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Burn 200,000 calories

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How to unlock the 3 Black Star achievement

  • Euler13Euler13222,573
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    I hesitated to post this "solution" as I normally like to feel that I've earned an achievement. However, the 3 Black Star (200000 calories) and the other two: 2 Black Star (150000) and 1 Black Star (100000), are simply not achievable in any sensible amount of time. I use the game seriously and complete at least 3x30 minute sessions each week, which I've been doing since I got the 2011 version. However, we all know how the calorie count in the 2012 version sucks and despite the constant complaints on the official forums the developers refuse to change it. Playing the game honestly: using your correct weight and doing a variety of exercises, it is difficult to burn more than 150 calorie an hour. So if you could play the game for one hour a day - which is simply not practical for most of us who work and have families - it would take a minimum of 1333 days, which is over 3.5 years to get to 200K. Yeah, right!

    So rant aside I'll reveal my somewhat creative method. However, I will warn you up front that this is fiddly and I can anticipate already that I'm going to get complaints like, "You're talking rubbish - your method totally doesn't work!" But if you check my profile you will see that I earned both the 150K and the 200K achievements online on the same day: 23 December 2011. In other words you can easily burn over 50K a day using this technique.

    Please note that this solution has been modified numerous times since it was originally posted to take account of updates/patches and as I no longer use the game. So thank you to everyone who has advised me of the changes and I hope the solution reflects the current status. Let me know if you believe otherwise.


    We're getting mixed reports: On 21 November 2015 HolyHalfDead confirmed that you need to delete the update, PrimeBigTime reported on the 6 February 2017 that it is not necessary to remove the update / disconnect from Xbox Live, but more recently, 7 April 2018, Mr Granstaff reported that you need to delete the update. Then on 14 June 2018, CRAZE KILLER said that deleting the update was not needed, but explained, " I did however have a really hard time getting it to track calories at a decent speed until I used a blanket."

    Feel free to try the method without deleting the update (thanks R1DD3R5 and Baby Sheamus), but the most recent recommendations say it is necessary. To delete the update follow follow steps 1 - 4 listed below.

    (1) Log in to your profile as normal (at the time I was able to connect to Xbox Live).
    (2) Go to the last panel on the dashboard (Settings), select System, and Storage, Hard Disc, Games and Apps, then select YSFE12 and delete the update for the game. DO NOT DELETE YOUR SAVED GAME DATA.
    [I'm not sure if step (3) is necessary: being disconnected from Xbox Live, but normally when updates are removed the game refuses to play if you do not update it.]
    (3) Disconnect from Xbox Live - I just unplugged my network cable - to stop the update being downloaded again when the game is started.
    (4) Start YSFE12, stand in-front of the camera and make sure that the correct player is detected. If it does not recognise you and says "New Player Detected" then read the NOTE below.

    NOTE: A number of people have been experiencing problems using this solution. In particular getting the game to recognise them when it starts. However, if you are having that problem then Aristophane suggests that the following fixed problem (confirmed):
    Before you disconnect from Xbox live go to Settings, and then select Kinect. Then Select Kinect ID Setup. It's the thing where you have to move around your play space and stand in the squares. Hope this helps.
    Once the game has started and you have been properly detected, go to Run The World and select the shortest race. During the load screen pull a chair in front of the Kinect camera and stand behind it with your head peaking above the chair. This is the fiddly bit as it may not detect the chair properly and she'll say you seem to have left. You may need to stand up and duck down a few times; you may need to slide the chair forwards and backwards a little too.

    Once the camera has locked on to the chair and thinks it is you then she will start telling you to lift your legs and run all out. This means that you have got it right. At this point the calorie count will begin to increase but you will not be moving in the race. This means that you can crawl away from behind the chair and leave it almost indefinitely as your calories continue to climb. You may need to adjust the position of the chair to increase the rate of the calories rising because I found in some positions it would rack up less then 30 calories per minute, but if you get the chair in the sweet spot then it will rack up over 80 calories per minute. I normally adjusted the chair by reaching in from the side and giving it gentle nudges left, right, forward, and backward. The best results probably depend a lot on the type of chair, lighting conditions, and environment. But if you get it right then you should be able to clock up at least 3000 to 5000 calories per hour; in some positions you will get a better rate than this.

