True Templar achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

True Templar

Reach level 20 (Multiplayer).

True Templar+1.2
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How to unlock the True Templar achievement

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    **UPlay Passport is NOT needed for this achievement, all multiplayer achievements can be earned within the 3 day trial even without boosting**

    This is just a quick solution because the only real way to get this quick & easy is boosting as in brotherhood.

    Total XP needed: 136,500
    Time To Reach Level 20: 10 - 15 hours (without boosting)

    I personally did this without boosting and found the best mode to get XP was Chest Capture (when you can find a game) the reason for this is you get XP even if you are doing badly, whenever you're team caps a chest you get 50 points, it might not be alot but it's better than 0.
    A few tricks of the trade that I've picked up are as follows:

    Capturing chests:
    Use disguise ALOT, people get very itchy to kill people and will kill whoever looks like you're persona if it gets near the chest, take advantage of this by going in disguise and getting hidden in a crowd or by a shop or even a hay stack if you think it's safe. If you manage to capture it while hidden you will get at least 200 points and do this 5 times for a challenge.

    Defending chests:
    Much the same as capturing as in the main goal is to stay hidden! Because if you get kills while hidden that is a nice big 300 point bonus, if you focus aswell youre looking at a 800+ point kill. Another tip is lay tip mines by crowds so you don't miss anyone trying to hide.

    So there is a few tips, hope this helps everyone, if you feel the guide needs something or decide to vote it down please say why in the comments or drop me a message, thanks :)

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    BRUCeALLMITYWe need 2 more players we are jamming all assassin's greed multi players need 2
    Posted by BRUCeALLMITY#480 on 09 Sep at 15:48
    SCokeleyLooking for boosters to do this with GT SCokeley
    Posted by SCokeley on 11 Sep at 00:27
    EliteGnatLooking for boosters. Gt EliteGnat
    Posted by EliteGnat on 14 Sep at 16:31
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    First off this is a boosting method for those who unlike me are not huge fans of this game. This method is affective with 4-8 players and is designed to be random proof .

    The game mode is Corruption. When you join in as a group at least 2 members of your group will be corrupted (they are the hunters and the only ones with the power to corrupt others keeping any random who joins from getting in the way)

    BEST USE FOR METHOD 4-7 PLAYERS (could be don with 8 but you would have to do some juggling to make it work)

    abilty 1 & 2 not important
    PERK 1, Resistence (when it become available)
    perk 2 not important
    loss streak not important
    KILL STREAK 3 Silent kills + 250 (every 3 stuns you get a 250 bonus)

    When the match starts find an open central location, on some maps rooftops are best. Once your all together you will want at least half of the players corrupted.
    4 players = 2 corrupted
    5 players = 3 corrupted
    6 players = 3 corrupted
    7 players = 4 corrupted

    When you have this done the starting 2 uncorupted take turns stunning the uncorrutped till they reach around 15,000-16,000 points and then they need to be killed to keep from going over 20,000 and hitting the anti-cheating mechanism. Then whoever is left finnishes off the round stunning the others (if you have 3 or for uncorrupted you will go in two groups to avoid confusion). It is important that after being corrupted to imediately return to the designated point, the more people there are to stun the faster it goes. When the next round starts the two players with the highest score are usually made the corrupted. Make sure that all players who have hit the 15,000 point marker are corrupted for this round. For this round you do the same with the last group of players. When the round is done everyone should have at least 15,000 points. For the last round you can try to push it and get closer to 20,000 but i would advise caution when attempting it. My reccomendation is to kill every one, end the game and go again.

    I feel that my boosting method should be made public. this method is simple and can be done with 8 people.

    This boosting method will get all players at least ten thousand points per game. Revelations has an anti-cheating method that blocks all scores over fifteen thousand. So the goal is to get around 15-18 thousand.

    The game mode you will choose is STEAL THE ARTIFACT.

    Before starting you will want to have the 3 or 5 kill/stun streak and Resistance if you have it.

    When the game starts 2 players will go for the artifact. Once they respawn (stealing the artifact respawns you across the map) you all need to find and meet at a central location on the map. The players with the artifact stand in a hidden blended group when the other players arrive you start stunning them repeatedly. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ALL NEAR EACH OTHER IN ONE AREA. You will get 200 for every stun plus 250 or 550 for your stun streaks. You will also recieve bonuses for proximity and being hidden. When you pick up the artifact you will have 2 minutes before you are forced to drop it. This is when communication between players is a must. When there is around 15 seconds the chosen player will step into the group and focus hidden kill the the artifact carrier. When he kills the carrier he will get the artifact. Then it is his turn to go to the hidden group and stun the other players. Once all have had their turn the players who got the artifact first gets to focus hidden kills the artifact carrier. This gives all players the chance to stun and get a high points kill.

