Overachiever achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


Earn 48 stars in Special Ops Mission Mode.

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How to unlock the Overachiever achievement

  • JohnnyI2ogueJohnnyI2ogue427,941
    14 Nov 2011 09 Nov 2011 15 Nov 2011
    220 37 66
    I have every 3 Star Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops mission walkthrough videos(with commentary) uploaded to Youtube and are located in my Youtube playlist titled: Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Missions 3 Star Walkthrough. Except for the 2 Co-op missions(which I have walkthrough videos for as well), all of my spec ops walkthroughs are played solo.

    Here is the link to the playlist:

    Here is a list of every video walkthroughs posted up on Youtube:
    (Updated: Nov. 14 2011)

    --Stay Sharp

    --MileHigh Jack

    --Over Reactor

    --Hit and Run

    --Toxic Paradise

    --Firewall (REQUIRES 2 PEOPLE!)

    --Fatal Extraction

    --Hostage Taker

    --Charges Set

    --Resistance Movement

    --Little Bros

    --Invisible Threat

    --Server Crash


    --Flood the Market

    --Fire Mission (REQUIRES 2 PEOPLE!)

    Thanks for your support!

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    EarthboundXIt's interesting many people don't seem to want to create sessions of their own. I see this "I still need help with this achievement" comments everywhere, when they could just as easily make a session. I guess maybe a lot of people don't want the responsible of being the session host? So they just wait for other people to make sessions?
    Posted by EarthboundX on 30 Jan at 00:45
    Foxy GrayDid you delete your videos?
    Posted by Foxy Gray on 07 May at 03:13
    Whats a Chundystill offering help for this, gt: What a Chundy
    Posted by Whats a Chundy on 14 May at 00:00
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  • SSCPSSCP839,755
    11 Nov 2011 10 Nov 2011 23 Nov 2011
    45 8 1
    These are the videos i have made for my channel - The First couple dont have commentary but the next ones have / will have - I have 90% Recorded - And I am currently editing and uploading them - Alot of them are decent placed for score in the leaderboards so hopefully that means the method is good and you will find them helpful..

    Thanks to Plasma SKX, AiM TRGZ and x J Baby for playing the spec ops through with me - Especially to J for putting up with me wanting to keep trying the same one over and over to get a good method!

    We make our videos to help the gaming community, so why not show your support...

    We also take requests on walkthroughs and guides etc.. So send us a message and we will see what we can do!

    Please be patient and they all will be uploaded asap












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    Whats a ChundyWilling to help anyone who needs it with these. Offers good forever. Send me a message here or on XBL.
    Posted by Whats a Chundy on 25 Sep 20 at 21:49
  • iM3RKxYOUxiM3RKxYOUx381,710
    13 Nov 2011 15 Nov 2011
    31 1 6
    At the end of the day "Smack Town" is easily one of the hardest missions on special ops to 3 star. I found this mission much easier to do in solo (which is very strange) i completed it the other day in under 3 trys (solo) after trying to complete it the night before with one of my mates (took us way over 20 trys).

    Make sure you stay using the light machine gun thoughout at least the chopper part, i really wouldn't recommend the assault rifle, you get too many hit markers and have to reload all the time but dont get me wrong the noob tube (grenade launcher) can be very useful at times, use it at your own risk..

    Now i find the chopper part to be the hardest part of this mission. Basically all you want to do is pick your targets and fire short controlled bursts, this makes your bullets much more accurate and guarantees a longer period of time before you have to reload. I know sometimes in the video i went mad and started spraying at a couple of guys and it took me ages to kill them thus why you use short controlled bursts, i was just panicking at the time (thats my excuse) ;)

    I recommend reloading your light machine gun when you see a good opportunity e.g. when you clear the current wave of enemies and there are only a couple left. Reloading at the wrong times on this chopper can really mess you up (i know this from personal experience).

    Just before your choppers about to touch down make sure you blow up the jeep in the distance. As soon as you drop from the chopper take cover behind the barrels in front of you and camp there until you have picked off all the enemies. As soon as you drop i recommend shooting the people on the left 1st because occasionally the RPG guy shoots a big ass rocket at you and believe me you dont want to fail just because of that biscuit.. once you've dispatched the first of the bad guys, make your way up the right side of the map and enter that building. take your time though, there are quite a few enemies that hide round the corners. Make your way up to the top floor (the roof) and straight away go prone. Take out the enemies on the opposite roofs and plant the 1st bomb.

    Once you plant that 1st bomb drop down round the back side and take out the enemies that appear when you drop down. Now slowly make your way to the next building, i recommend following my video for here on out. just make sure when you plant the second bomb, camp inside that building and pick off the enemies that appear, when you think they are all dead, exit from the far right side of the building, blow up the C4 and "get to the choppa!" Anyway good luck and i hope i helped you out =]

    Note* Sometimes the sound in the video goes all freaky leaky, i have no idea why but shit happens i guess.. Also due to my videos being uploaded in widescreen they dont seem to fit in the small video box on trueachievements therefore i would suggest you turn pop ups off and click on the text in the video box to open up a new window where you can view the whole picture.

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    iM3RKxYOUxi havent bought the dlc so im not sure, theres no harm in trying though?
    Posted by iM3RKxYOUx on 15 Mar 12 at 12:29
    Whats a ChundyIf anyone needs help with this achievement send me a message on here or XBL. Offer will always be there.
    Posted by Whats a Chundy on 25 Sep 20 at 21:50
    Styles PluralFor those still wondering, stars earned from the spec ops DLC missions do NOT count towards the total stars you've earned in the base game.
    Posted by Styles Plural on 26 Feb at 02:02
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