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Played all High Score Mania games.

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How to unlock the Play Through All Games achievement

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    There are 25 games to play total. Each High Score Mania game randomly chooses 10 to play, so you may be playing the same games after a while. For High Score Mania to appear, you can only have one controller signed in. Below is a checklist of the games you can cross off when you complete them. They are:

    Connect 4x4:

    Board Blasters - Shoot out 3 chips to make a Connect 4. Create combos for higher scores.
    Chain Challenge - One board and 3 chips to find Connect 4’s and combos.
    Find the 4’s / Blockers - Find the Connect 4’s fast. 3 rounds, blockers only.
    Find the 4’s - Find the Connect 4’s with 1 chip. 3 rounds.
    Score Blaster - Shoot chips but not your own color! Score for hits and Connect 4’s.
    When the Chips are Down - Clear the board of your color chips by making Connect 4’s. Use as many chips as you need.


    Bombastic Blocks - Remove bomb blocks before they explode your tower.
    Action Extraction - Extract and place blocks fast to score more. Harder blocks score higher.
    Hammer Time - Tap moving blocks to keep them in the tower.
    Siege Tower - Catapult the block at the tower to destroy it.


    Silhouette Seeker - Find the picture that matches the silhouette. 3 rounds.
    Blue Quick Draw - Find the picture fast. 3 rounds.
    Green for Go - Find the required number of pictures, fast!
    Spelling Wizard - Find the letters in the tile to spell out the word on the card.
    Memory Match - Memorize the pictures then find them fast!


    The Germinator - Shoot the germs before they infect Cavity Sam.
    Prepare the Patient - Swab away germs before they infect Cavity Sam.
    Panic Pulse - Calm Sam’s pulse by matching his beats. Faster reflexes score more.
    Balancing Act - Keep the needle in the green.
    Oxygen Dash - Get the oxygen to the patient, fast!
    Speed Surgery - Extract the Funatomy part. Precision and speed score more.

    Bop It:

    Checkpoint Challenge - Correct actions buy you extra time.
    Color Bop It Chain - Copy the growing sequence of color based actions.
    Bop It Chain - Copy the growing sequence of actions.
    Color Confusion - Follow the color changes and do the actions.

    Credit goes to Blakgravy on xbox360achievements
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    Hey RettoI will look into it, thank you.
    Posted by Hey Retto On 02 Apr 12 at 03:24
    Zen VendettaMight be worth noting that you can only access the high score mania of the game with one controller signed in. If you have a guest account logged in as well, it will only show you the game show area.
    Posted by Zen Vendetta On 03 Apr 12 at 19:25
    Hey Rettothanks i will add that in there, it took me forever to figure it out.
    Posted by Hey Retto On 04 Apr 12 at 01:25
    Smoke Pr0Noted that you will get the achievement as soon as you play them all. You don't have to finish all 10 for it to pop
    Posted by Smoke Pr0 On 27 May 12 at 03:47
    GorillaBuddhaI think it took me 5-6 games to get them all to show up, for anyone curious. Just push through them by completing/failing them quickly where necessary to get to the ones you need.
    Posted by GorillaBuddha On 08 Jun 12 at 13:06
    DwaggieniteHey there, great guide +1.

    Just to let you know, "Panic Pulse" is actually called "Pulse Panic"
    Posted by Dwaggienite On 04 Jul 12 at 18:24
    Hey RettoThanks man, ill fix that.
    Posted by Hey Retto On 04 Jul 12 at 19:07
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