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How to unlock the Great Dane achievement

  • Gregor LenkoGregor Lenko696,652
    07 May 2012 23 Apr 2012 26 Jul 2013
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    I take no credit for the guides or videos and have thanked the creators of the linked items. The tips come from my own experience on Extreme.

    If you find that the link for the spreadsheet is not working, can you please send me a message on TA or XBL and I will fix it. Thanks

    N.B. Tanker tags are not required for this achievement, only the Plant tags, but I will leave in the Tanker tag guide for those who want to get them all.

    N.B. For the achievement you are only required to collect enough Dogtags to unlock Wig A (Blue Wig Infinite Oxygen).
    This is 218 Dogtags in total.

    I would recommend that you collect as many tags as possible on easier difficulties to lessen the load on Extreme. There are only 242 Total tags on the Plant episode and the excel file I have provided gives you a breakdown of how many Tags are in each difficulty.

    As far as collecting Tags goes I have been following these two guides. These guides contain the correct names for all Tags in the PAL MGS HD Collection. If you should accidentally kill someone or set off an alert, I found it easier to either die in the room where the mistake was made or jump off a bridge. You will still have the tags you have taken, the room will be reset and you wont have lost any precious health, very important on Extreme!

    Credit to ZeroVirus and PackingHeat for these walkthroughs.


    You will need to complete 5 playthroughs on the Plant, from Very Easy to Extreme, the achievement will pop after you unlock the Blue Wig on the Plant following the credits on your fifth playthrough.


    I have used the above guides to create this excel checklist, you can use any character in the Taken column as the totals are 'count' not 'sum'.

    Some tips for the Extreme run through, after all you have to complete the game to get the equipment unlocked.

    I made a point of not using rations in boss fights (apart from one in the Ray fight and the other with Solidus ) as I didn’t know when I would be able to collect more, but as described in the linked Plant guide, there are a couple of guards who can be frisked while tranq’d to get Rations. If you are using the stealth suit it is easy to knock these guards out, frisk them for the ration and then wake them up with coolant, you can then leave the area and return to collect another ration.

    I would recommend trying to carry two rations into the Metal Gear Ray fight as I used one there and saved one for Solidus.

    Now by the time you get to Hard and Extreme you should have the Infinite Ammo Wig and the stealth suit. I recommend using both, especially on Extreme. You can hold up a guard wearing the stealth suit
    and then switch to the Ammo wig before shooting him (he won't be able to see you until you do!). Just keep a hold of your L1 and then hold your L2 to switch, I have it set to Previous so for me it is just a tap of L2, but go with whichever you find most comfortable.

    I would recommend saving your game at the start of a boss fight, you can always come back to it when you have calmed down and are ready
    for another dig. :)


    She is a tricky one. Try using a box. Credit to rey2jps3 for this Vid:


    It took me a few tries but I didn't find him that tricky. Use the infinity ammo wig, defuse the bomb on the big container to your southeast first. Then pin him with shots to put him down, shoot him in the head, reload and repeat. Make sure you don't get too far from the last bomb so you have time to defuse it. If you are lucky he will come stand by you while you defuse the one on the small box, so you can fill him with lead again. If you can keep knocking him down before he places the next batch of bombs you will have him done in no time.

    Just remember that the fight doesn't end until he is dead and the bombs are defused, no point in trying to take him out if there's 10secs left and a bomb ticking.


    This part has high annoyance value. Credit to SinfulOcelot for this vid.

    You can get a few missiles on him right at the start so pick up the stinger and look up the way you are facing.


    If you lost any health to mines on the way to Vamp you will have a full health bar at the end of this fight so don’t bother using a ration here.
    Vamp can be taken down very easily on all difficulties with the Nikita.

    Shoot him in the head at the start. Then run to northwest corner (the doorway through which you will exit at the end of the battle) and lie down facing into the room. Equip your Nikita and wait for Vamp to land in the walkway, it will usually be directly in front of you or to your right. Fire your missile and guide it into his legs. Rinse and repeat. Make sure you get the missile away in good time, if it hits him when it’s near you, it may kill you or at least do some serious damage.

