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That Just Happened

Complete the level “The Library” on Heroic difficulty or higher without dying.

That Just Happened0
22 September 2019 - 9 guides

Achievement Guide for That Just Happened

  • darkwatchmandarkwatchman56,940
    23 Nov 2011 23 Nov 2011 27 Nov 2011
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    If you are having trouble with this I found out something you can do.

    As you play through the level, save and quit at each elevator(or checkpoint). If you happen to die, turn your xbox off and then continue the level from the checkpoint.
    Since your not just hitting reload from last save it does not register that you died and allows you to get the achievement. I got mine with 7 deaths during the level.

    As suggested by illdizzog, if you reset after losing any health it is also a god way to get the He's Unstoppable achievement.
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    Use this video, by legendary Halo speed-runner RC Master, to use tactics on how to survive The Library without a single death.

    However, I strongly recommend doing Speed Reader and That Just Happened separate. That Just easier than you think. Much easier than Speed Reader. I got it in one run, without having to use the checkpoint glitch (See darkwatchman's post at the top of the page). Just take it slow, never run-n'-gun it, make sure to have Bandanna, and practice those 'nade jumps! (Remember: Jump right as the grenade goes off, and crouch right at the ledge your trying to get to).
  • Quickdraw1988Quickdraw1988361,863
    14 Nov 2011 14 Nov 2011 17 Nov 2011
    36 4 19
    This can be a very tricky one, but in essence its all about control and keeping your nerves. I would suggest using the bandanna skull combo with rocket launcher and shotgun.

    Take your time and clear properly if you rush you going to get killed more likely. always expect a ambush and retreat they like to get behind you.

    Watch out for the exploding mobs they will ruin your achievement. use grenades as they are extremely effective as with the shotgun.

    I would highly suggest that if you lose your shield your in a good spot to die and should pause and reload, in essence you really shouldn't lose it, shot gunners will prey on you.

    Once you clear waves keep moving and clearing the only part that seems to have infinite spawns is at the end, this can be tricky grenade and shotgun your way to the platform and watch where your standing i fell off right at the end once. Also if you are cooping have your partner go to the index platform first have him kill the flood then you can walk on as the spawns stop coming once you reach it.
  • goldenramothgoldenramoth96,099
    20 Nov 2011 20 Nov 2011 22 Nov 2011
    31 7 14
    For those that are here to simply get the achievement, your best bet is to do use the spawn dummy technique. It works best with a friend so you can actually control yourself and avoid dying. Otherwise, with all the extra spores around, your afk self will most likely end up dying at some point without anything you can do. So the idea is a "manned" dummy strategy. You have to be playing hard enough to kill the flood that may try to come at you as you stand as far back as possible, and your friend gets to fight and die for you. It's good to be king, right?

    Note: According to other reports from other players, you *cannot* get this splitscreen, as doing will negate your victory if EITHER play dies. So to "spawn dummy" you have to do it over live, where it has been confirmed as possible by the player "Breadly Weapon". As well, you cannot reload after you die, the game will remember that you did die. So if by chance you notice yourself with 2 bars and no shields: reload your save.

    Now, that is the easiest way to get the achievement. For those of you who enjoy the feeling of earning the achievement the hard way, for that "I'm awesome" feeling that many of us enjoy, here's my advice on how to do it solo, without co-op'ing it.

    You're going to want to use a shotgun and pistol. After multiple playthroughs on different platforms, I find it the most effective combo. I mainly rely on the pistol, as you want to stay as far back as you can. You can use rocket launcher if you want, though I would advise against it, as it will often get you killed. This is due to the nades that fall from the flood as you kill them. If you shoot rockets, you may end up blowing yourself to hell.

    Now, when you play the level, you're going to want to creep slowly, as you don't want to die. Move up until the flood spawns, then drop back. Pistol them from a distance. It takes 2 shots to make the spore carriers explode, and it only takes a couple more to down a regular flood. Shotgun is for when they get to close. After all, they swarm, so you will need it, but the object is to use it as seldomly as possible, otherwise the enemy is too close.

    Be very careful when the spore carriers (the exploding walking bags) spawn. Much like rockets, killing one of these can make the whole map explode, ending your attempt. However, you can use them as free grenades. If you see one in a cluster of flood, shot it with the pistol twice, and the whole group will explode, landing you insta-frags. You also get the satisfying feeling of watching those guys die en-masse.

    Always keep moving. You take minor damage from the flood spores, but in a firefight, it's enough to keep your shields from recharging. So if you stand still, you'll never heal, and you will die. So keep moving. If you're doing this without the bandana skull on (which, is very nice, though if you're doing this solo, I would assume you're trying to do it the "hard" way) I would recommend that after you kill the main combat flood forms, to simply melee the spores. If you're doing this with bandana skull on, scratch reading most of this tip-guide, and just roll with rocket launcher and grenades, stay back, and spam everything you have.

    In essence: proceed slowly, don't stop moving, conserve ammo. Against flood, human weapons are your best bet. Don't try covenant weapons as they'll do little to no damage in comparison. If you throw nades, be careful, as it's easy to frag yourself from blowing up dropped grenades, and especially: DON'T USE PLASMA GRENADES. Why? Because if you stick a flood combat drone, they run, and they run fast, right at you. It's near suicide. If you're good with grenades, go ahead and use plasma, but try not to stick anything. Throw the grenade before flood spawns right beneath them, so it explodes as they land, or in front of you as flood is charging, so again, the nade will explode as they run by.

