Fond Memories achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Fond Memories

Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences.

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How to unlock the Fond Memories achievement

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    Fond Memories
    This achievement requires you to achieve 100% synch in all Sequences through the main story (Sequence 1 through 9). Side missions may be disregarded to get this achievement.
    Upon completion, this achievement will bag you 20 GamerScore.
    - You will be noted if you have completed or failed a full sync objective. It can also be seen when you hit pause, under "Full Synchronization". After this occurs, you can disregard the objective fully, and be as reckless as you want. The optional objective will not be failed after it has been completed
    - If you at any point fail the Full Sync, press Start and hit Restart Memory.
    - You have to finish the memory if you want the Full Synch, even if you have finished the memory before.

    This solution contains information that may spoil the game experience to some users. To easily navigate this solution, press Crtl + F or Cmd + F for Mac users, and type sequence number-memory number. Example: "5-2" for Sequence 5, Memory 2. You can also type in the name of memories. Example: "The Hangman". Replace Roman Numbers (I, II, III, IV) with Arabic (1, 2, 3, 4).

    Sequence 1: A Sort of Homecoming

    1-1 Memory 1 - The Hangman: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    1-2 Memory 2 - A Narrow Escape: Kill a Byzantine Templar with a counter kill. Fairly simple, you'll meet a couple of groups of Templars as you venture through. To counter kill, hold RT and press X as a Templar strikes you. Most scenically would be when you jump into the water and as the guard engages you, eliminate him with a counter-kill.

    1-3 Memory 3 - A Journal of Some Kind: Do not fail a single tail. There is only one tail as far as I have experienced in this memory, and that is when you follow the Templar Captain through Masyaf. Just follow the captain through the town without losing sight of him.

    1-4 Memory 4 - A Hard Ride: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    1-5 Memory 5 - The Wounded Eagle: Kill at least 5 guards from a haystack. This one might prove a pain. After you have infiltrated the walls, locate a haystack (there are several). Lure a guard by making the marker above his head yellow, jump into the haystack and wait for his approach. Hit X when advised to kill from a haystack. If you have already engaged combat with him, use Grab (B) and thereafter Throw (B) to make him lose sight of you, jump into a haystack and wait for his approach. Do this 5 times and the objective is completed. It appears that you have to kill the 5 guards BEFORE you follow the Templar Captain with Eagle Vision into the courtyard.

    Sequence 2: The Crossroads of the World

    2-1 Memory 1 - A Warm Welcome: Do not wander far from Yusuf. Yusuf will be your guide as you come to the beautiful city of Constantinople. Stand beside him, let go of the Left Stick and it will feel like a cinematic. You'll engage combat, but make sure you stick close to Yusuf and this will come with ease.

    2-2 Memory 2 - Upgrade And Explore: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    2-3 Memory 3 - The Hookblade: Perform every hookblade move successfully at least once. There are three new moves that Ezio learn, and you have a couple attempts for each.
    - This there is one for extended reach. Jump from a ledge onto a wall. Hold Grasp (B) in midair and see Ezio grasp for a ledge.
    - The second move is a bit more tricky, and it's called a long jump. As you jump for a lamp turn, press B while in midair and you'll be launched for a great distance.
    - Last move is called Hook-and-Run, as you approach an enemy, hold Shove (B) and you'll roll over his/her back. At this point the game will notify you that you've completed the task.

    2-4 Memory 4 - The View From Galata: Climb the tower in under 60 seconds. With your newly acquired Hookblade, this one should be easy. As you engage the tower, follow Yusuf's path up the tower and hit Jump (A) repeatedly.

    2-5 Memory 5 - Advanced Tactics: Perform a zipline assassination. This one is very classy, and will be a part of the events in this memory. To perform a zipline assassination, engage the zipline by jumping (RT + A) a long the line, and to Assassinate a target, press X when advised. I recommend not holding RT while on the zipline, as this will increase your speed, thus making the gap for assassination smaller.

    2-6 Memory 6 - On The Defense: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    2-7 Memory 7 - On The Attack: Do not create any conflict in the Imperial North District. By conflict they mean open fight. The best way to do this one is to locate your target, the Templar Leader, and then use Ranged Weapons to take him out from a roof top. Air Assassination might seem tempting, but this will alert other guards, and fail the objective. After the kill, climb, and ignite the tower without having people see you.

