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'Drift' Champion achievement in TNT Racers

'Drift' Champion

Beat all Drift Challenges.

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How to unlock the 'Drift' Champion achievement

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    This achievement became available with the "Drift" Pack, that has been released recently.

    Download the content (priced at 240MSP), and load up the game. Accept the update.

    Go to 'Single Player', then 'Challenges'. Scroll along until you see the Drift Challenges. Select that, and complete all of them. The achievement will then unlock.

    There are 15 challenges in the Drift Pack DLC.
    #1: Knock-Out Mode
    - My Time: 2:14.975
    - For this challenge, I suggest trying to get the speed-boost every time you start each 'round'. This will sometimes knock one AI player out. Then, just focus on making tight turns whilst the computer AI take the turns wide. You should hopefully be able to out-run the rest of the AI cars.
    #2: Time Attack
    - My Time: 61.464 seconds (0.536 seconds remaining)
    - For this challenge, you MUST get the boost at the start-line, otherwise you'll have to pull off a flawless run, and that's near impossible with the controls in this game. The track is simple. Left, right, hairpin to the right, straight, jump, round the right side of the rock in the middle of the road, skidding left turn, straight across the finish line, and repeat this three times. You get 62 seconds, so each lap should take you a maximum of 20.66 seconds.
    #3: Time Attack
    - My Time: 1m 13.646 seconds (2.354s remaining)
    - Ok, this one is MUCH easier than challenge #2. You have 1m 16s to do this challenge. I did this on my first run. There's two parts on this track where you can take the outside or the inside trail. One of them is a right-turning hairpin, where you can cut on the inside. Taking this route with a brake-skid can save 2-3 seconds per lap, and doing this, as long as you don't hit anything major which stops your car completely, you should pass this challenge with ease.
    #4 - Battle Mode
    - My Time: 4m 51.926s
    - This challenge is like the main game. Pick up as many weapons as you can and use them on the computer AI. There's no real tips to this except for not getting left behind and going off of the screen, and trying to use the cannon as much as possible. My time was abysmal, but as long as you keep getting the speed boost at the start of each 'round', you should be ok.
    #5: Swift Drifter
    - My Time: 48.848s (6.152s remaining)
    - You get 55 seconds for this challenge, to do two laps of the track. That means 27.5 seconds per lap. Try not to hold down the accelerator consistantly, because you'll lose control and hit the cones, and lose the challenge. One full lap, if you do well, should only take 22 seconds, so you should have plenty of time.
    #6: Race Masters
    - My Time: 2m 45.295s
    - This challenge is racing only. No items. You really need to use skill for this challenge, so try and use as many tight turns on the corners as possible.
    #7: Time Attack
    - My Time: 1m 07.514s (2.486s remaining)
    - You get 70 seconds to do three laps on a slippy snow-based track. This means you have 23.3 seconds per lap. This is a very hard challenge and you must take the inside line on all turns and straights. This should be the last challenge, in my opinion. This is the hardest so far. There are a few large turns on this track, but if you can take them tight on the inside using the brake-skid movement, you should be able to complete this challenge.
    #8: Super Challenge
    - My Time: 2m 41.813s
    - On this challenge, you have 200 seconds (3m 20s), to get 12 points (or win 4 'rounds', if you're a perfectionist). This is a hard challenge because the computers like knocking you into the side of the road, stopping your car, which would result in the waste of 20-30 seconds of the time limit. Try to keep ahead of them, and leave as many bomb-mines behind you as possible.
    #9: Time Attack
    - My Time: 1m 3.964 seconds (0.036s remaining)
    - You have 64 seconds to perform three laps of the volcano-based track. That means you have 21.3 seconds per lap. This is a very simple challenge if you manage to stay on the rocky part of the track, i.e. if you can stay off of the lava. I only just managed to beat this challenge, but I did a few bad mistakes where my car completely stopped, so it should be easy for a more talented player.
    #10: Knock-Out Mode
    - My Time: 3m 27.827s
    - You need to get 20 points on this. That means at a minimum, 7 'round' wins. Luckily, there's no time limit for this. Same plan as normal; candy cannon and mine-drops are the best, as well as start-boosts.
    #11: Smash Route
    - My Time: 1m 22.611s (3.389s remaining)
    - On this, you have to smash 90 idols before the time runs out. You have 1m 26s to perform this task, so you need to smash the pots at a rate of 1 per 95/100ths of a second. If you keep the line of the pots, and don't accelerate too fast, this is an easy 'guide' challenge. You CAN afford to miss one or two, but if you miss any more than four, I'd advise restarting.
    #12: Time Attack
    - My Time: 50.631s (1.369s remaining)
    - You have 52 seconds to do three laps of the desert-based track. I did this on my first attempt. Best advice is just to keep a constant speed, I would estimate about 75-80% of your top speed, which gives you enough control to stay on the road, and do some fairly good skid-turns.
    #13: Knock-Out Mode
    - My Time: 3m 52.026s
    - This is a tough challenge, because of how the AI cars interact with you. They don't seem to like you on this track at all, and will skid you into the sides of the track. You have to get 20 points. Same strategy as usual. Try and get the start-boosts, and hope you get mine-drops or candy cannons to destroy the opponents.
    #14: Minefield
    - My Time: 57.897s (2.103s remaining)
    - You have 1 minute to complete two laps of a mine-covered track. There's not much I can say to help for this one, except don't go full speed, and try to be as careful as possible. You can touch three mines without exploding. The fourth will kill you.
    #15: Survival Challenge
    - My Time: 4m 32.245s
    - For this, you must get 20 points, but you can only NOT get first 6 times. If you lose a 7th time, you fail. This is an absolutely HORRIBLE challenge, to which the developers deserve a clue-by-four across the skull. It's a horrible track, and a horrible ruleset for the final challenge for the achievement. best thing I can suggest is try to get the start-boosts, but try not to run straight off the edge.
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