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Campaign Nightwing in Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360)

Campaign Nightwing66 (25)

Obtain 114 medals on the original Arkham City and Nightwing Bundle Pack campaigns (as Nightwing)

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Achievement Guide for Campaign Nightwing

Arcane Insanity
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Arcane Insanity
Achievement won on 02 Nov 11
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Posted on 03 November 11 at 02:41, Edited on 03 November 11 at 23:47
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This guide will contain everything you need to know about Nightwing, how to complete all of his extreme predator both as challenges and campaigns, what modifiers to use for the latter and how they change the dynamic of a challenge. I will also give some combat advice for those who struggle to meet the top medal requirements consistently, especially when under the duress of some harsh modifier combinations.

Nightwing's Gadgets:


Line Launcher


Wing Ding (Batarang)

Escrima Sticks
A projectile that can ricochet off of surfaces and around corners to knock over up to 3 non armoured enemies who are close together. It sounds better than it is and is lacking in practical application.

Wrist Dart
Unequivocally the most powerful gadget of any character. Manually aim a dart at an enemy, it will stun whoever it hits, if you get a head shot it is an instant knockout! You can zoom in by clicking the right analogue stick. There is some sway when aiming to compensate for the ridiculous power. Did I mention this takes out armoured enemies? And did I also mention you start with 3 of these babies?! Take your time and make each one count.

Electrical Attack
Can be used on the floor or from a vantage point. LT aims an impact zone on the ground, RT will make Nightwing slam his electrified escrima sticks in to said impact zone, sending enemies flying. It has a big radius and is more powerful if used at a great height. From a vantage point it is used to stun multiple enemies and get a takedown or 2 before retreating. At ground level it can be used to sneak up behind enemies and knock them off of walkways.

Nightwing's detective mode is similar to Catwoman's but with a visor view and built in sonar, which again sounds better than it is. He cannot glide or perform an inverted takedown. He has a drop attack, pounce attack, and is very agile.

Before I get started I would just like to say there is sound reasoning behind my modifier choices, such as using a free medal in the first part of a campaign or using super powered on a predator challenge. As far as the free medal is concerned it should be used in whatever capacity makes the campaign easiest as a collective whole, if it is used in the first challenge it is to negate a hard requirement, and means that the 2 subsequent challenges would not have benefited from it using my guide. And as far as super powered is concerned, yes it makes combat easier. however, it is a bad habit to get into and using my methods it will be almost irrelevant, the key to doing well in combat is getting in to good habits that you will start doing without thinking about it. If you start using super powered in combat you will feel naked without it, and when it comes to doing a challenge like prison riot, where everyone is either armoured or tooled up with a shield, blade or electric baton, and with harsh modifiers, you will start to feel overwhelmed.


Nightwing's special combo moves

Performs an area effect attack using his escrima sticks.

Touches the tips of his escrima sticks together creating an electrical current in all directions, stunning just about everyone. Not only does this move look bad ass, it also has a lot of useful practical applications.

Performs a standard takedown, the animation of which is contextual.

The most important thing is to vault over someone after every single move that you do, be it strike, counter, special combo takedown and so on. If you do this no enemy will ever have the chance to hit you, with the exception of a titan or lieutenant, which I will give a guide for on how to deal with them.

You can keep vaulting over the same enemy with out losing your combo and over enemies with protective aura on. This is very useful when there are an excess of shields and electrified batons about, it gives you time to survey the surroundings and make sure you hit someone that will not break your combo. If you vault over an enemy with an electrified baton you can then hit him from behind, and more importantly if you vault over an assassin you can land a strike that they cannot dodge out of the way of, which is very helpful given how elusive they are. Also keep in mind that you cannot get an aerial attack or ground pound on an assassin, also if an assassin dodges a strike it will not ruin your combo, so if they do dodge out of the way then carry on vaulting over people. Also note that the only way to get rid of a guys shield is with an aerial attack or a combo takedown.

This is what I feel is a very manageable way to go about fighting in terms of what moves to use when. Never, ever try for a ground pound until there is one guy left. When you have 2 enemies left vault over someone until you are in good position, stun one guy and then perform a beatdown on the other, then ultra stun the last guy and follow it with a ground pound. Obviously due to protective aura or shield enemies it is not always possible so just get what you can, but it is usually. If protective aura is on I will try and split the last 2 enemies up as you cannot stun the guy with the aura, I will get a beat down on the guy without the aura then vault over the aura guy until it wears off, then ultra stun him and follow it with the ground pound.

