The Best of the Best achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The Best of the Best

Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

The Best of the Best+0.1
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How to unlock the The Best of the Best achievement

  • xZ JoeyxZ Joey32,500
    12 Nov 2011 09 Nov 2011
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    Here are my own tips and things that I've learnt through completing all of the other Call of Duty Games on Veteran Difficulty

    -Stuns and flash-bangs are a man's best friend, always use them.
    -Light Machine Guns (LMGs) are the best weapons to pick up as they shred through enemies and there always comes that annoying moment when you have to reload.
    -Grenades usually get me killed more than the enemies shooting at me. Frags have an absolutely huge radius in which they explode. Stay clear of them and always throw them back as they are not cooked in single player.
    -Always be cautious going around corners. Staying prone or crouched is a good idea.
    -Let your team mates go first, so you can see where they are shooting etc and also they have infinite health.
    -If you don't keep pushing forward you won't reach checkpoints as the enemies infinately respawn.
    -Don't rush in on Veteren, you'll get nowhere.
    -You can automatically lock on to enemies by pressing the aim/fire button. This is a very handy feature so use it.
    -Most Important thing for me is if you are really struggling with a mission or can't get passed a certain point and you've been trying so many times turn your xbox off leave it for a couple of hours or a day then come back to it. Trying to get past a hard point on Veteran while frustrated and angry isn't going to happen. Done it so many times where I have decided to leave it and come back to it and I've done it 1st time.

    I am aware that I haven't completed this campaign on Veteran yet, but I thought I'd give some pointers anyway :)

    Hope this helps.

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    Bjarke Brieseems pretty easy to me - at least compared to the first modern warfare
    Posted by Bjarke Brie on 07 Mar 12 at 09:17
    ThE TexAn GamErAnd most importantly complete the campaign on veteran its less time consuming.
    Posted by ThE TexAn GamEr on 11 Dec 14 at 04:42
    Is it bad if I found the mw2 campaign much easier on veteran than mw3 on veteran? Like I died much less
    Posted on 14 May 19 at 17:09
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  • Seraphim17Seraphim17869,368
    08 Nov 2011 11 Nov 2011
    30 4 1
    Here is a link to a full walkthrough of the campaign on it's hardest difficulty with full commentary throughout. This is by far the easiest COD singleplayer so far, but if anyone is having trouble, this should suffice.

    Hope it helps
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    Our AfflictionsThanks for these videos. They helped a lot.
    Posted by Our Afflictions on 06 Apr 12 at 23:36
  • atheistiumatheistium125,845
    18 Nov 2011 18 Nov 2011
    25 1 1
    Dust to Dust:

    Most of veteran is pretty easy but this was the only level I had a few deaths on. It wasn't until after the elevator scene and the timer countdown starting.

    Once you are on the second floor (where your timer starts), you might struggle moving from area to area with the sheer amount of people. Luckily you don't have to. If you spend about a minute or two taking out the majority of baddies on the floor a checkpoint will hit.

    A good place to take them out is when you just leave the elevator and hide behind crates right next to the balcony. I stayed here for the whole time.

    After this checkpoint a new wave will run through and take them out from the same point. You don't need to save any grenade or anything after this point so just spam all you can at everything. After this another checkpoint will hit. You can now move forward with no real trouble.

    (if the second checkpoint doesn't hit then go into the casino table room on the left and take out the guys that come in after the civilians run through then head back to where you were)

    Moving forward I'd stick close to the second bar and take out the last one or two guys that run towards you before the helicopter attacks. Walah - it's plain sailing from here.

    Hope these tips help those struggling :)
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    Misc DailyThanks for the advice. I'll be using it when I decide to try the mission again. I seem to keep dying when I run into the room where the civilians are.
    Posted by Misc Daily on 19 Nov 11 at 02:58
  • 24 4 5
    I would play my first playthrough on veteran, here are the arguments:

    - You get double rewarded with gamerscore (one for each 2-3 missions on veteran, and for each mission for compleating)
    - You don't know about the parts what are coming, how difficult they are (Just play the moment as it is, you want to know what comes next -> more motivation)

    You don't know what to do in difficult situations (i can promise you, thats in no mission a problem)

    Difficult (for Peoples how know the series):
    Its between Black Ops and MW2, if you was able to beat this games with some checkpoint reloadings, i would say you need 10-15 hours for the story. I have now 20 hours, including a second playthrough for mission specific Achievements and a third for the intels.

    Hard Moments:
    I think this depends on the player. One Player have much problems with one mission, the next player with another mission. But overall, everything is able to do. There are no WaW or Cod4, Cod3 Moments.

    - Use your cover
    - Use your Grenades (Don't do it like me, and think you need them later. You don't need them later...)
    - Use the Aim Assistant
    - Dont rush in Time Limited Missions. You have more then enough time
    - If you have played enough, die more then 10 times on a checkpoint make a break, eat something, take a shower. Your concentration is not the same after 10 hours of playing like before
    - If it seem like infinite spawning, shoot, go the the next cover, shoot again.
    - If they not spawning infinite, take your time. Shoot everything you see. If nobody seems like to be there, jump a short moment and go back to cover. If nobody shooting you, slowly go to the next cover. Take it easy.
  • 20 2 0
    A few tips: (And I am sure they work because I never beat even Hardeneded on any other Call of Duty game yet except this one)

    I beat it on veteran with ease...

    - If there is a lot of random enemies and you can't really see them, tap and hold the aim button for 1 second, and make sure you shooting. Keep doing that because auto aim will kill a lot of the enemies.

    - If it has been a while since you got a checkpoint and you don't wanna die, or even if you just don't wanna die, hold the aim button, and slightly move out, scan the screen for enemies, if there are none, move out a bit more, once you see some, you have an easy move back for cover if you are being hit, and probably only one or two enemies that can even see you. Makes it easy to kill.

    - Pretty obvious, but take your time. If you rush the levels, you'll end up take like 10 more minutes an hour (5 per half an hour) then if you take your time. If you keep dying etc.

    Also just a side note, if you are going for 100% completion, do the Intel achievements with this, the Intel is easy to find and puts you in no danger basically.

    - Use what ever weapons you like to use. I liked LMG's because of there large clips. But there aren't much available in the campaign so SMG's were my best friend. Always keep a loaded clip when going into battle.

    - If you have teammates, they do kill, so let them do some killing. And also in the stealth missions, listen to your teammates instructing you.

    Anyway, just some basic tips.
  • 12 3 0
    Tips: Play smart,Stay in cover,Always crouch if they're a bunch of guys shooting at you,Always use flash bangs to clear out a room,Don't rush out in the open,Let your teammates go first they can't die,Lmg are always amazing because of the large mag And always push up when you have cleared out a few enemies Oh and always throw back grenades

    Update: after coming back to this guide i forgot to add some grenades you can throw back in time this happened to me a few times when i pick up an enemy grenade it would go of does not happen often
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