A Friend Indeed achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

A Friend Indeed

Complete all Faction Creed Challenges from a single faction.

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This achievement may unlock after the requirements are met or not at all.

How to unlock the A Friend Indeed achievement

  • mooglessmoogless227,528
    19 Nov 2011 17 Nov 2011 15 Aug 2013
    90 12 60
    Im back for round 2 of Guild Challenges. (I do hope my guide in AC:B helped you.)
    You can start all the Faction Creed Challenges after completing Sequence 3 Memory 1.
    And as before a list of all the challenges will be below, As well as what they unlock. In my opinion I do think that the thieves are the easiest to complete, and you have to unlock their ability for an achievement anyways.

    Assassins Guild

    Set 1
    -Call assassins during a fight (25)
    -Call assassins on a target (20)
    REWARD: Assassins will be more effective when sent on missions.
    Every mission starts with 10% chance of success.

    Set 2
    -Use Arrow Storm (20) (Requires 6 assassins)
    -Call your Assassins withing a story mission (5)
    REWARD: Assassin Signal recharges at an increased speed.

    Set 3
    -Recruit assassins (12) (You can recruit 2 assassins after every Templar Den taken over for a max of 12)
    -Train recruits to the rank of Master Assassin (7) (15500xp needed, and complete Master Assassin missions)
    -Successfully perform a Den Defense (3) (Will unlock when you have 7 Master Assassins)
    REWARD: Unlocks the Assassin faction weapon.
    Altair's Sword Damage 5/5 Speed 3/5 Deflect 4/5

    Mercenaries Guild

    Set 1
    -Use mercenaries on guards (10)
    -Destroy a scaffold by throwing someone into it (5) (Best to do when going for the achievement Mouse Trap)
    -Kill an enemy using a thrown weapon (5) (Hold "X" while using a heavy weapon to throw)
    REWARD: Cost of hiring Mercenaries decreases.
    Cost goes from 150A to 75A.

    Set 2
    -Disarm and kill a guard with his own weapon (5) (Use your fists and then hit "x" to disarm when they attack)
    -Kill a Byzantine Almogavar (25) (I can't find a picture, but they are the large armored men with heavy weapons)
    -Perform a Hook and Throw (10) (Does not work on Janissaries. To do this, run at a guard and push "B" when near them)
    REWARD: Unlocks Mercenary Faction ability.
    Unlocks Mercenary crest and their ability is to Push away Beggars.

    Set 3
    -Perform a Double Assassination (10) (Find groups of 4 guarding a place and come from behind)
    -Kill 5 guards in under 10 seconds in melee (1) (A good place for this is the same place as Mosh Pit)
    -Perform a combo kill streak of at least 5 kills (10) (The city "Cappadocia" appears to not count for this, try Seq 4 Memory 3)
    -Kill an Ottoman Janissary (25) (These guys)
    REWARD: Unlocks Mercenary Faction Weapon.
    Broadsword Damage 5/5 Speed 4/5 Deflect 4/5

    Romanies Guild

    Set 1
    -Use Romanies on guards (10)
    -Evade using stealth (crowd/hiding spots) (10)
    -Kill guards using the crossbow without being detected (20) (Crossbow costs 18k, then just shoot guards on roofs)
    REWARD: Cost of hiring Romanies decreases.
    Cost goes from 150A to 75A.

    Set 2
    -Use Tactical bombs to escape guards (10)
    -Kill a Stalker without getting stabbed (5) (These guys will come out of nowhere and grab you from behind, hit "X" before they stab you)
    -Kill guards using poison (15) (Mosh Pit will get you 10 kills)
    REWARD: Unlocks Romani Faction ability.
    It will make Romani's Poison guards they pass. This also unlocks the Romani Crest.

