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Complete the game in one sitting without dying

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bobby trippe
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bobby trippe
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Big Thanks to challenger428, the original winner of this and uploader of the videos at the bottom. Excellent gamer!!!! Also, welocome to our small club. He is a super cool guy who added some notes to this solution; see the comments for full citation.

I was the second person out of 244 people and the ratio was 15.75, worth 783g and was in the top 40 obtainable achievements on this site. I will not lie to you, it is difficult but it is quite obtainable. There is also an important glitch to this game; you must erase any and all save files for this game before going for this achievement.

PLEASE let me know if any of this is unclear to you or more importantly, you know a safer and easier way to do a level. Credit will be noted and you will be a hero!!!!!!!!

Welcome to The War of the Worlds walk-through or what I like to call, "1001 Ways to Die" or "The Adventures of Arthur B. Fragile-legs." If you have played this game you will know how challenging this game is. If it is your first time through, you will cry foul and claim that it is impossible or that it is unobtainable. Even the game's makers claim, "1 in 148,000" will finish this but they did not include an important factor....Us! We are TA and we are supposed to be the best. Together, We work hard and share our ideas and solutions. We will prove them wrong. I will be honest in saying that this is hard and time consuming but it is not any more time consuming than some PoS achievement like Seriously 1, 2, or 3 or any other game that has you doing some dumbshit activity over and over. But with this one, you are actually playing a game rather than jumping in and out of a hoop 1,000,000 times.

The simple secret to this game is.....patience. 95% of my deaths in this game were from me trying to go through something too fast. 4.5% was being careless and .5% was that something very strange happened and never happened again.

The other key to success is another p word, practice. How much practice is up to you but being a classically trained musician I can tell you that there is a difference between good practice and negative practice. The definition of practice is-"correct repetitions." So, just because you passed a section does not mean that you got it. Passing the same section 5 times in a row is a good start. Throughout this guide I will point out what sections I think are crucial and demand some wood-shedding. Keep in mind that checkpoints are different than restarting a level over. Enemies behave differently at checkpoints.

Here is a general practice schedule. Yours may vary:
1st Play-through Just finish it the best you can; feeling very doubtful
2nd Play-through Really hit up the practice points and do not pass them until you can do at least three in a row; still feeling a little doubtful
3rd Play-through Give yourself 3 lives per stage and if not successful, hit up practice points and restart stage; feelings of doubt starting to fade
4th Play-through Try to beat each stage without dying and restart if unsuccessful; feelings of hope and belief starting
5th Play-through Try to beat each stage 3 times in a row without dying. Spend a lot time on the final stages. Get right to the end and restart. When you died, were they still practice points?; becoming a believer
6th Play-through Consider going for the "Old School" achievement by dashboard resetting/signing out/powering off and erasing save files. There is no point in going for this until you can finish the game in only a few deaths otherwise you will waste a lot of time restarting the game; believing.
7th and other Play-throughs Restart the game and erase saved games when needed and keep going for it; you now believe you can do it!

There are also a few RARE moments in the game were a strange glitching occurs. Most of the time it is harmless and can be ignored but other times it will kill you or require a restart of the game; by that I mean quit to dashboard. I found that most of the rare glitching occurred when doing multiple restarts of levels or the game. Also, the first time I did this, I should have gotten the achievement but a weird system error happens with this game that does not always completely reset the game. As a result, you will finish the game and there will be no achievement. In order to prevent this from happening, go into SYSTEM and delete your saved game before starting a new game.

It has also been said that there are random uncontrollable moments in the game that make it challenging. I agree but only that there are 2 of those moments. ELECTRIFIED CABLES The first is the very first level and the second just after the midway point in the game but even these have some sort of rules they obey. It could be argued that the 8th stage, "Victoria Street", is also random but I feel that there is some sort of pattern or rules to their behavior and they can somewhat fairly be reacted to. What that is exactly; I am not totally sure.

Some say they are terrible I say they are simple. This is a platform game where you run and jump for most of the game. This is how the first Mario game was set up and no-one complained about it's controls 30 years later. Playing that game as a kid I used a strange technique of holding the controller on my lap so that I could use two fingers to press the buttons rather than just my thumb. For this game I found it INVALUABLE. It might take some time to get used to but it works.

You can just use the RT to run instead. Thanks R3NEG4D3

Beyond the basic controls in the menu, I found these extra skills vital.
RUNJUMP- you can move faster by holding down run and jumping. You must allow for a short step in between jumps otherwise the second jump is just a short one.
LONGJUMP- like most traditional platformers, you can usually have one foot over a ledge to give you just a little more length in jumps. In this game you are going to need it. So what you do is run towards a ledge and jump just as your foot is over the ledge.
QUICKJUMP- right after landing from a high jump/fall or after raising yourself from a climb, hold X and hold A
STANDJUMP- not particularly a secret but just note that while standing and not pushing X, you will jump straight up. This is essential in a few spots. Know how to line this up to ledges.
WALKJUMP- again, not a secret but this one is good for when you are under a low ceiling or for a small ledge; do not push X and jump
ROLL-There are two ways to do this:
1. While running, press forward and down.
2. While crouching press A.
In either circumstance know that to keep rolling most efficiently, continue to hold A from a crouch ONLY. Contrary to that, to stop rolling DO NOT press A anymore and simply walk or run forward.

CLIMB when not dealing with a ladder, other knee, waist and shoulder height objects are easiest to climb simply by running up to them and not jumping
SPEEDCLIMB- simply hold X while climbing up
SLIDE- simply hold x while climbing down;really fast isn't it?
GRIP- while jumping or rolling towards a ladder, press up or down; a must for the vine stage.
LOWER- crawl to the end of a ledge and press down and forward to carefully lower yourself
DROP- means that you walk over an edge rather than jumping down

Switches-hold X in elevators and generators then press up or down. Computer switches?????? Uhh, 1953???? Anyway, some of these can be held longer so that you can time out the release to the next event that you are going to face. Particularly the last level and the mashers.

Crates- your behavior around crates is different than other obstacles. You MUST jump over them to get around them. Keep this in mind when trying to get around them in time sensitive situations like in the Probe stage.

CLOSEUP- stupid as it sounds, there are a few points in the game when I move my head closer to the screen. It is probably terrible for my eyes but it helps so much.
Gamma- BTW, turning the gamma up all the way in the menu helps a ton too.

Electricity- I am mad at Tesla, Edison and even Franklin but then again, without them I would not be able to play this game. Cannot be killed, only avoided but can be used as a weapon.
Green Mines- Once triggered, they will spit out a pile of green balls and then a field of electricity connects to them. Totally harmless unit charged by electricity then it will alert the mine to chase you. Avoid alerting the mine or if noticed, run like H. Only 8 in the game.
Spiders- You are truly vulnerable when kneeling, about to stand or in a mid-air jump. Can easily be shaken off by moving the stick back and forth which then stuns it. Spiders CANNOT kill you while climbing a ladder; climb down to throw them off the ladder. While stunned, "axe" it a queshun. Also vulnerable to fire and electricity.
Mines (red)- Once triggered, get to a safe distance. Can be used as a weapon.
Drones- These fly over at varying heights and predictable regular patrols. Their lasers are set off by proximity. Learn to set off the laser safely by jumping through their searchlight when they are at the right distance. Can be destroyed with electricity or mines.
People- they can really screw up the game for you. Thankfully they are only a factor in the Park levels. By moving forward, you trigger their existence which can set off the drones in undesirable ways. Know where they are and when it is SAFE to trigger them.
Black Smoke- avoid it. Can be held back a while with the doors or redirected with the switches. YEAH, I KNOW IT CAN PUT OUT FIRES! I ONLY SAW THAT MESSAGE ABOUT A HUNDRED TIMES!
Probes- they are the long neck things with the red, green and blue lasers. Thankfully only in one level. Cannot be killed as far as I know but are harmless if not on screen. If they spot you, they will call out a spider. They will only spawn out of few locations and usually only a few times. They are a little unpredictable but there is always a safe spot from them if you can get to it quick.
Red Weed- it will continue to spawn. You can temporarily defeat it with the axe or bright light. Otherwise, it is defeated when it attaches to you and you either run, jump or roll away. They can only grow so much before they stop. Knowing that might allow you to grow a weed in a false direction so you do not have to deal with it later.
Black Octo/final boss- as far as I know it can not kill you; only throw you up in the air. When it catches you, you will drop your axe. It can be stunned with the axe. Just make note of where it went and come back for it after you smash the Octo in the giant press up on top. Alternatively, if you outrun it, you can simply get to the top and finish the game without smashing it.