    P.s. When you come back through here there are hidden claymores on the left hand side of this room. There is also a hidden claymore in the locker on the right side of where you find Emma, if you see an Easter Island Statue, don’t get in!

    Emma Overwatch

    You will need to set yourself up lying down next to the fence on your left hand side, from this spot you can see all the claymores that have been placed, including the partially hidden one on the third walkway. This is also a decent angle to take down Vamp.

    You will also need to switch to Thermal to see the claymores, this obviously means that you are using precious ammo.

    Snake will not shoot anything that you cannot see, and he cuts it fine for when he appears, you need to take out the claymores on the first walkway yourself, and I would advise taking out the first few on the third walkway, do them all if you can but remember to save Pentazamine for Vamp’s appearance.

    Try and take out the first walkway mines without Pent, but you are a better MGS sniper than I if you can clear the third walkway mines without a little something to steady your nerves!
    This section isn’t too bad once you have learned when and where the guards appear, but it really sucks for Emma to get blown up by a claymore that you couldn’t see.

    Tengu Room 1 and 2

    Credit to TheSeraphim17

    I followed the techniques shown in these two vids for rooms one and two, this guy is doing Euro Extreme and it works for Extreme too.

    Room 1 – Tranq Snake and Peek over boxes, coolant and shoot the sword guys until they stop spawning. Ammo wig makes this section a lot easier.

    Room 2 – Sword, blocking and Body Armor.

    Metal Gear Rays

    Knee then face, keep moving when you hear the beeps! No easy way round this one..

    You need to take the health down on the first three at the start or they will keep spamming missiles.

    As soon as you equip the stinger, start tapping the X button to get the stingers away quickly. Go knee then face on middle ray, then right ray, then left ray. If you are quick enough you can double hit each one two times and then another set on the middle to start the center arena fight.
    I had a few occasions where they changed routine and it didn’t go to plan as above.

    If this happens to you, you can either take a fall and restart or your other option is to keeping avoiding missiles until one of them get the gatling gun out. Roll to avoid this and you should have time to get the knee and face hit in on one of them.

    The video below by Seraphim17 is on EuroExtreme but the same principles apply.

    Don’t take any unnecessary risks, keep baiting them to get the water cannon and then get the hits in. As soon as the center ray is done, try to get some shots on the two outside rays.

    Most important is you do not want to see those two missiles coming from the Ray’s knees. Try and stay close enough that he either gets his gun out, and when you see this move in towards so he puts it away and then run sideways to whichever leg is closest. Providing you are not in the middle the water cannon will miss and you should have time for a couple of free shots.

    Be warned if you get too close it will stamp on you, when it switches to an ‘overhead’ camera it is lining up a stamp. Roll away from this otherwise you will get knocked down, you may be able to get up and roll away but the odds are not great.

    If the Ray is definitely moving away from you and you don’t think you will be able to get close before he fires the knee missiles, put a shot on him, preferably knee to give you the face shot, but a hit to either knee or face will interrupt the knee missile attack allowing you to get in close.
    You will have to kill twenty and the final set are the G series.

    Once again a video from Seraphim17

    I got through the choke scene by tapping furiously with my finger. You may need a turbo pad but I didn’t find it that bad.

    As far as the fight goes, I think Seraphim17 has it covered completely.
    Just be patient when fighting Solidus’ first form, get two hits in then wait for him to bring his swords up before the third strike which Solidus should block, repeat this until he shakes off his tentacles and then you should be ok with blocking his attacks.

    I used the techniques described by Seraphim and they worked perfectly for me.

    All in all, quite a time consuming achievement but one that I found thoroughly enjoyable, if not a little frustrating at times.

