Kill Box achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Kill Box

Kill 20 enemies with the Chopper Gunner in a single run in "Return to Sender."

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How to unlock the Kill Box achievement

  • Rasta 360GameTVRasta 360GameTV455,750
    07 Nov 2011 08 Nov 2011
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    Here is my Videoguide. I use the first chopper gun, not the second or third.

    Run into the Container, wait and then kill 20 Enemys. Very easy. If you failed, reload the Checkpoint and try again.

    Questions? Ask me in the Comments.


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    KillersquirelzPretty late, but staying by the jeep worked better than the container, thanks.
    Posted by Killersquirelz on 24 Oct 18 at 19:21
    EthigyGreat solution, very simple. Got it first try.
    Posted by Ethigy on 30 Mar 20 at 22:27
    Gilbert PrimeUgh. My strafing runs average between 6 and 8 seconds before dropping back into normal mode. Every tenth attempt or so runs for about 11 seconds. Can I do anything to consistently get a longer run like concentrate on rooftop RPG guys? My experience is absolutely not like those shown in the videos.
    Posted by Gilbert Prime on 15 Sep 20 at 21:24
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  • EndodroidEndodroid601,915
    10 Nov 2011 10 Nov 2011 18 Jun 2015
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    Load up Act 2 – Mission 2: Return to Sender.

    Set the game on 'Recruit' difficulty and make sure not to kill anybody!

    As soon as you take control of the character, run straight and then right in to a path that has buildings on either side (this is the natural path to progress the mission).

    At this point more enemies will spawn as you have moved further in to the level which makes the achievement easier. As soon as you have ran around this area for a few seconds, find a corner to hide in inside a building.

    Use your air support (Right on the D–Pad). Don't bother zooming and kill as many enemies as quickly as you can.

    The achievement will pop as soon as you get 20 kills, so if you don't get it by the time the air support ends, reload your checkpoint.
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    jlissandrelloGreat suggestion. I was having trouble with this one but got it on the first time using your walk through. Thanks!
    Posted by jlissandrello on 17 Feb 14 at 01:49
    Lord Nazuleworked like a charm thanks!
    Posted by Lord Nazule on 12 Sep 15 at 00:16
    JulioRosinoThank, man..I tried other solutions and couldnt get it first time with yours..Thank u
    Posted by JulioRosino on 06 Oct 19 at 18:49
  • DanokittyDanokitty129,604
    10 Nov 2011 10 Nov 2011 28 Oct 2018
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    [Intro/ Background]
    -For those of you having trouble with this achievement, or who would rather read a guide than load videos, I'll do my best to paint a detailed mental picture/ guide for you. Keep in mind, I wrote this much on purpose, not by accident. If you only care about the actual firing of the minigun/ killing 20 enemies, feel free to skip forward to 'Part Three' now.
    [Part One: Basics]
    -This achievement is easiest on recruit difficulty, mostly because the enemy AI is far less aggressive, meaning that your team wont have to kill as many in self defense, leaving more alive to be mopped up during the achievement. That being said, this solution will work on any difficulty, just take it slower and be more tactical in Hardened / Veteran modes.
    [Part Two: Getting There]
    -The most simple and convenient way (my opinion) to unlock this achievement occurs near the beginning of the level, after crashing through the large steel gates, and exiting the Jeep. -Immediately after gaining control, head left and follow the edge of the map, sticking close to the wall. During this time Soap will say: "Slot these b**t**ds fast!" - Disregard that, and rather, DO NOT KILL anyone during this time. If you do, there are less enemies to kill when the chopper comes in. -Keep moving along the wall, then down a wooden ramp. -Look for the light blue shipping container, it's the closest one to the bottom of the ramp. -Run forward, past the couple enemies if you can avoid them, and stop somewhere by or between the container and the wooden pallets. After a couple seconds, you'll hear Price say: "Waarabe's compound is at the end of the road! Move!" - Again, disregard this order, and stay exactly where you are, behind the blue container. If for some reason an enemy is attacking you, and cant be ignored without dying, kill them. There shouldn't be a reason to kill more than one enemy during this time period, and ideally, none. -Price yells: "They're targeting us with mortars!" This is true, but yet again, disregard it, as the mortars can't hit you back here, even while you're standing still. Right after, Soap calls out: "Nikolai, we need air support!" and Nikolai responds: "Moving into position now." -Pause the game.
    [Part Three: The Achievement]
    -While it isn't necessary, I highly recommend turning your controller sensitivity down 1 or 2 from the setting you use for your main gun. It can be very helpful in controlling the chopper gunner, as it aims very quickly-- which can cause you to over-aim since the helicopter is moving as well. I found best results with the sensitivity around 3. - Resume game, and press --> (right) on D-pad to enter gunner controls. - As soon as you gain control, hold the trigger down so that you can hit targets as soon as possible. This particular minigun doesn't overheat, so you might as well be firing every second. Don't worry about firing over your friendlies *too much*, so long as you don't -focus- your fire on them/ kill them, you wont usually get penalized for it. - There will be a 'front line' of enemies spread left to right, so rather than fire straight ahead as you move forward, sweep your fire across them. This way, you will also be more likely to hit explosive barrels, which will each kill multiple targets at once, saving you time. It's difficult to spot individual barrels, so just know that they are usually close to groups of soldiers. There are a lot of them on the ships located to the left of the enemy 'front line', where you should fire next, and there are clusters of them on the building rooftops, where you focus on third. Aim near the water towers/ other structures on tops of buildings. Sweep across them, up and down as you approach, and left to right while you are above them. Then focus fire more -into- the buildings, where the windows are. Finally, pick off as many stray enemies in the streets as you can before the gun fades out. If you got 20, the achievement will pop before you put the control screen all the way down. Otherwise, act quickly to restart checkpoint and try again, because you only have a couple seconds before Price will speak and you'll have already reached a new checkpoint, forcing you to try and get 20 kills on later runs, which is much harder (in my opinion) or start the level all the way over. I hope this guide has every detail someone would need for attempting unlock on the first gun run. If there is anything I should add, entire paragraphs I should remove, or any mistakes, let me know. I will edit this tomorrow as I have more time.
    [Last Thoughts]
    If everything I just said only confuses you more... Try the condensed version: spray and pray on the first enemy line, then the boats, then building tops, then building centers, and finally shoot individual targets on the roads. clusters of bad guys first, and save the enemies out in the open for last.
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    prokopAwesome! Thanks!
    Posted by prokop on 08 Feb 12 at 23:16
    KrisWalkinNice, took a bit of doing but I had shot too many of them with small arms the first time I tried it. Thanks!
    Posted by KrisWalkin on 26 Mar 12 at 01:42
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