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    Hello everyone,

    I recently found a safer method and reported as much XP as the solution of D4RK KrieKe.

    -Select "Industrial Run" Challenges Series (completed Stage 8 of The Run to unlock)
    -Select "Industrial Run" challenge, here are 11 competitors in the race and opportunity to make 2 Rapid Pass (1x8 and 1x3)
    -Use this cars; Lamborghini Gallardo / BMW M3 NFS Edition / BMW Z4 GT3 Team NFS
    -You must finish 1st in the race for the XP count
    -Around 3000 and 5000 XP in 2 minutes

    Here is a link to a video that will help you succeed, you must take the same path as the guy (Thank's to PS3EgoHD to find this easy way)

    Please, argue your negative vote that I can improve my solution!

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    sorry it not work as well for you, I have not found better to make xp faster, and then if you fail, it does not come from me but your game and you.
    it is best to do at the end of the game because you will be accustomed to the gameplay
    Posted on 08 Aug 13 at 10:30
    QcK Dagger HeaTIf you have the Ford GT Unlocked us it instead of the Lambo and you will not get beat at the end. I was having a 50% chance of winning at the end with The Ford GT you Rarely get passed at the end I haven't lost since switching to the GT yet. It has a higher Top speed helping you not to get passed at the end
    Posted by QcK Dagger HeaT on 21 Dec 13 at 06:34
    roolf92"Around 3000 and 5000 XP in 2 minutes" - yeahh, plus loading times it is about 2:50-2:55 for me measured on 5 tries in a row. (start/stop counting at the beginning of the race)
    Posted by roolf92 on 26 Apr 14 at 12:55
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  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox615,652
    22 Jan 2013 23 Jan 2013 02 Jun 2018
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    Update 6-2-2018: added link to the DLC and updated prices(Thanks Lucky!).

    Yeah!! Got my Level 30 earlier today. Here's a method to get ~8000+ exp in less than 2 minutes of race time! You will need the Heroes and Villains DLC(£3.39/$4.99 on 6-2-2018), which adds new challenges, no achievements, but a fun DLC!
    I think I got 8000 exp actually regularly. My last race to get the level 30 I messed up terribly, but up to then I was getting either 7000+ or 8000+ experience every time.

    **I'm including a descriptive paragraph and a numbered solution description, take your pick :-) I'm sorry, no video capability, but I hope this works!!**

    Rapid pass x11, all the exp comes to around 8,150 exp, including 500 for perfect run, 250 for all resets remaining, and 100 for silver medal.. about 8000 exp!

    Here's how!!
    You need to find the Need for Speed Underground challenges playlist, and select the first race. You'll be racing across the Golden Gate bridge into San Fran. Now, don't pass any of the other cars, just build up your NOS as you cross the bridge, stay behind the cars all the way over the bridge, making sure you don't accidentally pass at the corner getting off the bridge!
    Follow them around the exit ramp from the bridge, you'll go through a narrow corridor followed by a 90* left turn. There is the first short cut here(through parking lot) on the left. I took this short cut every time, but it might not be necessary. Just make sure you stay behind the 11th place!! Go through the short cut, and hit NOS when you're about 50-100 feet out of the shortcut. Start passing the racers on the right, make sure to start cornering early as you're going uphill and it's easy to run into the wall and wreck or lose speed here. Important!! As soon as you get over the hill, keep passing racers, but look for a chance to cut through to the left and cut the corner up ahead(90* left corner). Cut the corner, and if you did it right, you should now be suddenly in 1st place!! x11 rapid pass in your pocket! From here on, just stay on the left side, watch out for cars, and hit the final short cut to save a few seconds, but you shouldn't have to worry about anyone passing you. In fact, On a race when I messed up terribly, I was in 4th place following them on the last long straight stretch. All 3 cars in front of me hit the same edge of the cable car track barrier and spun out forcibly. LOL.

    Numbered Solution:
    1. Make sure you have the Heroes and Villains DLC. If you do, great! If not, it's £3.39/$4.99 as of right now. Worth it though, has some great challenges that it adds and nice cars too!
    2. Navigate to your challenges menu, select the "Underground" challenges list, and select the first race.
    3. You have one choice of car....
    4. Race starts! Follow the other cars over the bridge while building NOS and do NOT pass anyone yet.
    5. Follow the racers off the bridge, and around the first 90* left turn.
    6. Take the shortcut through the parking lot--be careful to not pass the racers on the regular route!
    7. about 100 feet out of the shortcut, figure out what works for you, hit the NOS!
    8. Start passing racers on the right side. It should be clear everytime.
    9. As you come to the top of the hill, anticipate the slightly tricky gradual left turn.
    10. Look for an opening and cut through the racing line to the left to be ready for the next 90* left corner.
    11. Cut the corner sharply, about 100 feet before the corner, use the shortcut wide open corner to cut off racer #1 or quickly catch up with him.
    12. Cruise to the finish on the left side of the track watching out for traffic.. optionally use the last shortcut but be careful to anticipate it!! Otherwise you'll hit a nasty corner.
    13. Enjoy your 8000+ exp if you did it right! If you did it wrong, you probably got a minimum of 6000+ exp!

    Questions, comments, critiques, please let me know!! :-)
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    Posted by LuckyKant on 02 Jun 18 at 20:32
    GoClimbAGlacierShout out for your solution - cut the time in about 1/2 with the Underground race. About 7,945 was the best I could do, but got to where it was just about every race. Kind of the pits you have to purchase the DLC, but the other challenges are pretty funsmile, as you stated!
    Posted by GoClimbAGlacier on 18 Feb 19 at 21:34
    Shadow 00 Foxtoast
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 19 Feb 19 at 01:22
  • D4RK KrieKeD4RK KrieKe508,445
    07 Jan 2012 28 Dec 2011 28 Dec 2011
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    The next challenge is also good to net xp quick , its the east coast express serie and the challenge is drive hard.

    It will get you around 4000 xp in two minutes if done correctly, its all about getting a rapid pass x7

    I find it easy because you can pass the other cars in a long turn and so you will get about 3250 xp in race + 500 xp for a perfect race + 250 xp for remaining resets and a gold medal for 200xp.

    hope this helps

    made a video as well
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    ACEs 8s 24You can also do 15 solo objectives on the NFS edition online playlist to unlock a Nissan that is able to get the 7x rapid passes at the beginning
    Posted by ACEs 8s 24 on 04 Jan 12 at 23:03
    D4RK KrieKeyes i think you need to beat 30 autolog events for the audi R8 nfs edition
    Posted by D4RK KrieKe on 07 Jan 12 at 15:18
    If you have the Limited Edition of the game, the NFS edition Z06 Carbon will work for this aswell.
    Posted on 28 Jul 13 at 16:57
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