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Master achievement in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Reach Level 50

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How to unlock the Master achievement

  • Robot GeniusRobot Genius
    15 Nov 2011 15 Nov 2011 15 Mar 2012
    This is a rough idea of what you'll need to get to level 50 as well as quick ways of leveling up each skill as fast as possible.

    You are going to require roughly 3 skills maxed at 100, another 3 around level 90 and 2 more between 50 - 60. Of course this all depends on what you choose to level up and could take more or less. These were the skills I chose so swap them out accordingly (Light armour for Heavy, Archery for melee etc).

    It also doesn't hurt to get skill training once you get the 100,000 gold achievement as you will have nothing better to spent your coin on anyway. Also, don't forget to read every skill book you can find.

    As noted in the comments make sure you get the lover stone perk, it makes all your skills go up 15% quicker, it can be found near Markarth.

    100 Pickpocket

    It may seem tedious but it's actually the easiest one, It shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes. All you have to do is reverse pickpocket gold onto a guard and then take it back. Start with around 200 gold and work your way up to 1000. It helps to be a part of the thieves guild so you can bribe the Riften guards to clear your bounty.

    100 Smithing

    Also easy but will come over time. Best way is to make Iron Daggers. After each quest or so you'll want to go around shop keepers and buy all the leather strips and iron ingots they have. Then just get yourself to a blacksmith and off you go. 100 Smithing is a very useful skill to have.

    82 Block and 59 illusion

    This is a more boring one but it isn't so bad. Go to the College of Winerhold and buy the Muffle (Costs 125 MP to cast) from the illusion mage. Now dual wield a shield and the spell at the same time. Now it's just a matter of getting into a fight with a weak enough enemy and blocking their attacks as you wait for your magic to recharge.

    62 Light armour

    Just take damage wearing armour, simple and will come as you play.

    94 Sneak

    I played a stealthy character hiding in the shadows. This just came over time playing the game but you could keep doing sneak attacks on an unkillable NPC to level it up quickly.

    94 Lockpicking

    Pick every lock in sight, break into lots of shops. The Museum within the keep in Markath has around 20 or so expert locks to pick. Go to the jails and open them up too!

    100 Archery

    Just kill things, simple.

    Good luck!

    Fun fact: It took 681 skill increases for me to reach level 50.

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    weakspleenAt level 43 I used two mammoths at Silent Moons Camp to power level up to 50, didn't note the RW time, but it was at least a full "Skyrim" day to get the achievement. I used a full set of Dragonplate armor that had been smithed with increased percent smithing attire (armor rating 632) and blocked with an Ebony mace, then let them have at me. (After seeing "English Gamerrr"s comment, a shield may have made things quicker for Block experience gains). Heavy armor (levels ~87-100), Restoration (~?-50), and Block (~21-96) were my primary goals for experience gain, also threw some Courage and Muffle spells during the grind, but don't believe I gained anything for Illusion. I only used a few potions at the beginning, but I really didn't need to. The mammoths are slow and I could walk away from them while using Heal with no worries.

    Thanks to all for their posts, the info really helps.

    My fun fact: 753 skill increases to reach level 50. Yay!
    Posted by weakspleen On 08 Jan 12 at 02:56
    LadyKillerinaThank you, thank you, thank you!
    Posted by LadyKillerina On 31 Aug 13 at 23:47
    PC M4STERThank you Luke, u just saved me ages brother; well appreciated!!!


    Cheers for these guides, helped me out alot. Also you could add going to High Hrothgar and using the 'Courage' spell on the Greybeards as it it can get your Illusion skill up to 100 in no time. Also crouch behind a Greybeard then keep attacking them with your sword when it says you are hidden and it will rank your Sneak skill up in 3-6 hits one level at a time.
    Posted by LukeM450Z
    Posted by PC M4STER On 03 Jan 16 at 09:21
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  • ShadowPandaShadowPanda#3487
    20 Nov 2011 20 Nov 2011 08 Apr 2013
    EDIT: As of Today this glitch will no longer work..