    Sternbam11 suggests that draping a blanket over the chair helps with detection and it helped get a better rate of calories.

    Sashamorning has posted a video to show this working (thanks!):

    As an additional hint you will notice in the video that the green triangle is wobbling. The calorie count will increase whilst this is happening, so if it is stationary or only moving minimally then move the chair slightly until it begins to shake around; the better the wobble the quicker the calories go up. For me the best results were achieved when the chair was partly in and partly out the front of the play area.

    Once you have reached your target YOU MUST FINISH THE RACE for the calories to count. This is why I said to do the shortest race, because you will need to run the distance to complete the course.

    After you have finished the race and when you go back online you will be forced to download the update again, but your calorie total will remain and your scores will synchronise with YourShapeCentre.

    Personally I would recommend stopping just short of 150K/200K, going back online, and getting the achievement whilst online. I forgot to do this for the 100K achievement, but I did it for the other two.

    IMPORTANT: When the update downloads again you will need to re-enter your height, weight, age, and gender as this information was not needed/necessary before the update and when you remove the update it will be lost.

    I hope that helps and please comment if you need clarification or you have better workarounds/suggestions for the fiddly bits.
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    PrimeBigTimeThis is an old game but finishing it up now based on your guide. In case anyone is still trying to finish this up I can also confirm that you don't need to remove the update or disconnect from live. I got about 5,000 calories/hour for 10 hours overnight. One thing I'd like to mention that wasn't said before is to install the game to your xbox! You don't want that disc drive running non-stop for 50 hours or so and break your xbox.
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 06 Feb 17 at 10:40
    Euler13I almost forgot about this solution. Thanks for the feedback, PrimeBigTime. I'll update the solution.
    Posted by Euler13 on 06 Feb 17 at 18:05
    Mr GranstaffFirst off, thank you for the workaround and solution. Now, I believe it's necessary to delete the update. Then again, I'm using an Asian import of the game so unsure if that matters. Anyway, I'm finding that my experience echoes HolyHalfDead and should be pulling in similar numbers based on my calculations. Will find out more when I wake up tomorrow and find out my totals. My point being is that before deleting the title update, I was having major issues and the calories I was burning wasn't really worth the effort.
    Posted by Mr Granstaff on 07 Apr 18 at 03:54
    Euler13I've edited the solution to say that more recently it seems that deleting the update is necessary. I've suggested people try it first without removing the update, but if that doesn't work, then they can follow the steps. Thanks for the feedback.
    Posted by Euler13 on 07 Apr 18 at 08:55
    CRAZE KILERI am currently using this solution and I did not need to delete the update. I did however have a really hard time getting it to track calories at a decent speed until I used a blanket. Great solution, I appreciate all the work and dedication to helping the community
    Posted by CRAZE KILER on 14 Jun 18 at 15:49
    Euler13You're welcome, and thanks for the information. I've not played this game in so long now, so I depend on people like you taking the time to report their experience / advice. I've added your experience of not needing to delete the update and using a blanket to the solution.
    Posted by Euler13 on 14 Jun 18 at 16:39
    R1DD3R5So for me in 2020, I've had to delete the update and use a blanket. Took some time to set up but now I've done it once it should be fine from here onwards. Thanks for this, life saver!!
    Posted by R1DD3R5 on 04 May 20 at 20:02
    Baby SheamusI also recommend using a blanket on the chair, and deleting the update
    Posted by Baby Sheamus on 25 Dec 20 at 07:00
    Euler13Thanks for the feedback, R1DD3R5 (sorry I took so long to reply!) and Baby Sheamus. I'll edit the solution and explain that deleting the update is necessary.
    Posted by Euler13 on 27 Dec 20 at 09:32
    SkinstakovicHey guys, returning to this in 2021!

    The most recent advice is removing update, which means unless you are actively monitoring it you may pop this offline and receive no time stamp?
    Posted by Skinstakovic on 12 Feb at 13:58
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