Silver Got Served achievement in Sonic Generations

Silver Got Served

Defeat Silver.

Silver Got Served+0.1
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How to unlock the Silver Got Served achievement

  • redjarmanredjarman419,054
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    Silver Got Served
    Defeated Silver.

    This is probably the easiest of the Rival Battles, mainly because every one of his attacks is easy to avoid and most leave him open to attack. Throughout the battle you can either sidestep to dodge the cars on the road or just boost through them. Just be sure to save about a quarter of your boost gauge for when Silver uses his "Car Train" attack.

    Here's his attacks and times when you can attack him:
    Psychic Blade- Silver will charge up a line of green energy in front of him, either vertical or horizontal. If it's vertical, get ready to sidestep when he shoots it. If it's horizontal, you'll have to jump over it. Sometimes he'll do multiple blades in a row.

    Car Throw- Silver will pick up a bunch of cars (or sometimes just one) which will float around him for a bit before he throws them at you. The best way to avoid this attack is to just not let him throw at all. Homing attack at the flying cars (homing has a pretty long range in this fight) and keep homing at each one and eventually you can home right in on Silver and attack him.

    "Car Train"- The view will turn to 2d and Silver will form a sort of train on the road and will try to ram you with it. When it gets close, jump onto it, boost towards Silver, and homing attack him.

    Car Smash- The view turns to 2d and Silver hovers 3 cars above you. First one will smash down, then the other two. They do a little spin right before they fall. Easily avoidable, just move yourself left or right so you're out of the shadows.

    After hitting him 4 times, he will teleport behind you and use Meteor Smash, which summons a giant ball of rubble that chases you. From here, boost constantly. Silver will then go in front of you and randomly use either Psychic Blades or Car Smashes. (only 1 car at a time) Just dodge his attacks and keep boosting until you get close enough to do one final homing attack at him.
    Achievement Unlocked! and you get a Chaos Emerald.

    EDIT2: Old video was deleted, added a new one. Credit to "TheRealSonicFan" for posting it.

    Why all the negs? If something is wrong with this let me know.
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  • Krows GraveyardKrows Graveyard563,633
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    Silver Got Served - 30G (Original Achievement)

    Difficulty: 2/10

    To get this Achievement, you must defeat Silver the Hedgehog.

    To get to Silver, you must clear all of Area 3 (Crisis City, Rooftop Run, Planet Wisp) and make the Challenge Gates appear. This will cause Silver to appear above Crisis City.

    In battle, you can only hit him during a few of his attacks.


    1. Silver will pick up a single car/object and throw it at you after a little while. Simply jump and homing attack it to knock it down.

    2. Silver will pick up 5 or 6 cars/objects and will throw it at you after a while, once again simply use homing attacks to jump from object to object to get to Silver and attack him.

    3. Silver will hold 3 cars/objects above you, one of them will drop first before the other two. Simply wait in the middle for one to drop, then run to where it was to avoid the other two.

    4. Silver will bring together a ton of cars/objects to create a ramp of sorts and throw it at you. You must jump onto the ramp and boost along it, then jump and homing attack Silver when you are close to him.

    5. Silver will create a knife out of his energy and will throw it at you after a set amount of time. This knife is either horizontally shaped or vertically shaped. If vertical, simply dodge it by side stepping with the bumpers. If horizontal, simply jump over it.

    6. After you attack Silver enough he will use his final move Meteor Smash. He will create a giant ball of cars/objects and have it chase you non stop. Meanwhile he will either attack you with psycho knives or try to drop an object on you that you must dodge with the bumpers. Once you get close enough simply homing attack Silver to send him back into his own attack and finish him.

    Below is a video of mine to sum up what to do. Omochao also explains it.
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