0. Prologue
You actually skip the first cut-scene. What a great idea.
0.1 You start on a train and your goal is.....nothing really. You do nothing or run around.

1. Paddington Station- Fire and Electricity
Who built this place? I know that there was just a train wreck here but really? You got walkways that fall apart under your feet, crates stacked high that could drop down on somebody and you can't get anywhere without jumping. How are the elderly supposed to get along? This is why OSHA was created.

rp-"Not much to say about it. Skipping the Carstairs cutscene is a neat trick which is sort of hard to pull off. You have to jump past him in a very specific way, and it saves a fair bit of time. Always worth trying."

A. Keep going right and drop next to a crate. Push the crate, holding x, through the fire. You will notice that the controls behave differently when standing next to a crate. IMPORTANT

B. You will come across series of ledges that you need to just climb and jump up to. Notice the teetering ledge, that is going to collapse, better move quick. You will reach the top of train car where you will have to RUNJUMP over an arching wire. *RANDOM take your time here.

C. Keep heading right until you reach a teetering ledge over the top of fire. To pass this with out being killed, jump on the ledge and run to the right. You will be up against a wall but will drop safely. Next is you first ladder jump. Climb to the top of the ladder on the right, hold left and jump. Remember to hold up to GRIP the ladder on the left.

D. When you reach the top, you will need to head left up to where the crate is. Push the crate off to the right. DO NOT jump down; carefully LOWER yourself down.*GLITCH* Sometimes this will glitch in your favor and already be smashed open or when you drop the crate, it will not fall through. In either case just lower yourself down. Harmless* Inside, head right and pull the crate back a little so you can climb over it and out.

E. After your talk, crawl under the wall and climb the ladder right under the arch and wait for it to stop. You will need to FASTCLIMB up to the next and repeat. Next, jump the short gap and prepare to make a series of LONGJUMPS. The next to platforms will collapse quickly so move it but make sure you are at the edge when LONGJUMPING. Climb up the next set and cross yet one last collapsing ledge.

F. You can crawl or roll under the next three arches. Give yourself enough room to LONGJUMP over the next gap and time it out so you are not electrocuted mid jump. You will then run down hill a little before finding a small pile of arching wire.
PRACTICE POINT -----------------------
Wait until they are close together and close to you before make a running jump. Upon landing, immediately roll and crawl to safety. Next, roll under the train and you are home free. This point actually gave me more problems that any other single point in the game. Another thing to look for here is the left-most cable will swing towards you from time to time. Occasionally it will do it twice in a row and that is a good cue that it will not be back that way again for a while. Make you jump after seeing it move to the left twice in a row.
PRACTICE POINT--------------------------

2. Sussux Garden - Green Mines, Spiders and a Drone
I don't really see much of a garden here and what I do see is on fire. Was it burning before the Martians arrived? Is it from some Pagen ritual?

rp- "Easy level, just don't underestimate the spiders at the end. They will not hesitate to follow you down that hole and poke you to death while you recover from the drop."

A. There are three green mines at the start. You can trigger the first two and dodge the green ball things and electrodes until they explode. In the event they chase you, RUNJUMP to the left. Climb over the debris to trigger the third mine. This should be easy to take cover under any to overhead ledges.

B. Your next goal is to cross the ledges over the fire. When reaching the top, crawl under and roll from the edge to reach the next platform.

C. You will want to stay on the lower path for the next part. Avoid the light from the drone. Run if spotted. Trigger the mine and stay to the left. Climb the ladder and jump over the electrical gaps. If you really want to, you can lure the drone into the electricity. There is another green mine to trigger and avoid right past the tree.

D. Inside the apartment building, your first basic goal is to head up and to the right. You will cross some debris and see your first spider. Remember to avoid kneeling next to them and shake them off if you are captured. You can try to time it so you are not seen but it is just as easy to make a run for it or....head to the right and get to the ledge by the ladder. Wait near the edge to the left for the spider to come. It will either fall down the hole or come for you. If so, shake it off to the left. After that, climb over.

E. For safety, you can wait for the new spider to start making it's way up the right side and crush it with the crate. If doing so, push the crate halfway over the edge and wait until the spider is close. Otherwise, just push the crate over and climb down carefully after the spider has gone to the left. You really have to avoid climbing down when a spider is about to attack. Immediately when you throw them off you, they are stunned for a bit, run.

3. Edgeware Road - Giant Laser Firing Monster
The funny things is, that this is what Edgeware Road really looks like minus the large robot.

rp-"Again, not much to say. Bobby's guide is pretty much perfect here, and you'll very rarely die once you have it down."

This is the first level where you will probably die a lot. Playing without dying is different than using the checkpoints. Really practice this short level. Speed is everything. There is a video that show how to race through this. The problem, is that it is very dangerous in the first steps. My method is dangerous at the end.
GLITCH* Very rarely, the alien will misfire and only shoot twice. However, it will always charge it's ray though. Just be paying close attention.

A. You start out in a mob and you should run to the right. It does not matter if you take the upper ledges or not. You have plenty of time for this first part. Just for fun, try to come in first place. When you reach the wall wait until the boulder smashes the wall. Now, the quick shit starts. Climb over, hide behind the wall until all three lasers go off.

B. RUNJUMP as much as you can. You will come upon a few bits of concrete and a green mine. Jump over and roll under the mine fast. The next ledges need to be landed perfect and the final is a LONGJUMP. Keep RUNJUMPING.

C. You will come to a piece of concrete and a man hiding under. You can hide here too towards the right side only if you are falling behind on time. But, if you are doing well, go a little further the next building. You will need to do this in order to do the next part well. Climb up and roll over the fire. You will see another man kneeling here behind a pile of rubble inside this small destroyed building. Kneel here even though the other guy takes off running. Wait for three shots, roll and start running.

D. PRACTICE POINT--------------
RUNJUMP over the cars and flames. Upon landing on the ground and close to the burning piece of concrete, roll under it twice, WALK forward a little and do a STANDING JUMP to the next ledge.
PRACTICE POINT-----------------

It may seem silly but if that is not done fast, you are done. Jump over the wall triggering a red mine. Go a little to the right. Here is where you want to camp again. The safest place is on the under the right side of the second piece of concrete.

E. Got to go fast here. After the three shots, run right and RUNJUMP over cars and other debris. RUNJUMP as much as possible. After crossing the fire and a few other cars, quickly jump and climb over the wall and take shelter behind it. You will not be able to see yourself. After the three shots, keep RUNJUMPING. There is one more wall to climb and you are done.

3.2 Bathurst Mews
Ummm....where are all the women and children?
I am not sure if you can die here or not. I have never stuck around long enough to find out. It is pretty simple what you need to do here. Get Caught. That is right, you want to get caught here. In fact, when you start the level RUNJUMP along to the street lamp and wait for a spotlight. An arm will come down and grab a man. Now, quickly jump on the man. If you did this for the very first person captured, then were awarded an achievement:
The War of the WorldsSole SurvivorThe Sole Survivor achievement in The War of the Worlds worth 20 pointsEscape Bathurst Mews using first NPC targeted by Tripod

4. Bayswater Road - Roofraising Robot
Tear the roof off this sucka'. The roof is on fire. Tin roof, rusted. Dancing on the cieling. Chim-chiminey, chim chim cha-roo. Up on the roof.

rp- "Only tricky part is the ending. Definitely use the pause trick and get used to how fast to count to time it properly. I also like jumping into the first little cutscene since it makes Arthur spaz out in the air."

Really pretty easy. Just running, jumping, waiting and then running and jumping.

A. When you gain control of your character, you keep RUNJUMPING. The first half is not so speed sensitive. The 8th building is the first to really need a LONGJUMP. But then again, you don't. If you land a little short, you can crawl or roll through the wall and back on the path again.

