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MAIN OPS All Rank S in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD

MAIN OPS All Rank S108 (30)

Clear all MAIN OPS missions at Rank S.

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Achievement Guide for MAIN OPS All Rank S

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Posted on 13 June 12 at 21:38, Edited on 12 June 15 at 15:59
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Here is the guide I used for S ranking most of the Main Ops missions without any trouble:

EDIT: use this guide as the previous one went missing.

It tells you where to go, where any prisoners are and if there are any Design Specs to collect.

Just so you get an idea of S rank clear times, I will post mine so you know what you're aiming for. I will say that some of my times are pretty good while others are pretty terrible, so don't think that my times are the bare minimum; I found the times to be quite lenient. Just remember that you can't kill any soldiers and you can't have any alerts. The green alerts are fine (like what you'd get for destroying a Kidnapper but were not seen). There are a couple of Quick Time Events in this game that you need to complete faultlessly in order to S rank certain missions. There are also interactive cut scenes, but these are a little different and do not factor into your mission rank. I will tell you to watch out for these, and provide the sequence. To know that a cut scene requires your input try to skip it, if you can't then it is either a QTE or a pointless interactive part. I would advise you not to worry about S ranking the vehicle missions on your first encounter as you won't have decent enough equipment to pull it off. I will write some strategies I used to S rank these missions without much equipment.

***Prologue: An Army Without Borders***

Opening/Investigate the Supply Facility - 0:02:35

There is a QTE at the end of this mission and the sequence is RT, mash the Y button, then RT, RT

***Chapter 1: A Country Without An Army***

Contact the Sandinista Comandante - 0:04:51

There is an interactive cut scene here. Just shoot the Kidnappers.

Pursue Amanda - 0:02:26

Armored Vehicle Battle: LAV-Type G - 0:03:07
Items: Fultons, NVG. Weapons: MK.22, Mosin Nagant, Smoke Grenades (rank 3+)
Camo: Sneaking Suit

Run up to the warehouse to your right and crouch in the doorway looking at the soldiers. When they turn and walk with the vehicle, crouch-walk past them, then when you're behind them run up to the guys on the left side and hold them up. Fulton them away and then hold up the guys on the right, then fulton them too. If done quickly another set of four guys should come out of the left side of the vehicle, and at this point you should be crouch-walking behind the vehicle ready to throw a smoke grenade right where the soldiers will land as soon as you see them coming out. Equip NVG to see them, hold up the soldiers and fulton them away. Rinse and repeat until all soldiers are gone. When you hear the Captain speak, throw another smoke grenade infront of you, blocking hs view. Use your NVG to see him, and snipe him until tranqed. Easy!
There is another interactive cut scene. Shoot the Kidnapper holding Amanda.

Rescue Chico - 0:02:14

Pursue the Jungle Train - 0:04:28

Tank Battle: T-72U - 0:03:31
Items: Fultons (rank 2+), NVG. Weapons: MK.22, Mosin Nagant, Smoke Grenades (rank 3+)
Camo: Sneaking Suit

For this one make sure to stay out of the Tank's line of sight, meaning the front of the Tank and the moving turret. There are 10 guys and I waited for the Tank and soldiers to be near the South, then threw a smoke grenade, equiped NVG and held them up. You won't always get all four soliders in the grenade so just tranq any that go astray. Fulton them away while the Tank isn't looking, then quickly crouch-run to the Southern most trailer and hide. The soldiers spawn when you hear a smoke grenade go off, and in my experience they never see you if you tranq them quickly enough. Fulton them away when you can, then when the Captain shows himself, throw down a smoke grenade and snipe him until tranqed.

Destroy the Barricade - 0:03:38

Infiltrate the Crater Base - 0:04:47

Pupa Battle - 0:02:59
Items: Rations, Future Curry. Weapons: LAW (rank 3 or 4) Any machine gun, Supply marker
Camo: Battle Suit

This battle is really easy, especially with the rank 4 LAW. There is no real strategy to this fight since it's so easy, but keep moving in a circle around the edge of the level. Throw (or place) a supply marker after you fire the first missile so you have the ammo ready for when you are empty. Use the machine gun to shoot any electric mines in your immediate area before they go off.

