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Weapon Card Master

Collect all Weapon Cards!

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How to unlock the Weapon Card Master achievement

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    Weapon Card Master
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    Which requires you to collect all the weapon cards in the game which getting them requires 3 loops (or more/later by getting it in the appropriate loop+stage) in Multiplay in each difficulty besides practice, and also requires playing Hyper Anoa in which if you level her up, she also earns exclusive leveled cards for herself, although this requires 1,450,000 EXP to earn all of her cards.

    A list to find all the cards can be found here. bit.ly/zsGFcP

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    NeoStrayCat"S" is for Story-8, not loop 5-8, and since you only get 1 chance on Expert's final level, just make sure to blast everything on screen and hope you can get the item.
    Posted by NeoStrayCat on 25 May 14 at 22:33
    zyxomma100No idea why the solution provider is using a link shortener, but in any case the original link is down. Here's an archived version of the page.

    Posted by zyxomma100 on 05 Jul 19 at 22:04
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    Otomedius ExcellentSecret AchievementStyles PluralThe Secret Achievement achievement in Otomedius Excellent worth 428 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
    Otomedius Excellent features a Weapon Card system that allows you to equip cards that enhance your weapons into more advanced attack shots. Whenever you select a character, you can choose various types of weapon cards to equip onto them and more cards can be found when dropped by enemies you defeat throughout stages. For this achievement, you will need to collect all 150+ of the default weapon cards in the game (DLC cards not included). Weapon cards can be acquired in Multiplay Mode, Story Mode, and by leveling up by gaining experience points and reaching new ranks. There are also some weapon cards that are exclusive to specific characters and can only be equipped by them. For a list of all weapon cards, locations, and which enemy drops them, see the following links:

    Gradius Fandom Wiki List

    Translated Japanese List

    Weapon Cards are usually obtained by defeating specific enemies that drop them within a stage. Once you defeat the enemy, the card (represented by a blue beam of light) will immediately home into you. If it's a new card you don't already have, your portrait in the top left corner of the screen with momentarily display the card once you have picked it up. However, if it's not a new card, then the blue beam will simply home into you, but the card will NOT be displayed in your portrait. This will indicate that you already owned the card previously.

    However, in order to keep any newly acquired cards, you must acquire the card then go on to complete that stage or loop. You will receive a Stage Result screen with the cards you obtained for that stage listed at the bottom. After you reach the game over screen, the game will auto-save, keeping the card(s) for that session. Failure to complete said stage, story, or loop will result in you losing all cards you acquired in that session. Remember, when attempting any weapon cards in Multiplay, you can set the exact stage and loop where the weapon card can be found and play through it to get the card. Set the start lap and loop to the same number and you can simply play through the stage to the end, receive a game over, and keep any cards you picked up for that Multiplay stage. Repeat for all other weapon cards that are only found in Multiplay.

    Important Note: Any Level 2 or Level 3 weapon cards that you acquire will not appear available for selection if you don't already have the Level 1 version for that card. For example, if you pick up a Gravity Bullet Level 2 or Level 3 card before already having the Level 1 version of Gravity Bullet unlocked, then the Level 2 or 3 card will not be selectable in the character select menus until you pick up the Level 1 card of that same version. But don't worry. Any later level cards you pick up early will still count and be added to your collection (you just won't be able to select them yet). They will be made visible once you pick up any prerequisite card needed for that set.

    Other notes:
    ● Any cards you pick up within a stage will be lost if you die and receive a Game Over. You must complete the stage to keep the card(s).
    ● Weapon cards will always drop from their set enemies regardless if you picked them up already or not. But you will know if you already have that card once you defeat the enemy and the card zooms into you without a card graphic being displayed over your portrait.
    ● At the bottom of the Stage Result screen the game will indicate the cards you picked up for that stage. New cards you got during that stage will have the word "New" displayed onto them.
    ● You can take a photo of the weapon cards you got during the Stage Result screen by using your smart phone. The Stage Result screen only lasts a few seconds so this will give you time take a photo of them and tick them off your list accordingly .
    ● Some Weapon Cards are exclusive to certain characters and you will only be able to check if you have them by selecting that character and cycling through their card set
    ● The weapon cards that are exclusive to specific characters can be found in the spoiler below.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    There are 4 types of cards: Speed, Missile, Double, and Laser. These weapon card categories are further detailed below:

    SPEED: These cards dictate how fast or slow you can move your RV (Riding Viper). These cards are all acquired by leveling up your character(s) and obtaining the required promotion rank. There are 8 speed cards in total.