B.The sixteenth building is where you want to stop for a while. It is easy tell you are approaching the sixteenth building because there will be three rooftops that look the same and they will each be a little lower each time. Stop yourself close enough to the edge to do a LONGJUMP and wait for the giant to stop moving. From here it is about twelve seconds before it raises another roof for you. Here, I used an old NINTENDO SLOW-MOTION TRICK. Pause the game before the roof comes. Then, hit B and quickly pause again. Do this until you see the roof start to rise. When you see it, pause again. This time ready yourself by holding X and the right direction. Un-pause and jump onto the next new ledge.

C. Quickly now!!! The rest of the level is RUNJUMPING AND LONGJUMPING for another eight buildings or so. About the fifth building gets so high that if you jump you will die. Use your best judgment here on when it is best to just run off it and land on the next one or jump. Either way, do it fast. If you did this without dying you were awarded:

The War of the WorldsSpeed DemonThe Speed Demon achievement in The War of the Worlds worth 18 pointsBeat the Rooftops north of Bayswater Road in under 3 minutes

This a cut-scene and you only need to run ahead a little.

5. Hyde Park North Drones and Red Mines and Stupid People
I remember being a kid and going to parks. My favorite thing to do there was to climb around all the abandoned and overturned tanks while playing with dead horses.

rp- "Oh, Hyde Park North. You bastard. Just follow bobby's guide and you'll be fine... usually. Sometimes strange things happen. Just be careful, know where soldiers spawn, and get very used to the tricky jumps over the fire pits at the end. After a while, this level will just be a chore to you."

While the last two levels were all about how quickly you needed to go, the absolute vital key to this one is patience. You almost have to go into this one knowing that you can not do it quick and come out alive. The other biggest thing to consider when doing this level is that the humans will totally screw everything up for you!!!! You must know where they are and how you will trigger them. If done wrong, you can quickly be killed or throw the drones out of their preset flight plan. While I am writing this, I am voicing this part of the guide to help you with Ninja in Tweed. When going for this, if you are spotted or even think you are spotted, simply restart the level.You can alter your strategy a little differently when NOT going for the big achievement but for safety, I would not recommend deviating from this plan very far.

A. After your long walk in the park, move forward a little to trigger a long cut-scene. Upon regaining control, move ahead to the first point of cover. Notice the small dip in the path? Stay there. Up ahead a soldier will walk into a laser shot. There three drones in the area right now. The one flying highest is on a long path somewhere far away. Let it pass and wait for the lower flying one to approach you and get directly over your head. Going too soon will trigger the next human to be spotted by the drone and blows your cover. Quickly mover ahead and roll to the next point of cover.

B. Although possible to get there and out before the drone is able to see you, wait here and let it go to the right and back again. Leaving too early triggers the next human to be spotted by the drone far ahead too soon. When the drone is back again over the tank and heading left, quickly run to the right. Cross the tank and DO NOT jump down. Climb to the top of the hill and wait just at the top left of it.

C. You know you are at the right spot when the camera angle changes greatly. Look to the left to be sure you are not being followed by an earlier drone. If so, head to the left for cover under old sewer looking thing. In the small valley ahead are two more drones. Wait for the higher flying one to complete it's search by turning around at the top of the hill. When it starts heading to the right, casually go left down the hill stopping at the base of the valley on the left. Camp just behind a destroyed shrub. The lower drone will swing it's light at you and then back at the wall on the right. Now is when you run ahead into the small passage.

If you would like to try this achievement now is a good time or another time you can get it is 10. Midland Hotel. You may have to wait to make sure no other drones are coming from the right before deciding to climb the ladder. After climbing the ladder, go left and push the crate off the side when the drone is near it.
The War of the Worlds3.711 m/s² != 9.780 m/s²The 3.711 m/s² != 9.780 m/s² achievement in The War of the Worlds worth 12 pointsDestroy a Drone using a pushable object

D. Quickly move ahead and up the ladder. There is a human that will be triggered under the next point of cover. If you got here quickly wait an extra second or two before heading partway up the hill. Your goal is to trigger the human so that the drone spots the human just over the hill. Triggering the human too soon will result in the human getting to safety just over the and not being spotted by the drone. Triggering the human too late will result in the drone either killing you or making it's return trip too soon. Anyway, after sending the human to it's doom take shelter under the tank towards the left side of it. If done correctly, you should soon see two drones approaching close by each other. Wait for them to get over you a make your way up and over the hill.

E. Stop about halfway down the hill just past the shelter point on the left. On drones light will shine in the valley and move back. After the light starts heading to the right, wait about five seconds before you head to the right to trigger another human. This must be done at the right time or that dumb person will alert the drone resulting in you getting spotted. If that happens, run back to the shelter to the left. After the human is triggered, wait in the lower flat ground. You will see the light bounce back for a little while towards you. When it goes right again, run to the right and crawl.

F. The drone should be heading to the left by the time you reach the end of the tunnel. Exit and keep heading right over the hill and a truck. You will come to crate that you need to push to the right. The box needs to be pushed a certain way otherwise you will have a really long but not impossible jump to make. Start pushing the box as normal but DO NOT STOP pushing right. If done correctly, you probably kicked the box a little causing it to land funny and giving you a shorter jumpt to make. Next, carefully drop down, get a running start, jump to the box and QUICKJUMP to the next surface. DO NOT STAY ON THE BOX FOR LONG.
if it did not go the way you planned and the box landed way to the right in the fire. Well, now you have to do a LONGJUMP. The corner surface is kind of rounded but your feet can walk well past that. Really give yourself plenty of distance and jump at the edge of the ledge. Then QUICKJUMP to the next surface.

G. You are going to explode two drones here. Be careful that a drone is not flying to the left of the next point of cover and get under it. In this area, there are four drones that survey this point and a mine. Your next goal, is to detonate the mine destroying at least two drones. The first drone, hovers nearby. The second drone has a long patrol that takes about 60 seconds to complete. The third flies high above you and the forth is low but does not come back all the way over you. Wait until the second drone returns, flying above the tank you are under the first drone should give you a moment when it is not shining it's light on the mine. When that happens, trigger the mine and quickly head BACK TO THE LEFT. Be very careful not to trigger the human to run or to be spotted or to be blasted by the mine.

If you are lucky, you might get this here or at another spot when the mine explodes a drone sending it flying into another drone:
The War of the Worlds3.711 m/s² != 9.780 m/s²The 3.711 m/s² != 9.780 m/s² achievement in The War of the Worlds worth 12 pointsDestroy a Drone using a pushable object

H. Wait here until you see the high flying drone fly directly over you. When it is to the left of the tank, quickly, roll under the next tank and head back to the left under the first tank. Wait here until the drone overhead goes to the right. Wait a few seconds. The next human is ahead and is triggered when you reach the top of the small hill. The human will run to the left. The best way to do this is when both drones are to your left of the cover. This may take a very long time to happen. Otherwise, you can experiment a little to find an alternative way of doing this part. In this scenario, just haul donkey over the hills, past the mine and under the next piece of cover.

G. Alright, under this piece of cover, guess what? Wait here. There are two drones that can be seen just to the right of your position and a final human. Wait until they are both far to the right. When it is safe from both sides, make your way to the right and under the cover.

H. You are done with humans but you have a series of really hard jumps to make. Your basic goal is to cross safely and your cue to run to the right is the third drone whose light can just barely be seen from where you are. You are going to have to wait some time and while waiting make sure you are moving to the center to avoid the search lights. It has a cycle of about 45-50 seconds.

PRACTICE POINT--------------------
If you happen to see the distant light of the far off search light, make a run for it as soon as it starts to the right and do not stop. Roll under the last piece of cover and head over to the right over a tank. Whew!
You MAY find it beneficial to destroy the lower flying drone with the mine. You will have to time it to avoid being spotted but basically you need to jump to the first island and quickly jump safely BACK. After you do that wait for you cue to make your run.
PRACTICE POINT---------------------
The War of the WorldsA Ninja In TweedThe A Ninja In Tweed achievement in The War of the Worlds worth 52 pointsCross Hyde Park North without dying once and being spotted by a single Drone

Hyde Park South- Drones, Dumb People and Hoops
Come on down to Hyde South Park and meet some friends of mine.

rp- "Video!

razorpriest's video is great! Also, check out his victory video. You can really tell how happy he was about getting this.