    Set 3
    -Kill guards using bombs without being spotted (20) (Make large AEO bombs and attack large groups from rooftops)
    -Assassinate a guard from behind (10) (Will probably get normally, but can also work with double assassination)
    -Assassinate a guard from a blend spot (5) (Cherry bomb a hay stack and hide in it)
    -Kill 3 enemies dazed by a single smoke bomb before it dissipates (1)
    REWARD: Unlocks Romani Faction weapon.
    Romani Stiletto Damage 5/5 Speed 3/5 Deflect 4/5

    Thieves Guild

    Set 1
    -Use Thieves on Guards (10)
    -Sprint uninterrupted for 300 meters (1) (Theres a good place to run in circles in the southeastern corner of the map)
    -Perform a Hook and Run (15) (Run towards a guard and hold "B", there is a tutorial in Seq 2 Memory 3)
    REWARD: Cost of hiring the Thief Faction decreases.
    Cost goes from 150A to 75A.

    Set 2
    -Perform a Leap of Faith (40) (Simply play the game, view points will speed this up)
    -Climb a total distance of 1 km (1) (This will come naturally)
    Steal money with a Counter Steal (250A) (Instead of hitting "X" for counter kill, hit "Y")
    REWARD: Unlocks the Thief Faction ability.
    The ability is Thief Loot which is needed for Fast Fingers achievement, the thieves will loot and pickpocket for you with this ability.

    Set 3
    Perform a dive of at least 30 meters (1) (Near the lighthouse you destroy is a ship press "A" to dive after jumping off the mast)
    Kill a guard using throwing knives (25) (Guards on rooftops are good for this)
    Perform an air assassination on guards from a beam (5)
    Perform a zipline assassination (10) (Try throwing a cherry bomb under a zipline to lure them closer)
    REWARD: Unlocks the Thief Faction weapon.
    Ottoman Mace Damage 4/5 Speed 4/5 Deflect 2/5

    And also in the Challenge section are Bomb challenges and Starlight126 tells me that these will also unlock this achievement but there is an achievement(Pyromaniac) that requires bomb missions to be done and these are not needed for that.


    Set 1
    Stick a bomb on a guard (10) (Use the sticky shells)
    Kill a mission target with a bomb (1) (The mission Piri Reis: Datura will get you this)
    Distract a guard using bombs (20) (Cherry bombs work well for this.)
    Kill 5 guards with a single bomb (1) (The mosh pit guide gives a spot with over 5 guards, just use a large AOE bomb)
    Kill guards with Tripwire bombs (20) (Place bomb, lure with cherry bomb)
    REWARD: Extra bomb ingredients found within Dens.
    This Doubles how many chests are in your Dens.

    Set 2
    Craft a bomb with every shell type (1)
    Use a bomb (50) (While doing below crafting challenges, just throw bombs away)
    Kill a guard incapacitated by a bomb (25)
    Craft one bomb of each effect type (1)
    Use every bomb effect at least twice (1)
    REWARD: Bomb capacity upgrade.
    You will have 4 slots for each bomb pouch and this also unlocks the Bomb Crest

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    James Lees123This has to be one of the worst guides I've seen. Maybe put up pictures of locations of where the best places to do the challenges. You stated in the comments that you have uploaded a picture of where to do the 30M jump which you haven't. I'm voting negatively as its so poor
    Posted by James Lees123 on 21 Jan 16 at 19:29
    mooglesswas reading through my backlogged messages and i saw your comment, and i shouldn't need to explain that hyperlinks are the blue words and that if you click on them you can see some low quality year old pictures of this thing you're complaining about. If you happen to be complaining about pictures for the other challenges, guards do happen to be every where and you do not need a picture to find them.
    Posted by moogless on 27 Nov 16 at 08:47
    Saw3d 0ffHere are some tips for a few of the Thieves Guild challenges-

    -Use thieves on guards

    Find a Thieves Faction building on the map, or go to an empty faction building and create a thieves guild building. Now look for a group of Thieves NPC's nearby, they will have a marker over them-- hire them, and then highlight/target a guard with LT and press B to command the thieves to lure them away. Now, run far away from the place where you hired the Thieves, die, or reload the game- the thieves will have returned, and you can rehire them. Repeat 10 times.

    - ...perform a dive of at least 30 meters ..