    Also remember: no matter what you do, it's very easy to get randomly fragged. Keep an eye on your radar. Small dots can be ignored, those are spores, deal with them when you get the time. Big dots, those could be spore carriers, and they hurt. A lot. If you do happen to get caught by one: jump. It'll get you instantly moving, hopefully enough to get you out of the way of impending death. If not.. restart the level.

    For those of you that enjoy doing things the hard way: Good luck.
  • HepiousHepious188,301
    23 Nov 2011 27 Nov 2011
    16 2 0
    So no video guide yet... Not that it's completely necessary but if you're having problems at a particular spot you can see where the enemies spawn and how to take care of them. Yes I know I grenade spammed like crazy but after 8 tries it got frustrating and I wasn't going to take any chances. So hope it helps, enjoy.
  • Langenbrunner15Langenbrunner15113,474
    22 Nov 2011 23 Nov 2011
    20 7 1
    Highly recommended you play with bandanna on.

    Play cooperatively online and be a spawn dummy. Hold your starting position while your partner clears each floor. Every time the other player reaches a lift you will spawn to his location.

    When you get to the spot on 3rd floor where both players are required to wait between 2 closed doors, stay in the corner to the right of the door you are waiting to open and spam grenades towards the end of your cover. Once the door opens, wait for the sentinels come in and clear out the remaining enemies.

    The rest of the level should be easy, just continue to stay back and then run to the index to trigger the cutscene. Achievement should pop up after the cutscene.
  • FiriathFiriath134,037
    17 Nov 2013 17 Nov 2013 20 Jun 2015
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    Although most people suggest doing this in single player, I got this in splitscreen coop - which is incredibly easy with someone who has played the game before. It took almost exactly an hour, as we always took our time to kill every single enemy, to the last Flood spore. Just watch your motion tracker and retreat as soon as you see red dots flashing. Most of the time, when you walk around a corner and enemies spawn, a new wave will spawn as soon as you think you've killed them all, so have patience, retreat, kill them. Often it'll be 4-5 waves until you can continue.

    There's one overshield at the beginning and several cheeseburgers health kits throughout the entire level, so use them whenever you have to.

    As suggested in the other solutions, activate the Bandana skull - grenades will help a lot whenever you have to fight off hordes of Flood. However, be careful not to throw them behind the carrier forms, as this usually leads to them flying towards you and exploding in your face.
    You will have to use a couple of underground corridors. In those, let one player go first to avoid getting in each other's way. Also, in the third and last one, you will be attacked from both sides, by combat forms in the front and carrier forms from behind. Fighting back to back solved the problem quickly - just make sure the carriers don't come too close and use your assault rifle to finish off the spores.

    We used shotguns against the combat forms and assault rifles or magnums against spores and carriers and never picked up any other weapons not even rocket launchers, because we didn't want to risk killing ourselves or each other by accident. Whenever Sentinels were near, we let them do their job and only helped out when it was safe to do so. This way they'll kill a lot of flood for you without being destroyed too quickly.

    What's most important: Don't try rushing through the level. We tried this at the very end, just before reaching the index. My partner tried to hold the combat forms off while I wanted to get to the index, and because the cutscene didn't start (as he was too far away) I walked too far, fell and died, so none of us unlocked the achievement. Pure stupidity, I guess I deserved it.

    Also, don't try using the save and quit method. Doesn't work, and you won't need it!

    EDIT: According to cs mester, the save and quit method does work if you exit to the dashboard when dying. It's been quite a while, so I guess it probably didn't work back then because we were too slow to quit, or just quit to the main menu.
  • OperativeEmeralOperativeEmeral257,592
    04 Jul 2017 04 Jul 2017
    2 0 0
    Having spent over an hour and a half on this level I CAN confirm that the Flood do indeed STOP respawning after a certain point. So if you ever feel overwhelmed you can just backtrack a bit and deal with the current wave before continuing on. I used the Shotgun, Pistol and Bandanna skull just to eliminate any stress. There are two Flood with Rocket Launchers you'll want to look out for, one is on the 2nd floor, the other is on the floor below the final level. One neat shortcut you can take is on the floor where the terminal is. It's not much of a shortcut if you take the long way around but it can help you avoid several encounters.

    When you first reach the door where you have to wait and survive until Guilty Spark returns to open the door, if you stand in the very far corner by the door (look at the locked door, turn to the right) and just stand there, the Flood will spawn one wave but will not move to attack you. Not sure why, but it's a big relief not having to worry about it. Same thing later in the level in a more well lit area.

    One area to take VERY great care with is near the end with the big golden locked doors. You can grenade jump through one or take a tunnel underneath it. You can use the tunnel to lure out the Flood that spawn in the next room but BE CAREFUL BECAUSE THE EXPLODING FLOOD RESPAWN IN THE TUNNEL EVERY TIME!! I nearly died to them, after carefully and painstakingly clearing every last Flood in the level.

    Be grateful you only have to do this on Heroic; your shields are still useful on that difficulty.

    If you need to, run through the level a few times on a lower difficulty to get a feel for WHERE the Flood will spawn and keep an eye out for the two Flood who carry Rocket Launchers.
  • EenieakaneEenieakane216,943
    15 Oct 2018 15 Oct 2018
    2 0 0
    This was actually much easier than I expected

    I didn't count how many times I died after the 10th time

    Every time I died, I paused almost immediately, then I went to the dashboard and then resumed

    I saved a lot, not just at the elevator bits as you get the occasional Flood with Rocket Launchers
    Just save quit and go back into it, some parts you KNOW you are going to die so save and quit it's that simple

    Not to mention you just seem to die

    I had two skulls on

    Bandanna & Grunt B. Party

    Just go slow, once I got to the end watched it and then the cheevo popped up
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