Boxing Clever achievement in GoldenEye 007: Reloaded

Boxing Clever

Public Match: Earn all accolades specific to Black Box.

Boxing Clever+0.6
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How to unlock the Boxing Clever achievement

  • GatorFistGatorFist457,849
    21 Jan 2012 12 Feb 2012 01 Sep 2020
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    This achievement is no longer possible due to the servers being shut down. Original solution remains below for completeness.

    There are only three accolades you can earn while playing Black Box. Two are earned while on the Destroying Team and one is earned while playing on the Downloading Team. Once you have all three the achievement will unlock.

    One Dent at a Time (Most Damage Done to Black Box)
    Downloadus Interruptus (Killed Box Carrier Most)

    Boxing Clever (Download the Most Data)

    You can confirm you received the accolade at the end of the match by pressing "B" to view accolades and it will be listed there if you received it.

    NOTE: Just because you have the highest objective score doesn't mean you're actually the highest. The scoring is done at certain intervals so someone else may do more work, just not all at once. Beware!

    TIP (if NOT in a boosting group): Even though the online is dead, you can still get games. Lobbies close when the host leaves. What I did was start a Black Box lobby and played around on my PC. After about 30 minutes enough people came (and stayed) to get the game going and then at that point people stayed because the game was running. Unfortunately as host it won't ever switch the team you are on. After I confirmed both of the Destroying accolades I quit (closing the lobby) and immediately started searching again. Most of the people from my game did this as well so I ended up back in a game with most of the same people but with someone else as host. Just keep quitting and joining until you are on the other team. Good Luck!!

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    DarkDan88How many people are needed for a lobby?
    Posted by DarkDan88 on 14 Apr 12 at 11:26
    GatorFistI think it varies, I wanna say it was in the neighborhood of 10? It's been awhile... sorry.
    Posted by GatorFist on 29 Apr 12 at 04:29
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  • DarthSonnyDarthSonny223,390
    22 May 2012 22 May 2012 23 May 2012
    9 0 4
    This achievement can only be done in the "Black Box" game type of Goldeneye Reloaded.

    You will need atleast 5 people. Seeing as the MP for this game is mostly dead, you will be better off setting up a boosting session.

    You are required to get 3 different accolades. The accolades are post game rewards for things done ingame.

    There are 2 different sides, both have accolades you needs to get: Destroy and Download. If you are at the top of the menu in the MP lobby, you are on the Destroy team and on the Download team if at the bottom.

    For Destroy:
    One Dent at a Time - Most damage down to Black Box - Have only one person shoot the Black Box with whatever weapon you have until it is at 50% damage. You will hear a progess update when it reaches the 50% mark. YOU WILL NOT GET THIS ACCOLADE IF IT DOES NOT REACH 50%!

    Downloadus Interruptus - Kill the Black Box Carrier the Most - You must kill an opposing member of the team while they are carring the Black Box. Have only one person shoot the carrier and kill them 3 times. YOU MUST KILL THE CARRIER A MININIUM OF 3 TIMES FOR THIS TO COUNT!

    Download Side:

    Boxing Clever - Download the Most Data from the Black Box - After the person who is getting the Destroyier accolades gets the box to 50% destroied and gets the 3 kills on the carrier, finish the match by downloading all the data. YOU MUST ATLEAST DOWNLOAD 50% OF THE DATA TO GET THIS ACCOLADE!

    You can have a person on each team getting these accolades at the same time to make this go faster. While those people are working on accolades, if you have someone with a high enough level and has access to the KL-033 MK2 (Level 31 in MP) you can work on getting
    GoldenEye 007: ReloadedClobberingThe Clobbering achievement in GoldenEye 007: Reloaded worth 181 pointsPublic Match: Achieve 64 melee kills with the KL-033 Mk2.

    If you satisfy all conditions, you will see the accolades in the post game summary by hitting B.

    You DO NOT need to download all the data or destroy the black box for both teams to get the accolades. We satisfied all the conditions and allowed the time to run out while getting Klobb melee kills for Clobbering (KL-033 MK2). This is an objective game type and kills DO NOT affect the final score so it is a perfect way to boost that.

    Please leave any questions below and please leave feedback before voting negative. Thank you!
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    DarthSonnyThanks oakdale7! Glad I can help!
    Posted by DarthSonny on 28 Nov 12 at 01:26
    STREIGHTSHOOTERYou should put that you need 6 people total and not "atleast 5 people" because then someone will think you only need 5 total.
    Posted by STREIGHTSHOOTER on 28 Feb 13 at 16:43
    LeedomCrud27you only need 5 players
    Posted by LeedomCrud27 on 19 Aug 13 at 01:45
  • dorkzilla123dorkzilla123246,694
    04 Nov 2011 04 Nov 2011
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    You need atleast 5 people in a match to play this mode.

    If you are downloading, you need to download the most data from the black box.

    If you are destroying, you need to kill the most people holding the black box and destroy the black box the most.

    Press the back button in game to see how much damage/data downloaded you have. It'll go in increments of 200 points.

    Achievement will pop at the end of the match.
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    I'm boosting now with just 3 other people so only 4 total. It won't let more than 4 join the match. One of the other boosters and I both have a second xbox and copy of the game but it kicks two people out when we search for black box.
    Posted on 13 Dec 11 at 23:36
    dorkzilla123you need all 3 for it to unlock. Not just killing the box
    Posted by dorkzilla123 on 20 Jan 12 at 02:29
    Devious JediI boosted this today and we required 4 players minimum to start a match and there had to be equal numbers to begin any match in any game mode i.e. 4/6/8 and so on. people could leave during the match to give an odd number of players but an even number was required to start.
    We used this to our advantage to swap teams when required.
    Posted by Devious Jedi on 30 Jun 13 at 23:40
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