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How to unlock the Elite achievement

  • WarmedxMintsWarmedxMints912,607
    23 Nov 2010 24 Nov 2010 30 Jul 2012
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    There is a glitch in the game code which will give you anywhere from 0-100,000 xp each time you exploit it. Therefore, you can achieve elite status in 10 minutes if you wish.

    What you do is;
    Go into my character, outfitting and reset apperance.
    Change the sex of your character.
    Accept the change.
    Then goto the Dashboard (Hit guide button and then press Y)
    Clear your system cache
    Load up the game and cancel the update.
    Go into my character again and change your character sex back.
    Accept the change.
    Then hit the guide button and connect to xbox live.
    This time accpet/download the update.
    At this point the game will reload and the xp will be award once the main menu is up.

    Note: This glitch does not seem to work for all people. If people could leave a few details we may be able to work out why.
    This has worked for myself and a few friends. The main common factors with my friends and I is that we have all completed the single player story on realistic and our characters started off originally as male. I would also like to know what version your game is (NTSC or Pal). I live in the UK yet for some reason I have an NTSC version of the game.

    I have tried this glitch with my other half's gamertag and it does not work for her. She has not completed the single player story and started off as a female character.

    Also note, you cannot change your first character details by deleting a game save as it is stored elsewhere. My guess would be either on your gpd file on your gamertag or ubisoft servers.

    Edit - It appears that from testing from the people that have commented in this thread that the amount of xp is down the how high your aces levels are. The theory is that every ace that you have over level 20 will increase the xp gain from this glitch.

    The consensus is that it is due to the patch that increased the aces cap and allowing it to go higher than 20.

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    Mannschaft570Contrary to what has been said above in the comments it does work with the Classics version of the game (at least as far as the PAL version is concerned).
    Posted by Mannschaft570 on 08 Nov 16 at 11:56
    SiguardiusGuys, if you are reading this, and it's not working for you, don't worry. It will. I guarantee. After doing all those steps stated above the game will award you XP gained from ACES above level 20. I have 2x21 so I got 10k XP (it's basically 5k per ACES level above 21). My advice is: play normally, get ACES as high as possible, do all MP achievements, then start doing this method. It might take some time depending on you ACES levels, but you'll get there a lot faster this way.
    Posted by Siguardius on 05 Apr 17 at 23:41
    Tank Force UKThis still works, great solution thanks smile
    Posted by Tank Force UK on 17 Sep 17 at 00:13
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  • GeneralClaudiusGeneralClaudius144,476
    19 Apr 2008 24 Sep 2008
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    Elite rank requires 400,000XP

    This achievement will require some dedication to the game. You should play a lot of Team Leader games as the rounds are usually over fairly quickly, sometimes giving you up to 400 points for each win.

    Since the ACES system has been extended, you can now achieve level 100 in a certain area of your ACES. After level 20 you will be rewarded 5000XP for each level afterwards - so focus on one particular area and you will receive XP much quicker.

    Elite rank unlocks Custom Camo which allows you to make unique colour sets for your character, making you stand out from the other non-Elite players. You'll be able to unlock the "Haute Couture" achievement from this as well.

    It took me one month to get from 0 to 400K but you should make sure you balance out work and play, like I didn't.
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    gPiOrzeLI don't play much on single run, 2-3 hrs. but still i got this game from YEAR, and i'm officer rank:P Iboosted up LIVE, but now I got silver, so terrorist hunt and story are my way to score, massive achievement, i don't let it go:P
    Posted by gPiOrzeL on 21 Oct 09 at 05:48
    JaggexedgeDoes anybody know if you use the "First level Glitch" to accumulate XP (And Boost up your A.C.E.S.), then install the updates would the XP then carry over (As well as the A.C.E.S. XP)?
    Posted by Jaggexedge on 27 Oct 09 at 06:42
    Blood InsideYes if you re-patch after doing the first level glitch, the ACES XP bonuses all tally up fine.
    Posted by Blood Inside on 01 Mar 10 at 03:16
  • Catatonic NaliCatatonic Nali833,798
    11 Aug 2012 17 Jun 2011
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    In case anyone is interested the amount of XP required for each rank is as following:

    Private Second Class - 500XP
    Private First Class - 1,250XP
    Specialist - 2,500XP
    Lance Corporal - 5,000XP
    Corporal - 10,000XP
    Sergeant - 15,000XP
    Staff Sergeant - 20,000XP
    Gunnery Sergeant - 30,000XP
    Sergeant First Class - 40,000XP
    Master Sergeant - 50,000XP
    Senior Master Sergeant - 70,000XP
    First Sergeant - 90,000XP
    Sergeant Major - 110,000XP
    Warrant Officer - 140,000XP
    Second Lieutenant - 170,000XP
    First Lieutenant - 200,000XP
    Captain - 235,000XP
    Major - 270,000XP
    Lieutenant Colonel - 310,000XP
    Colonel - 350,000XP
    Elite - 400,000XP
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