boethiah (East of Windhelm, pic looks like a shrine)
    What you get: Ebony Mail
    - Must be a level 30 to start quest

    Make sure to bring a companion you don't care about to be sacrificed. I took an unimportant member of the companions. In order to trap them, talk to the and tell them you need them to do something and then touch the pillar. The rest is cake, just kill people.

    6. The Whispering door
    Location: Whiterun Inn, The Bannered Mare
    What you get: Ebony blade
    -Must be level 20 and have completed the main quest "Dragon Rising"

    Ask the inn keeper about the latest gossip until she tells you about the Jarl's strange children. Its smooth sailing from there. Just go speak to the Jarl about his kids to start the quest. I recommend pickpocketing the mage for the key.

    7. The Cursed Tribe
    Location: Largashbur (Pretty far west of Riften, location pic looks like weird tent thing)
    What you get: Volendrung
    -Must be level 9 to start this quest

    This is a pretty easy quest. To find troll fat simply take it off a troll you have killed, or go to any town and buy it from a shop. For the Daedra heart, just go to the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon and there should be Daedras there to kill. Make sure to take the Volendrung from the antlers of the shrine thingy.

    8. I'll Met by Moonlight
    Location: Falkreath Barracks, Talk to the guy in the cell, Sinding.
    What you get: Saviors hide

    Very simple quest, just follow the quest markers and you should be fine.
    There is a way to receive both artifacts, all you have to do is kill all the hunters with the werewolf, talk to him, and THEN kill and skin him. You will get the Saviors hide inside and when you leave you will get the ring. This also makes it so you don't have to do one of the quests. I recommend not doing either The Only Cure or Discerning the Transmundane.

    9. A Daedra's Best Friend*
    Location: Falkreath, Gate keeper will ask about a dog, then speak to Lod.
    What you get: Masque of Clavicus Vile
    -Must be level 10 to start quest

    Make sure at the end of this quest that you give the axe to Clavicus Vile instead of killing the dog with it because the axe DOES NOT count as an artifact. The rest is self explanatory.

    10. The Break of Dawn
    Location: Statue to Meridia (Northwest of Solitude, location pic looks like shrine)
    What you get: Dawnbreaker
    -Must be a level 12 to start quest

    Pretty easy quest, just retrieve the beacon which seems to be in various locations depending on the game and then guide the light through the temple that is located right next to the shrine.

    11. The only cure
    Location: Shrine to Peryite which is located right by Bthardamz which is west of Dragon Bridge
    What you get: Spellbreaker
    -Must be a level 10 to start quest

    This one is a pain for finding what you need. Although it is easy to located vampire dust and deathbell flower from any alchemy shop and it is easy to find a silver ingot by going to a blacksmith and buying either an ingot or two ores to smelter, the flawless ruby is an absolute pain to find. You either already have one and are lucky, or you go around pickpocketing rich people and look for it in dungeons for hours. Sorry folks, no easy way out of this one. The rest of the quest is simple though, just follow the quest marker.

    12. House of Horrors
    Location: Markarth, a man will talk to you in front of a house on the main street.
    What you get: Mace of Molag Bal

    Simple quest, just follow quest markers and you shouldn't get stuck.

    13. The Taste of Death*
    Location: Hall of the dead in MARKARTH, i kept going to the one in whiterun. Go to understone keep and then talk to the monk outside the door of the hall of the dead, then enter and a voice will start talking to you.
    What you get: Ring of Namira

    Make sure you agree with Eola otherwise you will never be able to start this quest. The rest of the quest is easy.

    14. A Night to Remember
    Location: Whiterun Inn, A guy named Sam will challenge you to a drinking contest, accept the challenge to start the quest.
    What you get: Sanguine Rose
    -Must be a level 14 to start the quest

    Pretty simple, just follow the quest marker and you can pay the lady for the mess you made if you get stuck there.

    15. The Mind of Madness
    Location: Solitude, look for a beggar named Dervenin.
    What you get: Wabbajack

    Once you get to the part where you use the Wabbajack to get out of the mind of a madman it can be a bit confusing so i will tell you how to use the wabbajack in all three parts.

    The arena part: Shoot the wabbajack towards the other side of the stadium on the right side, there is a hidden man over there you have to hit. its not below you, its directly on the other side from you.

    The dream part: Okay here's what you do. Shoot the sleeping guy, then the wolf, then the sleeping guy again. Then hit the guy swinging his sword at the sleeping guy then a little kid will appear. Hit the sleeping guy again then hit the creature that attacks the little kid and it will turn into a servant. Then hit the sleeping guy yet again then hit the flaming serpant. Hit the sleeping guy once more and two more things will pop up. Hit those two things and the sleeping guy will wake up. Kinda long and confusing i know but oh well. And this part is timed so it may take a few tries to get it.

    The self confidence part: Shoot the Wabbajack at anger to make him small, and then shoot the confidence twice and that should do it.

    So that's about it, i hope this has helped someone!
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    MrLister92One thing I noticed is that the description says the shrine of peryite is west of dragon bridge, it's west of karthwasten on the map
    Posted by MrLister92 on 13 Jul 14 at 02:08
    MrLister92One thing I noticed is that the description says the shrine of peryite is west of dragon bridge, it's west of karthwasten on the map
    Posted by MrLister92 on 13 Jul 14 at 02:17
    TheW1tchK1ng7In break of dawn I encountered a glitch where after receiving the quest from meridia, the quest marker lead to rebels cairn instead of the beacon, making it impossible to locate the beacon without raiding every dungeon in the game. Thankfully the hircine ring/hide exploit worked.
    Posted by TheW1tchK1ng7 on 20 Aug 17 at 15:06
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