    You will average 15-18,000 per player per game. GAME CAN NOT BE PRIVATE MATCH (update thanks toHam sanwitch )

    good luck and happy boosting
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    Assassin CorvoAs has already been said this is NOT a very well written solution & is incorrect in stating as Random Proof....No way! Anyone planning on using this method will gain a good amount of xp 10-12k per match even with random's but read Mobius Evalon's comments just above mine,he explains it well.
    Posted by Assassin Corvo on 03 May 15 at 20:18
    AwakeDeadeyeIf anyone knows how to set everything up and stuff I'd like to boost. This game's online utterly baffles me though and I might need some help getting in the groove of things. If I thought the online was even semi fun or even playable I'd just try normally.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 04 Sep 17 at 20:50
    UGotta Check ItAs of yesterday, the Corruption method works with 8 people to avoid the odd random. Yes, there are still a minimal amount of people playing. You can still get at least one round of boosting because they will be uncorrupted and you can just stun without them. But using 8 is a surefire way to avoid that. We evened teams at 4v4 and just had all the corrupted bunch up in the middle and let the uncorrupted stun at random. If you have multiple targets, the corrupted will stand faster than it appears. Additionally, the uncorrupted get XP for being near corrupted players. The XP cap is at 20k and it takes away all your XP. This is confirmed.

    This method takes about 2-2.5 hours to get from 1-20.
    Posted by UGotta Check It on 25 Feb 21 at 18:07
  • iTz Canada EhhiTz Canada Ehh1,168,285
    08 Apr 2020 21 Apr 2020 05 May 2020
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    This achievement requires you to reach level 20 in multiplayer.

    Thankfully, this is much easier to boost than in Brotherhood, and you can go from 1-20 in about 3 hours. Unfortunately though, people still actively play this game, so you won't be finding any empty lobbies to boost for the most part.

    While trying to follow the methods here, myself and my boosting buddies came across what I believe is the best way to stun boost this. It only needs a minimum of 4 people and it is entirely random proof. By random proof, I mean that a random cannot come in and mess up your game, kill you, etc. There is no method that will prevent randoms from joining and giving you a private lobby, but this will allow you to boost without having to worry about the randoms that may be in your session.

    First, party up and search for the team game mode Artifact Assault. In this game mode, you're split into two teams and you have to defend your artifact. What makes this game mode the best to boost is that there is a line right down the middle dividing the map. Once you cross over that line to the other side, you become a target for the other team, meaning they can kill you. But, as long as you're on your side, you're safe.

    What you want to do is meet up with the other team right at the dividing line, then have one team cross over and start stunning players. The rounds are 10 minutes each, so to keep it fair we crossed over and stunned the other team for 5 minutes and stunned them, then they crossed over to our side and stunned us for the remaining 5.

    This game mode is pretty deserted compared to Wanted and some of the other main ones. However, if any randoms join on your team, keep an eye on them and communicate to your boosting partners on the other team if they come close to where you guys are doing all of your stuns. Once they get close, call it out and the other team can simply cross back over to their side of the map and they're safe. We boosted multiple games and had randoms join, but once they realize they can't do any killing, they either ended up quitting out or just playing the game mode legit and captured the artifacts.

    So in summary:
    1. Get a group of 4 minimum and search for Artifact Assault
    2. Meet somewhere along the dividing line
    3. Cross over and stun people
    4. If randoms join, keep an eye on them and cross back to your side if needed.

    I believe if you were to do a 3 hour session using this method, you should unlock this achievement, or at least be pretty close to it. Again, since it may be difficult to get a full lobby of people wanting to stun boost, this is the best method for parties that are less than 8 people and have a risk of randoms joining the game.

    Also, make sure to not go over 20000 points in one game. I believe there is an anti-cheat mechanism in the matchmaking lobbies that's triggered at 20000 points. I've never triggered it, nor do I know of anyone who has, but it was something that was echoed to me when I was boosting, so I'll pass that message along. I have no idea what happens if you do breach that score limit, so just make sure you don't pass it.
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    Lovely Sollution also cancels out stupid session people from crashing or just killing randomly, im gonna deffo use this method for tonights session session
    Posted on 06 Jan 21 at 10:23
    Not ExactlyyJust wanting to confirm that the game does indeed cap you at 20,000 points, and if you go over you will trigger an in-game warning that you have exceeded max number of points and you won’t be given credit for ANY of them, bringing your level back to where it was before you started that game.
    Posted by Not Exactlyy on 19 Mar at 05:21
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