***Chapter 2: The Phantom Hero***

Travel to the Cloud Forest - 0:01:5

Attack Chopper Battle: MI-24A - 0:07:26
Items: Fultons, NVG. Weapons: MK.22, Mosin Nagant (rank 3+), Smoke Grenades, Fulton Mines (Complete Ex Op 064)
Camo: Sneaking Suit

For this fight we'll be using the same strategy as we did for the Armored vehicle. Crouch next to the tree infront of you with a smoke grenade ready. When you can see 3 of the 4 soldiers walk around the corner, throw the grenade at them. Equip NVG to hold them up. Now place a Fulton Mine next to the 4 soldiers, back up a fair bit and shoot it with your MK.22. Don't place the Mine on a solider as it will go off and knock you out before you can jump away. Go back and hide behind the tree, the Chopper should drop off another set of 4 soldiers to the left, so throw a grenade at them, hold them up, fulton them, rinse and repeat. When the Captain shows himself, throw a smoke grenade infront of you, stand in the smoke, equip NVG and take your time to line up the shot with your M. Nagant. It can be tricky but lining up a shot on him is easier than it looks; just wait for him to stop moving around before you shoot off his helmet, then go for the headshot.

Head for the Lab - 0:02:36

Locate the ID Card - 0:07:10

There is a QTE at the end of this mission. Just to pre-warn you: the last two buttons in the sequence are straight after each other, so be quick. If you didn't do it fast enough the game will force that section of the cut scene to be replayed, in which case you will not get the S rank.
LT, LT, RT, RT, LT, RT, >, Y, <, RT,

Chrysalis Battle - 0:06:21
Items: Rations, Future Curry. Weapons: Any Assault Rifle, FIM-43 (rank 3 is fine) Supply Marker
Camo: Battle Suit

There's no real strategy to use here to speed things up, apart from to make sure to keep moving to avoid gunfire, and to take out the Kidnappers early so they don't grab you and waste time. Try to only lock onto the AI pod, but when the Chrysalis is constantly moving it's sometimes quicker just to aim at anything and shoot, just to stop it.

***Chapter 3: A Nation Reborn***

Travel to the Mine Base - 0:01:41

Eliminate the Guards - 0:06:02
Items: Rations, Future Curry, NVG. Weapons: Any Assault Rifle or Sub-machine gun, Mosin Nagant (rank 4), Supply Marker
Camo: Battle Suit

For the duration of this battle I stayed where you start off. I found the rank 4 M. Nagant to be best as one shot is enough to tranq all the guards. You can use the NVG if you are having a hard time locating the snipers. Take your time to line up your shots on them as I found the M. Nagant to be horrible for accuracy. I ended up taking the Suppressed M10 to deal with the Kidnappers. Make sure to look out for them because when they grab you it wastes a lot of time. When the soldiers come out of the door and rush you, just wait for them to run up the dirt track on your left and one shot with your sniper should tranq them. When the rocket launcher soldiers come out tranq these first, then the snipers. This battle is only tricky if your M. Nagant isn't a high enough rank to take the soldiers out in one hit.

Cocoon Battle - 0:05:32
Items: Rations, Future Curry. Weapons: Any machine gun, LAW (rank 4), Supply Marker
Camo: Battle Suit

Start off the battle as the IGN guide says; shoot the vents on the underside of the Tank. The turret underneath the Tank should come out so at this point run around the ouside of the Tank and shoot it with your LAW. You can dodge all of the Tank's attacks by staying under it but it's not hard to dodge them from the outside either - just don't stop moving! Plus, on the underside of the Tank you can get run over and/or squashed.. So I avoided staying under there. When the Tank crashes I always found it hard to make it to the AI pod before the Tank gained some health back, but it is okay since once you're on the top of the Tank you're free to shoot the AI pod without interruption. You can shoot the AI pod with your machine gun but it's faster if you make sure you have ammo in your LAW before you climb the ladders.

