Arms Dealer achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Arms Dealer

Buy all items from the Survival Weapon Armory.

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How to unlock the Arms Dealer achievement

  • CraftyZach manCraftyZach man252,287
    13 Nov 2011 11 Nov 2011 19 Jul 2017
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    For this achievement you must buy everything in the weapons armory atleast once. This will be marked by a pistol symbol on your screen and map. You do not have to buy everything in one match you can do this in mutiple matches. This will be the longest one due to the sheer amount of weapons you must buy in order to get the achievement.

    You must be level 50 in spec ops to unlock this achievement this is due to some weapons not unlocking untill level 50.To get to the rank of 50 you will need a total 2,065,400 xp. Spec ops ranking is seperate from multiplayer ranking so you do not need any rank in multiplayer to get this achievement.

    Things you should know -
    If you start out with a wepon it does not mean youve bought that weapon, the same goes for picking up wepons off the ground. Meaning you will either have to buy another weapon and then buy the weapon you had before to get credit for it or drop if for another weapon and buy it back.

    What you have to buy -
    Names - Cost -

    Handguns -
    Five seven - 250
    Usp 45 - 250
    Mp412 - 250
    Desert eagle - 250
    .44 Magnum - 250
    P99 - 250

    Machine Pistol -
    G18 - 1500
    Skorpion - 1500
    Mp9 - 1500
    Fmg9 - 1500

    Assualt Rifle -
    M4a1 - 3000
    M16a4 - 3000
    Scar-l - 3000
    Acr 6.8 - 3000
    Ak-47 - 3000
    Fad - 3000
    G36c - 3000
    Cm901 - 3000
    Mk14 - 3000
    Type 95 - 3000

    Sub Machine gun-
    Mp5 - 2000
    Ump45 - 2000
    Mp7 - 2000
    Pm9 - 2000
    Pp90ml - 2000
    P90 - 2000

    Light machine gun -
    M60e4 - 7000
    Pkp pecheneg - 7000
    Mk46 - 7000
    L86 lsw - 7000
    Mg36 - 7000

    Sniper rifles-
    Msr - 2000
    Dragunov - 2000
    Rsass - 2000
    L118a - 2000
    As50 - 2000
    Barret 50. Cal - 2000

    Shotguns -
    Model 1887 - 2000
    Usas 12 - 2000
    Spas 12 - 2000
    Ksg 12 - 2000
    Striker - 4000
    AA 12 - 5000

    You must buy all the weapon upgrades also for the achievement when you buy a gun it will say upgrade next to it just click it and choose one. Only have to buy each one one time do not have to buy them for every weapon.

    Wepon Upgrades -
    Helographic sight - 1000
    Red dot - 750
    Grip - 1250
    M203 grenade launcher - 1500 Weapon that has it - M4A1
    Gp25 grenade launcher - 1500 Weapon that has it - Ak-47
    M320 grenade launcher - 1500 Weapon that has it - Acr
    Acog scope - 1250
    Shotgun - 1500

    Once you have bought everything for the weapon armory the achievement should pop. To keep track try writing them down on a paper and check each wepon off as you buy them in survival.

    Easy ways to rank up -

    Missions - You can play each mission in spec ops on veteran by yourself and gain upwards of 33,000 points a mission completed for the first time.

    Survival - Doing the first survival map by yourself can get you quite a bit of xp from kills but may take a while.

    Grinding - Have found a method that can get you anywhere from 4000 to 8000 points in just one minute.Set difficulty to veteran(or can put it on any difficulty you prefer), on the first part of server crash you start in a car. You can run through this sequence and destroy each car netting you 700 or more points per a car destroyed. Will try to make a video if call of duty elite allows it , of a speed run through this method and where to shoot to maximize your point gain. Here's a video showing the mission in the mean time.

    Easy ways to gain cash in survival -

    Please look at my solo method for the Get rich or die achievement (get 50,000 points in one match) to help you get money faster to buy each item.

    link -
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Get Rich or Die TryingThe Get Rich or Die Trying achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 worth 53 pointsHave $50,000 current balance in a Special Ops Survival game.

    Please thumbs up if this helps and if theres anything wrong comment and ill try to fix it Thank you!

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    PrimeBigTimeI negged only because your spelling is abysmal. I would understand if you made the same spelling mistakes over and over again but you spell something right one time and then wrong the next as if you rushed this guide. If you make the guide more professional I will up-vote. Also, writing the levels next to the guns would help because people will work on this as they progress to level 50 rather than wait.
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 10 Jan 14 at 09:19
    Reborn InsanityYour video is no longer working.
    Posted by Reborn Insanity on 18 Jul 17 at 16:48
    SYst3M0FAd0WnzzThank you jimmythekidd02! If anyone thinks this achievement is glitched and still needs this achievement, then follow EXACTLY what he says and it should work, it worked for me eventually after rebuying the snipers 1 by 1.
    Posted by SYst3M0FAd0Wnzz on 27 Jan at 08:56
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  • InsaneFlameInsaneFlame489,618
    22 Nov 2011 09 Nov 2011 09 Nov 2011
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    I am currently working on this achievement so decided to put together a spreadsheet for people (and myself) to use in order to keep track of progress towards all the Survival Armories Achievements. As far as I can see the game only notifies you of weapons which have been unlocked for purchase, not what you HAVE purchased which is annoying.

    I have uploaded this to google docs and is accessible from

    I have set it for public viewing and usage so you should be able to make a copy and print etc.

    I have included next to the items the level which is required to unlock them for purchase and what it will cost you. These items can be unlocked in multiple playthrough's so keep at it and you will get this.

    Any problems with the link or any improvements you think could be made let me know.

    Hopefully this is of use to everyone. Thanks for looking. RB
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    KinasesThis is great! Thanks for taking the time to do this! I know I'm late to the party but I've downloaded the spreadsheet as an excel file! Thumbs up from me!
    Posted by Kinases on 30 Oct 12 at 20:55
    Lone Wolf 8720I just wanted to let you know that even after all this years, I just downloaded your spreadsheet, thx for the effort making this. And big Boee to the people that voted negative. Thumbs up from me clap
    Posted by Lone Wolf 8720 on 05 Jun 17 at 18:23
    THEpaynexkillerJust wanted to personally thank you. Cheers.
    Posted by THEpaynexkiller on 26 Aug 17 at 20:32
  • R3dD3vil88R3dD3vil88206,236
    17 Nov 2011 18 Nov 2011
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    The Video and guide below was not created by me i am just sharing it with people as this really helped me lvl up in spec ops extremely quick.


    Load up "Fire Mission" and select split screen mode with 2 controllers. Have your main account in the gunner and the guest on the ground not moving. Destroy the first 2 cars with the 40mm rounds, then 2 more to the right. Switch to the 25mm rounds and move to the center and take out the chopper. Pause and restart.

    Doing this fast enough can net you 6,000 to 9,000 XP per minute which is 360,000 to 540,000 XP per hour.
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    Deranged AsylumI was making 100k per 15 minutes using this method its by far the best way to gain xp that I know of...
    Posted by Deranged Asylum on 28 Feb 12 at 18:00
    simo1222if you did that for a whole hour id shoot myself
    Posted by simo1222 on 19 Apr 12 at 17:26
    LuckyKantI found the same video on YT and came to post it. laugh +1
    Posted by LuckyKant on 30 Jun 15 at 00:19
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