    Sequence 3: Lost and Found

    3-1 Memory 1 - The Prisoner: Pickpocket the guard to retrieve the key. Locate the guard by using Eagle Vision (Press Left Stick), walk up behind him when not in combat and hold Fast Walk/Steal (A), after this, you may kill as many people as you want without failing the objective.

    3-2 Memory 2 - The Sentinel, Part 1: Use your Assassin Signal at least 1 time. The Assassin Signal is calling for an apprentice. Aiming at an enemy target and press Call Assassins (LB) as advised will bag you this objective. There are three objectives in this memory.

    3-3 Memory 3 - Guild Contracts: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    3-4 Memory 4 - Bomb Crafting: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    3-5 Memory 5 - A Familiar Face: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    3-6 Memory 6 - The Yerebatan Cistern: Do not get detected. This one is difficult. You should stock up on Throwing Knives, Poison and Crossbow Bolts for silent kills. You may not use Assassins during this, so bombs come in handy to. Note that you must not loot the Templar Captain to get the keys, killing is enough. As long as the guard is not fully aware of your presence (Red Marker), you will not fail this objective.

    3-7 Memory 7 - Quid Pro Quo: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    3-8 Memory 8 - The Mentor's Keeper: Save all citizens under attack. This one is misleading, and I struggled at first. When you get to the castle, there will be a few hostages. THESE ARE NOT THE CITIZENS. Citizens will be marked on the minimap by Black Dots, and may be found using the Map if you head to every Red Dot, kill the Templars and you'll see the citizen run off. There is about 5 citizens. When you've saved them all, you'll be notified before you enter the castle to save your mentor.

    3-9 Memory 9 - Curse Of The Romani: Poison all of your targets while blending with the Romanies. Fairly simple. Stand in the middle of the four Romanies, chose the Poison Darts from your left weapon wheel, lock onto targets (LT) when advised, hold Shoot (Y) to aim and release when it has formed a white line towards your marked target. There are three targets you'll have to kill. Romanies does not get affected by the poison if you hit them, but make sure they're not standing in your way. Groups of Romanies are shattered across the path, so if you should lose your current group, hire a new one.

    3-10 Memory 10 - The Sentinel, Part 2: Do not be detected while you search for the prisoners. This one will prove difficult. There are two prisoners that you have to save, at two different locations. The entrances to 'prison' are guarded by a couple of guards, your best shot is to distract them with a Cherry Bomb, throw one in a desired distance, wait some seconds, run in and Press Speak (B), and run away again. As soon as you Speak to the second prisoner, your objective will be completed, and any detection from guards after this can be disregarded.

    Sequence 4: The Uncivil War

    4-1 Memory 1 - The Prince's Banquet: Beat Yusuf to Topkapi Palace. This one took me some training, but is not as hard as it seems. Yusuf is the white dot in the far back when you start. That means you get a head starts. You want to follow the Assassins in front of you, they'll take you the shortest path, just make sure you don't jump into one of them and fall down.

    4-2 Memory 2 - An Uneasy Meeting: Do not be detected. Take to the rooftops and take the route around the guards. It's not a long distance to travel, and the roof will provide cover. 'Detected' means again 'Open Conflict' with guards (Red Marker).

    4-3 Memory 3 - The Fourth Part Of The World: Get in and out of the port without being detected. Here you must infiltrate a restricted area, go on a boat to discover a piece of paper of Sofia, and leave. There are not too many guards to worry about, but there might be someone on the boat, you may avoid, distract or silently kill them as you feel best. When you've retrieved the paper, jump into the water and swim away.

    4-4 Memory 4 - Signs And Symbols, Part 1: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    4-5 Memory 5 - Galata Tower: Complete the level within 6 minutes. This shouldn't be too hard. Navigate through the caverns below Galata Tower with decent progress and you should make it in good time. Time spent watching Cutscenes does not count towards the 6 minutes. If you die, your timer will reset for the time left when you reached the checkpoint! Time left can be seen when you hit pause, under Full Synchronization. I finished with 1:30 left on the clock. There will be no guards to fend off in this memory.