    MISSILE: These cards can shoot various missile types. These are usually acquired by defeating enemies. Missile Weapon cards only have a Level 1 and Level 2. There is no Level 3 card for these types. There are 38+ missile cards in total.

    DOUBLE: These cards shoot two shots at once. They have 3 level variants for each card. There are 45 double cards in total.

    LASER: These cards shoot laser-based shots. They have 3 level variants for each card. There are 45 laser cards in total.

    OTHER: These cards include Gesshi and Hyper Anoa's exclusive weapons. They have 3 level variants for each card. There are 12 cards in total.

    You can keep track of the weapon cards that you have or don't have by using a spreadsheet or a paste bin while ticking them off. After selecting a character, you can cycle through the various cards to see which ones you have already and tick them off your list on the side as you go. Don't forget that some weapon cards are exclusive to some characters and you can only check for them by using said character.

    Weapon Card Master FAQ
    Due to the comprehensive nature of this achievement, a small FAQ has been provided below to assist in explaining how Weapon Cards work in case anyone gets stuck on finding a specific card. Information on this achievement is sparse online and many of the guides for the weapon cards have become defunct over the years. Ergo, this FAQ will help mitigate any confusion:

    How and where do I find Weapon Cards?
    Weapon Cards are dropped by defeating specific enemies, bosses, boss enemies, and by leveling up your character(s). While playing through stages, you will usually see the enemy using the same weapon type as the card they are holding (e.g a turret shooting vulcan bullets will be holding a Vulcan weapon card). This is a good way to distinguish which enemy you need to defeat when looking for certain weapon cards. Defeat the enemy and the card will be dropped and sent to you automatically (a blue beam will home into you). Go on to complete that stage, receive a game over, and the card will be yours. Cards are only found under Story mode or Multiplay modes while others are unlocked as you rank up to certain level grades. Once again the links to the Weapon Card location guides are provided here:



    When following the Gradius guide links above for which stage or loop the card is located on, they will use a (Loop - Stage) format. For example if a card is indicated to be located at Normal (S-1) that means it can be found under Story Mode on Stage 1 on Normal difficulty. As another example, if a card is indicated to be located at Expert (3-7) that means it can be found under Multiplay Loop 3 Stage 7 on Expert difficultly. Keep this in mind when using the guides and you'll be fine.

    How do I keep track of the Weapon Cards I have or don't have?
    The game does not have a specific inventory menu or mode that displays all the weapon cards you have or don't have. Therefore, you can check which cards you currently have by going into the character select menu, selecting a character, and choosing their weapons. Cycle through the Speed, Missile, Double, and Laser categories to see what you have. You can use a spreadsheet to keep track of this achievement or simply copy and paste the full list of cards to a word or paste bin document and tick them off as you go.

    Please note that when checking for weapon cards that some can ONLY be used by certain characters so they won't appear for certain ones when choosing a weapon. For characters such as Esmeralda, you will need to select that character to check for their exclusive card.

    Which character should I use to get all of these Weapon Cards?
    The best character depends on the situation. For Story Mode, Diol Twee is highly recommended especially with her Search Missile and Gravity Laser weapon cards equipped. Diol can completely wreck everything after you have picked up enough power ups and upgraded her Gravity, Missiles and Flint options. She is ideal for taking out bosses and you can position your three Flint options to aim straight for the core weak points of bosses. You should use Diol for any weapon cards that require playing through Story mode on Expert, or for defeating any major bosses for their cards.