    I got this one to work by following this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fux7mSP1IO0) Or refer to these screenshots below --

    Climb the white tower and jump into the water, make sure to press the dive button quickly after jumping.

    Map location- https://i.imgur.com/xvnGN12.png

    Screenshot/area location - https://i.imgur.com/t9fpmtz.png

    -Perform an air assassination on guards from a beam (5)
    -Perform a zipline assassination (10)

    I roamed around this area (https://i.imgur.com/aeuZHbv.png and eventually got the kills for both of these challenges.

    For Ziplines -
    Just run back and forth zipline to zipline, try to get lucky or time it. You can cause a commotion in the "town square" area highlighted on the map and then climb up to a zipline-- mash X as you ride down to 100% get any possible kill.

    For air assassinations/ beam kills- After finding a beam to rest on, use eagle vision (click left analog-stick) and look for a red trail going under you. If there is one, wait for a guard patrol to come by. If not, seek out another area and eventually return to the one you first left.

    Posted by Saw3d 0ff on 25 Sep 20 at 17:21
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  • Makhno1312Makhno1312158,760
    22 Nov 2011 22 Nov 2011 22 Nov 2011
    41 1 1
    I was originally going after the Romanies Guild on this one as it seemed less time intensive. That is until I got the achievement for leveling 7 Assassins to Master Assassin.
    What wasn't mentioned in any guide (or even the game) is that the game considers the 7 Master Assassins as 3 Den Defense Wins (don't ask me why this is but I cleared the challenge exactly when i cleared the Master Assassin Challenge). I think the challenge is just given out because once you have the 7 Master Assassins, you can no longer do Den Defense. At the time of winning this challenge I had only 1 Den Defense win... and it was the tutorial level.

    The remaining challenges are for the Assassin Guild are:
    Call 25 Assassins during a fight.
    Call 20 Assassins on a target.
    Use Arrow Storm 15 times.
    Call your Assassins within a story mission 5 times. (Doesn't have to be the same story mission 5 times).
    Recruit 12 Assassins`
    Train 7 Master Assassins

    If you are anything like me, you use your Assassins often enough to make most of these challenges just happen organically. Which makes this achievement sort of a cake walk.
    Showing only comment.
    bonster20Thanks for this. It's not at all obvious that securing all the dens with master assassins will clear the den defense challenge. Another thing to mention is that apparently you can replay the den tutorial and beat it, and it will count as another den defense win: I had just the one win from the tutorial level, and I went back and redid it for the achievement for doing a perfect defense, and my den challenge count went up to two. Either way, this seems like the easiest one.
    Posted by bonster20 on 16 Apr 15 at 17:51
  • Saije7Saije7183,109
    25 Nov 2011 28 Nov 2011
    17 1 4
    Just a small time saving tip for part of the challenges. I was originally going for the assassins guild challenge but could not figure out how to get rid of an assassin to recruit one more.

    So I focused on the thieves guild challenges. but this trick should work for any of the factions. I got tired of running around trying to find thieves to buy since once you do they don't re-spawn until you go far enough away and come back. I made a thieves guild by the armory and there is a tunnel very close by, but you could use anywhere as long as there is a tunnel close. That location also had guards paroling right next to the thieves.

    Buy the thieves tag a guard and tell them to distract the guards. go to the tunnel select any other location, come right back, the thieves will be back and the guards actually spawn directly across from them rinse, repeat and the use "faction of your choice" on guards 15 times part of the challenges should go much faster.

    Hope this helps. If you leave negative feedback please say why.
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    Saije7thanks for the tip QFingers. I have finished the game but plan to go back and finish this too.
    Posted by Saije7 on 29 Nov 11 at 15:12
    SpiffertAnother easy way to get rid of them is to send them on suicide missions (less than 50% chance of success)
    Posted by Spiffert on 24 Feb 12 at 09:54
    WeisGuy9You can accomplish the same thing by just going to Animus Island and returning.
    Posted by WeisGuy9 on 19 Jan 13 at 01:03
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