    4-6 Memory 6 - The Mentor's Wake: Do not lose more than 3 synchronization points. This one is also tricky. When climbing, you'll lose a point for every time the Apple of Eden pulses. This is why you want to take to slow and easy, make sure you stand safely on a platform as you hear the Apple reach the higher pitches of the noise spectrum, and you'll be fine as you climb the tower. You can chose to skip the first part of climbing if you run along the path, all the way up the to tower. This may make it easier if you're struggling.

    Sequence 5: Heir to the Empire

    5-1 Memory 1 - The Janissaries: Distract 2 guards with bombs. Easy enough. Choose a Cherry or Light Smoke Bomb from your inventory, throw within eye/ear-sight of two guards to bag this objective.

    5-2 Memory 2 - The Arsenal Gates: Make sure 40 or more rioters survive. This one can prove difficult. Guards will appear to fight off the provoked rioters as they try to bash down the gates to the port, your job is to fend them off. To help you, call for Assassins by pressing LB or Arrow Storm by holding LB. Run up to incoming guards and pick them off easily by using hidden blades, from here, equip your sword to kill the rest. The Heavily Armored guards should be taken out ASAP.

    5-3 Memory 3 - Arsenal Infiltration: Perform an Air Assassination from a zipline. This one will not be an obvious part of the story. A few ziplines are shattered across the port, engage one and guards should be all over the place, you'll just need to keep your eyes open, ready to hit X.

    5-4 Memory 4 - Portrait Of A Lady: Steal the painting without the merchant spotting you. When you find the merchant who has Sofia's painting, you want to throw a Smoke Bomb, because he will always be looking towards you. Be careful so that you don't accidentally purchase the picture. Go to the opposite side of his stand and hold B to steal the picture under the smokescreen. After this just run up to Sofia.

    5-5 Memory 5 - Signs And Symbols, Part 2: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    5-6 Memory 6 - The Forum Of The Ox: Do not take any damage. I don't know if the boatmen can actually hit you with their guns, but I have never experienced it. Keep out of the flames that are created and at the end of the level, Hold Block (RT) and use counter kills. Alternatively you can use throwing knives and kill them before they reach you. Use bombs when necessary, but this will make you open for attacks. The four guards are militia, and will go down easily.

    5-7 Memory 7 - A New Regime: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    Sequence 6: Fortune's Disfavor

    6-1 Memory 1 - Into The Shadows: Assassinate a target from a hiding spot. There will only be one target in this mission, and two/three hiding spots (crowds doesn't count). A lockbox with Cherry Bombs will lay next to the chapel-like building. Pick them up and throw them near a haystack/bench. When your target approaches, stab him him in the face from your hiding spot and this memory is completed.

    6-2 Memory 2 - Honor, Lost And Won: Perform an air assassination on Tarik. After you've infiltrated the camp by your means, Tarik will stand in the middle of a crowd. Remember that guards will still be suspicious of your actives, so do not let them detect you. To the left from where you start after the cutscene, to the side of the pit Tarik stands in, there are some scaffolding and a route up to above Tarik's position. Climb up there, lock onto Tarik by pressing LT, and hit X for Air Assassination.

    6-3 Memory 3 - Bearer Of Mixed Tidings: Do not kill anyone. As simple as it says. Avoid conflict by using rooftops to make it easier on yourself, run from any pursuers you may get.

    6-4 Memory 4 - A Little Errand: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    6-5 Memory 5 - Signs And Symbols, Part 3: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    6-6 Memory 6 - The Maiden's Tower: Obtain the Masyaf Key without falling into the water. It's easy to get rushed on this memory, but remember that you have a fair amount of time to spare when you get to the mechanisms. Make clean jumps and don't mash buttons and you'll regret.

    6-7 Memory 7 - The Mentor's Return: Do not kill anyone except Abbas and his Captains. There are a total of three captains plus Abbas. Soldiers will die, but as long as you didn't order the attack (by pressing LB) or kill them yourself, you should be okay. You will get attacked by some guards, make sure you have 'Arms' as weapon and use disarm to get rid of them. Don't spam click X, because you may accidentally kill them.

