The Mentor achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

The Mentor

Have seven trainees reach the rank of Master Assassin.

The Mentor+0.9
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How to unlock the The Mentor achievement

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    The Mentor
    An Achievement in which the objective is to recruit, train and promote 7 Assassins up to the rank of 15: Master Assassin.
    This Achievement will bag you 20 GamerScore.

    This Achievement WILL take a lot of time. Therefore I suggest that you start as early as possible.

    Short version:
    1) Recruit at least 6 Assassins.
    2) Train Assassins by sending them on high XP missions in Mediterranean Defense (5.000 XP give or take).
    3) At level 10, take your Assassin on your first part of the Master Assassin missions.
    4) At level 15, take your Assassin on your second (and last) part of the Master Assassin.
    - Repeat for 6 Assassins to unlock achievement.

    **************************SPOILERS AHEAD******************************

    The First Assassin:
    Storywise, your first Master Assassin will be a part of the main storyline, so you actually don't need more than 6 Master Assassins after this.

    Recruiting Assassins:
    This is the first step of your achievement, and also the easiest. You recruit Assassins by either initiating a DNA sequense, and finishing up the task, or save a citizen from guards (Same as in Brotherhood). Either way, these methods are both marked on the map by a square black/white mark which reads: "RECRUIT ASSASSIN".
    You can have a total of 12 traines at the time, and unless they die, they'll stick around. Recruit at least 6 Assassins, and you're ready for step 2.

    Training Assassins:
    By far the easiest and safest way to level up your Assassins is by sending them on ASSIGNMENTS. Just like in Brotherhood, there are PIGEON COOPS and MAPS shattered across the city and in points of interests (Such as Dens, HQs and so on). Note that the Pigeon Coops are almost always found near a BOMB CRAFTING station. On this interface you find ASSASSINS, a list of your apprentices and their progress, and MEDITERRANEAN DEFENSE. Chose the last one.
    From there, you have a list of cities to send them to, and missions for every city. Choose a mission and select Assassins. I recommand bringing along enough Assassins for the probablility of success to be 100%. When you are in control of a city, there are assignments on the bottom of the list that rewards you around 5.000xp. These are difficult assignments, so make sure you have a lot of good Assassins at hand.

    -When an Assassin has reached Lvl10, there's a cap. Your Assassin will no longer Level Up, but will still gain Experience Points. You must assign this Assassin to a Den under your control, and complete the first mission. Upon completion, the cap will be removed, and your Assassin will gain the Levels it has the xp for.

    Master Assassin:
    When an Assassin has maxed out Level 14 (with 15500xp), the game will notify you of it by saying that one of your Assassins are ready for aditional training. It's now time to do the last remaining ritual. A "MASTER ASSASSIN" assignment will appear on your map in areas under your control where your soon-to-be Master Assassin is leader. Go to the marker, do the task and CONGRATULATIONS, you have yourself a Master Assassin... now only 5 more to go.

    There are 7 Dens in total, so when you're done with this achievement, they can no longer be contested for as long as they are the leaders. This also requires you to take control over all Dens before you can achieve fully trained Assassins.

    Den Defence:
    This one might be a struggle, and if you can't seem to make it, do what I did: Lose on purpose. This will send you back into the sand box. From here, kill the TEMPLAR LEADER and IGNITE the Tower and the Den is now under your control, ready for the purpose of leveling Assassins.

    Questions and details will be handled if directed to me in the comment section or in a private message.

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    SKORPIONICI'm having the exact same concern as SpazPownrOr7z. I'm finished the main story, so I guess its just a matter of waiting?
    Posted by SKORPIONIC on 12 Oct 17 at 15:55
    LucasK047I only managed to put 5 assassins on the master level.
    The others are all at level 10, but no more missions appear so they can reach the master level.
    Posted by LucasK047 on 04 Jan 21 at 02:42
    LIAM SLANEY86How putthem control dens got them leveled up
    Posted by LIAM SLANEY86 on 23 Sep 21 at 08:13
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  • General JouryGeneral Joury384,008
    20 Nov 2011 11 Jan 2012
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    Basically you first have to recruit at least 6 more Assassins, in order to unlock this Achievement. You will get your first Master Assassin for free at Memory Sequence 3. After that, you have to send your Assassins on Missions who will net you the most XP, the XP that is given in the Mission is divided by the number of Assassins, so choose your missions wisely (Most Missions that give the highest amount of XP are at the bottom of the Mission list). Also, make sure that the percentage of completing the mission is higher then 80%, because if it fails, your Assassin(s) will become wounded and unavaillable for 15-20 minutes, thus making it annoying. Train your Assassins until they are Level 10, then you have to go to any Den highlighting in Black, a Master Assassin Mission is availlable there (Part I). Do the Mission, and once you complete it, your Assassin can progress to Level 15 instead of 10. So keep on training until your Assassin is Level 15, and go to the Den highlighting in black again. You will complete the Mission (Part II) and your Assassin wil take control of the Den (Which cannot be taken from now on) and he will be a Master Assassin. Repeat the process 5 more times for the Achievement.

    By the way, you can find the Missions at the white bomb sign at the Map, you will find a Bomb Crafting box there, and next to it will be a Pidgeon (?) Box, which you use to send Assassins on Missions. (When you press B to enter the Pigeon Box, you will see "Assassins" and "Mediterranean Defense" choose the last one. Over there you can choose Locations where you can send the Assassins to)

    So here is a recap:

    - Recruit 6 Assassins (The first Master Assassin is free)
    - Train them until they are Level 10 (Send them on Missions)
    - Go to a Den highlighting in Black, and do the Mission with the Assassin. They can now level more then 10.
    - Train the some more until they are Level 15.
    - Go to a Den again and complete Part II of the Mission.
    - He will be a Master Assassin and takes over the Den, which cannot be taken over by Templars ever again.

    If you have any questions regarding this Solution, feel free to Comment.
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    FuzzedUpCookie@ legal lee 23 .. just replay sequence 2 memory 6.. on the defense, you can get the iron curtain achieve and do 3 den defenses for the guild challenge.. just did this myself :)

    hope this helps!
    Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 17 Oct 12 at 23:15
    Dynasty HeroesNicola with your lvl 14 assassins make sure that you complete their 2nd master assassin mission
    Posted by Dynasty Heroes on 18 Mar 13 at 14:13
    LucasK047I only managed to put 5 assassins on the master level.
    The others are all at level 10, but no more missions appear so they can reach the master level.
    Posted by LucasK047 on 04 Jan 21 at 02:45
  • CXG DAGinatorCXG DAGinator150,331
    02 Jul 2017 02 Jul 2017 02 Jul 2017
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    Just as an add-on to the other solutions: If you have 6 of 7 of these missions complete and the last one simply won't show up (and you're worried that your game is glitched like I was), make sure that you have completed 3 den defenses.

    The easiest way to do this is to replay Sequence 2, Memory 6.


    Hope that helps!
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    SKORPIONICI'm stuck with the 2nd part of the last mission I need not showing (already finished the story), so I forced a den defense game (already did the 3 dd games for the thief challenges) and lost it on purpose hoping it would 'reset' the den leader/master assassin, but it did not. I'll try it over again and win. If that doesn't trigger the second part I'm out of ideas.
    Posted by SKORPIONIC on 13 Oct 17 at 17:09
    SKORPIONICOk...forget the den defense. Turns out I just lost track of my assassin. REALLY lost track of. I guess I had assigned her to a city early on & when you enter the menu to manage assassins, unless you swap them out, their name doesn't show? Anyway, one more mission and I should be good.
    Posted by SKORPIONIC on 13 Oct 17 at 19:42
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