    For Multiplay weapon cards, Gesshi Hanafuuma is a great character to use because of her Nen-Do-Ha primary attack shot. Right as a stage starts, pick up a power up and press cn_X button and you will then be able to use a 3-way pink shot that destroys small circular bullets. It's very useful and you can use it early into most stages. Also, you'll want to use her charged attack by pressing and holding down cn_Y button for 3 seconds then letting it go. This shoots out a homing dragon that is perfect for defeating bosses and larger enemies. It will seek out enemies and is handy for defeating enemies with cards that are directly behind you. It's probably better to use Gesshi over Diol for Multiplay since Gesshi is better for short bursts whereas Diol is better for longer periods of playing.

    If you are having trouble staying alive or dodging bullets throughout stages, then pick up enough power ups until your weapon gauge is highlighting the "?" and press cn_X. You will then deploy a force field shield that allows you to take 4 extra hits before being exposed to losing a life. If you ever lose your shield, you can deploy it again by collecting more power ups and pressing cn_X again on the "?". Also, you can pause the game repeatedly to anticipate bullets and find pathways to avoid projectiles. Just remember that the more efficiently you defeat enemies the less you need to worry about dodging. Lastly, you may also need to equip the unlockable Speed R card when selecting your character so that you can move faster. This should make it easier to stay alive and defeat enemies in some sections of stages.

    I can't find the _______ Weapon Card in a stage! Where is it?
    Remember that some weapon cards are found by defeating Boss enemies as well as the main bosses at the end of the stage. Therefore, you will need to find the best weapon setup in order to defeat them efficiently before time expires. For example, on Stage 6 most of the cards for that stage will drop from the multiple Bosses you face before facing Ruby and Cobalt. Furthermore, some weapon cards require you to defeat "parts" of the Boss for them to drop the card. For instance, during the Old Big Core boss, there is a vertical moving turret that you will need to destroy with the Shotgun in order for it to drop a card. Also, for the Vulcan Level 2 card in Stage 7, you will need to destroy one of the turrets during the Fort Wall boss fight right before you enter the Dark Force throne room (Story Mode - Expert difficulty only).

    You can cross-reference the links to find where exactly the weapon card drops and from which enemy and or boss. If not stated, that usually means the card drops from the final boss of that stage. You can use Gesshi Hanafuuma and her Nen-Do-Ha (spread pink shot). Also, hold and let go of cn_Y for her homing dragon attack which is great for defeating bosses and reaching their cores. Though, if you prefer, you can use Diol Twee for Multiplay as well if you so choose (but she needs many upgrades to be useful).

    There are also some weapon cards that are in obscure locations such as enemies approaching from behind you, unreachable turrets that require homing attacks to defeat, and enemies that are only available for a split second below you or in specific routes. That's why it's important to make sure you are on the correct stage, difficulty, and loop. Then, make sure you defeat EVERY single enemy in the stage or take alternate routes and defeat those enemies to get the weapon card to drop.

    What is the best way to level up to get the Speed and Hyper Anoa-based weapon cards?
    You can grind for experience points in Multiplay mode. It will be a long and boring grind but this is probably the easiest method for getting it done. You can select Multiplay from the main menu. Choose "Offline" and set the following play conditions:

    ● Game Level: EASY
    ● Stage: 1
    ● Start Lap 1
    ● End Lap: 99

    You will start out on Stage 1 and play through it for a total of 99 loops. You'll always begin the stage with a force field that allows you to take several hits and you will receive experience points after dying or after completing all 99 loops. You should only need to play through all 99 loops twice at the most to gather enough XP for all the weapon cards and to reach the top rank of Adam Kadmon in the game for this achievement:
    Otomedius ExcellentSecret AchievementStyles PluralThe Secret Achievement achievement in Otomedius Excellent worth 652 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Notable Weapon Cards
    The following weapon cards are missable or may be particularly tricky to obtain:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Once you have obtained all 150+ weapon cards this achievement will unlock during the results screen. Good Luck!
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