    6-8 Memory 8 - Setting Sail: Do not kill anyone with blades. You should have a set of bombs, use them if you need, otherwise just run up to the flamethrower and initiate the sequence. After this you'll have to run to catch up with the boat. You may use the Hook-and-Run ability to get past guards.

    Sequence 7: Underworld

    7-1 Memory 1 - The Hidden City: Do not get detected. Use rooftops to slip past patrolling guards and use ranged weaponry to get rid of gunmen on the rooftops. This shouldn't be hard.

    7-2 Memory 2 - The Spy Who Shunned Me: Do not kill anyone. Avoid guards by using alternative routes, use distraction bombs if you have to, but this shouldn't be hard.

    7-3 Memory 3 - The Renegade: Do not let Janos lose more than half his health. This one requires you to get up close to an elite guard as fast as possible. First, you kill 4 gunmen who will go down with Assassinations, after that, air assassinate the Templar. After you've done this, Janos' health bar disappears and you will no longer have to defend him. The time is brief on this one, so you might want to hurry up without breaking the flow.

    7-4 Memory 4 - Decommissioned: Do not take any damage. I found this one the hardest. You have to fight your way through a whole bunch of guards, some of them heavily armed. Use bombs as much as you can, and poison before you engage open conflict, this will help. Axe guards have a heavy swing attack that cannot be blocked or countered. Use Dodge (A) to get away from this. You'll see him about to swing when he grabs a good hold of his axe and takes a deep breath...

    7-5 Memory 5 - Last Of The Palaiologi: Do not take any damage. This one is much easier than the last. You can avoid conflict by climbing the gate at once, from here, you case Palaiologos to the water, and he dies in one hit with the Hidden Blade. DakotaThrice advises you to not skip cutscene as it will lock you onto a target, and it's impossible to run straight to the gate.

    7-6 Memory 6 - Escape: Do not lose more than half your health. The place is burning and you will take damage from the toxin it creates in addition to some lightly armored guards. For this one you may need health potions, as you are bound to drop in health. Run out of the city as fast as you can, and keep an eye on that health!

    7-7 Memory 7 - Passing The Torch: There are no specific tasks for this mission.

    Sequence 8: Discovery

    8-1 Memory 1 - Discovery: If attacked, kill 5 guards in close combat without getting hit. This one has been debated for long time, and if you read through the comments, they are as diverse as a panda's bottom. However I have come to a conclusion; If you don't engage enemies at all, the full synch will not pop until next time you load up the chapter. Killing 5 enemies in quick succession isn't very difficult though, so either way you'll not struggle with doing the achievement itself, but struggling to understand what they actually want you to do.

    8-2 Memory 2 - The Exchange: Rescue Sofia before she loses 50% health. This one is dodgy. On top of the tower, Jump (RT + A) and use Parachute at once (X in midair). Fly all the way over to Sofia, two guards may be in your way. Take them out, run over and press B to interact.

    8-3 Memory 3 - End Of The Road: Kill 20 guards. When riding on the carriage with Sofia, you enter a sequence of parasailing. Here you'll have to ways of killing guards. X which Assassinates the targets and B which picks them up so that you can throw them on other guards. 20 guards is just about what there is, so make sure to kill as many as possible (two/three might slip by without any consequences). It seems that only the guards you kill when parachuting counts.

    Sequence 9: Revelations. There are no specific tasks for this sequence.

    After you've done this the achievement should pop and you'll be 20 GamerScore richer.

    Questions and Additional Information are welcome in the comment section or in a private message.

    Secondary Memories:
    These DO NOT count towards the achievement, but I've decided to include them for the sake of you guys.

    Secret Locations

    Hagia Sophia's Secret: Complete the level within 6 minutes. This one shouldn't be hard, considering that dying will reset your timer on the clock accordingly to your checkpoint time. If you struggle with back-leaps. Let go of the Left Stick and hold only RT and A, this will hopefully send Ezio in the right direction. At the end of the level there's a fine surprise for you. Time remaining is shown on the Pause Menu. You will not have to fend off guards in this memory.

