Freedom Shall Prevail achievement in TC's RainbowSix Vegas2

Freedom Shall Prevail

Complete the Story Mode on Realistic difficulty.

Freedom Shall Prevail+0.1
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How to unlock the Freedom Shall Prevail achievement

  • CR4GG3RSCR4GG3RS478,750
    11 Jun 2008 23 Jun 2009
    30 0 2
    i found co-op very useful especially on the mission where you have no team, also try to play with a friend rather then someone you dont know as a friend will always cover your back whereas a random person may not be as helpful.

    i tend to use an M8 on single shot with a scope rather then a sniper to take out long range enemies as 2 assaults are much better then one and you can always change the rate of fire back to fully auto.

    use your AI as much as possible they are very useful.

    if you are stuck on a certain part where you have just been past an ammo box go back and get more grenades until all enemies are wiped out.

    if you get stuck and there are no ammo boxes near you try using a different weapon or change your route.

    take your time and use cover as much as possible, if you have waves of enemies running at you abuse blind-fire as much as possible.

    always try and isolate your enemies so they come at you in smaller waves and when your sat in cover make sure you cannot be shot in the back.

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    FattMikEAnarchyI think what helped me out the most was playing online for a little bit to get the game itself down....once you do that and get a good partner your unstoppable
    Posted by FattMikEAnarchy on 08 Jan 10 at 04:40
    A Dreadful ShotHaha, just kept spawning off my dummy and the Realistic difficulty was a breeze. Played through the whole campaign as Knight, double-boxing it.
    Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 17 Dec 17 at 18:45
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  • GnemlockGnemlock168,183
    14 Apr 2009
    19 6 0
    Play through the game on realistic. My advice would be to follow these tips:

    * Play co-op. Two brains are better than one, and in my opinion the AI is not to be relied on.
    * Recon: Hold back to bring up a map; use D-UP for a thermal vision and use snake cam on all doors. Knowing where some of the enemies are can be extremely helpful.
    * Tag when possible. Press LB to tag an enemy for priority target. Not only can you set your AI to specifically target a hard to see enemy, but they will be marked through walls and range.
    * Smoke Grenades: Use smoke grenades to provide yourself cover. Get inside a smoke cloud, pop on thermal vision and take out all the enemies before the cloud disperses. Just make sure the terrorists don't ALSO have heat vision, or the smoke will not hide you from their sight.
    * Send your team in first. It is easy revive your team, where if you get knocked down its all over.
    * Prepare for different situations. Have a weapon suitable for all round firing, and a weapon for long range (A sniper rifle or scoped assault rifle).
    * Know your stances. Your AI has different inventory options in infiltrate and assault mode. Infiltration gives you smoke grenades and flash bangs, while assault gives you frag grenades and breach charges.
    * Further know your grenades. Each grenade is handy in a different situation. Furthermore, remember that you can only hold 2 grenades for each of the two types at a time, while your AI team mates hold 10 grenades of each.
    * Cover. You can aim at a target from within cover, if you should need to take a more accurate shot. Press zoom to zoom in a tiny bit, and when you pop out to shoot you will already be zoomed in on the location you were aiming at.
  • Holiday9357Holiday9357493,955
    06 Jan 2012 08 Jan 2012 16 Jun 2014
    7 0 0
    I've seen many people on TA and x360a say that they have beaten all chapters and checkpoints on Realistic in coop, but did not receive the achievement for completing the campaign on Realistic.

    GatorFist and I recently beat RSV2 on Realistic, and we both got the achievement. The conditions we followed every session were

    1. I was always the host.
    2. Both of us were playing the game from a disc, not Games on Demand.
    3. Neither of us played coop campaign with another person in breaks between sessions.
    4. Every time we resumed our campaign, I pressed "Continue" at Private Coop Campaign, rather than "Scene Selection."
    5. I sent the invite to him during the loading screen for the mission.

    While I'm not saying you have to follow these guidelines to get Freedom Shall Prevail, following these gave us the achievement while still letting us play in coop.
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