Another Snake Bites the Dust achievement in Metal Gear Solid HD

Another Snake Bites the Dust

Defeat Solidus Snake

Another Snake Bites the Dust0
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How to unlock the Another Snake Bites the Dust achievement

  • Dat Boi TreezyDat Boi Treezy634,114
    18 Feb 2012 06 May 2012 06 May 2012
    5 0 0's DoMz Ninja-borrowed GameFAQs guide is spot-on and covers all necessary points about the battle against Solidus.

    I have a video I'd like to share of the battle so you can see my useful techniques in action, which are pretty much the same as the mentioned methods in the other solution, apart from I forgot to use blocking. I agree that Solidus is a pretty easy boss to defeat for being the final fight, but in Extreme difficulty, he does take a little bit longer to defeat and can be quite a bit more aggressive and quicker with his attacks.

    Check out the video for tips, tricks and techniques in the battle against Solidus.

    One you successfully defeat Solidus, you're achievement packed with 15g will unlock and potentially the achievement for completing the campaign too if this is your first playthrough. Then you have the wonderful joy of watching all of the credits to some beautiful music.
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  • Der GoleDer Gole200,783
    09 Feb 2012 09 Feb 2012 09 Feb 2012
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    For a final boss, Solidus is fairly easy.

    As there is no solution here, I bring you the solution from DomZ Ninja, from gamefaqs - -it's written for PS2 but tactics stay the same.

    BOSS: Solidus Snake

    Solidus is armed not only with his metal tentacles, but also two deadly High
    Frequency Blades. First off, keep your High Frequency Blade sharp (press
    Square until the icon is red); this is the only weapon you can use and this
    is the only way to fight.

    Solidus Snake must have like, a degree in swordfighting or something; he's
    insane with a blade. He is capable of blocking nearly any frontal attack, so
    don't even bother walking up and slashing him -- you will most likely get a
    kick in the gut for your troubles.

    Solidus can also attack with his tentacles. When they glow blue and hover in
    front of his body, he will perform one of two attacks: first, the tentacles
    will whip towards you. Block with L1 or just dodge them. If you get hit, then
    press Triangle rapidly to avoid getting choked.

    His second attack is unblockable. Solidus will fire several missiles out of
    his tentacles. This attack is deadly, but leaves him open for attack as well.
    When he begins firing his missiles, quickly run to the side of him and slash
    his back for some easy hits.

    Somtimes, Solidus will jump onto the nearby building, then launch himself
    towards you. Cartwheel out of the way, then slash his backside. He also has
    an annoying mode of transportation, which involves him jetting away and
    creating a stream of fire behind him.

    The best time to attack Solidus is when he is using tentacle attacks. You can
    also attack when Solidus rears his two swords back. As he lunges foward, move
    to the side and slash away. You will have to also be careful during this
    fight. You do not have any Rations, so there is no way of healing. Equip the
    Body Armor to reduce damage received.

    After whittling down around half of Solidus Snake's health, he will lose the
    tentacles and beef up. Now the battle will become much more dangerous.
    Solidus will now jet around the arena up to three times, so avoid his zig-zag
    motion. He will follow up with lunge attack, so simply stay away from Solidus
    the whole time. Luckily, Rations start to appear in the corner of the arena.

    The battle isn't that difficult (the previous boss was harder), but there are several things to be careful of, like falling off of the building and avoiding his attacks. It's more difficult when the tentacles disappear, since it becomes a straight-up sword fight. Make sure to block his attacks and attack when you see an opening. For example, block Solidus when he kicks you, then slice and dice your foe. Stay on your toes and attack when the time is ready, and you will eventually come out the victor.
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