Master at Arms achievement in GoldenEye 007: Reloaded

Master at Arms

Single Player: Make a kill with every weapon.

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How to unlock the Master at Arms achievement

  • KenKen205,614
    06 Nov 2011 06 Nov 2011 07 Nov 2011
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    There are 26 weapons required for this achievement. You can find all of the weapons on any difficulty. To make sure the weapon kills registered, I completed the mission after getting the kill.

    *** Dam ***

    P99 - Starting weapon.

    AK-47 - The first guard you kill drops it.

    Pavlov ASR - Can be found in the very first tower.

    Sigmus - After you breach the elevator and kill the enemies the first guard you see will have a Sigmus.

    Torka T3 - After killing all the guards in the section where you get the Sigmus there will be a guard holding it in the next section.

    MJR-409 - After taking pics of the helicopter, run away from the enemy and back to the tower. It's at the top. Getting a kill with this will also net you a secret achievement.


    Sigmus 9 - When you kill the guard sitting at a desk there will be a cabinet to the left side of him. Shoot the lock off and the Sigmus 9 is inside.

    AS15 MK12 - After you breach the door and force the guy to punch in some codes, you can shoot the lock off a box in the room to pick this up.

    Anova D3 - After picking up the AS15 and killing the guards, the guard on the bridge closest to you drops it.


    Drumhead Type-12 - After getting past the first helicopter you'll come to a room of enemies. Turn left and there will be a guy sitting on the stairs with this weapon.

    Stauger UA-1 - When you get to the next helicopter, the enemy standing next to the missile button will be carrying this.


    Wolfe .44 - After Zukovsky is killed, return to his office and you can find this on the small table between two sofas.

    Sly 2020 - After leaving his office you go back into the club. Run to the left and hop over the bar counter to find this.

    Kallos-TT9 - When you enter the kitchen, go through the left door and continue through the door straight ahead. An enemy will be in this room with this weapon.

    Ivana Spec-R - This can be found in the same room as the Kallos by shooting open the locked weapon crate.


    Hawksman M5A - In the first room of enemies, there will be one sitting on the counter on the right side of the room on an Identify Theft display counter.

    Vargen FH-7 - The enemy standing behind the metal detector just before you get onto the carrier will have this.

    Masterton M-557 - When you are in the engine room to re-route the engine pressure you should go to the left and there are two enemies. The enemy working on the right side is carrying this gun.


    Segs 550 - After the first set of enemies in the starting area, you go up a path and an enemy will be by himself to the left holding this weapon.

    WA2000 - After the EMP there are a group of enemies. Take them out and move towards the end of the tunnel. At the end (before going to the waypoint marker) turn left and you will see a box with a lock. Shoot it open to find this sniper.


    Strata SV-400 - The first enemy at the bottom of the stairs will be holding this.

    Kunara V - After clearing out the first room of enemies, go to the far left corner of this room and through the door. The enemy to your immediate left will have this pistol.


    PT-9 Interdictus - After you open the first security door (using the switch), a guy with an AK-47 will run through. Kill him and the next enemy you see after him will have this.


    Terralite III - Most enemies will be using this weapon in this mission. The first time I saw enemies with it was in the area after shooting the propane tank to bring down the scaffolding. If you don't want to search all of the bodies then wait till the part on the train as the enemies on there have it.


    Gambit CP-208 - After you climb out of the sewer, climb up onto the roof to find any enemy holding this sniper.


    Toros AV-400 - You can find this just after the room filled with fire and electricity. In the small room after it there is a locked box with this gun in it.

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    Q u 4 lK eAlso, the last kill will net you the achievement during the level, not on completion. Usual 10 second delay like all the others.
    Posted by Q u 4 lK e on 18 Jan 12 at 07:02
    Metamania2313Nevermind. I found the answer. I can now confirm that you do not need to complete the mission. Just get the weapon you need, fire and kill guards with it. Once you reach the checkpoint and it saves, quit the mission and move on to the next one. The last one I needed was the Toros AV-400. Picked that one up, killed the first guy I saw with it, and the achievement unlocked a second later. No delays!
    Posted by Metamania2313 on 29 Jan 12 at 17:00
    Crater BobYup, the Toros was the last one I needed too, literally the ONLY place in the game to get would have to be right before the stupidly hardest part of the game with a short time limit to get across a bunch of suspended walkways with an instant death beam firing randomly. angry

    In any case, got this finally while I was wrapping up my 50 Janus emblems too.
    Posted by Crater Bob on 08 Oct 21 at 13:30
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  • SSCPSSCP856,597
    05 Apr 2013 12 Apr 2013
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    Hello everyone - This is my video All In One Guide - I know this solution is for the Master Of Arms weapons - But these videos are on 007 Classic Difficulty - With All Weapons, Emblems, Secondary Objectives, Achievements, And tips... It has taken a while to get them finished and i hope they help. Rather than use multiple guides i am trying to make this as easy as possible to complete

    I have added them as a link as this way the page wont lag when you click the solution

    Mission 1 - Dam
    Mission 2 - Facility
    Mission 3 - Airfield
    Mission 4 - Nightclub
    Mission 5 - Carrier
    Mission 6 - Outpost
    Mission 7 - Bunker
    Mission 8 - Archives
    Mission 9 - Tank
    Mission 10 - Station
    Mission 11 - Memorial
    Mission 12 - Jungle
    Mission 13 - Solar
    Mission 14 - Cradle
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