    Vlad The Impaler's Prison: Complete the level within 7 minutes. For those of you who bought a special edition and got this Memory, the full sync objective is to complete the level within 7 minutes. Venture through the prison that kept the legendary Vlad the Impaler and get a nice surprise in the end. As always, time left is displayed in the Pause Menu, cutscenes doesn't count towards the timer, and no guards to kill in this memory.

    Recruit Assassins:

    There are no required objective for full sync on these missions except competition. These memories can be found shattered across the map. You can still do it, even if you have 12 Assassin trainees at hand.

    Master Assassin Missions:

    The Deacon, Part 1: Locate the Church Official on your first try. In the start of the level, you engage a green marked zone. Walk up a set of staircases, as advised by your Eagle Vision (Press Left Stick). The Official is a bald man standing alone in a greenish robe. Hover over him in Eagle Vision to 'locate'.

    The Deacon, Part 2: Kill your target with the Hidden Blade. After the chase sequence, your target will face your Assassin, run up to him and Assassinate right after the cutscene and prove him wrong in the hard way that Assassins don't always go alone.

    The Trickster, Part 1: Complete the level with 4 Romanies left In the end of the level, you're faced with a couple of guards and 4 Romanies. Kill the guards as fast as you can and this shouldn't be a problem.

    The Trickster, Part 2: Kill The Trickster with poison. Oh the irony. After the chase sequence, your target will be engaged in combat with you and your Assassin. Chose Poison Darts from the weapon wheel, aim and shoot. This will immediately trigger the full sync, and you may stab her. Your Assassin will not attempt to kill her after you've poisoned her. I was probably a bit trigger happy here, and therefore my first dart failed to trigger the programming etc.etc. and had to use a second dart because of this.

    The Champion, Part 1: Stay on the rooftops for the duration for the tail. Fairly simple. Just stay on the rooftops. Your company will be attacked by Templars, and it is important that you kill these with ranged weapons, as Air Assassinations will cause you to fail. Note that the ground level changes, so you might find yourself standing on the ground even though you just walked off the roof. Keep your eyes open.

    The Champion, Part 2: Do not let the Herald lost any health. This one is a bitch, because Templars will always rush the Herald. Stand as close to the Herald with your dagger equipped and hold RT, and templar that comes close will have to go through you, and you can easily kill them with counter kills and kill streaks. Keep your eyes up, and this will come with practice. Smoke bombs and other stun bombs are SUPER HANDY for this, it keeps the killers at distance. Use Eagle Vision (Left Stick) to see through the smoke. Lethal bombs may hurt the Herald, so say away from these.
    - BobWings claims that if you poison the first wave of attackers, there will not be any others.

    The Guardian, Part 1: Do not get into open conflict during the infiltration. The infiltration when you're told to infiltrate the 'Rich Man's' place. What you want to do here is to hire some Romanies, there are a couple of groups in the area. Go past the two guards and engage the Rich Man.

    The Guardian, Part 2: Do not get detected before the meeting. This one shouldn't be difficult. Keep your distance to guards and the ones you follow. Use hiding spots, corners, rooftops, etc. to avoid being detected.

    The Vizier, Part 1: Win the race against your Apprentice. Your Apprentice is ridiculously slow on this one, use spring to overtake him, and pass throw the marked gates to win this.

    The Vizer, Part 2: Reach your Apprentice in less than 1 minute. Do not get into open conflict. What you do here is that you want to run to the center of the market area, the open spot where you can see the deed. Your Assassin is marked in gold in Eagle Vision (Left Stick). Groups of guards will be suspicious of your activities, but they will not always be in your way.

    The Thespian, Part 1: Do not let your Apprentice get hurt. As soon as you take to the rooftops, your Assassin will get attacked by a total of 4 Templars through 3 waves. You can kill these by Air Assassination easily. You have access to other Assassins, but if you must, use Arrow Storm (Hold LB) to take them out. Sending groups has a certain delay before it takes effect. TA Member says it's easier to stick to the ground. Do as you see fit.

    The Thespian, Part 2: Kill the target before your Apprentice does. You do not want to follow the path of your Assassin on this one. Ride the zipline and walk along the wall. At some point, you'll have to jump, use parachute, and you can Air Assassinate your target. If Ezio isn't smart enough to kill the target form the parachute, you still have some time before your Apprentice comes around, run over, hit X and watch as her lifeless body seeks to the ground.

