Extreme Hunter achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Extreme Hunter

Complete all Terrorist Hunt missions on Realistic difficulty.

Extreme Hunter0
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How to unlock the Extreme Hunter achievement

  • Games MasterGames Master895,888
    31 May 2011 01 Jun 2011 09 Jun 2011
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    Just in case anybody is unsure, here are the maps required for the achievement:

    Kill House
    Vegas Junkyard
    Convention Center
    CQB Training
    Three Kingdoms Casino
    Oil Refinery

    The add-on maps; Calypso Casino, Murdertown - Dark and CQB Training - Dark are not required as well as two other downloadable maps (Streets and Comcast/Gamestop). Hope this helps.

    P.S. Playing co-op online is by far the best way to obtain this achievement.

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    iDuLI would just like to warn everyone of the crappy spawning system on the map Murdertown. All maps for me were pretty much a breeze except that specific map. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to clear Murdertown. I came pretty close to beating it a few times (~6 enemies remianing) but then enemies would spawn behind me or around corners and get the shot before I even had a chance at knowing they were even there.

    Indeed difficult, but certainly possible.
    Posted by iDuL on 22 May 20 at 01:38
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    Best way of doing this achievement is to of course set the difficulty of Terrorist Hunt to realistic and the Enemy Density to low. This will lower the number of enemies that you have to kill to complete the terrorist hunt making it a lot easier. Also the game will show you if you have already done a map on realistic making it easy to track.
    (you do not have to do the map pack maps.)
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    Mighty ShogunI just wanted to add on to this solution with; if you do this online, you dont have to start the maps from the beginning but if you join a game near the end with a few enemies to go and the mission ends and you were in it in realistic this also counts towards the achievement.
    Posted by Mighty Shogun on 23 Apr 10 at 12:08
    Mike United 007I have just started goin bk to this game. Where does it tell you which maps u have done?
    Posted by Mike United 007 on 21 Aug 10 at 22:19
    ToadPatrolGoing off of what Mighty Shogun said. When you're doing this with a few friends you can quit out and join back in to keep getting more lives when you run out. Just make sure at least one person is still in the match and they stay alive while the match loads for the players joining.
    Posted by ToadPatrol on 24 Mar 11 at 16:21
  • SpectreSubZeroSpectreSubZero360,973
    16 Mar 2009 05 May 2009
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    Aside from setting enemy difficulty to low, I found this easier to do as a single player than online. Don't set it to lone wolf, take your computer team with you. Your guys will pretty much do most of the work for you, and can see and shoot a terrorist faster than a real person. At least this is how I did it. I found a problem finding someone online that wouldn't constantly get killed.
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    PatsredsI think you mean set enemy density to low, not the difficulty.
    Posted by Patsreds on 04 May 10 at 06:36
    Such SolitudeGot the achievement last night using this method. Was actually A LOT easier then dealing with idiots online. Thanks for the solution.
    Posted by Such Solitude on 15 Feb 11 at 15:11
    Very Bad Loserthe people playing this game online are mostly leet, i suggest letting them join you, it took us 1 hour to do all 12 maps
    Posted by Very Bad Loser on 26 Mar 11 at 04:35
  • Revolution RushRevolution Rush112,848
    31 May 2013 05 Jun 2013 05 Jun 2013
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    I recently acquired this achievement by myself and thought I would put my own solution to it! First off, there are 12 maps required to completing this achievement:
    -Kill House
    -Vegas Junkyard
    -Convention Center
    -CQB Training
    -Three Kingdoms Casino
    -Oil Refinery

    Next, make sure to set your enemy density to low and the difficulty setting to realistic!

    The key to completing this achievement (especially if you don't want to die every 10 seconds) is yourteam. They can take plenty of shots and do not die as quickly as your character does! Make sure to keep them under cover though!

    Your true friend in completing these maps though are Smoke Grenades!
    - One smoke grenade thrown at your feet completely disguises you from enemies.
    -Enemies are unable to see you through the smoke allowing both you and your team to safely take out quite a few guys.
    -Thermal vision makes it easier to spot the bad guys and take them down.
    -Don't worry about running low on smoke grenades because your team carries 10 smoke grenades, which is more than enough to make it through a map!
    -Smoke Grenades can also be thrown near downed comrades, so that you don't get gunned down while healing your teammates.

    Beware the shotgun!
    -If you heat the distinct sound of the shotgun do your best not to get hit by it.
    -One shot by the shotgun and your character is dead and nobody likes redoing a map.

    Lastly, utilize your cover well and don't be afraid to send your guys forward. Often times I would find a way to keep my team in front of me, while I hid behind a wall and avoided enemy fire.
    -Sometimes, you may have to "trigger" the enemy by running forward and getting them to shoot at your character.
    -After this, you can simply run back to where you originally found cover and the enemies will get shot down by your team.

    Good luck and try not to throw your controller at the wall too much!
  • XynvincibleXynvincible998,453
    05 Oct 2011 10 Oct 2011
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    You can cheese this one a bit by finding and joining matches online. You can also create matches online for the maps you need and wait for people to join. As long as you are in the room when the last enemy is killed, you will receive credit for completing the map. You don't even need to be alive, as long as someone gets the last kill.

    Cheap yes, but good if you're really struggling.
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