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Finish game without killing anyone

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How to unlock the PEACE WALKER achievement

  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles1,008,463
    20 Nov 2011 20 Nov 2011 06 Jul 2015
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    For this achievement, you can only tranquilize or knock out enemies. The Mk22, Mosin Nagant, EZ Gun, stun grenades, and CQC are your main tools.

    Doing this on easy or very easy will give the EZ Gun, a tranquilizer with infinite ammo, a suppressor that never degrades, infinite ammo, and just holding it boosts stamina and camo index. This alone should be enough to get you through the game. On higher difficulties, this must be unlocked by achieving the rank of Markhor, or in this case the achievement King of the Jungle.

    Another item that would help, assuming you have it already, is the stealth item awarded for shooting all Kerotan frogs in one playthrough. Between the stealth item and the EZ Gun, a playthrough can be completed on Normal in about 3-4 hours.

    It's been confirmed that you have to stamina-kill Volgin when he's riding the Shagohod, even though there's no camo reward for it. It has also been confirmed that you can kill The End by waiting a week.

    In the motorcycle chase scenes, it is acceptable to tranq the soldiers chasing you, even if doing so sends them flying off a motorcycle at top speed to their inevitable death.

    If you do end up killing someone in an odd fashion, for instance punching someone out and they drown in water, keep in mind that any non-scripted death is unconfirmed. I'd recommend restarting a save in that case.

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    bobby trippeWhy would you want to kill animals? Are a you sociopath? No, they do not count but I am not sure about the guard dogs.
    Posted by bobby trippe on 20 Jan 14 at 16:37
    OutisGot the achievement last night. You can stamina kill The End by waiting the week.
    Posted by Outis on 14 Mar 15 at 15:47
    If ur running through on easy just equip a gun like AK during the ends boss battle and shoot. Hell shoot at u then take ur ez gun out and find the glare. Shoot him and repeat. Took me 3 min n he was down.
    Posted on 06 Jul 15 at 01:31
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  • TheBrumster89TheBrumster89115,634
    24 Mar 2012 19 Mar 2012 23 Mar 2012
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    1. The first time you walk down the river, and there are enemies on the hover-scooters, if you shoot them with a tranq and they fall down and explode, it does NOT count as a kill.

    2. You can determine if you have killed an enemy when you are "fighting" The Sorrow. He specifically says "These are the creatures you have killed". The Fury, The End, The Pain and The Fear will show up regardless of you killing them or defeating them by stamina draining. If while walking down the river you see anyone other than The Fury, The End, The Pain or The Fear, you've killed an enemy and you will not get the Peace Walker achievement.
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    ejenngsAppreciate you confirming this. Immediately came here after doing this, and realized I hadn't saved in an hour. Didn't wanna reload :-(
    Posted by ejenngs on 07 Jan 13 at 22:26
    TheBlackxRangerI went through most of the game without killing anyone. I hate how everytime you finish a boss mission or start a boss fight, they put a gun in your inventory instead of just the mk22. Shot a guy square in the face thinking it was going to put him to sleep. NOPE
    Posted by TheBlackxRanger on 15 Mar 13 at 19:47
    Joda XWas just looking for a confirmation on the hoover-guys. Big thanks!
    Posted by Joda X on 11 Aug 13 at 19:53
  • WidestSunilWidestSunil167,155
    19 Feb 2012 19 Feb 2012 28 Feb 2012
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    Here are few tips to help along with the above.

    - It is safe to kill dogs (or any other animal), you cannot kill human enemies with weapons in Snakes possession, these count against you.

    - You can "kill" unconscious/sleeping enemy soldiers by dropping them off cliffs, into water or into their own pit traps in cetain areas, as the game does not acknowledge those as kills in a playthrough at the ranking screen. Only kills from weapons Snake can use will be registered.

    - Also kills from soldiers who have eaten poisonous food or have been attacked by poisonous animals you throw at them do not count.

    I found this info especially useful for my FOXHOUND rank playthrough.
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