Clobbering achievement in GE 007™: Reloaded


Public Match: Achieve 64 melee kills with the KL-033 Mk2.

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How to unlock the Clobbering achievement

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    My group discovered a great way too boost to level 31 if you don't know anyone to borrow a KL-033 Mk2 from. You will need 4 people. The highest ranked person in the group is the one who will make the run for 31. Go into the playlist "Data Miner". This playlist requires 4 to start a match and is mostly dead so you shouldn't have to deal with too many randoms. Keep searching for a lobby until Jungle is one of the maps in the selection. This is the best map to do this and will get you the quickest XP. Have everyone in the lobby choose a sniper class. The pavlov you start with is fine.

    When the game starts, have the person going for 31 (the killer) run to the center of the map and take position at either end of the dirt road. Stand as far back as possible. Everyone else will run to the middle while the killer shoots them in the head. A long range sniper headshot kill is worth 250XP a kill. You'll also rack up tons of bonus XP from kill streaks and accolades. Continue sniping for the duration of the match, picking ammo from the dead players when needed. Make sure the killer gets killed before he is about to win the match so you can go the full 10 mins. The match ends when his data percentage par at the top of the screen reaches 100%. Kill him at about 80% and it will reset to 1%. The killer can kill himself by cooking a grenade by holding RB.

    Our best match produced 41,000 XP. Unless randoms start coming in, you should have no problem getting between 35 and 40K once the group gets the hang of it. If randoms join in, have the killer go inside of the buildings and just run to him. This will slow you down, but you'll die a lot less then being in the open. Even when we had randoms we still pulled off 20,000XP for the match. They usually leave pretty quickly once they realize whats going on.

    Level 31 requires 401,750 XP. If you average 30,000 XP per 10 min match, you can go from 1 to 31 in 2-3 hours. I recommend going for this after boosting the rest of the MP as doing all those achievements will get you to around level 20.

    Once you finally have a 31, set up the exact same match and just melee kill each other with the KL-033 Mk2 in the dirt road at the center of the map. The level 31 will spawn with the KL-033 Mk2 and the other players can pick it up when he gets killed. Just keep an eye on the data percentage and suicide when it gets to high to keep the match going. It should only take 2 or 3 full matches to get all 4 players the achievement.

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    JonnyBlazin5Nice solution Falcon.

    With a bit of practice we managed to get 50,000 XP in a match with 4 players. Definately the fastest boosting method I've seen for this game, thanks!
    Posted by JonnyBlazin5 on 03 Apr 14 at 23:44
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    08 Jan 2012 12 Jan 2012
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    Ok, to boost this you need to have one peson whose at least Level 31 so they can equip it in their loadout.

    For rank boosting, the two best gammodes are either Classic Conflict or Heroes.

    For Heroes XP boosting, see my guide in the Boys with Toys achievement.

    GoldenEye 007: ReloadedBoys with ToysThe Boys with Toys achievement in GoldenEye 007: Reloaded worth 289 pointsPublic Match: Kill 50 enemies with Proximity Mines.

    Even though it's specifically set up for boosting that achievement, the XP you earn just following the process is quite substantial (a boosting party of 5 can net one or two players close to 10k XP each match)

    To rank boost in Classic Conflict, pick an easy map like Jungle, Nightclub or Solar and have everyone suicide on the one player who needs to rank up. Try to mix this up with kill streaks and headshots, especially if the rank boosting player has accolades available, try to pull as many of these off as you can. Even without accolades a match will take about 2 minutes and get anywhere from 6-10k XP a match.

    Once you've got your guy at level 31, keep playing classic conflict and continue to suicide as you've done to rank up, EXCEPT, this time, the rank 31 will be killed by a random player who CAN AND WILL pick up his KL033 for 20 kills in a match. Rinse and Repeat 3 more times to get your 64 kills, then have the kl033 wielder killed and pass on the mantle to another. Round robin the kl033 until all players have the achievement.

    If you stick to small maps and everyone suicides on the centre then you'll look at about 2-3 minutes a game. It takes 3.2 games pop the achievement assuming all 20 are KL033 melee kills (which is why for sanity's sake I recommend that whomever kills the level 31 for the kl033 is NOT the one boosting the achievement. Just to keep the numbers straight). Each person should pop the achievement within 10 minutes of boosting using this method.
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