This is the hardest level in my opinion. Practice the hell out of this one. You are basically climbing a long hill, jumping through laser hoops, avoiding drones and the doing the same while going down the other side. My greatest advice for you when moving through the hoops, is to do so only when they are stopped or when they are coming towards you. There are always safe points between the hoops. Know them.!

A. You start out almost right away with a cut-scene. However, during this cut-scene, you are actually able to move. Doing so starts the troupe of human soldiers on their death march. Let them go on ahead while you hide out behind the overturned truck. The drone can get some crazy angles. Once they are all dead, head down and up the hill and wait at the part just before the top of the hill. The drone has a short patrol and wait 'til it is just about to turnaround at the left side of the hill where you are. RUNJUMP to the tunnel. Head down the ladder, crawling past the second ladder until you can go no further right then, climb up.

B. The first laser hoop is slow with a long flash. You will reach a part where you set up explosives. You are safe here.

C. Get a sense of the timing of the next hoop. Wait here until both drone are overhead of you, to the left and make a go for it. You may have to wait here a while. If something does not feel right, wait longer but it is far better than starting over again, right? Sometimes a human will trigger a drone and that drone will hover over a spot for a very long time. If this happens, head back to the left of the first hoop and back again and it should set itself free.

D. The top of the hill. Know your climbing speed. You cannot go up as fast as the hoop but you can descend faster than it. Wait, kneeling, at the base of the ladder. As the hoop gets close to you and flashes twice at the bottom of it's path, start SPEEDCLIMBING up. You should try to almost keep your head safely inside the hoop. As it starts coming down again try to stay as close to it as possible while SLIDINGDOWN. As soon as it flashes while you are SLIDINGDOWN, hit up and SPEEDCLIMB. At the top, there is a checkpoint. DO NOT PRESS X UP HERE and roll off.
PRACTICE POINT---------------------
Spend a lot of time here getting a feel for the ladder and hoop. You can climb down the left side and practice avoiding the hoop. Really spend time here just climbing up and down safely.
PRACTICE POINT---------------------
Going down is a little easier because you are faster going down. When it is safe, climb down the ladder and then back up again to set yourself up with the ladder. Wait at the top until the hoop reaches the top and when it flashes a second time, SLIDE down. Keep a short distance between yourself and the hoop say, Arthur's leg length. When the hoop is climbing up, SPEEDCLIMB up against it. As it flashes, SLIDE down and head to the right.

E. You can safely drop or descend the ladder without being bothered by the hoop. Wait at the bottom of the ladder until you can safely get through. You can wait safely here in between the two hoops. Here you can just see the next drones. Wait until you see that both are flying close to each other. There are always safe points between hoops but are not always safe from drones. Know where they are in this next area. You may also find rolling to be a better option here as it will not be seen by the drones.

F. After setting explosives here, really get a sense of the timing before attempting it. You are safe here so, take your time. Be very careful too you do not jump off the edge. Immediately, after passing this final hoop, camp out. There is a possibility that you can be spotted by the drones. To avoid them walk down the structure and stay out of the light. If you are spotted, kneel down at the bottom corner of the structure until the light goes away otherwise, you might just have to go really fast through this next part.

G. The force field and tank provide zero protection from the upcoming drones. Wait just to the left of the orange force field to survey the drone. When it is approaching and it's light is shining to the left is the best time to jump through. Run to the right and down a small hill. You may want to wait here for just a second if the next drone is moving away from you. Otherwise, you always want to jump through this next one when it is approaching you. Run to the right but before triggering the next cut-scene, make sure that there is not another drone coming after you. At this point there is really nothing you can do anyway, but you might be able anyways but you may be able to run to the left or hide or something.
The War of the WorldsMartian ExterminatorThe Martian Exterminator achievement in The War of the Worlds worth 11 pointsComplete Hyde Park level

7. Chahi, Cuisset and Mechnet Office Building
Have you or someone know been injured or killed by a martian. Are you experiencing lost or garnished wages due to the recent invasion? At the law offices of CCM, we work hard for you and we don't get paid until you do. "I'm Ron Mechnet, this is all I do, and I do it well."

rp- "Such an easy level, except for that one part. Awful wires of doom. All I can add to bobby's guide is that once you are up on the block, don't be afraid to move a bit to the left if it looks like the right wire is about to hit you. It's saved me many times. Also, when you drop down, if you hold left just a bit you can avoid falling too far right, possibly avoiding a wire lash. There's also a rare glitch here where the right wire simply does not exist. Don't waste the opportunity if this happens to you! The room where you get the axe can also be a little annoying. You really want to keep track of where that spider is, especially after coming down from the axe shaft. That spider loves ambushing you when you least expect it.Such an easy level, except for that one part. Awful wires of doom. All I can add to bobby's guide is that once you are up on the block, don't be afraid to move a bit to the left if it looks like the right wire is about to hit you. It's saved me many times. Also, when you drop down, if you hold left just a bit you can avoid falling too far right, possibly avoiding a wire lash. There's also a rare glitch here where the right wire simply does not exist. Don't waste the opportunity if this happens to you! The room where you get the axe can also be a little annoying. You really want to keep track of where that spider is, especially after coming down from the axe shaft. That spider loves ambushing you when you least expect it."

Back to being fast at times and back to being patient.

A. When you gain control, keep RUNJUMPING to the left. Push the crate and safely DROP yourself down two floors. Jump over the next two holes and drop down the third. RUNJUMP to the right, drop down, to the left through the hole and lower yourself down into the fire. You may be on fire at this point so roll to the right and drop down to the next floor. RUNJUMP to the left and close the door behind you. Drop down to the next level and head right.

B. You can close these doors behind you but you are pretty safe here for a while. Head to the right over the fire holes. Quickly, push the crate to the right and cover the register. STANDJUMP to the next floor. Do the same on this floor. You may have to pull the crate a little to the right to be able to reach the next ledge. It is most important to stop the smoke first then get your jump. Sometimes, the smoke will be more aggressive and push the crates. Just move them back to where you need them and move quickly.

C. The next floor you will see a crate and a register. Guess what? Nope, don't push it. Instead, jump over it and run to the right, up the ladder. Run to the right and drop down, run to the right and carefully drop down outside.

D. You are safe from the smoke out here. Continue dropping down until you find the gas-mask. This is great! I sure hope I do not have to give this away soon.... Climb up and ascend the ladder on the right. From the ladder on the right, jump over to the ladder on the left. Climb up and a short cut-scene will play. Head up the stairs and hit with switch opening the door. Do the same in here.

E. Pull the crate to the right to line up your jump. *GLITCH* I have been crate killed here before. Make sure you are not jumping at the crate; walk to it instead. On the next floor is a little girl. Run to her and she will run the other way. Basically, you have to kneel and let her approach you. And a small cut-scene plays.
The War of the WorldsSelflessThe Selfless achievement in The War of the Worlds worth 14 pointsGive Jenny the gasmask

F. Hey, how did I get here? and where is my gas-mask? Shit! Dooped again. Head up the stairs and to the right of the roof.
PRACTICE POINT---------------------------
Lower yourself down the ladder and line up your shoulders with the top of the next hole on the right. Hold right, jump. Quickly, run down the stairs and through the door. Hit the switch run to the left. DO NOT try to maneuver the switches too quickly; you will end up wasting time. Up the stairs, and hit the next switch, through the door, to the right and hit the next switch. Whew.....

G. Ah, now for the part you have all been waiting for. Before you are two wild dangling cables. Arthur, can't you just go around them? Throw a stick at them? Shut the power off?

PRACTICE POINT-----------------------------------
Basic Goals
1. Roll to the block and keep in a crouched position tight to the block.
2. Climb the block.
3. Walk off the edge.

The behavior of these two cables is completely different every time you play this stage. Sometimes they will be very active and sometimes not so much. Basically, the cable on the left is not a threat very often but it still can get you. The cable on the right can strike you at two different points; when climbing over the block and when dropping down.