So in a typical fight I will start by vaulting over people until someone who is non armoured and unarmed goes to hit me, at which point I will counter, I will then vault over someone then perform a strike, and continue striking and vaulting until the combo metre is at 5, at which point I will use A+B then an aerial attack. I will continue to vault and strike until the combo meter has filled up again then I will use A+X, then continue vaulting and striking until the combo metre fills up, then use B+Y, prioritizing armoured henchman and assassins. Followed by people with shields and so on. Now depending on your confidence you can do one of 2 cycles to finish the enemies, the safe way which is to vault and strike then use B+Y over and over again until all but 2 enemies remain, or once you're comfortable do vault and strike then A+B then a beatdown, over and over again until 2 enemies remain, no matter what you choose always finish the last 2 enemies as previously described,

All of this will net you a 10 variation bonus for 5000 points. If your combo gets broken start over again, sometimes there will not be enough enemies to do all of this, just get in what you can and then finish the last 2 as previously described. If you get into the habit of doing this routine, combat will become very easy and you will start doing it without thinking. It also negates many of the modifiers like one hand tied, and reduces the harshness of the rest. I always get more than double the top medal requirement playing like this even with hard modifiers and I'm not even trying, I will finish the challenge with no recollection of doing it.

Whenever there is a titan they should always be taken out first, followed by lieutenants then normal henchman. The way how to deal with them is to vault over everyone until you can safely get near the titan, then vault over the titan and ultra stun him, vault over him do 2 strikes, vault over him do 2 strikes, vault over him do 2 strikes, vault over him then strike until you mount him, doing this you will not get hit by any henchman if you are quick. Another titan or lieutenant can and will occasionally land a strike on you but just carry on. Once you mount the titan just go around hitting anything and everything until you think the titan is about to throw you off, then press B to get in some last minute points, repeat this cycle until the titan is gone. Then when all titans and lieutenants are gone resume combat as normal.

Deal with them in the exact same way as a titan, however you do not need to ultra stun them and you cannot mount them.

No modifiers should be much of an issue using these methods, just prioritize people with guns or people about to throw weapons. And always remember to vault, I cannot stress this enough.

Extreme Predator Challenges

Meltdown Mayhem

Triple Ricochet
Knock down 3 enemies with 1 escrima stick.

Perform a drop attack from the line launcher wire walk.

Three Strikes
Punch 3 different armed henchman.

Make your way to the north east gargoyle, take out the armoured henchman standing near a sniper with a headshot from the wrist dart. Sometimes enemies will go to check the body, if they do try and get the triple knock down with the escrima sticks. The green reticle has to be on 3 enemies when you throw it, if it's not but there are 3 enemies there, try and group them into position using the wing ding, every time you throw a projectile you will have to wait until they stop looking at you before throwing another or they will open fire. However if you have the shot lined up with the escrima sticks take it even if they are looking at you then grapple to a different gargoyle. Sometimes while holding LT to aim the escrima stick it can help to move the right analogue stick to highlight more enemies.

If not enough people came to check the body then when it's safe take out the sniper with a silent takedown, then try for the triple ricochet, if you mess the triple ricochet up then restart if you're not in a campaign, or if you are be extremely patient for another opportunity. Once you have the medal thin the remaining enemies using means you're most comfortable with (wrist dart recommended) until there's only 3 left. Disarm 2 of them with the disruptor then go and punch the other guy and finish him with a ground takedown. You will then have to wait until the other enemies pick up a new weapon for the remaining strikes to count. Once they do wait until they are split up, punch one of them then finish him with a takedown. Get the drop attack from a line launcher wire walk on the last guy, wait for him to get up, then punch him and finish him off. If you're struggling with the wire walk, then lure the guy to the bottom floor and then place the wire walk on the walkways above. Challenge done.

Police Brutality

Triple Header
Knock down 3 enemies with the electrical attack.

Chain Reaction
Kick 2 enemies with 1 launch of the line launcher.

Confiscated Weapon
Disarm an enemy with the batclaw then finish him with a takedown.

Not that difficult but you will need to be extremely quick at the start. Grapple to the gargoyle that is on the same side of the room as you start. Jump off of it to the right and go down the stairs, the moment you're at the bottom step, use the line launcher on the enemy in front of you, aim it parallel to the wall and you will end up hitting a second guy. You need to be quick so you don't get shot at. Once you kick the second guy drop down and then grapple to the gargoyle that is north of your starting position. At this point the area where you kicked the 2 henchman will shortly be filled with enemies. Grapple to the gargoyle above them use the electrical attack on 3 or more then retreat to safety on a different gargoyle.