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    ThunderPeel2001The Excel spreadsheet is invaluable. I'm adding new information to it as I go through the game.
    Posted by ThunderPeel2001 on 14 May 12 at 13:02
    Moe GZYes, thanks for the spreadsheet, it can be imported in Google Docs then updated from an Android phone or tablets (I don't about other devices).
    Posted by Moe GZ on 24 Mar 14 at 23:27
    ArdentShaarAwesome guide.
    Posted by ArdentShaar on 26 Jul 20 at 22:38
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  • Swinny CostelloSwinny Costello1,014,683
    26 May 2012 11 Jun 2012 10 Nov 2012
    10 0 5
    Alright, here's the strategies that got me through the Plant extreme boss battles and other tricky sequences. I credit various strategies around the net for some of these (including Gregor's list above and

    This list is in no way meant to undermine Gregor's above, but I know it's always nice to have a few different ways to tackle these things and hope that some of my (definitely dodgy) strategies will help someone.

    I am an average skilled player, so I hope the strategies below help out someone who may be struggling like I was. Not all of us are uber-elite reflex gamers, so the fact that some of the below strategies may be cheap and dodgy was due to survival and a dedication to completing this difficult (but ultimately satisfying) achievement.

    (Note: As with the other solutions, these assume you have already earned the stealth, infinite ammo brown wig and infinite grip orange wig on prior playthroughs.)

    Although not really a boss battle, this can still be daunting on Extreme. The solution? Equip a cardboard box and don't stop moving from side to side.

    Definitely the most difficult and frustrating boss battle on Extreme for me personally - so don't feel disheartened if it gets to you at first. Let me just say, there's a reason this strategy is probably longer than some of the others... I tried using various strategies across the net and ended up getting the job done with a classic standby - the claymores.

    When the battle starts, defuse the bomb to your bottom left straight away and then go nuts placing claymores (with your infinite brown wig naturally). I would usually place 7 or 8 quickly, but in a clear memorable pattern that would allow me to navigate past them easily when chasing the fat bastard.

    Once that is done, run over to Fatman, knock him over and defuse the bomb. Quickly run around in front of him and hit him in the head with the socom and trip him over immediately when he taunts you by shooting his rollerblades to get another easy headshot.

    The overall strategy from here is to tail him as closely as possible whilst run-shooting with the Socom to chip off his life bit by bit, knocking him over/defusing/headshot - rinse & repeat.

    So far (minus the claymores) this is a standard strategy that most people use - but this is where the mines come in. Everytime Fatman would hit a claymore, it would give me a chance to either catch up to his position and defuse a bomb, sometimes even getting a nice free shot in. I found that if he set one off near me, I would always re-plant the mine asap whilst he's down and out.

    The hardest part of this fight for me was letting the bastard get too far out of sight and planting too many bombs without interruption. I found that once he'd planted 3 consecutive bombs before I had a chance to defuse once, I had no chance. Maybe some better players could handle it, but I needed to keep up and the mines were key in slowing him down for me.

    Lastly, remember that even if you manage to take the bastard down, you will still need to defuse any active bombs. I leapt for joy when I finally took him out for the first time, before I realised there was a bomb with 3 seconds left on the other side of the helipad....

    This is one battle where the standard strategy of hanging around the stairs between the upper and lower levels didn't work for me, so I looked for alternatives.

    Apart from being quite tricky, this battle was not as frustrating as some of the others and was simply a matter of learning to predict which attack was coming next. This gave me a chance to be in one of the 2 positions outlined below, or in between them at the very least.

    The 2 areas I used were the balcony at the entrance to the north shell and the railing on the top left of the central section. I'll be listing off the harrier's attacks and using these as location references.

    When the battle begins, naturally grab the stinger, equip the brown wig and get 2-4 free shots off the bat. Now instead of a play by play, here's what I did for each of the harrier's attacks.

    Drive-by missile
    This is when you see the glint in the sky and the jet zooms past. Position yourself near the railing at the top left and fire off one rocket when he appears and then hang off the railing - using the invincibility frames of the hanging animation for protection against the missile.

