Explorer achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations


Finish a session of each game mode (Multiplayer).

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How to unlock the Explorer achievement

  • Salvatore 2Salvatore 2307,867
    29 Nov 2011 29 Nov 2011 14 Nov 2017
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    There are 12 game modes you have to play and they are...

    -Simple Deathmatch-4-8 Players (Private Match Starts at 4 Players)

    -Wanted-4-8 Players
    -Deathmatch-4-8 Players (Private Match Starts at 4 Players)
    -Assassinate-4-8 Players (Private Match starts at 2 Players)
    -Steal The Artifact-4-8 Players (Private Match starts at 4 Players)
    -Corruption-4-8 Players (Private Match starts at 4 Players)
    -Manhunt-4-8 Players (Private Match Starts at 2 Players)
    -Artifact Assault-4-8 Players (Private Match Starts at 2 Players)
    -Chest Capture-4-8 Players (Private Match starts at 4 Players)
    -Escort-4-8 Players (Private Match starts at 4 Players)
    Then there is the introductory session 1 and 2 that will count

    An easy way to get these game modes is to...
    1. go into custom match
    2.go to simulation category
    -this will bring up simple deathmatch, free for all, team objectives
    3.once you have picked go to mode and select the game type you want to play
    (when you go into simulation category it will tell you if it is low to high active with people playing that category.)

    This will put you either in a game that has already started or it will start a new game. If it starts you in a game this will still count for you as playing a game even if you didnt score any points.
    If you are having trouble finding what game types you still need you can hit the RB, go to friends ladder, and game modes and you can see all 12 game types and if you have played them.

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    I H8 BAKERThere seems to be am issue with this achievement not unlocking despite having played every single game mode. Does anyone have a solution for this?
    Posted by I H8 BAKER On 26 May 22 at 06:27
    a bag of purpNeed 3 to play steal the artifact hmu
    Posted by a bag of purp On 10 Sep 22 at 15:07
    SegmentedMass73Anyone wanna do this on 360 I'm game servers are shutting down in a few weeks
    Posted by SegmentedMass73 On 12 Sep 22 at 02:52
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    There are a total of 12 Multiplayer Game Modes to play in order to unlock this achievement.

    Simple Deathmatch
    Steal the Artifact
    Chest Capture
    Artifact Assult
    Introductory Session 1
    Introductory Session 2

    You can find out which modes you have left to play by selecting the following.

    1) From the main menu select Multiplayer
    2) In the Multiplayer menu, Press RB to bring up the Friends Hub
    3) Select Friends Ladder and press A
    4) Select Game Modes and press A

    You will now see a list of all 12 Game modes
    By moving the curser up and down the list, any game modes that you have achieved a score on, will now show up on the left hand side, along with a comparision to any of your friends scores.

    Very quick and easy to play them all, as you dont actually have to play a full game (If you join half way through) You can just score some points and make sure you stay till the end of the game.
    Dont quit out !

    Good luck !
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    Mobius EvalonYou can do these mixed private and public. I completed Manhunt, Assassinate, Steal the Artifact, Artifact Assault, Chest Capture, and Escort in private matches. I played Corruption when stun boosting for level 20, then played Deathmatch and Manhunt public and received the achievement. You may notice I omitted Simple Deathmatch -- it apparently is not required for the achievement, because I know I've never played that mode and I received the achievement when finishing Manhunt. My best guess is that Deathmatch and Simple Deathmatch count as the same mode, so I encourage you to save it for last.

    I would also like to add that you do not need any points/kills/captures/etc. to receive credit. Most of the matches I played above (in both public and private) I just set down my controller and never scored a point (and in some cases, was killed repeatedly) and still received the achievement on time.

    Also, by playing private matches or not scoring any points in public matches, you will not see any indication that you have played that mode in the friends ladder. You will need to keep track on your own, but know that each match absolutely does count as you finish them.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon On 28 Sep 12 at 00:03
    I am SNAKE EY3SYou do not need to do the introductory missions. I never started them and the achievement popped after I finished the last mode. I was going to do those two last since I was in party and knocking out the rest.
    Posted by I am SNAKE EY3S On 13 Jan 13 at 06:15
    littlenickysaI need a few more games let me know if you need any or all I will be willing to help and need it myself.

    Gt: Littlenickysa
    Posted by littlenickysa On 16 Jan 14 at 06:05
  • euclid rivereuclid river304,477
    11 Dec 2012 11 Dec 2012 08 Apr 2013
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    You must finish a session of each of the 11 game types.

    I found this achievement to be mildly frustrating due to the lack of people online, although it's still very much achievable.

    You don't have to score any points, or even play an entire match (I.e you can join late), but I believe you need to stay until the end once you've joined.

    To check which modes you have already done; go to multiplayer, then hit RB to bring up the Friend Hub, from here select the Friends Ladder and move to Game Modes. If you've scored points in a game mode, you've done a match.

    You'll want to start by finishing both tutorial sessions:
    - Introductory Session 1
    - Introductory Session 2

    Usually there seems to be more people in the TEAM OBJECTIVES games, so your best bet is to start with those as you can gather recent players who you will invite to a private match for the more illusive FREE FOR ALL modes.

    The TEAM OBJECTIVES modes are as follows:
    - Manhunt
    - Artifact Assault
    - Chest Capture
    - Escort

    Once you've finished the above modes, I'd search for games in the FREE FOR ALL modes, although they are less popular.

    The FREE FOR ALL modes are:
    - Wanted
    - Deathmatch
    - Assassinate
    - Steal The Artifact
    - Corruption

    If you are having no luck, invite some recent players to a private match of any of the modes you've missed. Hopefully a few of them will join and you can get them out of the way.

    The friend feed (which you used to identify which modes you've done) doesn't show any data from private matches, so take note of these separately.

    If you do all 11 of the modes and don't get the achievement, try the SIMPLE DEATHMATCH (people have reported this doesn't count towards it, but it's not been confirmed)
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    CXG DAGinatorConfirmed: Simple Deathmatch does NOT count for this achievement. I just got it without it (I've not been able to get a match). Just to encourage those fighting for this one: that one isn't necessary.
    Posted by CXG DAGinator On 04 Jul 17 at 03:09
    oakdale7Hey, I got all each modes and got scored points include Simple Deathmatch. No pop cheevo Nothing. Did I missing something?? Also I checked in on friends ladder, Game modes.... There I got ALL each map and had scored. Help me out.
    Posted by oakdale7 On 19 Oct 18 at 03:24
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