Take out 3 more enemies with wrist dart head shots including the back pack jammer, then thin their numbers further in whatever way you're most comfortable with until there's 1 left, disarm him with the batclaw then take him down, if it's a hostage taker then ultra stun him first to free the hostage. Challenge done.

Natural Selection

Take out an enemy with a wrist dart headshot.

Weapon Jam
Use the disruptor to jam an enemies weapon, let him try to fire at you then take him out.

Triple Ricochet
Knock down 3 enemies with the escrima sticks.

Grapple up to the gargoyle that is slightly north of where you start overlooking the walkway. Take out the sniper on the walkway with a wrist dart headshot. Then when the armoured henchman comes to investigate take him out as well with a headshot. Then try for the triple ricochet medal using the method described in meltdown mayhem, if for whatever reason you mess it up then wait about 30 seconds and take out someone else with a headshot in a nice open area. The key to getting the medal is patience and manipulating enemy movements. Once you have the medal then get rid of all but 1 enemy using whatever method you're most consistent with, then get the weapon jam medal on the last guy. Challenge done.

End of the Line

Triple Header
Knock down three enemies with the electrical attack.

Switch Hitter
Kick an enemy with the line launcher then fire it again from the same line and kick a different enemy.

Fall Guy
Use the batclaw to pull a henchman off a walkway.

This sounds much worse than it actually is. Crouch walk to the right side of the map, you should see some floor gratings, get in them and follow them as far north as possible. Exit the floor gratings and look ahead to see a small alcove, enter the alcove and follow it round to see a back pack jammer guy drop down. Notice that he will start to go left and another henchman will carry on walking straight down. Get behind and to the right of the backpack guy, the moment he is past the stairs aim the line launcher in a north west direction at him, the moment you kick him hold LT then fire it at the other henchman. Once you've kicked him drop down and run into the alcove, (the way you originally entered it, not the way you just came out of) follow it round, go into the train and go right, you will end up north of your starting location. look up to see an entrance to the snipers tower, grapple up to it.

Take out the sniper with a wrist dart headshot. In the back of this room you are completely safe. On the walkway in front of you there is another sniper who patrols from point to point via this walkway, and is a hot spot for other enemies as well, they can be pulled off of it with the batclaw if you stand nearer to the front of the room you're in. They can also be pulled off of the trains. So do just that until a group of 3 or more inspects the body. If no one does then get rid of the back pack guy with a wrist dart headshot. And keep taking out enemies with headshots or batclawing them off of walkways and trains. Stop in between each knock out to see if more than 3 inspect the body, if they do get onto the gargoyles and do the electrical attack. If you get down to three enemies you will have to manipulate their movements and be patient.

Although in the many test run throughs I did this scenario never happened, you would be extremely unlucky to get down to 3 and not have had the chance for the triple header. Once you have the medal, take out any remaining enemies with wrist dart head shots and pulling them off of trains and walkways. Challenge done.

Lost City

Bowled Over
Knock a henchman off of a walkway using the electrical attack from behind.

Confiscated Weapon
Disarm a henchman then take him down.

Bullet Proof
Clear out all enemies without taking damage.

Not difficult at all if you just take your time. Walk onto the gargoyle and look straight ahead to see someone scanning a different gargoyle with thermal goggles, grapple to the gargoyle he's scanning and when he turns around drop down behind him and perform a silent takedown. This next bit requires specific timing so have a play about and if you decide you can't do it then leave it, also leave it if you're in a campaign. If you decide to leave it then retreat to the gargoyles. Anyway with the right timing (you can't hang around because of the guy you just took out, but you can't rush or you'll get shot at) you can batclaw the other henchman on the same level as you off of the walkway if you do it the moment he turns his back to you, then retreat to the gargoyles. Either way once back on the gargoyles take out three people with wrist dart headshots, remember after you fire each one to wait until the enemies stop looking around before firing subsequent shots. Also make sure to take out the armoured henchmen first. Then take out more enemies with silent takedowns until there are 2 left.