    Faction HQ Missions.

    Unfortunate Son: Free the captured Mercenaries without being detected. This one is simple because you have Mercenaries that will fight for you. Send them into conflict with the guards and wait. You may sneak around and free the kid when they're not looking. As soon as you interact with the boy, this objective is unlocked.

    Loose Lips: Using a Thief group and lure the benefactor from his security zone before killing him. Hire a group of thieves that are found near by the start of the killing sequence. Lock onto the marked Templar by pressing LT and press Lure (B) to lure him away. From here it doesn't matter how you kill the target, as long as you do.

    Book Quests

    There are no objective other than competition that will lead to 100% sync on these memories. Book Quests are marked by a Book in a Black Square on the Map. The missions require you to climb a Vantage Point, use Eagle Vision (Left Stick) and hover over the marks you find.
    There are a total of 7 Book Quests.

    Piri Reis Missions

    Thunder: Do not kill anyone. Throw the bomb as advised and run form the scene without murder.

    Smoke Screen: Do not kill anybody. Use the smokescreen on the two groups of targets, walk past, grab the item and get the fudge out of there without killing.

    Cherry: Create at least 2 conflicts between factions with different guards each time. You'll have a total of three bombs on this mission. Two goes to secure your Assassin, where of one is used to create conflict between guards. Now you need to locate the second one. On your minimap, you see Yellow and Red dots, there represent different faction guards. Throw a Cherry Bomb in between two close groups of guards of different faction and watch them fight to their death.

    Datura: Do not use any ranged or melee weapon to kill the target. You'll be faced with three groups of enemies here. Throw the first bomb in the middle of the first group, as advised. Walk forward. Throw the second bomb throw the door opening. From here, climb the wall (with the window straight ahead, next to the door. This will leave you looking at your last, and main target. Throw a bomb at his feet and watch as he helplessly die.

    Caltrops: Do not swim. This one is easy as long as you don't get too far a head of yourself. After your objective is completed, run through the pile of guards, and head for the city, away from the water. Exit the danger zone and finish with pride.

    Smoke Decoy: Do not kill anyone except your targets. Throw a smoke bomb in the middle of the guard crowds and walk/run past them as the smoke as it's effect. Use Eagle Vision to locate your target and kill him with the Hidden Blade.

    Sticky Situation: Do not be detected. Walk forward, but keep your distance to the guards. Lock onto your marked target and throw the bomb. He'll help you take care of the others by walking over there. In the shock and awe of the detonation, flee the scene.

    Tripwire: Kill only the corrupted dignitary. Place your Tripwire bomb as advised by the game. Wait until the dignitary walks into it. From here, run over and stab him. This may cause open conflict between you and the guards, but just flee the scene.

    - All objectives are explained to detail in the game, and I don't feel the urge to write so much under this DNA Memory.

    Complete a successful Den Defence 3 times - This one is something you might miss if you have assigned Master Asssassins to the Dens, this keeps Templars from attacking it. Completing 2-6 counts towards the challenges as soon as challenges are unlocked. MadMaxx42 was kind enough to tell us that happens after memory 3-1.

    Kill an enemy using a throw weapon - This is not Throwing Knives, but rather spears. Disarm a spear-wielding guard, get some distance in between, hold X and release to hurl the spear, you can also pick one up from the ground by the body of a dead spear-guard after you've killed him. You might hit civilians when you throw, so be careful. This will work for any Heavy Weapon.

    Use Romanies on guards - Romanies will automatically attract guards and lead them away. This is NOT the objective. You'll have to lock onto a group of guards, and press B to lure them away.
    Kill a Stalker without getting stabbed 5 times - A Stalker is a Templar that will come at you randomly in the game, and take you hostage. Hold RT and press X to kill the him, and loot his body for a decent sum of money.

    Sprint uninterrupted for 300 meters - You want to find an open area for this one. The southwest part of the city makes a great spot for this. Run around (RT + A) without bumping into anyone.

    Additional Memories

    Viewpoints (22) - These are marked on the map as with a black square with an eagle on it. Climb the tower and press Left Stick when advised to synchronize.

