Sage achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations


Collect all available books.

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This achievement may unlock after the requirements are met or not at all.

How to unlock the Sage achievement

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    This Guide was originally from the 360, but user "AypLar" has commented that the Achievement will unlock on the Xbox One if you do this:

    "For those playing on xbox one, once you have gotten all the books (the marco polo book quests and the bookstore books) just press start and quit your game and it should unlock during the loading screen to the main menu. I am assuming that this also works on the xbox 360 version but I cant confirm this"

    You need to aquire a total of 25 Books in the game, which 7 of them can be found at any given time (They appear as the "Books" Icon on the Map, and are called "Nicolo Polo Books") and buy the remaining 18 Books in the Book Store. They will cost a considerable amount of money though. There are 4 Books located at Cappadocia (The Island you visit in Chapter 7: Underworld) which costs exactly € 352,303,-.. If you bought the 4 of them, you can buy the last 14 in the regular Book Shop in Constantinople, and I think the money you need for them averages at around 100.000.

    In order to get this rediculous amount of money, I have found a way to "farm" money. This is how you do it:

    First have the Thief Faction Ability unlocked (If you have the "Fast Fingers" Achievement, you have unlocked it) which means that a hirable Thief Guild Group will pickpocket anyone who walks past them, earning you alot of money (Around 100-2000 a minute). Then, renovate most of the Buildings availlable, which will increase your income. (I currently get 16650 every 20 minutes) and when you have done these things, Hire a Thief Faction, and go to a crowded street where many civilians pass, tell your Faction to stand still in the middle of the street (Press B) and sit on a nearby bench (So you won't get attacked by anyone, not required), then take your battery pack out of your controller (The game will keep on playing, instead of pausing) and let it farm money. The Thieves will pickpocket money for you, and every now and then you will get money which will store in the Bank. This way, you will get 100K+ every hour.

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    ReiZero2Quitting to main menu when glitch appear saved me as well(x360).
    Posted by ReiZero2 on 30 May 21 at 12:31
    DiSSNTNGOPiNiONconfirming that the achievement popped after I purchased the last book and quit to the main menu (July 14, 2022)
    Posted by DiSSNTNGOPiNiON on 14 Jul 22 at 20:58
    snake42069confirmed. quitting to main menu after letting it save after purchasing the final book and it popped. Im on Xbox Series X
    Posted by snake42069 on 05 Aug 22 at 05:33
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  • DragonCrusaderVDragonCrusaderV57,851
    28 Nov 2011 28 Nov 2011 24 Jan 2012
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    Just found the best solution ever, instead of waiting for the money, make the money yourself. I found a glitch ( well not really ) to make money quick, go to piri reis`s shop and sell every single one of your bomb makin ingredients (make sure you have already gotten all bomb related achievement) to piri reis, that will earned you a good 50000-80000A then open the bomb crafting table right beside him, it will earn you 3x phosporus, arabian gunpowder and something else i forgot, get out of the shop, come back in again, open the crafting table again and it will earned you another 3x of the same ingredients, once you get 24 of them , sell all to piri reis for 13000-14000 while doing this the money in your bank must have already been refilled after 20 min, the rate if you do it correctly is about 200000 per hour, i got around 380000 in 2 hours and use it all to buy the books im missing check out the video below (i found it on youtube) subscribe to the guy making it, he got us 20g

    Credit for this one goes to Andean007 : While you are at it, there is a Assassin Trainee Interface on the map-table in the corner of the room, which be used to send assassin's on missions to earn extra money. Controlling cities is also good because it earns you bomb ingredients now and again. However, please read the mission stats carefully, ''Requirement'' will cost you, whereas the lower ones will earn you 1K+. With alot of high ranking assassins this will earn you 10K+ every 10 minutes or so.
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    x athiktos xIm replaying this game without the patch bc the achievement glitched on me. In 3hrs I have 4 keys, im in cappodacia, and I make about 15,000/20 min. Do you make the 200,000 every hour through the selling alone, or are you including the money you get from the bank as well in that 200,000 estimation? If so, how much do you think I will get every hour then? ....just trying to figure out if buying more shops will help or hinder me time-wise.
    Posted by x athiktos x on 01 Feb 12 at 18:29
    DragonCrusaderVyes, about 200000 per hour, as far as i remember, i know for a fact it took me about 11/2 - 2 hours for me to get the full amount of money needed from 0 though, so yea probably, 200000 per hour doing the selling and glitch alone, no bank money or anything like that, though, of course, that would help
    Posted by DragonCrusaderV on 07 Mar 12 at 04:11
    JMJimmyGreat solution - another way is to buy bombs from the seller right outside the door then dismantle them and sell the component parts:

    Fuse Cherry Bomb 250A = 600A (+350A)
    Impact Caltrop Bomb 400A = 735A (+335A)
    Impact Splinter Bomb 500A = 805A (+305A)

    Totalling 3,960A profit every time you buy 4 of each type
    Posted by JMJimmy on 16 Oct 20 at 04:12
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    31 Jan 2012 19 Jan 2012 02 Feb 2012
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    When I earned this achievement, I saved one Polo mission for last. After I made it to memory sequence 9 (to unlock the last books in Constantinople), I purchased all of the books (had purchased the 4 from Cappadocia during that memory sequence). I then went to complete my last polo mission (Forum of the Ox). As soon as I got that book, the achievement popped-up.
    NOTE: This was on a new save game that was created earlier this month, but the new save game was created without the patch, while off-line, so that may or may not be the reason the achievement worked for me this time.

