Get to the Chopper achievement in GE 007™: Reloaded

Get to the Chopper

Complete 'Carrier' in under 11:00 (007 difficulty or higher).

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How to unlock the Get to the Chopper achievement

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    07 Dec 2011 07 Dec 2011 07 Dec 2011
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    Another timed achievement which sounds worse than it actually is. I managed to complete the level in under 9 minutes and I'm by no means good at this game. Don't worry about any of the secondary objectives, just concentrate on completing the primary objective. You can die and head back to the last checkpoint. It will still count.

    When you finally gain control of Bond, run down the left hand side of the first large room you come to where you'll approach 3 guards at the double-door. Once you've seen to them, another guard may enter down the far-end of the next room. If so, take him out. Now get your phone out and hack the turret. As soon as you've done that, exit the room to the left of the turret control and hack the door lock with your phone (Don't worry about the guards, the turret will deal with them).

    Once the door is open, run up the ramp and stick to the right hand side and take shelter behind the small displays. Finish off the 4 or so guards here.

    Once again, run up the ramp and turn left where there'll be 3 or so more guards down the way. You can go downstairs at this point, but I'd recommend staying up top. Work your way through the top until you come to some stairs down. The guards below you should be facing the wrong way which makes it easier to take them out. Doing so though will alert more guards, so you can either hang around and take them out or sprint through the metal-detectors and onto the carrier.

    Once on the carrier, go down the ladder, get your phone out and point it towards the main room. You should be able to hack another turret which will deal with all the guards in this room. Make sure all the guards are dead before continuing though.

    Walk up the stairs ahead of you and to the left will be 2 guards who you can take out by shooting them quickly in the head. There'll be another 2 guards after these guys which, again, can be dealt with a couple of swift headshots.

    Continue on down 2 sets of ladders (ignore any cries for help from the hostages) until you come to a door immediately on your right as you get to the bottom of the second ladder. Opening said door, you'll see 2 more guards who can be taken out with headshots. To the right of them is another guard to be dealt with (be careful not to shoot the missiles that are being transported close by). After that there'll be 2 more guards chatting to each other. Again, take these 2 out quickly.

    Go through the door behind them and up the stairs. To the left slightly (ignoring yet another hostage's scream) you'll encounter a guard walking away from you. Headshot him or silently assassinate him and continue to the left where there'll be 2 more guards who are preoccupied by computer consoles. Take them out. To the right of these is another guard who is patrolling back and forth, so be careful when you approach him as he may turn towards you and blow your cover. Once you've dealth with him there'll be another guard down in the pit (which is surrounded by red lighting). Dispose of him.

    Once the room is clear, get your phone out and hack the 2 consoles (one is where there 2 guard were preoccupied by the consoles, the other is in the pit).

    Exit this room and head towards the next door. 2 more guards will be facing away from you, so dispose of these with headshots. You'll notice a guy up on the catwalk, so take him down with a carefully placed headshot. 2 more guards will be visible, so walk up behind them carefully, and discard them.

    Hop over the trunks and press X on the console which will bring down the lift with 3 guards on. Just shoot the car that is next to them on the lift which will kill all 3 of them.

    Hop back over the trunks and kill off the 3 guards that enter through the same door you did and go up the lift.

    Chuck your phone onto the helicopter and kill the 2 guards that come bursting through the door to the right of you. Once you've done that, run through the door they came through and you'll notice some body armor to the left of the corridor. Now it's simply a case of making your way down the flaming corridor. There'll be a guard right at the end who'll need disposing of.

    If, like me, you prefer videos, see below. Credit to dKoDe3kAy on youtube for this excellent guide.

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    Ginuwine AI39:20 first try thx
    Posted by Ginuwine AI3 on 24 Aug 14 at 22:58
    8:31 also first try. Thanks +1
    Posted on 19 Dec 14 at 05:15
    m4rc4nt0nyFantastic. First try 08:57 on classic
    Posted by m4rc4nt0ny on 18 Feb 15 at 10:14
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  • SSCPSSCP826,850
    16 Oct 2012 16 Oct 2012 16 Oct 2012
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    For this achievement we need to finish Mission 5 - Carrier In under 11 minutes on 007 difficulty or higher - I suggest 007 difficulty as your health regenerates

    Video below to show you and tell you how to go about it. I mnade the video so i dont have to write a long walkthrough on how to do this. We make video guides and review games. If someone wants to make a text guide feel free and ill add it to the solution. As I know some people prefer them
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