    Animus Data Fragments (100) - These represents misplaces bits within Ezio's world that essentially, when collected, will take you through the early ages of Desmond Miles. As soon as you get 50, they'll appear on your map automatically. See the Achievement Guide for Capped for more information.

    Ishak Pasha's Memoir Pages (10) - A map for these pages can be bought at the Bookstore. When collected 10, you'll be able to mindfully rob his grave for his dignity and run off with a nice piece of armor.

    Treasures - Constantinople: Treasures are chests that contain a sum of money hidden throughout the city. Maps can be bought at the Bookstore.

    Treasures - Hidden Location (15): Chests hidden in Hidden Locations.

    You'll get 100.0% Synch when you've finished all the missions. Challanges doesn't seem to count towards this.

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    Goku BlackSequence 8-3: What I did was I always use X to kill them. And I was 100% sure I had 20. Then I used B to throw one of them and the secondary goal poppep. :)
    Posted by Goku Black#8860 on 27 Aug 17 at 19:15
    TREX1979Great guide and using it all these years later for the Ezio Collection - Thanks man and thanks for the extra ones as a fan I love the 100% everything :-)
    Posted by TREX1979 on 09 Feb 21 at 05:45
    mwmike11Any fix for if the achievement bugs? I got 100% in all sequences, but still no achievement.
    Posted by mwmike11 on 12 Dec at 00:42
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  • NiteraceNiterace265,166
    04 Dec 2011 30 Nov 2011 16 Dec 2011
    40 6 6
    I'm doing a video guide for this achievement. Only the tough to semi tough memories because some of them are very easy. I will keep updating the guide with more videos as I add them. It shouldn't take me too long to have them up. Good luck :)

    1st Video: Sequence 2 Memory 4
    2nd Video : Sequence 3 Memory 1 & 6
    3rd Video: Sequence 3 Memory 8
    4th Video: Sequence 7 Memory 4 & 5
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    Whiskey7+1, thanks.
    Posted by Whiskey7 on 04 Jan 12 at 19:23
    OnsidicVideos helped alot for 2 levels that were a pain.
    Piece of advice that helped me on numerous occasions, if you feel you waste bombs and you have enough components, hold RB select the bomb you want to replenish and press A (add bomb) you dont have to be at a crafting station. (I dont know whether this was a challenge unlock or not, i dont believe it is )
    Posted by Onsidic on 02 Feb 12 at 09:01
    I love this game had my old save from years ago still and the file name was called Fuck Ubisoft. Something quite unheard of in 2010...
    Posted on 17 Jan 21 at 14:05
  • gunherogunhero523,884
    16 Jun 2012 22 Oct 2012
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    The top solution for this achievement is great, however I found a super easy way to get 7-4 Memory 4 - Decommissioned: Do not take any damage. which is by far the most difficult chapter to 100%.

    You can do this as soon as you get to the mission, but to make it even easier I recommend you get back to it as you have fully upgraded Ezio.

    As soon as you reach the area with the first set of guards take a look in the area below you, there will be 2 guards in this area below you. Make sure to kill them first of all.

    Once they are dead and cannot cause any trouble run to the first set of enemies, you want to get their attention so that they will start to chase you, so shot them with an arrow.
    Once you have their attention simply run back to the opening, and jump down and hang on the platform that is sticking out.. As enemies approach simply spam the X button to throw them down to their death.

    Rince and repeat this method for the entire level and all enemies, super easy! And also fun to see the AI being so dumb :)
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    KanchanaburiLOL. This is what I did without even reading this. It didn't work on all but many of them. However, I found if there were 4 or more, they would start to throw rocks before I could get to all of them. If there were 3 or less it would work. So I just killed one in a group of 4 and it worked.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 19 Oct 14 at 07:02
    Shiney CheeseHoly crap, this worked like a charm! I would have hated to do this one legit. Thanks for the help, guy!
    Posted by Shiney Cheese on 21 Oct 15 at 05:09
    ch1cag0stevecouldn't get this method to work, but what did work is throwing poison bombs from a far
    Posted by ch1cag0steve on 15 Jan 18 at 03:34
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