Major-General achievement in Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking


Get 3 stars in all games.

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How to unlock the Major-General achievement

  • Hosti RopeApinaHosti RopeApina364,632
    16 Jun 2016 19 Jun 2016 19 Jun 2016
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    This is not a complete guide, but I thought to share my methods with those minigames I considered hardest (that is: the last ones I got 3 stars on).

    If you are struggling with some other mini games, feel free to ask me some tips. (But remember: I got most of my three star ratings three to five years ago, so my memory might not serve me well anymore.)

    Salmon Rush Day and Inner Journey:

    These seemed to be impossible until I noticed that the bonus for fast completion time is negligible compared to collecting Rabbid Coins. So take it very slow and try to collect every coin. You can miss up to two (or even three) Rabbid Coins and still get three stars.

    Inner Journey: exclusive tips:

    You can stop yourself almost to null speed by raising your both hands high in the air. Position yourself correctly while keeping your hands up.

    In the last (third) race of Inner Journey you need speed to go through the jump, so you need to memorize those locations. Majority of level you can proceed slowly.

    Salmon Rush Day: exclusive tips:

    In the last (third) race of Salmon Rush Day you need to jump ON the barrier wherever you can; even when there are no Rabbid Coins to gain by doing that. Successful jump gives you 50 points. Time your jump exactly at the beginning of "jumping zone". If you are swimming very slowly as I suggested, it will be very easy to time your jump most of the time.

    About the middle of level there is one Rabbid Coin at the right. After the Coin there are three nets "blocking" your way across all the field. Right behind the middle net is a Rabbid Coin. DO NOT dive under nets! Go through the middle net. It just slows you down, but you get no penalty doing so! That way you can easily get the Rabbid Coin AND you have more than enough time to make a perfect barrier jump just after that Coin.

    Snot funny:

    Tip 1: Shout for at least 5 seconds "AAAAAAAAAH" when releasing your snot (and Rabbid). I couldn't get over 250 meters when I'd shout a short "AH" at release. (I don't actually know what effect this has if any, but after AAAAAAAAAH's my points almost doubled without any other changes.)

    Tip 2: You need 750 m for three stars. I couldn't get over 600 m doing things "normally". Go very near your Kinect while doing that rotating motion. The right distance is when you get that "you are too close" -message: do not go any closer but keep that "too close" message on screen.

    Kinect sees your motion the larger the nearer you are the peripheral. I got constantly 800+ meters when I was "little too near" my Kinect.

    Sauce Wars:

    In this minigame you have probably already got this:

    Raving Rabbids: Alive & KickingCinderellaThe Cinderella achievement in Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking worth 15 pointsIn the Sauce Wars game, mop up the floor with your hands.

    You will get your three stars easily with this "Cinderella"-style. But at first you need to make your hands bigger: put on oven mitts or preferably something even larger, maybe a sports enthusiasts' foam hands (I used padded bags for frozen groceries).

    After this "body modification" I got my three stars immediatly! Before that I could barely get two stars.

    Guitar Zero:

    This is hard. The first two songs needed me to hit the notes perfectly. When I got 99 % for "notes", I got only two stars. If you get very high "solo" score, you can probably get your three stars with 98+ % of notes.

    Fortunately the last three songs are more forgiving and 95-98 % was enough for three stars. I could not get high "solo" score: the game just did not accept my "pose" during solo (except the very wide stance). I tried everything but my solo score for whole song never got greater than 60 % (usually around 50 %).

    For gameplay tips: do not "pretend to be playing guitar". That doesn't work because you need (almost) perfect score.

    For the fret hand: keep your fret hand flat: arm from shoulder to elbow vertical and lower arm from elbow to fingers horizontal pointing towards Kinect. Move only your lower arm left or right. This stance makes your guitar stay horizontal all the time and your strumming does not suffer from the random jittering of the guitar. This realization was the game saver for me.

    For the strumming hand: Kinect sees only the "downward" move of your strum. At least I could not strum "up-down"-motion at all, because the upward motions did not do anything. Unfortunately sometimes they will get recognized, which will cause a "strum when there is no note to strum". That is not a problem: it will only mess your combo, but you do not need combo. You need to strum 100 % of notes.

    You can lessen the false recognitions by doing a circle with your strumming hand: keep your upper arm almost vertical and windmill the lower arm so that your fingers strum at the right moment and pass upwards reasonably away from the "guitar".

    Now you See Me:

    This was the last three stars I got. This is VERY unforgiving. A little bit of luck can help a little (but only a little).

    You need 5500 points for three stars. This seems MUCH because you can do a perfect run in terms of "almost not getting hit by search lights" and still get only one star! You need to turn the spotlights to yellow by being in the edge of them. Doing that, you will triple the points that search light gives to you. I call this "edge-hitting the search lamps" contrasting "hitting the lamps" in which lamp will "see" you, turn red and you will LOSE points from it.

    Tip 1: Do not get hit by search lights AT ALL! If you get "no hit" -run, after the timer stops you will enter a "sudden death" -mode (called "zero tolerance" here). It will continue only a fixed amount of time (probably 15--30 seconds, I did not make a count), so you can't get your three stars just being "not hit" forever, but you NEED to get to zero tolerance mode and not been hit during it also.

    Tip 2: There is not actually much more than practice, but you will get majority of your points during the phase with 6 searchlights simultaneously on screen (3 at both sides of you). Try to find a stance where you can "edge-hit" at least 4 of them simultaneously, but try to keep "edge-hitting" them all as long as they are on the screen. Remember that you can walk towards or away from Kinect: if you walk towards it, you will appear "larger" and can reach to edge-hit more targets.

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    KDiamond1973A little tip for Sauce Wars. Believe me - it's not necessary to use your HANDS for 3 stars run. That was my big mistake as well (that Cinderella achievement really misleading there) and I struggled heavily until I realized that just standing on your FEET is the best option there... :D
    So, sweep the floor with your feet and get 3 stars in no time! I did it on my 2nd or 3rd attempt after countless hand tries....
    Posted by KDiamond1973 on 19 Jun 16 at 13:43
    Hosti RopeApinaI could get one star at best with my feet. I have no idea why it was so impossible. That is why I needed to use hands with "body modifications". It probably has something to do with Kinect placement and lightning and so on.
    Posted by Hosti RopeApina on 19 Jun 16 at 14:45
    PrimeBigTimeGreat guide. Dunno why the negative but will load this up again based on your tips. Thanks!
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 15 Dec 16 at 05:22
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  • KDiamond1973KDiamond1973576,524
    20 Jul 2016 18 Jul 2016 18 Jul 2016
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    For those who's struggling with Life's a Beach solo (as I did).

    At the later stage when rabbids start to aproach in an overwhelming manner if you'll start to spread foam from side to side trying to eliminate closest ones on the front row you have no chances to pass 3 min mark.

    But if you'll act "column"-wise instead of "row"-wise (just try to eliminate entire "vertical" line of bunnies and only after that switch to another line) you'll get 3 stars in no time.
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