Here is my advice:
1. Roll to the block and keep in a crouched position tight to the block. While crouching safely here, study the cable on the right's behavior. It is OK to spend 5 to 10 minutes watching; better than restarting. What I look for is whether or not the cable jumps over the standing point more than two times in a row. If it jumps to the spot where you would be standing three times in a row, then make your move after the third time. Otherwise make your move after the second time in a row. What I mean by two or three times in a row is that the cable jumps far enough to the left to strike you if you were standing on the block two or three times in a few seconds. You will notice that after a small group of jumps to the left in a row it will usually stay on the right side or in the drop zone.

2. Climb the block after you have witnessed either two or three jumps in a row and that the cable on the left is not a threat. You may need to wait here for a second or so. You looking to make sure that the cable on the right is not in the area where you will be dropping down to. You can kneel here if the cable on the left is very active but you do want to drop of rather than LOWERING yourself.

3. When it appears that the cable is going to the right, simply walk off the ledge.
PRACTICE POINT------------------------
PRACTICE POINT------------------------
If that was not bad enough, you have a series of precise jumps to make and quickly too. When you land on the first narrow beam, take a step back and RUNJUMP. After crossing the platform and landingon the next small beam, QUICKJUMP to the next ledge and roll under the cables. CLOSE THE DOOR BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!!!
PRACTICE POINT------------------------

Ahh..... in my opinion, if you have really practiced the final stages really well and you get this far without dying, the rest of the game is very doable. Be patient and do everything correct.

H. Head down the lift and PUSH THE SWITCH!!!!!! Go through the doors to find yourself in a big room with four switches in it: bottom switch, middle switch, top right switch and top left switch. If you see smoke coming your way, you pressed the wrong switch and you need to press it again to stop it.
1. Middle switch red. This opens the door to top left switch and a spider.
2. Get in the room, wrestle the spider and press the switch.
3. Try to throw the spider against the left wall of this room, this will stun it allowing you time to get back to the middle switch green and lock the spider back in the room.
4. Press the bottom switch. Climb the ladder and head into the next room.

I. Another room with three switch: top left, top right and bottom.
Make your way over to the right by the ladder. Now, depending on where the spider is going you will either go for the top right switch or go for the axe above the ladder. Usually, the spider is going up for me. In either case, after getting the axe, climb down and "axe the spider a queshun."

1. Climb the ladder and get to the top right switch. Drop down and wait for the spider to go to the left. Climb up the ladder and position yourself hanging from the ledge where the electricity stops. After seeing the electricity, climb the ladder on the left but DO NOT climb all the way to the top. Instead, leave a little space before jumping off the ladder and climbing up to the space with the axe.

2. Wait for the electricity to flash twice so that you will not have a spider waiting for you at the bottom. When it is safe, ROLL of the side and onto the ladder. SLIDEDOWN quickly and make your way back to the lower ladder. Keep in mind the spider cannot kill you while you are on a ladder. In, some same manner, "axe the spider a queshun." and make your way back to the first room far to the left. In this room, climb up the upper right switch and press it red.

3. Back to the room on the right and climb up again but press the upper left switch.

4. Drop down and press the bottom switch. Head through the newly opened door, drop down and "axe" the wall.

K. Move through here to the left and climb up to the crate. You have two options here. You can move the crate, "axe" the wall, avoid the electricity and SPEEDROLL through the flames........or push the crate off two ledges, lower yourself off the either edge and SPEEDROLL through the flames. In either case, you do not have to push the crate through. It seems scary at first but make sure you crouch and then hold A all the way to the door.

L. Down the lift and up the ladder, to the left and up the ladder to the right and UP THE LADDER. DO NOT go down the final ladder on the right. SPEEDROLL through the gap, down through the rest of it and SPEEDROLL under the last bit.

8. Victoria Street Unknown Building- Probes, Spiders and Drones
Turn down that big band music!!!!!!

rp- "In my opinion this is by far the hardest level in the game. So many things can go so wrong here, or it can be a walk in the park. The number one rule is to KILL THE SPIDERS. Right away! Know that there are spots where if a spider grab you, you can't shake it off. These are spots where you can stand up, but there is not enough room left and right to throw the spider. Always try to look ahead for probes, and get them off screen or get something between them and you if they're a threat. Only rush if you have no other option. This level is awful and your deaths will rarely feel fair, but it does get easier with practice, as you learn to deal with different kinds of scenarios."

This one is a bastard and I can not stress how important it is to know how this level works. The most important rule about the probes in this level is they follow ostrich rules of survival; that they can not harm you if you can not see them. They will appear sometimes three times in a row. Their laser fire does not quite make a 360 and once it fades you are safe to run past it. If you are spotted and they call a spider it is sometimes better to kill the spider right away or sometimes it is better to run. Know where each of the probes will appear and what the midway point is when trying to cross their territory. If they appear as you are trying to cross, you had better know when to retreat and when to keep moving(PNR-point of no return.) If you can see their neck or even electricity form it in the distance, stay put until it goes away; you maybe walking right into a laser beam.

A. When you start you climb up some debris and trigger a cut-scene showing the first probe. Right after this, stay put until you know if there is a probe in the next room. Wait there until you are certain it is safe. Roll under and make your way up the two ledges on the left and make a jump to the right and pull yourself up. This is your point of no return.
Climb up and into the next small area. Hide under the long platform and kill any spider that may have followed you. You are pretty safe here. A probe can appear from above you and one just to the right. The one above you will sometimes bring it's head down to your level and shine it's lasers. If it does that, run to the opposite side and get it off screen. The probe to the right, in the small valley should not be able to get you easily. Wait until it is disappearing to make your passing. Jump up and climb on the ledge.
Before crossing, look to see if there are any lights or laser coming from the upper right corner. If not, then make a break for it. If so, you can be safe from a laser strike by rolling in the corner and staying down. If no lasers and being fired, climb over.

B. If you drop down here in the right hand corner under the ladder, it is pretty safe from either of the two drones. You can wait here for a while until you are not seeing much activity from the drones. Otherwise make a break for it by climbing the ladder.
Check to see the area to the left is clear before climbing up to the ledge. If anything happens here, retreat down the ladder fast. If it looks good, jump to the left and try to get under any of the three floating ledges.

C. In this room, three drones could potentially appear. If they appear and start firing, get to some cover underneath something. They can get their lasers in some crazy angles. When safe, roll to the right, climb over and head up the ladder.

D. This a huge room with two drones flying overhead; a fast and slow one. Climb up the ladder so that you are safe from laser from below and the drone's light from above. You can be spotted while on the ladder. Wait until the lights are going to the right then climb the obstacle and roll under the next table. You are totally safe under here. Sometimes they will notice you and if that happens just make sure you are in the middle and staying still. Wait until both drones are moving to the left and their light is not a threat. Quickly climb the obstacle and jump to the next rooftop.

E. Ok. I wish I had some great advice for this area but I do not at this time. It would really great if you can get through this next part without being spotted by the drones but that is not easy or essential. Before dropping down, wait for the drone to approach you. You can sometimes avoid it that way. Then run and hopefully avoid the second drone in this area. If you are spotted and being chased, drop down fast and hopefully the probe is not there. If you are not spotted getting this far you can look below and see if the probe is there.
Drop down and jump over the gap to the left. I usually find it best to push the crate to the left. This can provide some cover if needed. Also, with more room it is possible to force the two drones off the screen on either side if you are surrounded. When safe hop over the crate and quickly drop down and head right. You can crawl under this object if you need cover however, you are not safe from lasers or spiders. When safe, move to the right killing any spiders ASAP. Jump on the ladder.

F. Be careful that there is not a probe on the level below you. Look for lightning or a neck. Climb back up or find cover if you need. When safe, jump over the big block and onto the next big structure. There is another potential probe to the left. Before dropping down, look to the left for any signs. Crawl under this part. It is very dark in here and hard to see. Move to the left raising yourself up two levels. If probe appears run back to the right and roll to safety.
There is a ladder on the left wall and if you jump, make sure to GRIPDOWN. Otherwise, just drop down.

G. In the this little area with a low ceiling, head to the right if there is not sign of a probe. As you reach the hole where it crawls out from, look underneath you to look for signs of probes below you. Wait it out or turn back if needed.
GRIP the ladder on the right wall and descend if the coast is clear. There is a spider here and I find it easiest to just kill quick. Remember, they can not kill you when you are on the ladder. So, lower yourself down and as the spider climbs up after you, shake it loose and jump to the left safely and "axe it a queshun."

