This is the End achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

This is the End

Complete "Scorched Earth", "Down the Rabbit Hole", and "Dust to Dust" on Veteran difficulty.

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How to unlock the This is the End achievement

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    Dust to Dust is a tricky mission if you don't know how to go about it. Luckily, Scorched Earth and Down the Rabbit Hole are some what easy.

    First, Scorched Earth. This mission, while easy, can be frustrating at times. For me, the beginning portion inside the office building. Once off the heli move to the left 90 degrees. There should be a spot for you to go to the other side, DONT yet. Try to pick off some of the guys on the second floor. This is an infinite respawn (IR) area. When you believe it is save move to the other side and go between fences. Be careful, guys will jump down from above in front of you and sometimes there might be a guy there already. Ready that weapon soldier! Mop up anyone else then proceed to the upper floor. There will be some cubicals. Move up on the right side staying crouched or prone. Use flash or grenades when necessary. Then proceed up. The next floor has some cover when you get there. Toss grenades into the offices on the left side. Move up when safe as this is IR area. Guys have shotguns here so careful when moving to the stairs. When on the roof, either let your team deal or take some out yourself, there should only be less than 5 guys here. When that's done, relax for a bit as this section you shouldn't have any harm to you. After the rappel down the building and make it to the street. The German tank commander will ask you to take out the tank. Kill the tank minigun gunner before you attempt to get the RPG. Kill any guys nearby as well. After that, try to move to the left. When there, stay prone and move up. Keep and eye straight ahead as guys will come from there. When out on the main street with the tank column, get to the left side and try to move up as best you can. Make it through the collapsed building and take cover. There are guys with shotguns down below. Carefully eliminate them. After that there shouldn't be any real problems to the end.

    Down the Rabbit Hole is up next. Save a flash or two for the end. When your in the elevator stay on the right side and hide. No need to die in a fight that won't get you any where. The elevator will fall and open. Enemy grenades might get thrown in so be prepared to throw them back or run away. Grenade or shoot, either way get out of the elevator so the mission progresses. Move up on the right side to kick it. When you get to the next area, stay right. Use what ever you can to move up to the right. Watch the for the guys above you. In the next room, let your guys kill them and then move to the room on the left side. Kill anyone that gets on the snow tractor looking vehicle. Throw grenades if you want. You will come to a staircase, let your guys handle this. Proceed upstairs and outside. For the balcony, stay prone and pick guys off. Eventually you are given control of predator missiles. Stay in cover and use it to kill everyone, then move up. Keep doing it until it is destroyed. hold out somewhere until you can continue. There was a small two story building on the left side. There is a guy up top so kill him if you go there. When the explosion happens, wait a few seconds then move to the next area. After securing the secondary target, you get to an area with a catwalk and a big hole beneath it. Kill the RPG guys then the rest. Rappel down and take cover right. Take down those RPG guys then try to thin out the rest. Move up when safe. Watch out for the MG. My guys killed him when I did it so don't worry about him. When you have secured the primary, get up top and stay behind the boxes until you ride gets there, then toss the rest of your flashes and move up the right side then you will hit a trigger that ends the mission.

    Dust to Dust the last mission. You start off with Juggernaut armor, but don't get any funny ideas. This is veteran and your armor will only last twice as long as you would without it. As you exit the vehicle, immediately get behind the car. Use those cars for cover until you get to the fountain. Take cover and take out the RPG guys on the second floor. Move up, watch for the civies. Move up the escalators. Use bangers and nades until the elevator if you need to. When you get to the target's floor, let Yuri lead. As the corner starts to turn there should be a little furniture fort in front of you. Stay there until you have eliminated everyone. This is not an IR level. There should be 3 waves. At the beginning of each wave, they will spawn from a room to the right when at the fort. It is easy to grenade launch those enemies. Yuri will move up when it is clear. When you get to the bar (not the restaurant), let Yuri kill everyone. That's it the rest of the mission is quick time events and running so you are done. Good job soldier!

    If anyone needs further assistance in a level, please comment on this solution. If I didn't explain a section enough, tell me.
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    santi022Not saying this works better but in Scorched earth when you need to take out the tank I found it easier to just run out and grab the rpg no body turned around I don't know if that was a fluke or what but it was pretty convenient
    Posted by santi022 on 29 Jan 12 at 21:17
    SplashFalconIn Dust to Dust - Kill Makarov. level, the "furniture fort" solution was a huge help. I couldn't get past the second room on the left doing the normal push the spawns method. Also, at the beginning of each new wave you can look over the furniture to the right and shoot the new wave as they enter the room.
    Posted by SplashFalcon on 02 Jun 12 at 20:10
    SplashFalconIn Dust to Dust - Kill Makarov. level, the "furniture fort" solution was a huge help. I couldn't get past the second room on the left doing the normal push the spawns method. Also, at the beginning of each new wave you can look over the furniture to the right and shoot the new wave as they enter the room.
    Posted by SplashFalcon on 02 Jun 12 at 22:42
    Rimz891@SplashFalcon you made a good point about turning right to see the new wave come in. I have added it to the solution so that everyone knows about it. I forgot about that when I wrote this solution.
    Posted by Rimz891 on 02 Jun 12 at 23:56
    zoilus68Never got hung up until I got to the top floor on D2D.

    Took me a while to get to the first checkpoint, but I made it. The real BEAR of this level was figuring out how to make it from the poker room through the corner room and the lounge (with the couches) to the back corner room (with about 1:31 to go on the timer). I finally just rushed the one dude behind the suitcases in the lounge, then ran all the way to the corner next to the left doorway entrance to the bar. Still could only make it that far about 33% of the time, but practice makes perfect. NOW, you really just have to be patient, and calmly pick off the remaining six-eight enemies left in the bar.

    After that, only a couple of guys in the restaurant. I got them easily. The Yuri in my game was as useless as tits on a boar, so I did not wait on him to kill anything.

    I had little success grenading anybody in this level, but that could be because I just suck! lol
    Posted by zoilus68 on 04 Nov 12 at 15:10
    XdrugfreeprideXi just wanna add ive been trying this last section all damn day reading everyones tips watching videos and died a billion times but i figured something out right when you leave the elevator go down the hall theres a table by itself go behind it and use your scope rifle take out all the guys you can see then go down to where the other furniture is theres also suit cases turn right and just light up every single guy that comes out of the doors yuri after you do that there should only be about 2 or 3 guys left then the rest is pretty easy.i hope this helps.. thank god this achievement is over..if anyone wants to add me on xbox my user name is xdrugfreepridex i still need the online achievements thanks
    Posted by XdrugfreeprideX on 29 Jan 13 at 07:02
    Posted by NeverUnlucky#344 on 31 Mar 13 at 17:51
    ThooperWish I had looked at this solution earlier. Was losing it. Still got killed a couple time, but camping at the end of the hallway worked nice. To add to SplashFalcon's comment, the beginning of the 2nd wave is when he says, "we can't let him escape" and the third wave starts with, "you're near the restaurant". That allowed me to know when to pop out of cover and shoot those guys in the back.
    Posted by Thooper on 27 Apr 14 at 07:38
    Rimz891@Thooper I'm glad this solution put you on the right track. I was like you and when I figured it out I put my solution up. Sorry for late reply. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this solution.
    Posted by Rimz891 on 07 Jul 14 at 22:53
    IRISH PATRIOT xGreat detailed solution and helped thanks! +1
    Posted by IRISH PATRIOT x on 03 Aug 14 at 06:10
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