King of the Jungle achievement in Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

King of the Jungle

Obtain title of MARKHOR

King of the Jungle+0.6
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How to unlock the King of the Jungle achievement

  • xaeroxaero1,113,202
    04 Dec 2011 24 Nov 2011 22 Dec 2018
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    Here's a list I found online that lists every single thing you need to find in order to obtain the MARKHOR rank, along with their locations. The locations are listed in the order you would reach them if you were following the main story path.

    Each item includes a link with a screenshot of the general location of the item along with a screenshot of the map where you can find it. It is a very useful tool in finding all of the items. Good luck!

    EDIT: It has come to my attention that the site itself isn't available anymore. Luckily, Noir Metalhead found out that the site has been archived and the solution has been updated with the working link.

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    IronInvoker47Yeah, I got taken to a car dealership website. If anyone for some reason has this backed up somehow, that'd be nice, because I need to write the walkthrough for the MARKHOR rating.
    Posted by IronInvoker47 on 20 Mar 17 at 07:28
    Noir MetalheadFound this link on Reddit.
    Posted by Noir Metalhead on 22 Dec 18 at 00:50
    xaeroThanks, I'll update the guide with the archive link.
    Posted by xaero on 22 Dec 18 at 01:12
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  • Bloodmang0Bloodmang0181,734
    15 Nov 2011 13 Nov 2011 07 Feb 2012
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    To obtain the title of MARKHOR, one must find, and obtain/eat (not necessary to eat but recommended as it is easy to keep track of what you have found. Also, DO NOT EAT THE Tsuchinoko. You need to keep it with you till the end of the game for Infinite Face Camo) all naturally appearing food in game (Birds, fish, crabs, rats, snakes, fruits, magic mushrooms, mystical serpents, etc.)

    Calorie Mates, Instant Noodles, and the Russian Rations are not necessary for this achievement, but you should eat them anyway.

    Some animals are only available one time, and if you miss them, you may have to replay the game to obtain them, or have a previous save handy.

    The following items that will help you in your quest to the top of the food chain are: Thermal Goggles, Motion detector, Active Sonar. and lastly Mouse Traps (for the Tsuchinoko).

    Now finally here is the bestiary to your carnivorous ways!
    (Ill try to categorize them as best I can)

    PLANTS (Once obtained, they will be added to your CURE items, not your inventory, EDIT: If your CURE Items are full beforehand, you will be unable to pick these items up, so what I suggest is that you purposely injure yourself so that you can use the items, and pick up more.)
    Cold Medicine

    "Solid" snake
    "Liquid" snake
    "Solidus" snake
    Tsuchinoko (you get another achievement for bagging this one)
    Parrot (Belongs to "The End")

    Reticulated Python
    Green Tree Python
    Giant Anaconda

    Russian Oyster
    Ural Luminescent
    Russian Glow Cap
    Siberian Ink Cap
    Fly Agaric
    Baikal Scaly Tooth

    Tree Frog
    Poison Dart Frog
    Otton Frog

    White Rumped Vulture
    Red Avadavat
    Sunda Whistling Thrush

    Maroon Shark
    Bigeye Trevally

    Russian False Mango
    Yabloko Moloko
    Vine Melon

    Japanese Flying Squirrel
    Cobalt Blue Tarantula
    Emperor Scorpion
    European Rabbit
    Vampire Bat
    Indian Gavial (you could consider it a crocodile, I dont want to get specific)
    Kenyan Mangrove Crab
    Baltic Hornets Nest

    EDIT: Credit to Shinerbock88 for pointing out the problem with the CURE items.

    I believed I have covered all the items necessary to obtain this ranking. If I find I have missed anything, I will add them and update the solution as soon as possible. The achievement should pop, at the end of the game, when the game has summarized all your stats, and grants you a rating, Happy Hunting MGS fans!
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    Bloodmang0It can be done on any Difficulty. I know this because I completed it on the easy setting, on my first playthrough, so I had no special weapons
    Posted by Bloodmang0 on 26 Jun 13 at 15:48
    Crater BobJust noticed by the way, there is a way to track your food aside from catching and eating it, if you go into the Survival Viewer and open the Viewer with the Right Bumper, then hit Right Trigger to bring up Snake's info, then hit Right on the stick or D-Pad, you can open up the Food History tab and see exactly what you've eaten in the game.

    Just in case you can't remember if you ate something, and a good way to have an in-game checklist without having to shoot everything edible you come across.
    Posted by Crater Bob on 18 Oct 18 at 16:07
    Crater BobGah, missed it by one last night and got the Pigeon rating. I think I missed a medical item somewhere, probably either the Styptic or the Disinfectant, because I kept a checklist of everything else, and I know I picked up Splints and Cold Medicine after getting my gear back from Eva, and I ate the Tsuchinoko, don't know if that jinxed it.
    Posted by Crater Bob on 19 Oct 18 at 16:53
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