    Patch 1.9 has fixed the glitch in question (It stops you from putting the Oghma Infinium on the Bookshelf)

    This solution will still stay up as you can easily delete the patch from you're hard-drive and play the game in it's vanilla state. That will allow you to do this glitch.

    There is a glitch in this game that allows you to reach the Max Level in all the Skills in the game in around 1-2 hours. It involves a Daedric Quest.

    Now if you remember in Oblivion if you had gathered every single Daedric Artifact in the game you would recieve a Quest that tells you to go to the Shrine of Hermaeus Mora

    He would tell you to do this quest in Oblivion :

    Your Reward : The Oghma Infinium A Skill Book that would Raise 3 Skills and 2 Attributes by 10 point's each.

    This Daedric Artifact is in Skyrim. It has been changed a little bit due to Attributes being removed from Skyrim. So in Skyrim it raises 6 Skills by 5 Point's each.

    I've left a Video that tells you how to Activate this Quest, How to get the House in Whiterun for free and how to do the glitch.

    Also you have to be at least Level 15 to start the Second Part of the Quest.

    Note that the video isn't done by me. I only found it and passed it onto you :D

    All credit goes to VesperAzure from YouTube and Method from (Found a thread there that linked me to that Video :D)

    The Thread just in case :

    Here come the DownVotes :D

    EDIT: I know it doesn't say I have the Achievement but I will be getting that Achievement today at some point by doing this Glitch. I've made sure I've got a Save Game that will put me right where I was before I started that Glitch. (Which happens to be standing infront of the Bookcase in Breezehome in Whiterun) :D

    Have a great day everybody.
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    You obvious cared enough about punctuation etc to major in English?

    A solution should be coherent. A minor spelling mistake is not worth a down vote but a block of text is not a guide.

    I will not be responding to anymore of your comments.
    Posted on 05 Jun 13 at 23:58
    cyrodilicbrandySomeone who majored in English should at least be able to spell properly. I can't believe the amount of stupidity and rudeness right here.

    Anyway, back to the glitch. I just deleted the patch and attempted to load up my save file. The game told me that I needed the later version of the game to load up that file. I'm assuming there's no way around this? Either way, I'm not exactly too bother that I have to get this 'legit' because it's not like I'm not enjoying the game.
    Posted by cyrodilicbrandy On 26 Jul 13 at 04:15
    WhyzeGuyGentlemen please, it's a game - you're supposed to have fun playing it. I enjoyed employing this glitch and waltzing through the game at a higher level, I didn't hack/modify any gamesaves - the game let me do it (therefore legit) and allowed me to play My game the way I wanted, no different than the many other ways we jiggle the handle (I love my Hori) to get the games to give us what we want. Anyone looking at a solution has a choice to ignore it - If I choose to use it I do so at my own risk and would never blame the provider if there was fallout (loved that game) because no on twisted my arm to go down that road. Cheers.
    Posted by WhyzeGuy On 26 Jul 13 at 12:12
  • MFMegazeroxMFMegazerox
    24 Nov 2011 13 Nov 2011 29 Jun 2014
    You can reach level 50 quicker with the following ways:

    Pickpocket: If you pickpocket everyone everywhere to get your skill up to 100. This should get you 10 levels or so. Make sure you save often to ensure if discovered you can reload an earlier save. Or, you can have a tutor teach you a skill and pickpocket the money back, however it becomes inefficient (explained later in guide).

    Magic: You can self cast spells to increase their skill rapidly. Note that Destruction spells are excluded from this. A very good way to do this is to cast a healing spell while you cast equilibrium. Equilibrium is an alteration spell that turns health into mana. This will get your alteration and restoration skills up to 100 relatively quickly. If you don not have the spell, then stock up on magic potions and cast a spell in whatever field you wish and continue to cast it until your skill increases.