H. Really spend time in this room getting to know what ledges are safe to drop off from. You have two different paths you can take here; staying on the top or coming up in the middle. Either way, there are a few dangerous spots if a probe should appear. Make your way to left and up. Kill the spider if needed. When you reach the corner, drop down safely and get in the lift.

I. Take your time down here. There is nothing worse than getting this far and getting killed at this super easy part. Make sure not to be grabbed by the spider in the middle of the electric field.

8.1 Home Stanford Street Cutscene no way to die
Man1:What are you doing this weekend?"
Man2: I am helping my friend Arthur move this weekend.
Man1: What? Are you crazy? Tell him something came up and you can't do it. There is like, a billion stairs there.
Man2: He told me told he lives on the second floor. I am sure there are not that many stairs......right?

You can actually skip the parts after you find letter by running to the right during the dialog. Should save you a whopping 15 seconds.
The War of the WorldsHome again, home againThe Home again, home again achievement in The War of the Worlds worth 16 pointsComplete Stamford Street, South Bank level

9. London Underground EC3 - Red Vines, Spiders, Electricity and Mashers
What was that really cool item you got from that flat? Was it an ipod? An mp3 player? A discman? A walkman? An FM radio? An AM radio? Nope, it is a shortwave radio......... Well, I am sure that will come in handy. Right?

rp- "Easy-ish. You really have to get used to the vines, and knowing what is safe and what is not. Find a "hell room" method that works for you, and stick with it. Don't think you can climb ANYTHING while you have vines on you. The electricity part near the end seems intimidating, but it's very easy with practice."

This level is very long and so frustrating. Spend some time getting used to killing the vines and how to avoid them safely when jumping a climbing. If you are caught, get it off you quick. Do not put yourself in a spot with a vine that you can not "axe" off. Do not jump into a vine or expect to be able to climb over anything when there is one attached to you. In general, watch the video for this one. It is not the way I do it exactly, but there are some great ideas there.

A. OK dummy, don't get killed right away by dropping down the very first hole. Use the ladder! To be safe just get in the habit of using all ladders here. Make your way across this obstacle coarse quickly. The jump from the close to the edge of the ceiling is best done with a WALKJUMP. Get to the first point of safety under the light.

B. You have a few jumps before you come to a crate. Push it down the hole and lower yourself down safely. Run and roll to the left and use the lift to get to the generator. Hold X and then hold up or down to charge it and continue to charge to full capacity just in case something goes wrong. *GLITCH* Occasionally, something weird happens here and does not allow the crate to be pushed through. If that happens, raise the lift up a to a height that you can barely roll through. You should be able to push it through then. Push the crate all the way through to the left. Quickly, make your way across this collapsing bridge. How are those people that were supposed to be following you going to get across now? Head down the lift and wait by the generator. When the vines get close enough to you, flash the the light at it. You only need it on for a second and then run across.

C. You are now in a large room with a generator and a crate. Yeah, you don't even need to mess with that crate thing. Wait until the vines get out far enough so you can use them to climb up the ledge on the right and then flash the light at them. Climb up here and climb up again to the right to take advantage of this shortcut. Drop down to the ledge on the right and be prepared to make the longest LONGJUMP in the game. If you miss the jump you may survive via Arthur's only superpower(unbreakable shoulder sockets and incredible grip all while holding an axe.) In this case, flash the lights at the vines again, walk across. If something does not line up here quickly head to the left and drop down safely.

D. Cross this long hallway using LONGJUMPS quickly. You will now find yourself in the room from hell. This is going to be hard for me to explain well. Your basic goal is to have as many vines chase after you as you can for the first half of the run. From the start, charge up the generator and make your way upwards. You will notice a vine will grow just to the right of the fading light. Stick around for that vine to chase you. The vine to the right of this one will need some chopping then jump over the next ledge and lower yourself off the right side. This should trigger the two vines above you to start moving you way. Head to the bottom right corner. The two vines that grow in the bottom right corner are OK to slash. Stay in the corner for a while to assure the vines are growing your way. Climb up the ladder and chop the vine.

Climb the next ladder and at the top, WALKJUMP to the left and chop that vine. Quickly jump to the next platform and chop that vine. Then, jump to the ladder and climb up. Wait near the top of the ladder for a while kneeling. This will attract the vine above you from the ceiling. As it grows towards you move to the left a little and chop it and any others that are approaching you.

RUNJUMP over the gap and chop the vine. Quickly jump and GRIP the ladder on the right and jump on the platform above. RUNJUMP to the next platform and chop any vines here or WALKJUMP to the next little area. Chop the vine and roll to the right. As you come to the next jump, wait to chop the vine and any others that may pose a threat to you. Then jump across and chop the next vine and jump up to the next area.

E. RUNJUMP over the disappearing bridge. For the next little puzzle, run off the first group, QUICKJUMP and QUICKJUMP. This little climbing part can be a pain. You really have to make sure you GRIPUP when getting to the next ladder. Wait a little while for the two vines to come up from the pit and chop them. Jump in the middle of the disappearing blocks and onto the ladder on the right-jumping on the middle leaves the blocks under the ladders safe to land on again if you have any troubles above and need to retreat back here. SPEEDCLIMBUP and when you reach the top, hold X Left and jump; as soon as you are near the ladder, press up to GRIP. Same thing here, SPEEDCLIMBUP, hold X Right and jump, GRIP as you near the ladder. One more time to left. Now jump to the next area.

F. Reach the generator and wait for the vines to approach. Flash them with the light and carefully run down it. DO NOT JUMP OFF IT!!!!!. Work your way down to the area with the four vines. Try to chop them at about the same time. Your big goal here is that the two on the right will not bother you as you make your jump. When safe, LONGJUMP across and climb the ladder down. RUNJUMP over the first vine and keep RUNJUMPING like crazy, once the vines get a hold of you keep holding right, X and press jump as fast as you can. Sometimes, when you reach the end, two vines will keep hold of you; "axe them a quick queshun." No more vines!!!!

G. Are we done yet? Kill the two spiders in here carefully and make your way to the ladder. Wait for the electricity to stop and SPEEDCLIMB up and jump to the left in the little area. Crawl out the way of the electricity to the left a little. When it passes and is low enough roll to the ladder and SPEEDCLIMB.

H. Wait for the electricity to be going upwards before rolling and STANDJUMPING to the next ledge. Crawl a little to the right for safety and wait. When the electricity is down far enough, roll and climb to the next area. Pay attention to the electricity above that is going right to left. Count how long it takes to start it's cycle; about six seconds. Time out your approach so that the beam will just be moving left as you enter the area above. IMPORTANT you do not have to go into the safe spot in the upper right hand corner. Instead, while on the ladder on the right climb nearly to the top and jump over to the left. Roll left and depending on when you arrived, you may want to take shelter in the small hole hear until the electricity passes.

I. Are we done yet? Mashers!!!!!!! Walk carefully up to the mashers and leave yourself about an Arthur's distance between. Wait until the masher is down and then run at it. You will run in place for a second and then jump across. Do this five more times. Walk carefully down the stairs. There is no sense getting this far and running into a slime pool.

J. Roll under the gap quickly and kill the spider. Although the masher in this room is slow don't F with it! it can still kill you. Head to the right and this spider. Now, you are figuring out you cannot jump all of these gaps. The trick here is be just over half-way to the right on each platform and roll over the gap. Respect the slow masher and go when it is safe. Climb the ladder.
The War of the WorldsLight in the DarknessThe Light in the Darkness achievement in The War of the Worlds worth 17 pointsComplete London EC4 Underground

10. Midland Hotel - GOODBYE Drones, Spiders and Electricity
I would never stay in a place where you have to jump or climb a ladder to get to your room. IMHO, not even a one star hotel. :(

rp-"Awful level. Be VERY careful with the drones at the start, cause if you get spotted here, you're pretty much dead unless you get very lucky. Practice the "electricity crawl" a lot. For the part where the drone has to break the wall, what you want to do is wait for the right cycle, when the drone is reasonably far away from the wall when his light shines down, traveling right. Jump through the light, climb the ladder to the top. The moment you see the drone come onto the screen, JUMP RIGHT AND THEN HOLD LEFT IMMEDIATELY. This is MUCH safer than sliding down the ladder. It still looks scary, but it works pretty much every time. When you get to the top of the tower, take the long way around (above) instead of jumping over to the crate. That crate has randomly killed me with its touch of death once, don't let it happen to you."

