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Perform a Keyboard Slide

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How to unlock the Glissando! achievement

  • NekoKeraNekoKera237,661
    25 Oct 2011 27 Oct 2011 15 Apr 2012
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    Firstly, make sure you have at least a 7x7 foot play space before you begin this achievement as you will need room to perform this one. The game will automatically project the keyboard 7 feet away from the Kinect Sensor so if you have any furniture in the way it is advisable to either move it or adjust your Kinect Sensor to adequately capture the play space. If you have an attached zoom lens to the Kinect, the distance may vary depending on the attachment, so be sure to read your manual on the percentage of zoom it provides and detract that from the required 7 feet.

    As for the achievement, you are required to slide from the left or right-most key on the keyboard to the opposite right or left-most key. If you are walking across the keys this will not work due to each foot hitting each key at separate intervals.

    To best unlock this achievement, stand half of a foot behind the keyboard and placing your left or right foot (which ever is preferable) on one of the end keys and slide across the keys with either an arc or straight line across the keyboard in-front of you.

    If you are pressed for space you could walk on the keyboard but make sure you are either shuffling on your floor (so your feet aren't hitting at separate times) or simply keep one foot off of the play space and the other foot within the play space as you walk across it. Note that you will have to due this in a quickly manner. Try to complete your arc or straight line across all the keys within 1-3 seconds and if it doesn't unlock on the first attempt(s) just go in the other direction and continue to go back and forth until the achievement unlocks.

    Note that you will need at least 7 feet of play space (and half a foot so you are not confined on the keyboard space) to adequately step on the projected keyboard. If the room is too dark or too bright the calibrations will fail and if you have less than 7 feet of play space you may need to move or step on some furniture to hit the keys. When selecting various options within the game menu you will need to put at least one foot on the selected operation you wish to perform. If you want to select a button that was in the place of the previous button you selected, you will need to take your foot or feet off of the button and place them back.

    [UPDATE: APRIL 15, 2012]
    As discovered by: Zen Vendetta, MathGuy42, I8ITackyticsI8I, MrGompers, and I nakedLEE I.
    If you cannot achieve the achievement through standard measures of using your feet, try using other various objects in your house, especially those that can roll or slide. Some of the most successful objects mentioned below range from office chairs, sports balls, animals, secondary players, blankets, cylinders, and vacuums. Remember not to give up if the achievement doesn't unlock. Try to get creative and use your imagination on what will best hit the right or leftmost key to the opposite side of the keyboard in one full sweep. If you are having trouble hitting keys try recalibrating your Kinect Sensor or readjusting your room.

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    Zulghinlour+1 on the ball trick. Rolled a soccer ball across the floor a few times and finally got it.
    Posted by Zulghinlour on 01 Aug 12 at 04:09
    neeker75After trying with several objects to no avail, I did it by sliding my left leg forward, touching four notes, then sliding my right through the other four. Heard the "pop", turned to look at TV and the achievement is unlocked! Thank God!
    Posted by neeker75 on 08 Sep 12 at 22:51
    ZymoticHAHA! I tried to do this the way I believe the achievement was intended to be unlocked and almost flew out the window. After doing the method where you put one foot on and keep the other off I got it my second or third try.
    Posted by Zymotic on 09 Oct 12 at 18:05
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  • YOOPER 906YOOPER 906939,073
    03 Oct 2015 03 Oct 2015
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    Please read mysticwolf83's solution first before reading mine, as he goes more into detail on what you need to do first, before you can even attempt to unlock this achievement.

    If you can't get the achievement by sliding, what you can do is use any object that is long and easy to hold. Place the object on the far right or far left of the keyboard and quickly move it across, making sure you hit every key. I used a broom, but you could probably use something else. A mop, long stick, anything. Good luck, and I hope this helps. smile
  • CandidFever3CandidFever3348,546
    16 Oct 2021 16 Oct 2021 16 Oct 2021
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    I found a guaranteed way to unlock this achievement. Start at one side of the keyboard and stand sideways facing the other side. Stick a foot towards the sensor and hit the first key. Hop on your other leg while dragging that foot across the piano. Within a five seconds, you’ll have it, guaranteed. Just make sure you drag your foot all the way to the other end of the piano (6-7 feet).
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