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Find every type of camouflage

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How to unlock the Fashionista achievement

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    There are 31 total camouflages in the game. They are the following:

    1) Naked - Default
    2) Olive Drab - Default
    3) Leaf - Default
    4) Tiger Stripe - Default
    5) Tree Bark - Default
    6) Squares - Default
    7) Black - Default

    8) Rain Drop - Dolinovodno, under the far end of the bridge during Operation Snake Eater. You will have to shimmy across a ledge to reach it.

    9) GA-KO - Chyornyi Swamp, in the northeastern most part of the map, under water. Use the thermal goggles if you're having difficulty finding it.
    **Special Ability: Enables you to hear Kerotan calls, use with Directional Mic to maximize effectiveness.

    10) Splitter - Bolshaya Past South, take the eastern route. It will be up on a ledge.
    11) Choco Chip - Bolshaya Past South, inside a hollow stump in the extreme northwest of the map.

    12) Water - Bolshaya Past Base, on the roof of the main building.

    13) Snow - Chyomaya Peschera Cave, at the start of the map, take the right-hand fork and continue crawling through the openings until you reach it.

    14) Fly - Graniny Gorki Lab 1F, go to the second floor bathroom, it is in the last stall.
    **Special Ability: Smells so bad that guards will avoid contact

    15) Sneaking Suit - Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing 2F, inside the locker with the red stripe on your second visit.
    **Special Ability: Reduces all damage by 1/2 and reduces stamina consumption

    16) Maintenance - Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing 2F, in the second locker on the far right.

    17) Flecktarn - Pick "I like MGS3!" prior to starting the game
    **Special Ability: Prevents battery drain

    18) AUSCAM - Pick "I like MGS3!" prior to starting the game
    **Special Ability: Reduces all damage by 1/3

    19) Desert Tiger - Pick "I like MGS3!" prior to starting the game
    **Special Ability: Prevents suppressors from wearing out

    20) DPM - Default in US versions, EU and JP versions must complete Special Duel Mode
    **Special Ability: Doubles LIFE guage restoration rate

    21) Scientist - Gift from EVA (Story line related)
    22) Uniform - Stolen from Raikov (Story line related)
    23) Tuxedo - Complete the game on any difficulty

    24) Animals - Defeat Ocelot via stamina depletion
    **Special Ability: Essentially infinite Pentazemine. It eliminates weapon spread.

    25) Hornet Stripe - Defeat the Pain via stamina depletion
    **Special Ability: Keeps spiders and leeches away. Also tames hornets, which protect you after you destroy their hive.

    26) Spider - Defeat the Fear via stamina depletion
    **Special Ability: Automatic 80% camo index, but rapidly drains stamina

    27) Moss - CQC Hold Up the End by sneaking up behind him and pointing a gun at his back at point-blank range. Once he lies down, point the gun at his head three times and he should drop it. Just don't take your sights off of him! If you're having difficulty sneaking up on him, I suggest waiting until your second playthrough so you can use the Spirit camo.
    **Special Ability: Regain health and stamina when in direct sunlight

    28) Fire - Defeat the Fury via stamina depletion
    **Special Ability: Drops damage from fire and explosions by 1/2

    29) Spirit - Make it to the end of the river when fighting the Sorrow. It will be in your inventory when you get your things back.
    **Special Ability: Eliminates footstep noise and drains enemy stamina in CQC

    30) Cold War - Defeat Volgin via stamina depletion
    **Special Ability: Enemies you are facing will not shoot

    31) Snake - Defeat The Boss via stamina depletion
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    DmA 5800Important issue to be mentioned which I've experienced it myself regarding the (Spirit) uniform.
    on my first playthrough, I've reached the end of the river and nothing happened so I had to kill myself drowning to continue my playthrough, and I still didn't get the outfit.

    However, On my second playthrough, I've dodged every attack from the sorrow when he says ( take THIS) by moving extremely from side to side, and when I reached the end of the river, he just gave a one-hit kill, and that's where you know for sure you'll get the uniform.

    best of luck to everyone attempting this :+)
    Posted by DmA 5800 on 08 Apr 12 at 03:36
    ThunderPeel2001There's some mistakes in this guide: You don't need to select "I like MGS 3" to get those camos, you just need to complete the game. This includes to DPM camo (there is no special duel mode, I believe).
    Posted by ThunderPeel2001 on 15 Apr 12 at 11:21
    zhobanDid anyone else have a problem with the Rain Drop camouflage not appearing? I've gone to the right area twice but it's not there. I find a weapon instead. What's even weirder is that I don't have Rain Drop in my Uniform section.
    Posted by zhoban on 26 Apr 12 at 04:49
    StNowhereAre you looking for the camo during Virtuous Mission? I don't think the camo appears until your second visit.
    Posted by StNowhere on 28 Apr 12 at 01:48
    AthboyAceYou left out the Choco Chip camo, It can be found on the balcony of the Graniny Gorki lab
    Posted by AthboyAce on 22 Jun 12 at 12:52
    NameOfTheMasterJust pinged this using this guide. Thanks.
    Posted by NameOfTheMaster on 28 Jul 12 at 15:18
    YourFinalMomentNot going to down vote this but two lacks of info wasted a LOT of time for me. You need to note that you can't get the maintenance uniform until your second trip as well. I tore down every locker looking for it then looked online for why it wasn't showing up for me. And you need to note that you have to go to the second section of the cave for the snow camo, I looked everywhere in the first section which is quite large before I watched a video online and saw him get it in the second area. it's been awhile since I've played so I didn't remember there was more cave ahead, and people on their first run through the game going for all the stuff could make the same mistake. Thanks for taking the time to make this guide though. You should also note on the "I like mgs3!" camos that you can ALSO get them when you beat the game, not everyone will click on the comments to make sure everything's right. If fix'd, will thumbs up.
    Posted by YourFinalMoment on 08 Aug 12 at 08:22
    OmegaRob3rtI can confirm that you need to get the maintenance outfit in order for this achievement to pop up, which meant I had play through again.
    Posted by OmegaRob3rt on 08 Aug 12 at 22:53
    Chosen One 41You called the Chyornyj Prud area Chyornyi Swamp. That had me confused for awhile.
    Posted by Chosen One 41 on 25 Apr 13 at 03:43
    TheBongoFuryYou have to get the Raikov or the Maintanence uniform again. Those come story related, and are added in your inventory WAY later into the game...
    Posted by TheBongoFury on 01 Mar 14 at 20:58
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