Once there are only 2 left, one of them will take a hostage. Leave him be and get the bowled over medal on the other guy. Remember you need to sneak up on them and aim the impact zone behind them, not on them. If you mess up I implore you to retreat to the gargoyles and then try again instead of trying one after the other. The latter is just asking for trouble seeing as you can't take damage. Once you have the medal ultra stun the hostage taker, again retreat to the gargoyles after, do not risk it trying to get the last medal. Sneak up behind him, disarm him with the batclaw and take him down. Challenge done.

Top of the World

Triple Headshot
Get 3 wrist dart headshots.

Feet First
Perform a reverse ledge takedown.

Mined Your Step
Use the disruptor to take out an enemy with a mine.

Everyone's favourite map, don't worry it's not actually that bad. Grapple up so that you're hanging from the balcony ledge, follow it left while hanging until you see a group of 2 henchmen on a balcony, hang to the left of the one on the right and after a few seconds, the one on the left will move into position for a double ledge takedown.

After you get it move to another balcony (there are 2 more) whilst still hanging from the ledge, move between these 2 balconies until you can get a ledge takedown. Note do not get another double ledge takedown and do not do it to the armoured guy planting mines.

You will now have taken out 3 people leaving 5 remaining. Make your way to a gargoyle north of your starting location and jump off. Doing this will automatically grapple you to a room safe from enemies and with an open vent. Follow the vent round to end up in the floor gratings of the top floor of the map. When the coast is clear exit the grating and grapple up to the central area that has panes of glass on it. From here if you get spotted you can just walk round to the other side to lose the enemies.

By now the armoured guy planting mines will have done his job and with 5 enemies left you will not have to wait long to take one of them out with the disruptor. Once you do you now need to get 3 wrist dart headshots. Take your time, seriously, even if you're lining up a shot for ages. Only ever go for an enemy who is stationary and is close to you. There is really no excuse to mess this challenge up. When you have the medal there will be one guy left

Make your way to a balcony near a staircase. From there throw wing dings near the last henchman until he spots you and starts running after you, then grapple to the gargoyles and re enter the map from an adjacent balcony. Stand on the ledge atop the staircase and wait for the henchmen to walk back into the room. If like me you left the back pack guy and can't line it up in detective mode then just take an educated guess. You can always try again until you get the reverse ledge takedown. As long as you take your time on this map there's really nothing that can go wrong. Challenge done.

I will now list the campaigns that contain extreme predator maps and what modifiers to use. Along with information of how to complete them if needed.


Natural Selection
No modifiers.

Hell's Gate
Increased aggression, scattered weapons, danger zones.

Meltdown Mayhem
Free medal, replenishing health.
Use the free medal to negate the three strikes, but only if you succeed in getting the triple ricochet. If not, negate the triple ricochet.


Prison Riot
Time limit, decreased health, protective aura.

Police Brutality
Super powered.

Funhouse Brawl
One hand tied.


Lost City
Takedown projectiles, protective aura.
The quickfire wing dings will allow you to rapidly thin the numbers to 2, the protective aura will be almost irrelevant until there are 2 left, at which point just take your time.

Rooftop Rumble
Gadget malfunction, increased aggression, scattered weapons.

End of the Line
Free medal.
Use the free medal to negate the triple header, this will make this challenge very easy.


Survival of the Fittest
Gadget malfunction, danger zones, one hand tied.

Top of the World
Super powered.

Blind Justice
Time limit, decreased health.


Police Brutality
Time limit, increased aggression, scattered weapons.
Enemies will be taken out quickly so the time limit shouldn't be a problem. You shouldn't be getting shot at so increased aggression shouldn't be a problem. And be careful of mines but also use them to your advantage. You will have 2 disruptor charges and 3 wrist darts allowing for 5 easy knock outs. All in all this should be fairly straightforward.

Natural Selection
No modifiers.
Take your time!

End of the Line
Danger zones, protective aura, free medal.
Danger zones will be irrelevant as you will not be using gargoyles. Use the free medal to negate the triple header allowing for quite an easy challenge, however protective aura may not allow for the switch hitter at the start, in which case take out all but 4 enemies with wrist dart headshots and batclaw ledge pulls. Then go to ground level and throw wing dings near them until they spot you, then grapple to the walkways above and try for the triple header. It could be frustrating and time consuming if you can't get the switch hitter at the start, when trying for switch hitter don't get disheartened if one starts with an aura, it will wear off soon, making it more difficult to get it but still very doable. Making it to this map with 1 retry would almost guarantee success here.

All of this advice comes from experience and a good knowledge of the mechanics, it should help considerably in getting this achievement.
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