    Smithing: Once you have a moderate amount of coin built up you can start grinding your blacksmith skill by buying a large amount of iron ingots from the blacksmiths and creating as many iron daggers as you can and sell them right back to the blacksmith. When one blacksmith runs out of forging supplies, move on to another one and repeat. My personal route was: Battle Maiden, Skyforge, Riverwood, and Solitude smiths. By the time you get back to the starting one on your route, the smiths should be stocked back up on iron ingots.

    Speech: You can increase your speech quickly with a glitch. If you speak to Ungrein in the Black-Briar Meadery in Riften you can persuade infinitely, If you have trouble finding it you can look at your local map. It should be near the Pawned Prawn. Choose "tell me more about Maven" and choose the first persuade option. You can choose this over and over until your skill is at 100. You can watch TV or read or do whatever while you wait as you only need to repetitively press a. However, be careful you do not press b as it will cause you to exit the conversation and you will end up with wasted time. For this reason, it is recommended to check back every once in a while to make sure it is still going. This should take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on your current speech skill. No longer works. Patched in 1.9.

    Enchantment: As for enchanting, if you complete the "Azura's Star" quest, you will end with a refillable soul gem. If you obtain a staff that absorbs souls or have a spell that allows you to absorb souls, you can infinitely fill the star and enchant iron daggers (filled with petty) over and over again.

    Archery, One Handed, and Two Handed: If you have a (relatively) weak unkillable enemy available (such as a legate in the Rift Imperial Camp if you joined the Stormcloaks), you can increase your skill over and over while you work on your armor and blocking skills at the same time.

    Armor and Block: You can go against relatively weak enemies when you are strong and let them hit you over and over. It will raise your armor (and block) skill up without much effort on your part. For blocking, you should have a good amount of stamina potions as blocking uses up your stamina. If you wish, you can do this against an unkillable enemy (if you joined the Stormcloaks there is a Legate in the Rift Imperial Camp). This will allow you to work on another skill at the same time (see above).

    Tutors: If you have a good amount of coin built up you may spend it on tutors to increase your skill. Each level, you can increase skills 5 times. You can increase 5 skills once or 1 skill 5 times, but you can only increase a total of 5 times per level. If you wish to do this, it is best to do this early on, in order to receive the max benefit from the tutors. You can pickpocket the money back, but only when it is below 2 or 3 thousand (assuming you have a high pickpocket), after that, it is impossible. You can wait 24 hours and that person will have 1500 gold you can pickpocket, but if you give them anymore than that it will be lost forever. Therefore, this is only effective when you start early and continually invest towards the skills every level.

    I would like to thank Mstrofdashadows, StNowhere, Tyhonpholus C, Cloudbuster B, THE IRISHMAN 35, Fiire Fist Ace, MEGAMAN962, and As R0me Burns for commenting and improving this solution.

    Please leave comments on how I can improve my solution. I am always open to suggestions.
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    MykonosFanJust to add on to the "Healing + Equilibrium" tip, if you can get a non-killable NPC ally to get into a fight with you (personally I've had Farkas following me around on one of his quests I haven't completed), you can also use that as a way to get your Heavy/Light Armor skills up.
    Posted by MykonosFan On 23 Jan 12 at 14:28
    Wanderer128Matt, I wanted to add something interesting I didn't see you list:
    All skills improve 5% faster for eight hours if you sleep in a bed, 10% faster is you sleep in a bed you own or rent, and 15% if you sleep in the house your spouse lives at.

    Also, for those going down the path of crafting awesome gear, or just grinding things out:
    -If you complete Unfathomable Depths, "Knowledge gained from the Lexicon gives you a 25% bonus while wearing Dwarven Armor and Smithing increases 15% faster."
    -Completing A Return To Your Roots earns you "25% chance to create a duplicate when creating a potion."
    Posted by Wanderer128 On 05 Aug 12 at 06:24
    Big Dibs theDogSpeech: You can increase your speech quickly with a glitch. If you speak to Ungrein in the Black-Briar Meadery in Riften you can persuade infinitely,

    no longer works
    Posted by Big Dibs theDog On 05 May 14 at 13:58
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