    Hover-above exhaust attack
    This is perhaps the trickiest to deal with using this strategy, so I usually equipped body armor and then took some minor damage whilst hitting the jet approx 4 times each time it hovered above - a worthwhile sacrifice in my eyes.

    Machine gun spamming
    When the jet starts spraying the machine gun from all angles, try to be prone in the top half of the balcony behind the wall. It's a little tricky to get the positioning right the first few tries, but eventually you'll be able to cover yourself 100% from all angles without having to bother moving or running around like an idiot in a box on the lower levels. You should be able to get a shot in at the jet once it's finished spamming.

    Giant destructive missile
    This is the missile which usually takes out half the upper level (but not the area we're using). Just use the top left railing flip tactic once again to avoid damage.

    Missile barrage
    This is when the camera goes side on and the jet fires a multitude of missiles whilst swinging side to side. Use the balcony wall to protect yourself while prone, although it is a little trickier to not take damage then the machine gun. The jet usually lingers for 5 seconds afterwards, so you should be able to get one or two shots in when it's safe. The hardest part of this attack is predicting when it's going to happen, so try to hang between both of the locations in this strategy after each drive-by missile.

    Overall, the harrier fight is all about predicting and handling these attacks.

    Okay, here's where the dodginess really begins. As seen in many videos around the net, it's entire possible to beat Vamp on Extreme without taking a single hit of damage. I managed to do it first try using this hilarious strategy.

    When the fight starts, equip the infinite grip orange wig (yes - THAT one... the one we NEVER use) and hang off the north railing in the room. Vamp will continually walk up to you and proceed to enter into an attack animation. This is when you flip back onto the platform and do a punch/kick combo to knock him down.

    Then flip back over and continue this until Vamp is eventually taken down by stamina depletion. Every now and then you may get hit by a stray knife, but the damage is minimal and managable.

    Hilariously easy and dodgy~ as all hell - but after 4 playthroughs and Fatman/Harrier on Extreme, I think we all deserve an easy one.

    Emma sniping escort at Oil Fence
    Not much to add to Gregor's strategy above, except for one thing which helped me.

    After a few tries, I managed to learn exactly when and where the soldiers would appear throughout the sequence. Coupled with an increased brightness setting on my TV, meant that (apart from the claymores), I didn't really use the thermal goggles at all.

    You know what that means? INFINITE AMMO SNIPING BABY~!

    In all seriousness, the PSG-1 is almost semi-automatic in it's firing rate, and if you completely suck at MGS2 sniping like me, then being able to fire off 5 bullets at each enemy without having to worry about replenishing ammo is a godsend. During each little 'quiet period' I would also use up the remainder of my clip to ensure I didn't need to reload during a crucial moment.

    Lastly, although you certainly have to position yourself to the side to hit the hidden claymore behind the post, I positioned myself back in the centre immediately afterwards as I preferred the angle. I'm not certain if this is a disadvantage for Vamp or not, but I managed to take him out first try regardless.

    Tengu Battles

    Hallway Tengu battle
    I doubt there's a better strategy then the one listed by Gregor above. I personally used the Stinger to clear out all enemies until the last section, where it almost seems like a necessity to tranquilise Snake to keep the stupid bastard from rushing in Leeroy Jenkins style and getting himself killed. Using coolant on the sword tengus and finishing them off with a gun (I used the socom) whilst ducking behind the crates will eventually get you through.

    Circular room battle
    I stood in the doorway where you entered from and used the M4 with the brown wig and just kept mowing them down. I tried to focus on the gun tengus first and any sword tengus directly near Snake. Again, your success in the section primarily relies on Snake not being a suicidal nut (seems to be a trend) and running directly into your gunfire, so it may take a few tries because of this. The tengus will most ignore you and focus on Snake, but you will need to take the odd one out that is stupid enough to run up to you.

    If you can avoid using any rations in this section, then it may help you out during the Ray battle, but it's not absolutely necessary to have any.