Infiltrate the Underground Base - 0:02:36

Just a tip for the beginning of this mission - as soon as you start stand on the catwalk and throw a smoke grenade at the group of soldiers to your right. Roll over the edge and hold them up/tranq them. This is much faster than waiting for them to disperse then sneaking by them all. You can also get the CQC 6 times in a row achievement here. Or you can just Smoke them and run to the elevator.

There is a QTE at the end of this mission. You will know if you've done it all correctly when you grab Strangelove's ID card. Some of it is pretty quick, so be ready! Here is the sequence:
>, RT, >, RT, >, Y, RT, <, Y, RT, RT, >, RT, Y

Torture Chamber Escape - 0:04:34

This QTE isn't as hard as the IGN guide makes out. You just have to mash the Y button on three seperate occasions, each one increasing in duration.

Head For Peace Walker's Hangar - 0:02:13

Peace Walker Battle - 0:03:07
Items: Rations, Future Curry. Weapons: LAW, Supply Marker (rank 3 or 4)
Camo: Battle Suit

This battle is really quick if you have a rank 4 LAW. Sometimes it can be hard to get a good hit on the AI pod because Peace Walker moves around alot. The attacks are easy to evade, as you can just keep moving circles around the area and the chances are you won't get hit. Peace Walker stays still while it is launching missiles at you.

There is a QTE at the end of this mission and I found it a little frustrating. You will be on a horse and will have to dodge a series of missiles. Unfortunately the sequence is kind of random, but for the first part of the missiles just make sure to tap Y to stay as far forward as you can. When you get to the part where you dodge the trees my sequence was >, <, <, >, >. The next part can be tricky because the missiles are random. When the missiles are 4 seperate ones just stay inside the gap of the first two. When the missiles are two big clusters, tap Y and stay as far forward as you can. When the missiles are randomly scattered it is best to stay near the front and find a gap to stay in. The good thing is that you can be hit by the missiles twice and still get an S rank at the end.

***Chapter 4: The Illusion of Peace***

Infiltrate the U.S. Missile Base - 0:04:05

Head to the Control Tower - 0:09:02
Items: Rations, Future Curry, Fultons. Weapons: M10 with Suppressor, Mosin Nagant (rank 4), Supply Marker
Camo: Battle Suit

This mission can be annoying at times because of all the damage you take, so I came back to it when I had slightly better equipment. I thought it was best to stick with the Mosin Nagant instead of the MK.22. You could always use the Battle Suit to carry three main weapons to take the MK.22 aswell if you really wanted, or you could carry a LAW or FIM-43 to deal with the Chopper at the end. Use a machine gun to take down the Kidnappers. From the beginning of the mission run outside and tranq the sniper on the roof to your right, then take out the Kidnapper, then the two guys across the gap. In the second area tranq the soldier across from you on the second floor, take out the Kidnapper, then on your right should be a solider running at you with a shotgun, so snipe him twice. Run down the stairs, snipe the two/three soldiers and search their bodies for ammo before proceeding to the next area. Here you should snipe the guy on the catwalk above you, then the guy rushing you with the shotgun. Take out the Kidnapper, run forward while sniping the two guys on either side of you. If you take too long moving forward the enemies will respawn. Shoot down the second Kidnapper to bring down the catwalk to block the RPG solider from hitting you, then tranq him. Search his body for ammo, or call for supplies if you need rations too. In the next area turn around and tranq the sniper one time, tranq the RPG guy twice and just run for it. Snipe the two guys infront of you and run for the elevator. In the final area throw a Supply Marker outside straight away. One you've tranqed all the soldiers jump on the turret and take down the Chopper. Once down there will be 4 soldiers spawning on your left, tranq them all. Fulton them away instead of waiting for the blue skulls to disappear to end the mission quicker.

