Hero of Legend achievement in LOTR: War in the North

Hero of Legend

Complete a playthrough on Heroic difficulty.

Hero of Legend0
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How to unlock the Hero of Legend achievement

  • LathandertgLathandertg832,271
    20 Nov 2011 20 Nov 2011
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    You unlock Heroic difficulty level after beating the game once. I am not sure if you have to beat the game on Normal on your first playthrough. I played on Normal first so I can't tell if this works on Easy as well.

    You can use your characters from playthrough 1 for Heroic difficulty. This is a must since Heroic is much more difficult. Enemies have lots of HP and deal lots of damage.

    I used the scout (not the dwarf since he is so slow and not the mage). The scout has a big advantage - he has the stealth skill. Level this up properly and if your two AI collegues die you just activate the skill with RT + B and you can revive a buddy no problem - he will immediately take care of the others.

    Since you keep your level from playthrough 1 you will have a lot of skills unlocked and keep unlocking during Heroic since you level up a lot. Work on your combos and use your skills well.

    Also don't underestimate your ranged attacks! You will find and buy very powerful ranged weapons and with the skills of either character you can make things easier for you.

    The really hard areas are the areas where you have to protect someone. This is really tough since your AI collegues will not help you at all in this. So it is handy to have a friend on hand especially at the war machine sections.

    Also - if you are in trouble and you can summon your bird, don't hesitate. You will find several feathers. Just remember to keep at least 5 or so on stock - you never know when you might need them.

    After beating the game on Heroic the difficulty level "Legendary" unlocks. I have beaten the first chapter there so far - it kind of SEEMS to be ... ummm ... easier ... than Heroic.
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  • DemonRaider1138DemonRaider1138234,510
    07 Jan 2012 06 Aug 2013 06 Aug 2013
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    All of the characters are amazing in this game and very easy to do this achievement. However if you want the easiest way to do this particular achievement or any of the difficulty ones. Select the dwarf. Give him the best crossbow you can find and put points into the explosive bolt. Pour all of your skill points into dexterity for range combat and fire the explosive bolt shot at any enemy or groups of enemies and they will die in one hit.

    This move does incredible damage and can one shot every boss, enemy, or group of enemies in the game. Seriously it is so broken you will most likely feel bored and cheated by the end of the game as nothing will pose a threat to you.

    Also as a side note you can actually make the game easier with any character if you wish to devote enough time or grinding. The mission in Rivendale that has you grab the Mithril for the blacksmith who will upgrade your weapons and gear can be used to create ultimate one shot weapons for all characters and armor that doesn't allow you to take damage.

    If you have a flash drive or memory card you can host off of that. Have 2 controllers and / or 3 people via xbox live or system link to make it quicker. Player 1 uses the flash drive to load the game, then pulls the memory card so the quest is not saved. Then you choose to upgrade a weapon or armor piece, trade with the next player and have them turn in the quest choosing to upgrade the same item. Have player 2 quit and save with that item in hand so that the item that is upgraded saves with him. Quit, restart from beginning, have player 2 trade the item back, rinse and repeat. You can continue to do this over and over in order to create "God" weapons and armor that never break and do massive damage and perks. You can also choose to do this a much slower way which is to just keep replaying the game over and over in order to keep redoing the quest upgrading the same item each time but is much slower.

    If you take the duel weilding path with the Rogue you can use the dupe item exploit to create a second one handed weapon of godly magnitude once you create it.

    Each character is very powerful once you max their level and the rogue is capable of just walking through large portions of the level without fighting, the mage is squishy but can be quite a power house if you build her right. I have beaten legendary with every character and quite legit before doing these few tactics but if you are struggling with the game or just want the achievement quickly, or even just want beast characters that can rush you through the game these are the few tactics I found that can make that happen.
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    DemonRaider1138I know farming GOD WEAPONS isn't necessary but for those that wanted to use other characters or were unaware of the ability to I just wanted to make it known. I always try to include as much info as I can and ways of earning the achievement as possible.
    Posted by DemonRaider1138 on 09 Jul 14 at 13:52
    tommygun1707if anyone wants to do co op then hit me up, im just finishing my 1st run through since i lost all my save
    Posted by tommygun1707 on 10 Jul 15 at 16:26
    DemonRaider1138You will find using the "create a game session" easier in finding a partner than posting here.
    Posted by DemonRaider1138 on 10 Jul 15 at 20:28
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