    Metal Gear Rays
    Oh boy... be prepared for a long and draining fight. To be honest, I enjoyed fighting the Rays - I just hating getting through 15 or 16 of them and getting killed in one hit by a stray missile.

    As in Gregor's solution, there's no easy way out. Your survival hinges on a few things:

    1. ALWAYS have a Chaff grenade going at all times
    This means that the overhead missiles will hit the where you were standing when they were fired and not home in on your current location. I cannot stress how much of a life saver this is. After 2 or three hits on a Ray, I would always throw a new Chaff to keep it going.

    2. Distract the sidelined Rays
    I found that after hitting the central Ray (standard knee/head combo), I would usually fire a random stinger off at a Ray on the sidelines. Even if it hit them in the knee and did no damage, it provided a distraction and often delayed attacks. After working this into my routine, I would often hit a sidelined Ray when they were 'screaming' by chance, which dealt 1/3 damage.

    3. Memorise the movements and sounds of the Rays so that you know what attack is coming
    As mentioned in the other solution, AVOID THE KNEE MISSILES. Although I managed to dodge them most of the time, sometimes they would come from a strange angle and they pretty much kill you with one bloody hit. I found that staying at a medium distance and running diagonally away from the central Ray often caused him to use the machine gun attack instead, which is by far the easiest to dodge. Eventually you'll also get used to when the laser/water beam attack is about to fire, which I would dodge by cartwheeling diagonally backwards.

    4. Don't panic, don't take risks and stay concentrated for the long fight
    This may sound ridiculous, but I think it's very important for this battle. Quite a few times I got up to about 15 or 16 Rays defeated and started taking risks - firing more stingers at a time, not keeping the chaff grenades going, etc. Everytime I broke away from my pattern, I paid the price (usually by way of knee-missile). As in Gregor's solution, sometimes the Rays will be unpredictable, so of course you have to adapt, but I think it's very important to stay focused, especially as half of the attacks can kill you in one hit.

    ...and lucky last. Time to be complete dodgy~ again!

    As you are well aware by now, there are 2 parts of this fight:

    First part
    This is the easy one. First off, equip body armour (I had this equipped the entirety of the battle). The dodgy strategy for the first part is very similar to the Vamp strategy above. Hang off the building on the right side of the screen. Each time Solidus walks over to attack you, flip back up and hit him with your sword combo. Rinse and repeat until this section is over. 90% of the time his missiles will fly over your head, but keep an eye out on them and flip up quickly if it looks like their angle will hit you.
    Ideally, you will want to get through the first part without taking any damage, since the second part is much more unpredictable.

    Second part
    Hopefully you still have most of your health left thanks to the dodgy~ strategy above - and you'll probably need it. Many other strategies on the net (included Gregor's above) involved blocking/countering/some other ninja stuff.... but I found the hit-boxes and sword controls too sloppy and inconsistent for me, so I modfied my cheap strategy from the first part.

    For the second half (still with body armour equipped), I stayed down the bottom of the screen and waited for solidus to boost towards me. As soon as he was close to hitting, I would flip off the edge, which would cause him to miss. As soon as he gets out of that attack animation, he would usually begin another attack (usually a combo), which would give me a chance to flip up and hit him with a sword combo. Be warned that he will often try to kick you instead of a combo, so I would usually hold the block button while flipping up just in case. If you manage to hit a combo on him, he usually then farts about with his fire-trail boosts before coming at you again.

    I found mixing up the 'dodge-off-edge-and-flip-up' strategy with one that simply involved dodging to the side instead worked for me and I managed to take him down after about 4 or 5 tries. As I said, there are more effective (and flashier) strategies, but the sword controls just didn't gel with me, so my dodgy~ strategy had to suffice.


    Alright - I hope this long-winded solution helped somebody out. Please don't leave negative feedback due to the cheapness of some of the strategies. As I mentioned at the start - not everyone is a pro gamer, and after putting all the hard work into getting the dog tags on the previous 4 playthroughs, I think some people might just want to get through these hard battles any way they can.

