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Collect 22 Intel Items.

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How to unlock the Informant achievement

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    Act 1 – Mission 1: Black Tuesday

    1) In the Building where the floor had collapsed and there is a helicopter crashed into the building, to the left of the helicopter there is a bedroom and inside there is the Intel.

    2) As you leave one room and enter into the jewelry storeroom, there will be loads of enemies rushing in to this room; go down the steps and behind the steps on the counter is this Intel.

    3) After being outside again and clearing loads of enemies you will enter a building (near the door are red flares) and there is an ammo supply point as you enter, just behind this on a small table is the Intel.

    4) Just After the last in the room with all the screens and computers, once you have cleared this room you are told to go up the stairs, on the counter closest to the stairs is the Intel.

    5) When you see the broad casting tower when you are told to blow it up (on the roof) to the left is a small open area with the Intel on the desk next to computers and crates.

    Act 1 – Mission 2: Hunter Killer

    6) As you go down the ladder in to the sub, go into the next room and just past the second bunk bed to the right is the Intel, before you head downstairs.

    7) As you see the red flashing light and enter the next room with loads of enemies, follow the path to the right and go up the stairs, watch for enemies, and then head to the left side of that room on the upper deck to find this Intel.

    Act 1 – Mission 3: Persona Non Grata

    8) Once you can head outside in to the courtyard at the beginning of the mission, from the helicopter wreckage go to the right and just inside on the right of the archway on a crate.

    9) As you get out that first little area and head down the street getting attack by loads of enemies, you will see a big building where there is an alley to the right off from the road, go up the steps in to this building and in the room on that floor is the Intel on a side table.

    10) Where you and Price find the UGV to the left of the box it is in is the Intel.

    11) After the UGV gets destroyed by the drone, and you are told to run outside, head towards the left as you leave the building and look for a slide, the Intel is at the top of the slide, you will have to stand to the side to get it.

    Act 1 – Mission 4: Turbulence

    12) After you get chucked around by the plan head down the steps and to the right behind the section at the bottom of the stairs.

    13) After you get out side and head around to find the president, as you jump over the log you will hear an explosion, just over the log is the Intel on the floor, and this is before the fighting section.

    Act 1 – Mission 5: Back on the Grid

    14) When you cover Price and Soap they will enter the building marked with graffiti, when you can enter that building and the Intel is inside.

    15) After the last head continue on the path and stay on ground level sticking to the left, headin inside the first metal shack on the left with all the enemies. Make sure to get this before you jump down with Price.

    16) Towards the end of the level as you assault the Church, once inside the Intel is on the Table at the back.

    Act 1 – Mission 6: Mind the Gap (PART 1)

    17) When you are told to take out the 2 enemies down the alley, near the start of the level, the Intel is inside the building corridor on the left, this is before you breach the next room.

    18) After you break through the glass and enter serious combat outside, to the right is some stairs that lead up onto the catwalk, follow it up in to the room at the top and the Intel is inside. This is before you breach the Truck.

    Act 1 – Mission 6: Mind the Gap (PART 2)

    19) After heading up the elevator steps, before heading up the next look behind the magazine counter on the floor.

    Act 2 – Mission 1: Goalpost

    20) As you get off the beach at the start of the mission, head up towards the right side, you will see the remains of a plane, head inside the nose portion of the plain to find this Intel.

    21) As you assault up the main road section with the tanks, the road will take a turn to the left and your are told to regroup on the tanks, in the South-west corner of this area is 2 large tree’s cornered by a wall, and behind this wall if the Intel. This is just before you get on the Tanks Mini-gun.

    22) As you reach the convoy, then empty SUV’s you will enter a building, on the right side by a desk is the Intel before you head up the stairs which blood on them.

    I will have video guides for All 46 closer to official release date to aid the written walkthrough. Here is video 1 showing you collectibles 22/46 gain you this achievement

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    Epsilon ThetaYour video seems to be unavailable.
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    British LegendsYeah it was taken down due to copy right :/ no good but it will be up again soon !
    Posted by British Legends on 05 Nov 11 at 12:50
    Epsilon ThetaI'll take you up on that! :P You can always remove the video from your solution until it is up again!
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    Here is my Videoguide for ALL Intel Locations. Timesheet for each Intel on YT Description. Video is only 08:50min long, shows every Time the Mission and Overallprogress.

    If you have a Question, ask me in the Comments.

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    Easy to follow guide - Would have been up sooner if youtube hadnt took an age processing - Longer clip to make it as easy as possible to find your intel - Time coded by level on youtube if you are missing 1 on a certain level

    If you like what we do check our youtube channel for more guides
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