Collection 100% achievement in Beautiful Katamari

Collection 100%

Rolled up 100% of the Collection.

Collection 100%+0.2
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How to unlock the Collection 100% achievement

  • rastal66rastal66153,440
    13 Apr 2010 14 Apr 2010 08 Sep 2011
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    Here is how I knocked this out just fine from 95% collection or so which I had from getting the other achievements. I did this after completing the DLC, and like the first poster said, that makes things more complicated, but you can still do it if you follow these steps: Open the links below in two tabs in your browser or two windows, whatever you want, as you're going to need to use both of them to figure out if something is in the DLC and then, if not and you need it, where to find it will be in the second database.

    Use ezekiel 08's link to this database with the size and name of every object:
    Most importantly, ---DLC OBJECTS WILL BE IN RED TEXT--- in the tables, so you can go through your collection catagories that aren't complete and figure out if the objects you're missing are from the DLC and, if so, you can skip those objects because you do not need to get them for the 100% achievement.

    Go through the collection catagories one at time in your collection list (use the big gumball machine looking thing on the main island) and when you find a greyed out item meaning you do not have it, use the database above and if it is a non-DLC item you need, then use the database from Loki Artemis' post to get info on the location of the grand majority of items:

    Make note on the first database that certain items marked with an asterix * have SUB-catagories like the pommel horse which has ten internal pieces or the toolbox which contains more tools which you must collect, but dont appear on the main screens in their catagory. If you go to the entry for these "container" items it will tell you how many pieces out of the total components you have. If you interact with them it will open a sub-menu that shows all the internal collection pieces like the regular windows in the collection screen. The database tables are in order of the collection list in-game, and if there is an item in the table with sub-components, that will be right below the catagory table for its main catagory with the object's list of sub components. To find these sub-components, again, use the second link and click on the main object (such as the pommel horse) and people will have detailed where to find each internal piece, usually.

    As a last resort, if the second link's info on where the item is is vague or there isnt any location listed at all, go and do a google search along the lines of:

    "beautiful katamari" "young monk" location

    If you were trying to find the young monk. There's a bunch of different forums where people cry out for help on specific items and other people may reply with locations, and google will find these posts. I didn't have to do this often, as the second database is pretty darn good.

    It takes quite a bit of work, but using this method I tied up main game collection list from 95% to 100% in two full evenings of play.

    Note: please comment or PM me before downvoting. I know my summation here is a refinement of the above solutions- and not to be an ass, but at least note that I'm the only person who actually HAS the achievement who bothered posting the exact method I employed to do so. This is not an easy achievement and I am only trying to tie everything pertinent together in one solution post that will get you this achievement in the most efficient manner possible because it is going to take between "quite a while" and "a stupidly long amount of time" to get this achievement and I'm trying to save people from the "stupidly long" situation time-wise which is only possible if you combine the information in both the databases.

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    DarkB1ade XYeah, I would also appreciate any alternative location guides. Sitting at 98% right now and only need to find a few more items.
    Posted by DarkB1ade X on 02 Oct 17 at 05:32
    Lord RoAlJoSeems there is access to the link with WayBackMachine -
    Posted by Lord RoAlJo on 28 Dec 21 at 17:21
    EarthboundXThanks Lord RoAlJo, hopefully that link will be helpful.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 13 Jul at 10:50
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  • ezekiel 08ezekiel 08307,925
    07 Feb 2009 24 Feb 2009
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    Doing the levels in Eternal mode (get 100pts on a level) will make this much easier as you don't have a time limit looming over your Katamari.

    As mentioned, there are 3409 items in total, each in their own category. I'd suggest working on them by size. Concentrate on small items first and work your way up.

    NOTE: DLC items do not count for this achievement. If you plan on going for this, I'd advise you get your 100% Collection achievement before you play the DLC as all the DLC items are added to the original items, making it harder to know which original items you're missing.

    Here is a list of pretty much every item, it's not 100% but it's very close and I've had many people recommend it:

    And a list of the more rarer items including locations:
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    BSquad56Just found this as well:
    Posted by BSquad56 on 15 Oct 13 at 21:04
    Sven0330Can't find the police club to save my life, any help?
    Posted by Sven0330 on 30 Apr 14 at 22:31
    Shadykilla420Just a note for anyone else that may attempt this. Just 100% my second save file. I didn't play a single dlc level, although they were all unlocked. I didn't get 100% item collection until item 3410, not 3409 as suggested. Idk if my game counter somehow got thrown off, if owning the dlc had something to do with it, or if it was others miscalculation from the start. But if you hit 3409 and still don't have 100%, don't despair, you are just still missing one item. Also, the complete list has a few dlc items in the wrong spaces, as well as a few that are labelled dlc, but are actually main game. It's mostly right though and I didn't have any real issues comparing my list to it.
    Posted by Shadykilla420 on 30 Apr 18 at 21:50
  • TheAgentLokiTheAgentLoki179,634
    24 Feb 2009
    25 17 7
    If you're having trouble finding the last of the items you need, check out and find your blank in the database. Many of them have level and location to help you find them. If you find one without a listing in the database, please share your discovery with the rest of the database users.
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    The AcheivementThe link is dead. :(
    Posted by The Acheivement on 24 Jul 15 at 07:44
    TheAgentLokiThat's awful. I just recently found my long lost copy. Guess I'll fill in my blanks the hard way.
    Posted by TheAgentLoki on 28 Oct 15 at 22:26
    trialiaLink still dead. I wonder if it's accessible via the Wayback Machine?
    Posted by trialia on 24 Feb 19 at 18:46
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