Happiest Place on Earth achievement in Disneyland Adventures

Happiest Place on Earth

Complete all of the adventures in the park

Happiest Place on Earth+0.2
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How to unlock the Happiest Place on Earth achievement

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    As the achievement says, you need to complete all of the tasks in the park. Whatever the current quest is selected in your adventure journal, the highlighted trail will show you to your current objective, such as a character, a ride, or specific items you need to pick up for a character. You can change the highlighted trail to a different quest by raising both arms and selecting your quest log. This game will get really tedious right off the bat as Disney characters will constantly ask you to help them. You will know that a quest is done when the quest does not show up in your journal anymore. You can also tell if you are done with a quest line when you are given a collection quest. Each collection quest is completely optional and does not count toward the achievement. Also, just because your journal is clear or filled with optional quests DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE DONE. If you pull your map out and see "!", then you still have more quests to do.

    Upon unlocking the achievement, you will receive an avatar award which is Mickey's Sorcerer's Hat from Fantasia!

    LJAY6880 said:
    There is a confirmed bug with the Aladin/Scarab Quest. If you don't get all 3 in one sitting (IE get one and then turn the system off, saving doesn't matter) then the game doesn't count it, yet it is gone from the Game. The yellow trail will lead there, but it is missing and stuck, so to speak. There are currently not any plans to fix this, according to a company representative.
    Darth Barthus said:
    I was collecting the Scarab Pieces in Aladdin's quest, when I couldn't reach the highest one. My wand kept hitting the sign next to it. I checked the forums of the developer and found this solution:
    Exit the game, clear your cache, re-enter the game and download the update. It worked for me. I was able to finish the Aladdin quest. So hopefully the rest of the achievement will work.
    In addition to completing tasks, some characters will ask you to find stuff for them in the attractions. Below is a guide I wrote on x360a.org which gives you a good idea of where these items are. If I did miss anything, please let me know and I will credit you accordingly.

    Credit: STLfan2468 (me), disneyphilip, HATRID, iyumcropus, Yamienki, onnovdw

    Astro Blasters
    +Bumpers are located in chapter 2. You will encounter a big open room with the aliens. At the bottom of the room are 4 lights...shoot those.
    +Spikes are located in chapter 2. You need to shoot all of the spikes from the different directions in order for the task to be completed. Attempting this task with two people will make it very easy.

    Jungle Cruise
    +Jasmine's bracelets are in chapter 3. You need to collect 5 scattered throughout the main waterways and shortcuts.
    +Baloo's Bear paws are in chapter 1. You need to jump in order to collect them. Hard to miss as they are green-shaped acorns hovering in the air.

    Pirates of the Caribbean
    +Tiana's fireflies are in chapter 1. You need to collect 5 to complete the task. The fireflies look like sparkles.
    +The logbook is in chapter 2. Take all of the paths to the right, just before you pick up the first available gold chest.

    Finding Nemo
    +The crystal is found in chapter 3. Take the first turn right. The item is blue and yellow and resembles a notebook.
    +Ariel's 5 dinglehoppers are found in chapter 2. I found it easier to grab all of them with two people. The first dinglehopper is tricky to get as it is right after the first shark encounter. The second one is right after the first dinglehopper, so make sure to move your character to the top left part of your screen. The third dinglehopper is located as you take the first right and around the bend. The forth dingle hopper is located in the first rock cayon you swim through. The fifth and final dinglehopper is another tricky one as you need to swim up to the very top of the screen as you are about the exit the boat to the final portion of the "ride".

    +Donald's hat is hard to miss in chapter 1. It is located towards the beginning right as you lauch off a ramp into the mountain.

    Winnie the Pooh
    +The treasure is located in chapter 2. Towards the beginning, underneath a tree with a honeypot on the left side.

    Big Thunder Mountain/Frontierland
    +To get the crystal, play chapter 1. When entering the cave, hit the switch to go left, then hit the fourth switch to go left again.
    +To scare the bats off, you will need to find the blaster mini-game in Frontierland (looks like a darts sign) and get 5 stars on it.

    Alice in Wonderland
    +Complete chapter 3 'The Mad Tea Party' to receive the ribbon.

    Splash Mountain
    +In chapter 2. It doesn't matter if you take the left or right path. When you get past the part where you have to hit stuff back, the mask will be along the main path right before you have to duck under a tree trunk in the water.

    New discovery: If you sign a friend in after you have earned this achievement, he too can unlock this achievement. What you need to do is to do one of the optional collection quests and when you go to the character to turn in your collected items, it will pop. The 50% secrets in each land and the secret items achievements will also pop for the signed in profile. This can also work for the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum achievements if you have already unlocked these. You must replay an attraction in order for them to unlock for the signed in profile.
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    mamaani@STLfan2468 Nemo is too difficult to me , so I put seals on TV and took a photo. i hope this jpg help other players.
    Posted by mamaani on 05 Aug 12 at 23:57
    PinicusYou may want to add one for Hundred Acre Wood.
    To finish Poohs birthday quest for piglet you need to play chapter 3, there's nothing to collect but you do have to run through the level to finish the adventure.
    Posted by Pinicus on 27 Aug 12 at 08:42
    EludingKarmaThanks for the ride break downs. They are super helpful.
    Posted by EludingKarma on 02 Sep 12 at 23:58
    playerforty4@mamaani2nd the sticky notes on the TV was a great idea! I tried so many times to do it without them, and then was able to do it on my second try with them.
    Posted by playerforty4 on 08 Sep 12 at 16:46
    Darth BarthusUpdate to Scarab quest.
    I wanted to put this as a solution as it seems to have caused several people trouble. Tonight I was collecting the Scarab Pieces in Aladdin's quest, when I couldn't reach the highest one. My wand kept hitting the sign next to it. I checked the forums of the developer and found this solution:
    Exit the game, clear your cache, re-enter the game and download the update. It worked for me. I was able to finish the Aladdin quest. So hopefully the rest of the achievement will work.
    Posted by Darth Barthus on 28 Apr 13 at 08:05
    That link no longer works. Does anybody have rough locations for the forks?
    Posted on 09 Mar 14 at 20:11
    Nefarus FoxwOW ... I don't think I have gotten all five forks TOTAL let alone in one run ... if anyone is bored and happens to see this I am on now trying to get it.
    Posted by Nefarus Fox on 27 Apr 14 at 20:01
    Nefarus Foxpost it notes for the win!!! Thanks for the idea!
    Posted by Nefarus Fox on 27 Apr 14 at 20:58
    Chaotic FiascoGreat solution, STLfan2468. I just want to clarify one thing that confused me.

    Characters will often give you required collection tasks as part of an adventure which must be completed for this achievement. It's also possible to get an optional collection quest from a character between required adventures if you haven't reached the required level or obtained the required items for their next adventure. The ways I found to differentiate between these required collection tasks and the optional collection quests were the following:

    Required collection tasks
    - Appear in your Adventure Journal
    - Are for a smaller number of items (usually 5 or less)
    - Collectibles are usually (always?) within the same land as the character they pertain to. Note that Mickey and Friends are in both Toontown and Main Street, so they can have collectibles in both places.

    Optional collection quests
    - Are tracked in your Game Progress
    - Are always for 10 identical items.
    - Collectibles are spread throughout the park
    Posted by Chaotic Fiasco on 23 Jan 15 at 16:16
    APB PlaysUsing small post it notes for the Dinglehoppers made that task super easy. Also note that there are 6 Dinglehoppers on the level if you take the standard route. So you can miss one and still get to 5.
    Posted by APB Plays on 17 Mar 17 at 14:04
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