This level can see really intimidating but once you know the secrets it is a baby.

A. This part gives me troubles sometimes. You can start out and just make a break for it and sometimes make it to the safe spot but it is a little unreliable. I would suggest taking your time and avoiding all contact with the drones. Once you reach the ladder, wait for the drone to go to the right. Climb up quick and keep going right and take cover once you pass the second drone. There is no way to pass that part without getting spotted. Under the cover, wait for the drone to pass and make your way up the rubble. Time out your approach so that the drone that moves horizontally does not spot you. The vertical drone is easy to avoid and slow to respond.

B. There will be a cut-scene suggesting you will have to race through this part. NOT TRUE! Slowly, advance under the drone's beam until it fires it's laser then retreat to the left QUICKLY. Wait until it starts flying up again and make a break for it. EASY

C. Dropping down in the hole, carefully RUNJUMP the first big gaps and WALKJUMP the small ones. Close the door behind you and wait for the smoke to put out the fires before pressing the switch. If you pressed it too quickly, you will have to go back to the right and stir up the smoke again.

D. Push the crate to the left and drop down. Carefully destroy the spiders and make your way to the right. There is a part in here that if you jump down, you will die. Ummm....don't do that. A cut-scene plays showing a sight similar to Castlevania. Enter the hallway and "axe the spider a queshun." FINAL SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E. Before climbing out on the ledge, wait for the drone to be seen. You have the option here of hanging off the gargoyle while timing out the avoidance of the drone; it is a little safer.

F. PRACTICE POINT--------------------------
Have I mentioned that I hate electricity? The first time I played this, I swore this was impossible. It took me 15 minutes to stumble through it. Well, it is now very easy. Crawl. Climb the ladder slowly and not pressing X and stop as close to the top as you can. Wait for the electricity to just pass to the left of the ladder. Climb up. As Arther is lifting himself up, hold left and down on the stick. DO NOT stand up and DO NOT ROLL. You will quickly notice that you can crawl faster than the beams are moving. OK, every so often as you get closer to the electricity, simply hold down and stop for 1/10 of a second and then resume crawling.
PRACTICE POINT--------------------------------

PRACTICE POINT--------------------------------
G. Climb the ladder and stop just before reaching the top. Make your jump to the right. Wait for the electricity to go to the right before dropping down. Crawl to the left cubby and time your roll so you stop in the middle of the beams. Crawl to the right and wait to roll again when the beam is just about to touch you. Repeat but the next time, stay put and wait for the beam then roll to the right. This way, you do not roll off the edge or into the drone's spotlight. In the spot where you can stand up, wait for the drone to move below and then roll and climb the ladder.
PRACTICE POINT--------------------------------

PRACTICE POINT--------------------------------
H. There is a trick to this part and it involves the ladder. You are going to jump through the drone's light and the best time to do that is when it is approaching you AND it's light is as vertical as possible. It is also helpful that the drone be somewhat far to the right. You may have to wait a few cycles for the drone to start turning it's light vertical on your side of the roof. When the conditions are right, make your move avoiding the laser. RUNJUMP as fast as you can and SPEEDCLIMB the ladder all the way to the top. Wait here until you see the drone then, SLIDE down the ladder. When you hit the ground, RUN to the left.
PRACTICE POINT---------------------------------

IMPORTANT IMPORTANT thank you challenger428!!!!
Roll through the flames and drop down to push the switch.

I. Before heading out to the left, watch for the drone. When it begins it's accent, crawl out. Climb up the first jump and the hang from the next. As the drone makes it's way down and it's light is blocked, climb up. Wait a second then make your jumps and back inside to the right. You have a series of LONGJUMPS to make. Climb up the wall and look out for the drone.

J. Again, here you have the option of hanging from the gargoyle before climbing up. Either way, there is not much time with this one and when you reach the top you may have to roll through. Make this LONGJUMP and continue up the wall. Head to the right and IMPORTANT IMPORTANT hit the switch. Climb up the right side of the tower. You can make this jump across where the bell should have been had the developers been able to put it in. Otherwise, you can use the weird ladders above. Push the crate to the right and then climb out the left side and drop down. Climb down the inside the same way you came up.

K. Instead of making the LONGJUMP to the right, go outside to the left. There is a drone out here that moves left to right. Time out you ladder decent when it is just about as far left as it can get. FINAL DRONE!!!!!!!!!!!! At the bottom of the ladder, go back inside to the right. Move the crate to the false floor if it is not there already. Climb the ladder on the left wall and before using "axe" the wall. Hit the switch and make your way to the right and up the ladder quickly. Hit the switch here and "axe" the wall.

If you have not gotten it yet, there is a really easy opportunity to get this achievement here. Go out the left side the way you came in and lower yourself down. Push the crate so that it is about halfway over the edge. Wait until you see the drone and then push the crate over the edge. After doing this, you will have to lower yourself down and make some strange jumps.
The War of the Worlds3.711 m/s² != 9.780 m/s²The 3.711 m/s² != 9.780 m/s² achievement in The War of the Worlds worth 12 pointsDestroy a Drone using a pushable object

L. After hitting the switch that opened the false floor, you can take a shortcut down. Jump to the left side of the newly opened false floor. LOWER yourself on the left side and then, drop down. It is a super far fall but, Arthur's shoulders are indestructible!!!! After you grasp, drop down again. Check out challenger428's video for a good demo.

M. You will notice a door on your right and a crate. Push the crate above the false floor. OPTIONAL head to the left and down the stairs, jump the gap and simply open the door. This will buy you an extra second that you may need. Head back up and enter the door. In this room there are 3 computers......???? They control the walls below and must be pressed in the correct order: center, right, left. If you are slow to push them or something goes wrong, retry before making the big run. Well all is in order, run downstairs as fast as you can and make the three jumps to the switch.

N. Hit the switch and a cut-scene plays. FINAL ELECTRICITY!!!!!!!! Get as close to the edge as possible. Wait for the electricity to be safely to the left of the edge you are above and then carefully drop off. While dropping, hold down and left. As the electricity gets close, roll. Crawl again and roll when needed. Climb up and as you exit the door, LOWER yourself off the edge. DO NOT JUMP or DROP DOWN. Exit via the hole in the floor.

11. Martian Cylinder - Mines, Mashers and Drones
I really don't have any smart-ass comments for this one

rp- "Easy. Only scary part is the crusher/elevator part, but that is sorta easy with some practice. Make sure you wait for the soldiers to stop moving between every button push while freeing them, as they can glitch and stop moving altogether otherwise, which means you can't beat the level. For the escape part, don't runjump, just run. If you runjump, you'll outrun the screen, which actually kills you."

Easy level with one tricky part. Really take you time here because it is so easy.

A. The level starts out dark. Crawl towards the first mines and retreat back to the left when they are triggered. Roll through the mashers. Jump on to one of the scoops and be prepared to make a jump the the left as it reaches it's peak. Climb the ladder, head right and DO NOT jump off; walk off or LOWER. To the left, jump on to the small squares on the wall. Wait for the giant masher to drop down. Run up to it and keep running. As it raises itself, keep RUNJUMPING to the right and roll outside.

PRACTICE POINT-----------------------------
B. Climb up to where the two lifts are. The electricity can not harm you but you can be crushed by them. Wait to get on the left lift while it is going down. On the right side is a small hole that you can crawl through. Be careful not to get crushed by the right lift. While standing on the right lift, kneel down close to the right/center. As the masher above slams down, RUNJUMP to the right and QUICKJUMP.
PRACTICE POINT------------------------------

C. Jump on a scoop and jump just above a row of lights you will see on your left. Climb up, head left up the stairs and quickly turn/jump right and hit the red switch#1. Head back to the left and take the lift up to the next floor. Go right and hit the switch. IT IS SO EASY TO DIE HERE IF YOU TRY TO GO TOO FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT HIT THE LEFT STICK AND THE X BUTTON AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Walk very carefully here and keeping pressing the switches to the right until you finally press the green one. Then, head back to the left and WAIT FOR THE LIFT. Head up and hit the blue switch on the top. Wait for the lift on the left and take it all the way down. Hit the red switch#1 on the right again. Make your way back to the lift on the left and take it all the way up.