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    a Fi1thy CasualGreat guide. Just got this the other day and I have 2 comments:

    1.) The infinite wig is brown, not blue (blue is the infinite oxygen wig).

    2.) You should mention with the Harrier that going prone on the balcony works for nearly everything EXCEPT when the Harrier starts firing its turrets. It circles around and eventually hits you (and it SUCKS). The best method I found was running to the tank object at the other end of the bridge and using that as cover shifting around it until he was done firing.

    I used your approach with Fatman and it worked like a charm. I had so many claymores on the ground the bastard could not move without setting one off. I took him down with him only planting 1 other bomb (besides the two initial ones at the start of the battle).

    Also, the Harrier fight was by far my worst. Until I figured out where to lay prone on the balcony I could not find cover from his missile barrage. It seemed there was no safe place for the 10 seconds he shoots missiles non-stop. Very annoying.

    Lastly, I went into the Solidus fight with practically no life and no rations, but I did not need to use the ledge flipping you described because of one tactic: blocking. Nearly every move Solidus throws at you can be blocked. The only exceptions are the 4 missiles he launches and the charged attack he does. Everything else can be blocked with LB. I just went in close, hit him a few times (to make him do his spin kick), blocked and cut him up. During the second half, when he goes ADD all over the place, all you have to do is make certain you are blocking and facing his general direction. I had him down in no time.
    Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 06 Nov 12 at 15:41
    Swinny CostelloThanks for letting me know about the blue/brown wig mistake - I've fixed the solution now. Glad I helped out with Fatman, as that was easily the most difficult fight for me as well. For some reason I absolutely loved the Harrier fight - although it was a bitch to beat. I managed to find a spot on the balcony where the machine gun fire rarely ever hit me, although it might not have been perfect. I think it's important in that fight to avoid the 'big hit' attacks, as you can usually absorb the odd machine gun hit thanks to the body armor.
    Posted by Swinny Costello on 10 Nov 12 at 23:03
    Zoda iZ Cruel6 years after you wrote this solution, i just went through multiple boss fights ... or all, and wanted to say thank you for all these great tips! Now watching the credits roll and hope achievement unlocks in a few moments. Just happy to be through with this one.
    Posted by Zoda iZ Cruel on 10 Nov 18 at 19:28
  • StressyGit XxStressyGit Xx157,604
    02 Mar 2012 13 Mar 2012
    13 3 3

    This guide should be the top dog as its not failed me at all and it won't you and it's the easiest to understand [the video recording is mine and would like some credit for that if it helped]

    I found a dog tag guide on GameFAQs. I have followed it for the entire time and every single guy has been where it said he should be. Tells you if you need to harm him to relinquish the tag or if its easy picking. THis video posted the way to hold someone at gunpoint and also a way to reset to the main menu if you wish. Web pages below. Please read carefully before commencing you play through. Check the dog tag viewer in special menu. And compare the difficultly of your play through to the difficultly guide in the guide. You can also use you dog tag viewer along with the guide to see which tag ID number your missing and where it is. The names of the tags collected wont match to your screen due to the games version and country.

    Thanks for reading this guide, hope it's made you feel better about trying to get the achievement.


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    zHalcyonDaysI found and used these guides too and was going to post a solution just like this but never did. The guide is great because it's not just a dog tag guide it's a complete walkthrough. Also helpful if you're like me and get stuck story-wise and don't have a clue where to go next.
    Posted by zHalcyonDays on 16 Apr 12 at 00:36
    More CredibleThanks for the video dude. Helps.
    Posted by More Credible on 28 Jun 12 at 03:50
    Iceman2pnt0Thanks for linking those articles on gamefaqs. Without an actual walkthrough I would've skipped this achievement altogether. There are guards that show up later in places you've already gotten tags from and all of the backtracking and rechecking all guards would've been too much a hassle for me.
    Posted by Iceman2pnt0 on 28 Jun 15 at 19:23
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