    See below the book list for the methods I used to collect money. Following these, I was able to do a pretty smooth run-through of the game (not spending hours farming money or anything like that), and had almost 100,000 Acke more than I needed by the time I reached memory sequence 9.

    I have 28 books. I got the book "The Flute Girl" in 2 different missions, from two different locations. This seemed suspicious at first, but it is the same with and without the patch.

    Also, On Nature is obtained from Signs and Symbols, Part II, even though it tells you that you picked up The Flute Girl (both are readable in the hideout after this mission, but the Flute Girl book does not appear on the shelf until you complete the Polo Mission Church II). -- Thanks for the info, xjoker2x7

    Here are all of the books including where they came from:
    In the hideout, starting on the left and continuing clockwise through the room:

    1 Aesop's Fables (Sequence 6, Memory 5 - Signs and Symbols, Part III)

    2 Mission to Constantinople (Sequence 4, Memory 4 - Signs and Symbols, Part I)

    3 Parallel Lives (Constantinople Bookshop - 7,723)
    4 The Odyssey (Constantinople Bookshop - 171)
    5 Mu'Allaqat (Constantinople Bookshop - 284)
    6 Aeneid (Constantinople Bookshop - 206)
    7 Geography (Constantinople Bookshop - 411)
    8 The Book of Prophecies (Constantinople Bookshop - 2,737)

    9 The History of the Kings of Britain (Constantinople Bookshop - 450)
    10 Anabasis Alexandri (Constantinople Bookshop - 23,460)
    11 Opus Majus (Constantinople Bookshop - 8,309)
    12 Heimskringla (Constantinople Bookshop - 1,564)

    13 The Secret History of the Mongols (Constantinople Bookshop - 21,017)
    14 Record of The Grand Historian (Constantinople Bookshop - 37,830)
    15 The Golden Ass (Constantinople Bookshop - 3,050)
    16 Metamorphoses (Constantinople Bookshop - 7,918)

    17 The Travels of Marco Polo (Polo Mission - Hippodrome)
    18 One Thousand and One Nights (Polo Mission - Galata)
    19 The Book of Kings (Polo Mission - Arsenal)
    20 Nibelungenlied (Polo Mission - Forum of the Ox)
    21 Iliad (Polo Mission - Aqueduct)
    22 The Cantebury Tales (Polo Mission - Church I)
    23 The Flute Girl (Polo Mission - Church II) (Sequence 5, Memory 5 - Signs and Symbols, Part II)

    24 Bibliotheca (Cappadocia Bookshop - 107,525)
    25 Cronica (Cappadocia Bookshop - 84,123)

    26 Tirant Lo Blanch (Cappadocia Bookshop - 94,875)

    27 Digenes Akritas (Cappadocia Bookshop - 65,780)

    28 On Nature (Sequence 5, Memory 5 - Signs and Symbols, Part II - book is obtained, but does not pop-up that you collected it, says you acquired Flute Girl instead)

    Book Cost:
    Constantinople Total: 115,130 Acke
    Cappadocia Total: 352,303 Acke
    Grand Total for purchased books: 467,433 Acke

    Methods used to earn money:
    1) Running everywhere (instead of taking tunnels) with a thief group pick-pocketing for me. (Should be an obvious one, but mentioned earlier by VoodooN88)
    2) Collecting bomb ingredients from crafting tables, caches in the streets, looting dead guards... then selling often to Pieri Reis.(good tip mentioned by MCoreBE -- some ingredients sell for a lot of cash)
    3) Sending assassin recruits on missions that earned money (instead of the ones that cost money) (I think I saw this mentioned by DragonCrusaderV first)
    4) Rebuilding shops and landmarks early on to increase money earned every 20 minutes (not sure anybody needs credit on this one)
    5) Hire thief group, then climb over the wall of the Mercenary HQ (don't go through the door, or you will lose your thief group). From there, you can fist-fight and bet money, but your thief group will help you, and they have knives! Guaranteed win every time. (I stumbled on this one myself)
    6) Save your money... don't bother buying any extra weapons (except the crossbow), don't buy ammunition -- loot dead guards to re-stock, avoid using bombs when you can -- selling the ingredients is a big money booster
    7) Hire a thief group, find a place with a lot of people around, throw money or a pyrite bomb to lure everyone close together, then walk your thief group into the crowd -- just a little quicker way to loot the crowd -- only worth it if there are a LOT of people around
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    HolyHalfDeadI started this game with the patch. I purchased all books in Constantinople and collected the 7 books. When I got to Cappadocia (Sequence 7 Memory 1) I purchased the remaining 4 books but did not get the achievement. However I kept on playing and when I left Cappadocia (after Sequence 7 Memory 6 - Escape) the achievement popped.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 18 Aug 13 at 07:49
    FoolsAndKingsThe achievement popped for me about 10 minutes after I bought the last book from Cappadocia. I went the same time as when I collected my last Fragment. +1
    Posted by FoolsAndKings on 10 Dec 14 at 20:00
    Incredible MattAmazing guide, thank you. It helped me to find my last 2 books which were located in Cappadocia.
    Posted by Incredible Matt on 08 May 22 at 19:21
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