Scrap Metal achievement in Sonic Generations

Scrap Metal

Defeat Metal Sonic.

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How to unlock the Scrap Metal achievement

  • Krows GraveyardKrows Graveyard563,940
    05 Jan 2013 17 Feb 2013
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    Scrap Metal - 20G (Original Achievement)

    Difficulty: 2/10

    To get this Achievement, you must defeat Metal Sonic.

    To get to Metal Sonic, you must clear all of Area 1 (Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Sky Sanctuary) and make the Challenge Gates appear. This will cause Metal Sonic to appear above Chemical Plant.

    In battle, you will need to hit Metal Sonic 4 times to win, you can only hit him after dodging one of his attacks. You must keep running or else you will fall to your death.

    1. The first attack will consist of Metal Sonic charging into you which can be easily avoided by jumping over him, afterwards simply catch up and jump on him to deal your first point of damage.

    2. Now Metal Sonic will float in front of you and attempt to zap you will an electrical field. This is the hardest attack to avoid but can easily be recovered from regardless so dont worry. Once you avoid it, or get hit and recover, attack him again.

    3. Metal Sonic will now snap off light posts and attempt to drop them on you. If you watch the group you can see the shadows of where the posts will fall, and can dodge them appropriately, hitting him when he stops.

    4. Metal Sonic will now go berserk and charge at you from behind again but with far more power. You must keep running until a platform above you appears. Jump up onto this platform and wait for Metal Sonic to pass you, then drop down and finish him off.

    Below is a video of mine to sum up what to do. Omochao also explains it.
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  • ShabobbleShabobble653,677
    02 Nov 2011 03 Nov 2011
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    Scrap Metal -

    Defeated Metal Sonic.

    Fairly simple boss fight. Keep running to keep ahead of the collapsing ground behind you, use spin dashes when you can afford to. When Metal Sonic does his first attack, a kind of charge, just wait until the right moment and jump so he passes under you and then jump into him when you pass him while he's dazed.

    When he starts glowing and shooting energy into the ground, slow down just enough until he stops with the beams, and then run under him and hit him as soon as he stops glowing altogether.

    When he starts ripping up street lights, just watch the shadows and either spin dash to get in front of them or slow up a bit to get behind them before they land on you.

    When he does his final huge attack, keep an eye out for a platform that should be starting close to the ground. Your guide will point it out to you if you have hints on. Jump on it immediately, you will only get one shot at it, I believe. As long as you're on top of it the final attack shouldn't damage you at all and you can deliver the final blow when he stops.
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    redjarmanMaybe wanna add where to find him? From the Chemical Plant entrance, jump in the floating platform on the right. Jump up to the next platform to the right, then jump across the gap to the left.
    Posted by redjarman on 03 Nov 11 at 21:39
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