Peace Walker Battle 2 - 0:08:01
Items: Rations, Future Curry. Weapons: LAW (rank 3 or 4), Any Machine Gun, Supply Marker
Camo:Battle Suit

The IGN guide tells you that you need at least a rank 3 LAW before you can even try pass this mission, let alone S rank it. If you only played through the Main Ops and avoided Extra Ops like I did then your R&D team won't be good enough to make the rank 3 LAW, so see the notes at the bottom of this guide on how to get decent enough R&D soldiers early in the game. I came back to S rank this mission when I had a rank 4 LAW and had no problems. When Peace Walker goes behind the warehouses shoot at it when your machine gun and it should jump back to where you can see it. Always have ammo on the floor for when you run out of rockets. I can't really say much else since the IGN guide says it all for me.

Peace Walker Battle 3 - Not Timed

***Chapter 5: Outer Heaven***

Zadornov Search Mission - 0:01:45

Zadornov Search Mission 2 - 0:01:08

Zadornov Search Mission 3 - 0:02:30

Zadornov Search Mission 4 - 0:02:51

Zadornov Search Mission 5 - 0:04:11

Zadornov Search Mission 6 - 0:02:24

ZEKE Battle - 0:07:38
Items: Rations, Future Curry. Weapons: LAW (rank 3 or 4), Any Machine Gun, Supply Marker
Camo: Battle suit

I S ranked this battle on my first try. The IGN guide was pretty great. A tip would be to take off any custom parts for Zeke apart from the Rail Gun to make this battle so much easier. I'm not certain on this but keeping Zeke's AI as low as you can prior to this battle might have an effect on the difficulty too. Just always make sure to have recovery items in your inventory. I didn't rely too much on the Strike Marker computer thing as most of the time Zeke dodged it, the reload time was way too long and whenever I stopped to target Zeke he would always shoot me with his Rail Gun.

*** Tips on leveling up R&D early ***

The biggest problem you'll face S ranking these missions will not be the difficulty, it will be the lack of decent equipment. Of course every guide you read on the internet tells you that there are S ranked R&D soliders on the Ex Op 049 mission, but if you're like me and didn't play any Ex Ops while going through the story then you'll be a little stuck.

On IGN there is a list of how to unlock all the Ex Op missions:

EDIT: use this link as the previous link stopped working

But if you notice you have to beat Ex Op 102 before you can carry on your way to unlock Ex Op 049. The thing is my equipment wasn't good enough to beat Ex Op 102 and I couldn't find anywhere on the internet with people having this same problem. I had found a couple of really good R&D POWs while playing the Main Ops but couldn't remember where I picked them up from. I started playing Main Ops mission 'Persue Amanda' to grind out my 100 Hold Ups and came across a decent enough R&D POW in that level. It is the Northern-most POW and he is C or B ranked in R&D. All of the soldiers in that level are useless, so leave them. It look a while to grind out this one POW, but the mission is very short and eventually I got my R&D high enough for the rank 3 LAW. I'm sure there is a better mission for grinding POW's early on, but this is the one I used.

For those of you who have unlocked Ex Op 046 I would suggest grinding this one out. It can take anywhere between 3-6 minutes, depending on what you're looking for. For example, the second guy in the area you start off in is an S rank for Mess Hall. In the second area (if you have the Fulton Launcher, which I did not) the guy on the left ledge is A ranked for Intel. Sometimes one of the other two guys in this area is a B in Combat. From here take the Eastern route instead of the Northern one. The first and second guys you see seem to alternate between beng C and B ranked in Mess Hall and Medicine. The third guy you see near the truck is the A ranked R&D soldier you need. You can fulton him and quickly run backwards and finish the mission, or you can carry on to the next North area and pick up an A ranked Combat soldier that will be up the ladder inside the warehouse. If you go for the Combat solider your mission time will be around 6 minutes, and if you leave him and rush through to the end your time will be under 4 minutes. Unless your Mother Base is full of low ranked soliders then most of them in the next areas will be useless to you, but there is always an A ranked Medical guy at the lower far end of the Canyon area. In the last area there is a B ranked Medical soldier and an A ranked Mess Hall solider both on the roof of the building.

Well, hope this guide helps! If anyone finds a problem with this guide, tell me in the comments and I will gladly amend it.
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