D. Go to the right and take this lift up two floor. Here, there are 3 white switches. Hit them all!!!! Go back to the lift and take it up another floor. You will have to wait for a soldier that you just freed to climb up and press some switches. Climb the ladder and as the doors are opening for you, PRESS THE RED SWITCH HERE!!!!!! You will not be able to pass the stage without it. Just be patient here and wait for there to be a break in falling bodies before making a series of LONGJUMPS.

E. Do not run into the laser fire. Wait for the soldier to arrive to disarm the laser. Climb down the ladder. You will notice a blue switch down here that you do not need to do anything with. Keep heading to right past this second blue switch and up the ladder. Here, you only need to hit the red switch once. I know I said in the last chapter that we were done with the drones but this is different. We can kill them!!!!!! HA HA! Quickly head back to the blue switch near you and hold X in front of it. You are now in control the laser that is above you. Move the laser up and down with the left stick and fire it with A. You can keep A held down as the laser will not run out of ammo. Move the laser up to a point where it fires a full beam. Leave the laser here until all three drones are destroyed. It may take a while for all three to come down. Occasionally, a drone will stay up high and not come down on it's own. In this case, you will need to step away from the laser and step into the drone's light to draw it closer to you. Kill it as it approaches.

F. As soon as the last drone is destroyed, head to the right climb as high as you can. A cut-scene will play showing a soldier saluting you.

Hit the red switch here to free the prisoners and give you:
The War of the WorldsFollow me!The Follow me! achievement in The War of the Worlds worth 19 pointsFree all prisoners from holding pens in Martian Cylinder

After you have this achievement, you DO NOT need to open the door for these guys again. I know it is hearbreaking to leave them like animals at a pound but if you are not fast here, you can be killed by the explosions. That one second of kindness can cost you your life. Besides you will notice, that most of them get killed by the explosions anyway. Keep RUNJUMPING to the right.

12. Primrose Hill GREEN SLIME and the OCTO

rp-"Bobby is spot on about most things here. Just skip the first "big jump" shortcut. It's very easy to mess it up, and the intended route (backtrack down and go across some crates) is not hard at all."

Again, another easy level if you practice the three obstacles here.

A. Right off the bat head right and great, this idiot again. To the right again and another cut-scene that you are free to move during. It should give you just enough time to "axe" the door and start making your way up. Continue climbing the left side. When you reach the top, there is a support beam that you need to "axe." Instead of heading left after knocking down the beam, lower yourself off the edge to the right. After the blocks drop down climb back up.
PRACTICE POINT------------
From here, make a LONGJUMP to the right
PRACTICE POINT------------
you can climb down and do a bunch of jumps and potentially have to deal with electricity.

B. Walk into the light which triggers a gravity beam you will jump into. Head to the left and DO NOT jump over the green slime; not worth the risk. SPEEDCLIMB the ladder and jump to the right as the slime descends. Jump back to the ladder on the left and SPEEDCLIMB up and over the right. Jump across and hang.
The laser cannot kill you here as you are hanging. It CAN kill you if you drop at just the right spot though. So, just wait for it to stop before dropping. Drop down and enter the masher area.
You can dick-around with that small cubby area. Why?

PRACTICE POINT------------------
C. This is really easy do and to screw up. The trick is releasing the switch at the right time, walking and running NOT JUMPING. You can hold the switch as long as you like, when you release it is the key. I wait for the first masher to land to release it. Not crucial as the timing of the first masher, I also wait until the second smaller masher is dropping at the opposite time as the first masher. When this happens, I release the X button, press and hold it again and hold right. The first masher should drop down just before I arrive. I continue to run into the lowered masher until it goes up. I keep running until clear of the first masher. Then, depending on where the second masher is, I MAY release X and walk. My goal is to be running into the next masher after it hits the ground. I keep running into the lowered masher until it is up I am clear of these 3 small ones. Same thing again. I may release X and walk until the final masher is down. When it is down, I run into it until it is raised and you are past it.

There is not enough time to wait in for a second cycle with each masher. If something goes wrong, turn back and start again before it gets to hard.
PRACTICE POINT------------------------

PRACTICE POINT------------------------
D. There are 5 layers of slime; 2 that go right and 3 that go left. The trick here is to give yourself plenty of running room. Be prepared to make 3 jumps over the slime.

Climb the ladder and when safe, jump over just enough that you are hanging. Wait here until the higher passes over you AND the lower hits the block just as you are climbing up. WALK to the left and duck as the high slime approaches. RUNJUMP over the low one and WALK back to the right. Duck as the slime approaches and RUNJUMP over the slime. This time, walk a little to the right, duck and then RUNJUMP to the ladder. TAKE YOUR TIME HERE!!!(but not too much........I don't know climb casually.) Get clear of the 3rd level slime, wait for the forth to pass and wait for the 5th too.
PRACTICE POINT-------------------------

PRACTICE POINT-------------------------
E. Again, another 5 layers of slime. The trick here is to roll for the first part of if it. NOTICE, the two slime layers that are high on the ladder? Look very closely where they are hitting each time. AVOID THOSE SPOTS. When get to the top of the ladder DO NOT HOLD X. Walk forward a little and kneel. Just as the first layer of slime is landing, roll forward and IMMEDIATELY, crawl back a little. You are save here as long as you are kneeling. Do the same for the next layer. Wait until it is just about to land. Roll and crawl back a little. You are safe here as long as you are kneeling. Wait here again until the next layer of slime is just high enough to safely jump over and hold X, forward and jump. Hold X while on the ladder. You may need to lower yourself just a little to avoid the 4th layer of slime. As soon as it is safe SPEEDCLIMB up. Again, you may need to lower yourself a little to avoid the final layer of slime. As soon as it is safe, SPEEDCLIMB up.
PRACTICE POINT----------------------------

PRACTICE POINT----------------------------
F. That was the worst of it. This next bit is not too bad but important to be able to get right %100 of the time. Climb the ladders zig-zagging the slime until reaching the computer?...... in the center. HOLD the switch until you see both slimes dropping down close to the same time. Release X, hold X again, left stick and jump across. This next jump is CRUCIAL. The trick with this one is to do a RUNNINGJUMP it short. DO NOT jump from the edge. Jump so that you will catch the small platform below and not end up in the speedslime. Jumping too far will cause you to hit your head on the platform above. From that small platform, make your way up and around using a series of STANDJUMPS. Most of that part is best done without the X button being held.

G. All easy from here. If you die here, it is the result of your own doing. There is no excuse here for failure. Get to know this terrain and how to jump safely through it. As far as I know, the OCTO can not kill you. It might be able to by throwing you into the laser. DO NOT FIND OUT. After the cut-scene, run to the right and climb the big grey block in front of you. Wait for the OCTO to approach and "axe it a queshun."

If you miss, and it catches you, you will drop your axe. REMEMBER where you dropped it. You can either go back for the axe, or climb up top and smash the OCTO in the press above. This will require you to climb back down again which is dangerous; always lower yourself off ledges to see what is below you.

At the top where the press is, "axe" the door. You do NOT have to smash the OCTO in the press if you made it this far without losing your axe. You may decide to if it is close you. Keep climbing and when you reach the top, "axe" the blue cubes. For fun, see if you can smash them in only 4 swings. Upon smashing the cubes, a cut-scene plays. After, you are lying on the ground. Keep crawling to the left.

You are done!!!!! Achievements will pop just before the credits start. If for some reason the desired achievement did not work, you will need to go back delete any saved games you have in your storage device; not the game itself though, just the save files.
The War of the Worlds"To Hear the Tumult of Children"The "To Hear the Tumult of Children" achievement in The War of the Worlds worth 38 pointsComplete the game

There is a series of videos for this game by a guy called 360arcade that I would not recommend watching due to poor technique. They are humorous though.

The first person who has got this achievement created these videos and never bothered to announce them on this site. I due feel that we owe him/or her a thanks though. His/her technique is not something that I would recommend all the time. I would go for a safe approach at all times and these videos are set up for speed runs. Thanks challenger428
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